Brushbeater: Shut Them Down


Kill your pay TV service.

Strangle the advertisers’ revenue stream.

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    True that. But, the author is preaching to the choir. Let’s see if Messrs. Levin, Hannity, Carlson, and Ms. Ingraham read this article aloud, verbatim to their viewers. I will not hold my breath.

    • lastmanstanding

      Our service is long gone and completely forgotten.

      Funny, on Monday, went for a rig repair and fauxnews was on. That little blockheaded douche and the skinhead feminazi were on. Laughable…yet their they were…making the msm rounds, doesn’t matter where. Exposure, exposure, exposure.

      You mention the “conservative” propaganda spouters. They have no cred with me. FFS, how much money is enough in life? Ever see what these people make? Do a few years and gtfo. Just part of the club, just a different psychopath for “the other side.” It is about captivation of audience. I know people who have watched these cucks religiously forever. I know people who still whine about shill oreilly but are so thankful for watters and tucker boy.

      There will be no where for them to hide.

  2. Shinmen Takezo

    Not only cut off your pay TV service…. but stop paying to watch their product in the theaters, with video games (of all sorts), stop purchasing their ancillary products (plush-shit, Mickey Mouse stuff, toys, etc.), stop watching their professional sports events and stop going to their theme parks.

    FYI–6 major corporations control nearly all (as in ALL) of the newspapers, radio stations, movie studios, network television content, cable content and so forth. Several of these major corporations operate movie studios and two of them operate theme-parks (ABC Capitol Cities/Walt Disney and NBC/Universal Studios).

    Imagine if conservatives stopped going to Disneyland and Disney World (as they do like lemmings now with their whining children towing them through the pay-gates)?! Imagine if 20% (or more) of the cash flow into their corporations suddenly came to a halt?! Imagine if conservatives stopped paying to see Disney owned Marvel Studio super-hero crap in the theaters?! What if this suddenly dried up? What if NFL viewership and attendance dropped off another 10% from its now low point (down about 20% due to the anthem kneeling protests)? What if conservatives started to reject and ignore the bread and circus on all levels pumped out by these globalist/communist sponsoring corporations?

    Answer: you’d kick a couple legs out from their tables, that’s what.

    • Yea well you know the saying of wishing and shitting…I haven’t had TV in my house going on 10 years now and haven’t patronized any of their events for even longer…Like I said people just haven’t felt enough pain to actually do anything for their Liberty…Sad That…

  3. “Kill your pay TV service.”

    Years ago. Whole programs have come and gone without me seeing a single episode. I never saw a single episode of Seinfleld as an example.

    My kids and Alaska are my reality.

    • Ditto.
      …your pay TV service

      I know what those words mean separately, but together they’re just nonsense.

      Haven’t been wired in to that nonsense for twenty years.
      Amazing how much time you find when you’re not wired to the idiot tube, i’n’it?

    • Yeah but what about the aborigines?

  4. About all I’ve seen is a little OAN news, and Vikings, and some of the nature shows, with no sound. OPSEC and COMSEC, along with SIGINT are served by watching the enemy. I keep a little eye on them too, this way. Not much, but it’s easy to do, and when I watch the enemy’s news casts, I point them out as object lessons to my sons if they’re there, in how the lies are blatant and targeted. Take what your enemy gives you.

  5. Marlo Stanfield

    Viewership is down and declining. The media won’t admit it, but a google search shows it. Just like going out to eat is dropping. Former  Mickey D CEO says the industry lost 4 billion in sales last year. He said most was from people not going out to lunch. Said they had noticed this trend since 2007. As the baby boomers die off, and unmarried childless males say fuck getting married and having kids that I can’t raise and discipline… We go to the big box store buy our meat, go to gun ranges, smoke good cigars and watch videos on  the giant flat screen in our man cave. Bring the newest babe over and wait for her to lose it after she realizes we aren’t falling  for her after having lack luster sex with her. Lets not forget how TV makes straight males look stupid. My cable went out back in 2008. Not missed a thing.

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  6. The alphabet soup of networks
    and their advertisers long ago pissed
    away the (non-violent) politeness of
    punishing them, simply by strangling
    their revenue stream.
    That time has passed.

  7. USA-PRAVDA does not need your viewership anymore. They don’t GARA about their “nightly numbers/ratings.” Why? Because they have advertisers paying for time no matter how low the numbers go and in some cases like PBS they get .gov $$$ to program your thoughts. They don’t call it TV programming for nothing. Go look up subliminal messaging.

    Watch it… don’t watch it… just know that NOTHING on the TV is real or the truth and hasn’t been since the beginning of the TV era.

    Grey Ghost

  8. i hear ya, yet to know the Truth is it not also good to witness of the opposite?
    Seeing the dark clouds gathering is a great motivator for seeking the Light.