Two From Aesop

I Meme To Misbehave (For Now)

You Really Don’t Want To Be The Aiming Point Of Combined Fires

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  1. Yes, the forces coming to assault the illegal US presence in Syria didn’t do enough research on various issues, such as leaks about their mission. It’s obvious that the US had them completely documented before they left their cantonment area.

  2. Aesop is seriously confused…

    those A-10s and B-52s will be strafing and bombing the Resistance here in Fusa.

    details matter.

  3. so Trumpenthal is building some more fake walls around San Diego. There’s already about 30 of them. Each one with a tunnel underneath.

    and Israhell’s obedient ‘Murkan (and Kurd communist) stooges butchered some Russian mercs in Syria.

    Aesop, somewhere in ‘Murka

    a bedpan is calling.

    • How’s that “Russian dominance in Syria” meme panning out Haxo?

      Let’s see, checking the tote board in just the last 12 months, Syria seems to be missing 1/3rd of its dwindling air farce, and now they’re out an entire combined arms armored battalion, including engineers and artillery attachments. That alliance with Russia is paying them some serious dividends, no?
      And we haven’t seen this many Good Russian troops stacked in one pile since Stalingrad.

      Oh, and I saw the bedpan, but I didn’t want to take it away until you’re sure you’re through with your supper.
      Let me know, smart guy…

      And thanks for the entertainment.

      • Fussa has NO business in Syria!
        It’s all a game by the parasite class.
        Don’t get played by them!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III


    “Kill a communist and receive £340, Philippines leader Duterte tells nation

    THE PHILIPPINES president has offered a £340 bounty for each communist rebel killed by government forces in a bid to save on the state’s anti-insurgency costs.”

    Hey Trump, we’ll do it for free, just deputise us.

  5. to bad you could hit that big slow b-52 with a bottle rocket.

    • Apparently both Russia and Syria are out of bottle rockets.
      Or they didn’t want to end up like that battalion of targets.

      And apparently, their non-bottle rocket air defenses haven’t materially improved in 54 years.

    • At altitude? Good luck with all the ecm and other crap on there.

      Mortars or so from outside the wire, and on the logistics train. Those birds are too old to fly without pains in multiple arses, anything breaks and it’s done. You’re not gonna touch it once it’s up, key here is to keep it and support assets from going up to begin with.

  6. Aesop has lost his mind with this jingoist nonsense…If the Russians get pissed and bring in their 4th and 5th Gen SAM systems, there won’t be any B-52s or anything else flying over Syria.

    • Yeah.
      Because we wouldn’t know what to do if that happened, and Putin really needs to try a couple of hands of Global Thermonuclear War, because that did such great things for Mother Russia the last few times they anted in.

      Maybe tell the class why the Soviet Union went broke to begin with…?
      Beuller? Beuller…? Ferris Beuller…??

      This isn’t “jingoist nonsense”; it’s realpolitik.
      But just for you, I’ve gotten my hands on a translated clip of the Russian AAR and debriefing of one of their “mercenaries” from the incident:

    • “Aesop has lost his mind with this jingoist nonsense.”

      Can’t disagree with you there.
      Jingoism is one of the first tactics out of the parasite class’s play book..get everyone hyped up on ‘feelz’ and disengage the brain at the same time.

      Worked great for monsters like hitler l, stalin, and mao…

      Are we learning yet?…

      Put the jingoism down and step slowly away from the bloody rag waving.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • that fool still thinks the militardy is on the peoples side.

        god damn the peepull are dumb

      • I couldn’t give two shits for your “feelz” or anyone else’s.

        Anything that gives Putin a dose of ass-rash and puts him back in the Cold War deep-freeze from whence he slithered is good for the world at large.

        A commie is a commie is a commie.
        Dead ones make the grass grow.
        Here, there, and anywhere.

        You already paid for the damned hardware, might as well use it up before it rusts out.
        I’d be a damned sight happier if they’d targeted San Francisco, but we don’t get everything we ask for at Christmas.

  7. CA, I think this is the link you wanted for the first story:

  8. Here’s a Jew at work for the Gun Confiscation Lobby.

    • and you’re nothing but a fat ass old hillbilly

      take a look at yourself in the mirror for once.

      there are plenty of pics of you on the net

      have you no shame?



  9. Odds of such mercenaries being within CONUS?

    I have always suspected that Benghazi was done by such a group rather than angry Arabs.

    Anything Stateside?
    Sabotage? Disappearances?
    Who has the Real Russian connection?
    “I can act more freely after the election. ”
    Just wondering myself.
    Real Politik can be really nasty.