From Over The Transom – Authenticity Analysis Pending


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  1. Fubar The ‘US wil end neither with a bang or a whimper but in farce’ — Bob Moriarty

    • The United States of America has become an international joke. Affirmative Action, “diversity,” and Political Correctness have destroyed our institutions at every level. FUBAR indeed.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. One must consider that this was the result of egregious, sequential and concurrent episodes of institutional and individual incompetence by the FBI, local police and school “administrators”, OR… it was willful behavior to bring this about. I just am not seeing any other way this can be explained.

    Will anyone get fired? No one has yet, just sumdood resigning and retiring (indicator).

    Now, will anyone get promoted out of this fiasco?

    Qui Bono is the question on the lips of an angry Nation.

  4. OT but funny in a morbid dead guy walking kinda way.

    Libtardian Implosion:

  5. i thought it already ended in a farce. we are a joke. i agree with local local local, but the reality is show me a large area with a lot of like minded people . i don’t believe it exists. as long as my neighbors stay away from me , we will get along fine. more people in this country want to ride the wagon, than pull it. i don’t have the time or the inclination anymore to try to change that. the average age where i live is 68. those people sure as hell won’t change at this point in life, and with no one younger around, i am not going into the hives looking for young ones to help. most murikans can FOAD.
    meantime, have a nice weekend peeps . i am going to work on dope on my m1a with its new nikon x1000 scope.

  6. amurikahh and it’s stupid fucking idiots don’t deserve to live.

    fucking retards.

    all the information in the world and they stiil believe in their useless fucking god and their con sttee 2 shun and moms apple pie.

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    the best that can hoped for is this

    • You’ve already shared that bit of wisdom 317 times this year alone.
      We get that you only come here to sniff your own farts, since ever, but you can perhaps understand why no one else shares that joy.

      Come back when you get a second string on your banjo.

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        • Blazing Apostle

          I’m just working on a hypothetical, here; but because sometimes you post something worthwhile, and at others you post what has come to be known as the “tfAt rant”; (which we have all memorized…) do you have a personality disorder? Or are you just nutz? Inquiring minds, and all that.
          And to save you time on your usual response, I don’t need to ‘get to work’, or ‘fuck off’; and I’m not a “peasant” or any of your usual insults. I’m wealthier than you, I guarantee it; and I’ve fired guys more intelligent and harder working than you, for certain.
          Enjoy what time you have left here on earth, because your afterlife is going to suck ass. Literally.

          • more drivel from another stuperstitous murkin

            you can’t guarantee anything other than your extreme level of retardation.

        • Spoken like the man who imagines himself to be some kind of nobility, on the basis of no demonstrated skills, wisdom, ability, or anything but pathetic claims of being “rich”. Because posting the same retarded thought endlessly in one tiny corner of the internet day after day is what rich people do.
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      • Must be a canadian in his mothers basement..

      • JohnnyParatrooper


        To be fair the only thing we accomplished in the last 70 years is

        Turning our women into SJW whores

        Our men into homosexual drug addicts and self righteous pricks.

        The Blacks are thieving gangster commies and are rabidly anti-white(Men)

        The Hispanics are gonna be as bad, if not worse than the blacks in 25 years.

        The muslims paid off all our politicians.

        We owe 20 trillion to the Jews and Chinese.

        The police ship in millions of anti-white armies and gangs. And Heroin.

        The democrats are communists

        Islam is going to inherit Europe’s Nerve Gas and Nuclear weapons in 50 years. Probably sooner.

        The kids at my school can barely write a compound sentence and maintain a complete, coherent thought in a paragraph.

        The ONLY accomplishment in 70 years is Alex Jones and Donald John Trump.

        • So, how are we holding this conversation?
          String and tin cans, from 70 years ago?
          How do we travel from A to B?
          How many people fly all around the country, and the world, in utter safety, and at prices even the unwashed masses can afford?
          When was the last time a commercial airliner crashed in America and killed someone?
          We already know how many people die from heart attacks every year; so tell me, how many do we save in cath labs, for 15, 20, 30, or more years of life with family and friends?
          How many premature babies that are born the size of kittens are now saved to live full and normal lives compared to 1950?
          How many kids now grow up in permanent braces and wheelchairs from polio?
          What’s the US annual death rate for measles, whooping cough, mumps, and other diseases that used to kill people deader than canned tuna 70 years ago, and still do in Turd-World shitholes today?
          How hard is it now for you to publish your own book?
          Make your own daily radio or TV broadcast?
          Make your own feature-length movie?
          If all you can see of life as it is, is the shitty side of it, best to pull your head out of the toilet.
          If that’s all someone wants to see, it’s because it’s all they’re looking at, and looking for.

          Life is a wee bit more than all of that.

          Nihilism and defeatism is for losers, and always has been.

          Anybody sincere in such beliefs should suck start their pistols, and get out of the way of those doing serious things.

          • you’re another in a LONG line of losers who think they are more than a pile of dogshit in a niggers backyard.

            a fucking nurse.

            couldn’t hack med school huh?

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  7. wealthy farmer

    This makes them an ACCESSORY!
    “Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity” has now become “Treason, Cowardice, Corruption”.

  8. It looks to me like this was allowed to happen in order to nudge along the gun control agenda.

    Are you not jaded enough to accept the crassness of such a thing? What was Fast and Furious about?

    • Exactly
      And Ruby Ridge
      And Waco
      And Sandy Hook
      And Las Vegas

      And if they get the semi-autos….Longbows will be next

      • Don’t discount longbows… the originals and the very strong men who used them, could send a flight of armor piercing arrows 400 yards.

        Imagine a patrol coming down a country trail or city street. .. from cover and nearly silently, ten or twenty (ymmv) of these deadly missiles come raining down. Sure a plate mighty stop them but few guys wear plates on their heads.

        Modern bows are faster but lack range and they are noisier.

        If it comes to that, long bows are far easier to make, maintain and ‘arrow’ up.

      • Like Bloody Fookin’ Hell!

    • JohnnyParatrooper

      They have repeatedly told us that “Operation Gladio” is THE plan.

  9. I would first think that this report is fake, because the FIB is so secretive about everything, and my second thought is that someone there is having fun leaking things in order to ramp up reform/revenge/who knows what.

  10. After reading this whole transcript, it’s crystal clear to me now. This was not an oversight. They listened to the call and said “That’s our boy”.

  11. Marlo Stanfield

    Dude got culled from the herd years ago. Not excusing what he did. Then the powers that be sit back and waits to see which person loses it. The NRA lady told the truth the media and politicians love it when these killings happen. They already have their scripts ready. Make that bills waiting to be introduced.

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    • They may be opportunists, like that.

      But I haven’t noted in them any great patience, so I suspect a lot of it is given a healthy shove, more often than not.

  12. Terry in Dayton,TN.

    Just another terrorist group; “F B ISIS”