Let The Children Enlighten Us With Their Wisdom

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UPDATE 0740E 27FEB2018: Improved version, via Bracken:

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  1. Tommy Flanagan

    I’m all broken up here myself. Devastated. No one needs a gun in 2018. Me and my wife, Morgan Fairchild, are going to drive right down and turn ’em all in tomorrow. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  2. Oy Gevalt! Stoneman Douglas Survivor’s Father Dinged with Trafficking (Republic of Congo – Haiti)

  3. Centurion_Cornelius

    Cry me an ‘effin’ river of…


    Power & Money…Money & Power…rinse, wash, repeat for UTOPIA

    • Yup.

      That pair of tide pod chewing crisis actors tears are as sincere as slick willy’s were at Ron Brown’s funeral….

      They both need some ‘educating’ with a length of hickory…

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  4. Perfect capture of that pencil-necked dweeb.

  5. Here’s a geek that never grew up, one Larry O’Donnell.

  6. There is a lie present that not many seem to recognize.
    Or is it a Truth that many seem not to recognize?
    And yes i too am a father.
    Children’s lives are no more or less important than an adults life.
    In His eyes, Our Father
    We are all children, it is just some are childish and some are childlike.

    • All human lives matter. Because niggers aren’t human, they’re the “beasts of the field”, their lives only matter to the extent they’re useful to humans.

  7. Luther Stubbs

    This kid or Crisis actor or shill Hogg has overplayed his hand. Nobody likes being lectured by a self righteous snot nosed kid . If he had done some media then laid back, it would have been more effective but he is out there everywhere and people are seeing through it.

  8. Maybe they’ll learn to weep for their 1.6 million peers who were aborted during their birth year.

    • But that’s a right. It’s different. A woman’s right as a matter of fact.

    • JohnnyParatrooper

      The self righteous left wing- Believes in Zen Crystals and Soul mates.

      Also the Left Wing- Aborts half the population. Potentially their own soul mate.

      Sometimes, when I drink too much or smoke too much herb, I think to myself my soulmate didn’t make the team.

      That’s a huge mind fuck. Believe me.

  9. I betcha they’re all ok witg murdering the unborn, however.

  10. In 1990, the Gun Free School Zones act was passed. After that the school shootings began, but even so the act was not rescinded. It’s existence is a boon to those favoring gun control as one may simply wait for the occasional nut case.

  11. Well, well, there’s an Eruv around the school.

    What’s an Eruv, you ask?

    • JohnnyParatrooper

      A man, who can handle full kit with no thoughts of exhaustion or failure, can weigh a full 350 pounds once he is suited up.

      One of my troopers weighed in at 470 pounds for a jump once.
      250 pound Nordic Frame.
      60 pounds of Armor and Ammo.
      20 pounds of weapons.
      100 pounds of rucksack
      40 pound parachute.

      That shit adds up quick. Probably should let more women into the Rangers and Airborne.

      That meme might be onto something.

      Unless, the fat fuck “hero” gym teacher is the one who did it.

      That dude was not pretty. Doubt he ever got laid. Judging by all the freshman jocks and THOTs that got smoked, it would fit the psych-profile. In HS, our jocks used to ridicule the fat teachers.

      IDK though. I just dont know.

  12. How many children must die before we surrender our rights, you ask?…. ALL of them, period.

  13. Alfred E. Neuman

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  14. Marlo Stanfield

    Muslim Deputy Sheriff from Florida Helps Rescue Dog Stuck in Canal

    | | | | | |


    | | | | Muslim Deputy Sheriff from Florida Helps Rescue Dog Stuck in Canal The force was with her: It takes several deputies to rescue dog stuck in canal By Lisa J. Huriash (Sun Sentinel)… | |



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