Parkland: An EMT Speaks



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    • JohnnyParatrooper

      Wolfgang Halbig, the lead independent investigator for Sandy Hook, also used to be in charge of investigations and safety for this same district.

      This attack was a message.

      This is their Fort Sumpter attack.

    • Hmmmm… “full metal garb”….. “second shooter”…. and the rest of the false flag “tells.”

      “Some certain” are desperate to disarm the goyim. )))We((( are awakening from coma and the “some certain” are nervous.

    • lastmanstanding

      The sheriff and his minions were ordered to stand down until the pro’s were finished and had evacuated.

      • Exactly people are jumping all over these cops for not going in never thinking that it’s possible they were ordered to stand down… People can’t comprehend something that awful though that maybe not only they were cowards but they were puppets as well…

        • “I was just following orders.”

          “All department protocols were followed.”

          “We did the best we could under the circumstances.”

          Sure am glad I grew up in an era and culture where rulebreaking was encouraged.

          Hope all are working on stress inoculation by thoughtful rulebreaking every day.

  1. i don’t know of any 18 year old 11b who wouldn’t have rushed into the fire and faced the enemy. but these cowardly fat pigs hid behind cover and waited for help.

    fuck the cops and kill their families- with extreme violence of action


    • and then there is 5 time draft dodger who says

      “I really believe I’d run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon,”

      fuck jesus in the ass… what a scumbag.

      still think he’s your savior?


  2. The root poison killing our society is cowardice, and this is a prime example.
    Cowards refuse to take a stand to preserve/promote that which is Right and good – whether that stand is to defend our children (school shootings, abortion, etc.), defend our Right to a Republican form of government, or just say “shut up, you’re spouting bullshit” when confronted with a commie suffering diarrhea of the mouth.

    Cowards shun the fundamental responsibility of living in a free society, which is to voluntarily make the preservation of said society their personal duty.

    Again, the Parkland massacre is a prime example. There were FOUR deputies on scene while the shooting was ongoing, yet they hid outside and stood utterly derelict in their sworn duty to uphold the law and protect the innocent.


    Say what you will about the quality of our “laws” – it was not “the law” that failed on Feb. 14th, it was those deputies who chose to fail, rather than risk their lives to uphold their oath. But, it was inevitable – cowards will always prefer their own ilk – being in the presence of those with courage is terrifying to a coward. Always. Thus, from the Sheriff on down, that department is a den of raw, unmitigated cowardice.

    Communists/collectivists are all, by plain definition, cowards – they abhor personal responsibility, preferring to “transfer” all of said duty onto “government”. It is no wonder then, that in every place where commies are in charge we witness rampant cowardice.

    “Men” such as these (and I have to put that word in quotes, here, for cowards are not men) ought to be drowned in septic tanks for their cowardice, as should the shift lieutenant and the Sheriff himself, for staffing his department with known cowards.

    Rifles, rope, and septic tanks. Right solutions for wrong people, and let the punishment fit the offense.

  3. European American

    “With allegations that the Broward County sheriff’s department botched the response to the shooting”

    Botched the response to the shooting? Definitely not. That was going according to plans. Longer, the better, more casualties.

    However, if one takes the time to connect the obvious dots, then it’s clear that this was an inside operation from the get go and what they did botch is the fact that they left too much evidence to prove it.
    The clock is ticking on this programmed MKUltra Satanic Cult that has infected this once great Republic. This will go full auto on them when their bubble bursts.

  4. There exists the distinct possibility of getting shot if you enter a building before being cleared of it’s active shooter. When you have no guts or balls or professionalism, the choice is simple, hoist the yellow flag, coppers. moslems too. Islam must be destroyed.

  5. JohnnyParatrooper

    This is not entirely true.
    In high crime areas, like Baltimore, the EMTs are not allowed to exit their truck if weapons, or violence, is visible.

    However, this is not standard procedure for school shootings.

    We were ALWAYS trained to charge towards gunfire. Putting pressure on the enemy and thus establishing protocols that would require any enemy action to be under so much pressure they cannot effectively engage in operations.

    Charging gunfire, as a standard operating procedure, forces the enemy to maintain all missions within response times.

    A 20 minute response time limits ALL enemy ops to under 20 minutes for success.

    Since no actions outside of setting sabotage fires, planting bombs, sniping or drive by shootings can be accomplished within that window, you do not see large scale engagements anymore. Because they know they won’t work and they will sustain to many casualties.

    They keep saying on the news “20 minutes” over and over again.

    This is them signaling to their trained minions that is was their operation.

    • JohnnyParatrooper

      If you look at the casualties from the occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan, you can see that most of them are a result of this “20 minute” rule.

    • Freeillinois

      I read an earlier story that claimed the cops kept EMT away for close to 45 minutes

  6. When I went thru EMT training, it was taught that EMS was not to enter, or get close to a violent scene, unless the scene was secured by LE.
    No freelancing.
    Also, it was department and county SOP.
    LE job is to secure the scene/incident.

  7. Other reports are that the police stopped the paramedics from entering the building for almost 45 minutes

  8. my response is show me the protocols Broward County EMS Mass Casualty, Active Shooter, TECC/TCCC protocols. now should have LE gone inside that is a yes. as for EMS, it is questionable, protocols, EMS guys level of training, etc.

    • This seems like such a simple thing to prove or disprove.

      • yep, things have changed in EMS. used to be “is scene safe” THREAT (T -threat suppression/confinement, H – hemorrhage control, RE – rapid extraction, A – medical assessment, T – transport) in active shooters it is now “is scene safe enough”. many LEO are now trained in hemorrhage control known as “stop the bleed” so EMS would not have to go into a threat/unsafe situation. if LEO fail to suppress or confine threat, EMS is not going anywhere, most likely staged down the road. now this does not included SRT, SWAT EMS persons that have trained with local LE to have such skills, gear, weapons and training to enter a non secured scene. all comes down to county/state protocols.

  9. Perhaps there were people inside making sure things looked the way they wanted them to look before ‘anyone else’ was allowed in.

    Or, perhaps the cops really were fantastic cowards who didn’t give a shit about these kids. Can’t let an EMT in there to show them up while they stayed safe outside.

  10. Again………..
    1) Where is the video from inside the school ( and Vegas?)
    2) How many wounded? Any wounded interviewed on news? (please show me where to find these videos. Not actors wrapped in gauze, but REAL wounded)
    3) I see “students” crying and adults, but where are the students TRAUMATIZED FROM SEEING THEIR CLASSMATES HEADS BLOWN OFF!? SPLATTERED WITH BLOOD???
    I will call Bull Shit on the whole thing until I see coroner reportsand videos and wounded!

  11. Photo-shopped pictures of those killed…………..
    go to third photo,”Martin Duque, 14″, now look at photo. Notice person on left, notice black line running along his shirt on his left side, notice arms at awkward position?. Notice window shade under arm is darker then shade behind person on right side of picture?

  12. Go gettem boomers! After you get done with your 10 thousandth steak, daily game of golf, or whatever keeps you going. Integrity not required btw…

    Except in Cali…

    • Oh another Boomer basher? Suck off sus, I’m one old MOFO boomer who is still bustin his ass for a living and I’d just as soon put a boot up yours. Scum!

  13. Sheriff


    the killer did what the wanted done.

    so, no reason for the cops to interfere. They “secured the area” to protect the killer, and maximize the body count.

    as at Las Vegas, and all the elsewheres.

  14. frankglennjacobs

    The photo makes it look like the students are the suspects.

    Where were all those cops when the shooter was in there shooting?

    • How did the merc shooter(s) get out without all those cops hanging around outside not see them? And i’ll bet there were more than the one merc shooter, he had to have had some back-up and help.

  15. Local LE also waited outside Pulse Nightclub for hours before taking out the lone shooter. Victims bled out…

  16. wendystringer48088

    On December 9, 2007 Jeanne Assam, a 42 year old former police officer who was working security at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, CO stopped 24-year-old Matthew Murray when he launched an all-out assault on the church’s parishioners with his Bushmaster XM-15 rifle using her handgun.
    So a determined person with courage and a head on their shoulders can take down a shooter armed with an AR pattern rifle.

  17. The Usual Suspect

    All law enforcement went home at end of shift with tons of OT.


    Interesting. As it continues to unravel(just like Las Vegas) It will be VERY important for Second Amendment advocate organizations( are you listening, THE PETER?!) to jump on every anomaly, contradiction, lie, and embarrassing fact which comes out of this “school shooting”. Saul Alinsky’s playbook is not just for the Cosmic White (((Marxists))).

  19. lastmanstanding

    It will be interesting to hear what Codera, Bracken and Rhodes have to say tonight.

    Everyone who was involved in this CF needs to be interviewed by a third party. If found negligent, the sheriff and his peeps need to be fucking fired. Immediately. No ifs, en’s or buts… No severance, no pension, no benefits, no nothing.

    That would be the minimum justice served.

  20. StBernardnot

    Don’t forget your blue porch light though. To signify you worship pigs. (spits)

  21. LTC. Dave Grossman on School Shootings. This is from 2008 but still valid today. I would add carrying an IFAC (or 2 or 3)

  22. Re the pic of them kids marching with hands held appropriately: parents, this is a wake up call for you. The fruit of your loins must be taught that such behavior, the groveling to the state, cannot be tolerated by those living under your roof.

    How to accomplish this? I bet you know. Homeschool.

    Do you have a problem teaching your kids that their enemy is government on its willful way to going bad? If so, you are part of a bigger problem than the now-routine school shootings that you expose your kids to.

  23. It appears that these massacre will occur where ever the local authorities are onboard its the Agenda. Columbine, Sandy Hook, Parkland, Las Vegas…

    Just saying.

  24. My questions regarding this EMT are:

    1. Why is he/she feeling that they still fear for his/her life? The situation is supposidly over…what or whom is there for him/her to still fear regarding this incident?

    2. Even though the EMT was prevented from entering the school, what might he/she he heard or seen regardless?

    3. How many casualties/wounded was the EMT able to teach/treat after the ‘all clear’ was given?

    The ‘lone gunman’ explanation is rapidly evaporating here…just like Vegas.

    Don’t forget that ‘Q’ had previously mentioned that there would be upcoming false flags staged by the Deep State/parasite class.

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

    • I think the teacher who saw the shooter in a metal suit should be sweating bullets. now that she has come public with the fact of a fedgov shooter, her life isn’t worth spit.

  25. James W. King


    1. People don’t understand how Broward County School Sheriff Officers operate. I’ll explain. TheLastRefuge added, Officer Scot Peterson didn’t engage Nikolas Cruz. I can only assume that this officer is a coward. TheLastRefuge –

    2. I spent about 18 months in 2012, 2013 and 2014 investigating Broward and Miami-Dade school policies and how those policies transfer to law enforcement practices.

    3. My interest was initially accidental. I discovered an untold story of massive scale and consequence as a result of initial research into Trayvon Martin and his High School life.
    4. What I stumbled upon was a Broward County law enforcement system in a state of conflict. The Broward County School Board and District Superintendent, entered into a political agreement with Broward County Law enforcement officials to stop arresting students for crimes.

    5. The motive was simple. The school system administrators wanted to “improve their statistics” and gain state and federal grant money for improvements therein.

    6. So police officials, the very highest officials of law enforcement (Sheriff and Police Chiefs), entered into a plan.

    7. As soon as Miami-Dade began to receive the benefits (political and financial) from the scheme, Broward County joined on. The approach in Broward was identical as the approach in MiamiDade.

    8. It’s important to remember, this was not an arbitrary change – this was a well-planned fundamental shift in the entire dynamic of how teenagers would be treated when they engaged in criminal conduct.

    9. The primary problem was the policy conflicted with laws; and over time the policy began to create outcomes where illegal behavior by students was essentially unchecked by law enforcement.

    10. Initially the police were excusing misdemeanor behaviors. However, it didn’t take long until felonies, even violent felonies (armed robberies, assaults and worse) were being excused.

    11. The need to continue lowering the arrests year-over-year meant that increasingly more severe unlawful behavior had to be ignored. Over time even the most severe of unlawful conduct was being filtered by responding police.

    12. We found out about it, when six cops blew the whistle on severe criminal conduct they were being instructed to hide. The sheriff and police Chiefs were telling street cops and school cops to ignore ever worsening criminal conduct.

    13. The police were in a bind. They were encountering evidence of criminal conduct and yet they had to hide the conduct. There were examples of burglary and robbery where the police had to hide the recovered evidence in order to let the kids get away without reports. –

    14. The police would take the stolen merchandise and intentionally falsify police records to record stolen merchandise *as if* they just found it on the side of the road.

    15. They put drugs and stolen merchandise in bags, and sent it to storage rooms in the police department. Never assigning the recovery to criminal conduct. Stolen merchandise was just sitting in storage rooms gathering dust.

    16. They couldn’t get the stuff back to the victim because that would mean the police would have to explain how they took custody of it. So they just hid it. To prove this was happening one of the officers told me where to look, and who the victim was.

    17. At first I didn’t believe them. However, after getting information from detectives, cross referencing police reports, and looking at the “found merchandise”, I realized they were telling the truth.

    18. A massive internal investigation took place and the results were buried. Participating in the cover-up were people in the media who were connected to the entire political apparatus.

    19. The sheriff and police chief could always deny the violent acts (assaults, rapes, beatings etc.) were being ignored; that’s why the good guys in the police dept gave the evidence of the stolen merchandise. That physical evidence couldn’t be ignored and proved the scheme.

    20. From 2012 though 2018 it only got worse. In Broward and Miami-Dade it is almost impossible for a student to get arrested. The staff within the upper levels of LEO keep track of arrests and when a certain number is reached all else is excused.

    21. Well it didn’t take long for criminal gangs in Broward and Miami-Dade to realize the benefit of using students for their criminal activities. After all, the kids would be let go… so organized crime became easier to get away with if they enlisted high-school kids.

    22. As criminals became more adept at the timing within the offices of the officials, they timed their biggest crimes to happen after the monthly maximum arrest quota was made.

    23. The most serious of armed robberies etc. were timed for later in the month or quarter. The really serious crimes were timed in the latter phases of the data collection periods. This way the student criminals were almost guaranteed to get away with it.

    24. Now. You can see how that entire process gets worse over time. Present corruption (the need to hide the policy) expands in direct relationship to the corruption before it. This is where the School Police come into play.

    25. Understanding the risk behind the scheme, it became increasingly important to put the best corrupt cops in the schools. *BEST* as in *SMARTEST*. Those SRO’s became the ones who were best at hiding the unlawful conduct.

    26. Again, over time, the most corrupt police officers within the system became the police inside the schools. These officers were those who are best skilled at identifying the political objectives and instructions.

    27. Those “School Cops” also have special privileges. It’s a great gig. They get free “on campus” housing close to the schools they are assigned to etc. They’re crooked as hell and the criminal kids how just how to play them. It’s a game. Also an open secret.

    28. A lot of it came out during an earlier *internal affairs* investigation. Unfortunately the behavior never changed because the politics never changed. It’s still going on:

    29. For years this has been happening and no-one cared. Crimes happen; students excused; victims ignored; etc. The Broward County School and Law Enforcement system is designed to flow exactly this way. It’s politics.

  26. James W. King

    30. Only then a Parkland school shooting happened. For Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel this had to be an “oh shit” moment; but not for the reasons the media initially thought. If people start digging, they’ll discover the shooter was one of those previously excused students

    31. The same sentiment applies for Sheriff Scott’s partner, School Superintendent Robert Runcie (previously from Chicago),…. things are very risky if people start digging.

    • Not surprising. James, did you do this investigation,,or are you quoting another source?


    • i can add something to this. back in the day i lived in rural area just outside of a liberal California city. this city was ranked nations safest city. we had a big problem with multiples of multiples of trespassing, property damage, destruction of grazing land, threats, and assaults. many of these reports were never filed by the sheriff or city police. i was told by local sheriff deputy that “it was washed under the rug to maintain that safest city recognition”. i do not know what money comes down the grant channel for these cities. Parkland was just awarded “safest city in FL”. did the sheriff, city police, and local elected officials wash these shooters indicators under the rug just to maintain that recognition or grants funding. from my experiences, i can bet they did.

  27. Protocol for paramedics where i trained was to lay back until the scene was deemed safe. The logic behinf this is if the medics go down who is going to do the rescuing? Unless you are a tactical medic that has been trained and carries a weapon which in my area we didnt have tac. Medics. The swat teams are trained in some basic stuff like bleeding control but thats about it. My area is a small city. We dont have full time swat teams. I understand the desire to go in, but we werent allowed. Just my 2 cents in Illinois.

    • Your protocols are still in play. EMS, posts a few blocks away from armed events. Are called in after the serious danger is cleared.

      Bottom line is, EMS is to valuable, and their are not enough of them, to have them compromised. In my humble opinion EMS are nothing short of heros.


    • Bingo, ask the people who do run EMS calls. either paid or volunteer. if LE has not cleared scene, suppressed threat or confined threat no EMS is going to be near that scene. down the road staged.

  28. School policy on decriminalizing violent students developed by the DOJ Community Relations Services. Remember them? They organized protests for the Travon supporters in Florida. They organized “hands up, don’t shoot” protests in Ferguson, Mo. Why is the DOJ organizing protests? Are they commies? Hmmm.

  29. Marlo Stanfield

    Muslim Deputy Sheriff from Florida Helps Rescue Dog Stuck in Canal So they should have tied a rope to the first fat ass deputy that goes in and if he gets hit pull him out and send in the next.

    | | | | | |


    | | | | Muslim Deputy Sheriff from Florida Helps Rescue Dog Stuck in Canal The force was with her: It takes several deputies to rescue dog stuck in canal By Lisa J. Huriash (Sun Sentinel)… | |



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