A Tee Of The Times


Maybe the designer can also gin up something helicopter-y.


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  1. Your “Vietnamese” consistently reads like a SE Asian ebonics.

    Vowels and tone markers change the meaning… even to the point of being nearly incomprehensible.

    Sát cộng

    Your pseudo-Vietnamese reminds me of the Mandarin speakers at school who would get a huge laugh teaching the jocks and ROTC guys to say “F*ck me” instead of “F*ck you.”

    If you can’t get it right, your message falls flat.

    • Al: I appreciate the correction. I personally have no clue on VN diacritical marks, and have been using a graphic I found years ago.

      A lesson all could use: helping others do better doesn’t have to come with a “you’re an idiot” prefix or suffix.

      • Mea culpa. My comments were oh-so-gentle the first three times… the last two times, a tiny bit more pointed. 🙂

        Even for fluent speakers, using a trusted native proof-reader prevents much embarrassment.

        That said…. I too got a laugh from the tricky Taiwanese.

      • Al: To CA’s admonition above, remember: If I speak with the tongues of men, and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.

        Words to live by. And I say this fully acknowledging that at times I could be a bit more charitable myself.

      • But, CA…

        Al ouldb’t be Al without a sneering supercilious, and rather nasal, tone.

        The only reason he appears here is to reassure himself of his intellectual and righteous superiority to any dissent.

    • Correction: That should read, Whoever made that t-shirt’s “Vietnamese” sucks…

      I designed it, and just spent 15 minutes (unsuccessfully) seeking the online graphics I used as my source material. (Desperately hoping to prove my rendering “faithful” to the patch’s origins.)

      I can’t, so it would be #MyBad, not WSRA’s. I can easily-ish fix it, but before I do would appreciate a link or two where I could see replicated the version you present (Sát cộng). Thanks!

      • I used my Operating System’s capabilities to type “Sát cộng”.
        I did not lift it from a link, so I have no link to provide you.
        You can copy and paste it and manipulate it for your graphic needs within any of the page layout or image applications.

        I am on your side. I do not want the message to be lost or to become a source of ridicule for the messenger.

    • JohnnyParatrooper

      Somehow I think “Fuck Me” works just fine in the FUSA.

  2. JohnnyParatrooper

    Tested the sports car thing.

    You are gonna want a convertible.

    • …or a pickup truck. Sand-bagging the sides is easy enough and provides a good layer of protection, but the bed still provides plenty of mobility for the operator(s) to engage targets at whatever azimuth presents itself best in the moment.

    • A used Boxter would do.

  3. One Bullet At A Time

  4. Concerned American: I’m happy to design almost anything. It remains to be seen whether “Teespring” will keep my product-campaign up (someone makes a copyright-infringement claim against me every so often, my Saint/Sinner/Satan selector switch is currently offline for that reason).

    If you e-mail me what you’d like to see (I don’t 100% “get” the helicopter ride thing), I’m willing to take a stab at it. However, the designer of that Pinochet graphic has done a grand job and could easily throw it up on Teespring.

  5. Good Ol’ Uncle Pinochet!

  6. Hey Mr. Pinochet
    You’ve sown a bitter crop
    It’s foreign money that supports you
    One day the money’s going to stop
    No wages for your torturers
    No budget for your guns
    Can you think of your own mother
    Dancin’ with her invisible son…

    Globalists revel in fatal ironies.
    They think they can manipulate history
    without repercussion,
    but the wars they start are their own.
    So much the better
    when they reap what they’ve sown.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. The rifle sight design would be neat on a t- shirt or ball cap. Warm weather range time is coming.

  9. It gets the point across just fine., Thanks for all of your hard work C-A

  10. So the motorcycle is part of a shoot n scoot, sort of a Michael Collins ‘Squad’ on wheels?

  11. We’re going to need C130’s instead of helicopters…

    When they’re dropped, let them go over NYC, Shitcongo, Boston, and other collectivist hives!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

    • Nezar the moslem, his boss the sheriff and the other ‘cowards of broward’ definitely get the helicopter ride!

      Hope you have a nice fall nezar!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  12. Helicopter rides are not restricted by age or sex.

    California Students Protesting Guns Turn Violent And Throw Rocks At Police Cars (VIDEO)
    (direct link yo embedded video)

    So, how many of the rock throwers were caught and dealt with?

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

    Anti-gun student protesters throw rocks at police cars

  13. lastmanstanding

    Currently watching the Oliver Stone “untold history of the US” on Netflix for a “different slant” on the lies we’ve been told.

    To Ollie, our bud Pinochet was a tyrant and terrible man…did lots of mean things to innocent people. Whole thing is laughable…consider the source. What did I expect.

    Hollywood, media, etc. BFYTW.