Brushbeater: Open Enrollment Dates


Tempus fugit.

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  1. freeillinois

    If anyone has money they need to get this kind of training. A lot of people from Illinois may not be able to join you since the Democrats have introduced
    every piece of gun control legislation they could imagine. The voting for the freedom of Illinois gun rights starts Wednesday the 28th.
    There is an emergency call for witness slips right now!
    Learn more at

  2. Call me old fashioned, but I’d love to see the patriot leaders/trainers/brain trust folks stay away from training on Sunday.

    Moral decay is the root of the country’s problems. I think we ought to return to our Creator and honor he sabbath by resting that day. Not “recreating” not playing, not transacting. Just simple devotion and honor paid by worshiping our Creator on the day He asked us to.

    If we return to Him, he will fight our battles, he will strengthen us in time of need. Our sacrifice to attend courses during the other six days will be sanctified and blessed.

    I implore the attendees and trainers to consider this and not schedule themselves on a Sunday. Let us not give into convenience and honor the Sabbath.

    Thank you Concerned American for your work and the opportunity to comment.

    • Bob, I’d love to see Sunday as a day of rest. (Personally, I’ve had a grand total of four days off since Jan 2, and two of them were Sundays. It’s a rather busy time of year for me.)

      I do have a question, though. If the bad people are out training or working, even on Sundays, to take away my freedom, is it not my moral duty to work even harder than them to protect it? Furthermore, when a conflagration does come, can anyone guarantee a cessation of hostile activity on Sundays? Thought not.

      Since our world is far from ideal, I’ll take the opportunities to do my morally obligated preparations when I can, including on Sundays. Hopefully including Brushbeater some time later in the year, as it’s one of the items on My List to accomplish.

      Cheers and may your Sundays be restful for you. If so, please catch a nap for me, I’m woefully behind.

      Keep your powder dry,
      Atlas Shrug

  3. Brushbeater seems to be run by someone who is cowardly and is actually a censoring site who avoids publishing a simple comment with a link which showed factually about the jews who are in control of the media. I would be careful about their real agendas because of both reasons. Why would anyone who is knowledgeable and a concerned American be willing to go there?

  4. Ncscout’s squared away and this is an excellent opportunity.

  5. JohnnyParatrooper

    What is our SOP comms manual for civilian circuits?

    I always just planned to storm an AM station and rebroadcast anything needed.

    Are All Hamms standardized? I have read most of the stuff on the Rawles’ site and other links.

    I am familiar with the basics of comms, security, and brevity codes.

    What is our basic fall back channel?

    Word on the street is we are hitting the ten yard line as we speak.

    All my buddies just purchases several thousand rounds and drum mags.

    The guys I know working the local gun shops in Baltimore are selling guns to the Muslims and Gangsters all day.

    Shits getting real, real fast. They waited to arm up till the last day, staying off the radar as long as possible. . I am 100 positive the White Hats in the intel circles are working 24/7.

    These guys are a lot smarter than we give them credit for.

  6. Freeillinois

    A massive amount of anti-gun bills moved to the floor of the Illinois general assembly today. And the NRA is silent.
    What the hell is going on!

  7. JohnnyParatrooper

    For future record.
    I have activated alerts for comments on my posts.


    Concerning the shade that Stewart Rhodes and Mike Cernoviche gave me at the “Deploraball”
    Cernoviche shook everyones hand in front of me.
    Looked at me
    Skipped me
    and then went to the guys right behind me

    Outside the Deploraball I ran into Rhodes. I think he may have suspected I was Antifa in disguise. However,he didn’t treat anyone else with some shade.

    I do not know why. I could speculate. But I do not know.

    I thought it was pretty damn shady.

    I grew up around lots of guys like Cernoviche. They dont want anyone else to share in their reindeer games.

    Greed, Jealousy, maybe he had a bully in HS who looked like me. IDK.