Condell Explains It All

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  1. Pretty good nutshell there, Pat. As usual, a summation to remember.

  2. “I do not look down on niggers, kikes, wops or greasers. Here you are all equally worthless.”G.H.

  3. Note: link to last night’s Oathkeeper’s Webinar
    LINK for anon. dropbox to OK Webinar MP3 file (223 MB file)

    Audio only – Total time: 2:38
    No log in or PW required

    Stewart Rhodes and David Codrea – from 0:00 – 46:00

    Matt Bracken from 46:15 until finish with group questions.

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  5. Plato once claimed that the Tyrant gains by the youths ruin. Also, with regard that they left is willing to denounce you without any thought they in turn they would be next to be denounced. How many “Loyal Communist” denounced their follow Communist. Then out of no where, they were denounced, and purged themselves.

  6. Progressive-land is so screwed up that there is a 40% chance that one action runs counter to another cherished action. Like say Title IX, a darling of the Progs may have a problem with transgenders in sports. But give it time some lawyer will just to make a buck.

  7. OT: From The Ministry Of Brutal Memes:

    Richochet h/t to Gun free Zone.