Goldilocks Is Dead

First, the Magic Dirt turns to horseshit.

Then the Magic Credit Beans stop working.

Can’t anybody here play this game?

18 responses to “Goldilocks Is Dead

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. As I predicted since 2008.

  3. good summary write up on the (((Central Bank)))-run debtPonzi’conomy.


    so long as Aesop’s Imperial Stormtroopers can keep most of the planet on the dollar,

    (((it))) is going to continue

    • Aesop merely commands the facts and the LANGUAGE,

      not the Stormtroopers.

      Chill your already tepid jets, Sherlock.

  4. i guess fate finally caught up with Goldilocks, she chose never to change her ways.
    Good read:
    What does Anna want- again

  5. …and her corpse is starting to ripen. Thanks for this post, dead freaking on. We used to make fun of Commie propaganda, not laughing now. BLS now stands for Bullshit Lying Statistics.

  6. “Can anybody play this game?”
    That is part of the problem. Anyone can and those that are ‘running the show’ are playing it badly. Don’t get me wrong, their buds at the TBTFs are cashing in but mainstreet is morbid.

    BP hit all the high notes. The only miss is the oddity that even as real estate sales are sagging the median price points in various markets is still rising. The lag is about a quarter so it will be interesting to see what 2 qtr brings.

  7. There is no crying in baseball.


    One more time: AS LONG AS ALL GAME PLAYERS AGREE TO THE RULES OF THE GAME, THE GAME WILL CONTINUE. THE ALTERNATIVE IS TOO HORRIFIC FOR ALL INVOLVED TO CONTEMPLATE. And, I believe Burning Platform man should scrub his website of all of the quasi-porn cheesecake-type advertisements. They are distracting and do not do a thing to enhance the credibility of the message.

  9. it’s even worse than that. although Rosenberg is one of the best, he did not include the spending from hurricanes and fires in the fall that will tail off as positive effects for the economoy as the winter has been mild and spring and early summer are generally not seasons where disasters occur.
    the tax cuts are going to wear off and we’ll be back to sub 2 growth because you just cant grow with the amount of debt govt and people carry/

  10. Most of us saw the markets as a Bubble and very manipulated and false when it was Obama, yet with Trump it is as if we have forgotten this.
    Donald Trump and America’s Judgment

  11. The guest on this radio show is Charles Ortel, which
    has been doing deep investigation into the Clinton

    Leid Stories—GE’s Financial Woes Only the Tip of the Iceberg, Says Wall Street Whistleblower Who Called It 11 Years Ago—02.27.18: