MVT: AAR February 2018


2018 MVT Schedule

Tempus fugit.

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  1. Someone prove me wrong.
    I’m guessing that 90% of all fighting will be done around where humans live; around homes, cars, stores, gas stations,ect. I see almost no cars or buildings in 90% of these training videos.

    • You are right but you have to start with a foundation.
      You can jump right into Fighting in structures, but thats only part of it as well. MOUT is really more about urban terrain, but what about suburban areas? For example my neighborhood has 300 homes. Average space between them is 20 or 30 feet. Across the street from the neighborhood is an open field that is 605 yards to the next home (ask me how I know) scattered with scrub bushes and drainage ditches. In suburbs you have a mixture of tightly packed structures and open or wooded terrain.
      Got to know both.

    • JohnnyParatrooper

      Everything you do in the woods, You do in Urban.

      Stay low
      Stay Quiet
      Check your targets
      Return Fire

      Know yourself, Know Your Guys, Know you next move.

      Left, Right, Down the middle, Fall Back.

      Urban is my favorite. You have lots of cover, and can hide next to literally anything.

      Walking through the woods makes too much god damn noise.

  2. Good on max and his offerings. An asset for responsible citizens in the eastern us.

  3. Max has an awesome thing going. Its almost impossible to describe what you come away with from Max’s training to somebody who hasn’t taken specifically what Max offers.
    He and his cadre are continuously adapting, refining, and tuning, the instruction of, but never forgetting the foundational precepts, of small unit infantry combat.
    I’ll say one thing I get from it, becoming personally empowered with knowledge of the great unknowns and unknown unknowns of infantry combat. And that even more critical, that it applies to almost everything in my life. Its the holistic thing. How I go through my daily life, how I look at the environment and activity around me in a different light before I partook. From situational awareness in every facet of my life, to being empowered with the ultimate type of skills and mindset. Yes it is mindset. If there’s nothing else I have gained from this training it is that. Its a game changer.

    As frank & honestly as can be expressed, if I never got this kind of new understanding I’ve taken up from personally experienced this type of training, there is no way I could say what it is or isn’t. Wouldn’t happen. It would be hot air is all. All the armchair or keyboard warrior key pounding in the world would never make me correct. Its that unique and profound.

    Its also a great time. Meet awesome like minded people. Its both humbling and inspiring. And brother, what you get from Max is the bargain of history. Its priceless. Only such dedicated devoted focused people can provide such value for so little expense. Its the acme of the quality of beyond just a product/service I’m talking about.
    It certainly has changed me in ways to the good & better I never conceived existed prior to getting this training.

    I read people who pooh pooh Max, nitpick, and make bullshit statements. And I’m amazed how ignorant of the facts I was before. How I didn’t have a fucking clue. That I didn’t have a fucking clue I didn’t have a fucking clue.

    This sums it up for me.
    Pre MVT: I didn’t have a fucking clue I didn’t have a fucking clue. Thats the unknown unknowns right there I got to know.
    Realizing I probably never would have lasted long enough otherwise to learn only the unknowns never mind the unknown unknowns of infantry combat.
    Whats my life worth? My families safety. My property? Possibly my countries very survival?
    A fucking hell of a lot more than 3 days, $500 bucks, and a case of ammo.

    If I had the monetary resources I would take every class Max offered all year. And I would never learn everything. A lot of which comes from those you take the courses with, and what I discover about myself, interestingly enough.

    Are there other combat trainers who devote their talents to citizen infantry combat? Probably. Are they better, or worse. Can’t say. Just like I could not say pre MVT about Max. But if there are others out there of similar caliber, and I certainly hope so, they got their shit together too like Max and his guys.

    Theres no cut and dry about this shit. No standard or one opinion fits all under one tent thing about it. But there are standards to train to, for it is the idea in the first place, to train to some kind of standard.
    Combat if its nothing, is as subjective as subjected can be. Its not the trainer so much as what YOU get out of it. What you take away. Thats the crux of it. Because their ain’t nothing on God’s green Earth as personal as small unit infantry combat.

    The greatest take away for me aside from the personal achievement, our country would be an entire different critter if more of us got this kind of training.
    One to be proud of and be ready to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic.
    Nobody be fucking with us and our freedoms like they are today.

    • Couldn’t have said it better mtnforge. I am disappointed I couldn’t make MVT TX this year. It is really missing out on a rare opportunity to learn and grow.

      • I heard that! Hopefully you can jump into a later class in Texas.
        I’ve had to also pass up on classes MVT here in WV has offered I dearly wanted to attend. A fellow WRSA commenter generously paid for the Combat Pistol course in exchange accompanying him last fall. Fantastic class. Nothing like I expected. A real head game/mindset symbolis, along with teaching you IWB concealed carry gun handling, it truly was tactical with the biggest emphasis on the weapon that counts, your mind.
        From what I’ve garnered from Max’s training, I’ll always be indebted to him, because these things are life long gifts. Texas terrain looks like it has it’s own particular tactics. Max runs a lot of classes in Texas so hopefully you can get in on things.
        My farmer/niegbhor and I have actually used the basic principles of SUT hunting the packs of livestock killing feral dog problem we got. Dogs don’t shoot at you, but all the same principles of reading & using terrain, working the flank and move to contact apply… they seriously work in real life application. With observation over time we have been able to work ambushes, both the set and hasty types. Use the principles of Enfilade and defilade quickly because of our knowledge of our combined land, or “AO”.

        When we took the Combat Pistol course, Max and his guys where down below us by the new bunkhouse using the mile long range they just completed. Looked like a great class. Pretty serious long range reach out & touch someone hardware they where using. The shooting lane crosses two ridge lines.

  4. JohnnyParatrooper

    For the record. I know this is a basic training video.

    However, once you are comfortable with the basics.

    There is no reason to yell “RELOADING”

    Just reload and continue firing.

    Only yell when something is going wrong.

    Your people cannot hear you anyway. Yelling “RELOADING!” just adds to the confusion.

    All you are doing is announcing to the world you are out of ammo. Which your lack of fire has already accomplished.

    30 rounds of ammo sounds like 30 rounds of ammo. Once you cook that mag, your troops already know whats happening.

    Only yell when you need help, have a malfunction, or something big happens. Like a fucking tank you didn’t see rolling around the corner.

    You are just adding to the fog of war.

    The only thing you should be yelling is

    1) Enemy Locations and Positions.

    2) Enemy Movements

    3) Shift/Lift Fire during the assaulting element’s raid.

    4) If you need extra hands for medical purposes.


    If the people in your team stop shooting, it is implied they are out of ammo, have a malfunction, or they are dead. If this happens, You need to automatically Bounce your fire between their targets and your targets. Increasing your rate of fire.

    Does matter what you shoot at. Just pick something and fucking shoot at it.

    Windows, Holes in the wall, Doors, fat trees, anything that looks like a bunker or fighting position.

    If you would use it, Fucking shoot it.

    With enough practice, You can complete an entire company sized assault without one word being said. Unless something goes wrong. Which can be solved readily since people aren’t yelling random, useless information.

  5. Marlo Stanfield

    Muslim Deputy Sheriff from Florida Helps Rescue Dog Stuck in Canal Why we train.

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