Ron Paul Interview: “We Can’t Continue To Run The World”

Via Sputnik.

Memo to MAGA: The Fed Gov and its little local/state .gov brothers are all bankrupt. Their liabilities far exceed their assets and any rational estimate of income. Rising interest rates will further that problem. Retrenchment and retreat are inevitable. Unless, of course, the PTB decide that mass suicide is a better out.


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  1. JohnnyParatrooper

    On the subject of bankruptcy.

    My cousin makes an obscene amount of money working for the Wildlife Management in Maryland.

    He Is the following.

    1) Anti-Gun
    2) Republicuck who loves Bush and all other Neo-Cons
    3) Went to Catholic University, Which is an expensive private school.
    4) Never had a Job outside of the .gov
    5) Claims to Love the Police and Military; Unless I tell him the police and military is not his friend, In which case he calls me crazy and accuses me of having PTSD
    6) Is not a hunter, nor an outdoors man
    7) Judging by his house and kid’s schools, he must make $100,000
    8) his job is basically to tell Mexicans where to mow lawns and to go out to meetings(Lunch on Tax dollars)
    9) His wife is an annoying hen pecking busy body who tried to teach blacks how to care for their kids. She quit her job to focus on the “Family”(As in she gave up on the blacks)
    10) support unlimited immigration
    11) Never Trump/ Anti-Trump

    Before the falling out, I meet a bunch of his friends at a pool party. They are all like him.

    This country is fucked.

    • lastmanstanding

      Keep on rocking JP, love your stuff! LMAO…

      My offer is still open. Salty here as well.

      • JohnnyParatrooper

        Hey Brother.
        I am gonna be working the North Fork in Wyoming during the summer.
        I’ll be 40 minutes outside Yellowstone. 20 minutes from Cody.

        Get some of the boys together. We can have some burgers and beer.
        If you wanna do some shooting this Lean Green Death Machine’s Training is free of charge(You tax dollars paid for it already)

        .22 LR works fine. Save the good stuff for the bad guys.

        Also, My uncle gave me a set of keys to the his Soft-tail Deluxe, and I’m driving my Viper cross country so we can also go cruising.

        If we get locked out of this thread. Hit me up in another comment section.

    • Have you considered moving west of the Mississippi River?

      • JohnnyParatrooper

        But only if we lose the east coast and Baltimore/DC is deep 86’d.

        CAIR and the Commies are Balls deep in my AO.

        I can not abandon the birthplace of the National Anthem and The Old Bay is prime for landing UN troops. As it has always been throughout our history. Baltimore cannot fall.

        Last time I checked, Fort McHenry still flies the Red, White, and Blue.

        That flag will fly; Brass, Crass , or Ass be damned.

  2. Damned right we can’t continue to run the world, our meddling is one of the major reasons it’s so fucked up now. Our arrogance is going to return with a vengeance, and bite us on the ass. You can’t do collateral damage all over the place, and expect people to bury their children with a smile and a shrug. That’s why the Twin Towers came down.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The problem has always been that – as the biggest kid on the block – you’re fucked either way. Intervene, and you’re the bad guy (imperialist bully – the world doesn’t want you); don’t intervene, and you’re also the bad guy (abdicating your responsibility – the world *needs* you). Every county that ends up on top eventually learns that lesson.

  3. They’ll never go bankrupt as they suspend accounting rules and will always print their way to infinity.


  4. Just a reminder a lot of those liabilities diissapear if you eliminate welfare entitlements a.k.a. unearned Government “paychecks” and subsidies.

  5. State Dept Gets $40 Million to Fund Troll Farm
    US propaganda office set to ‘go on the offensive’

    Jason Ditz Posted on February 26, 2018

    “On Monday, the US State Department announced that it had obtained $40 million from the Pentagon to fund a new propaganda and disinformation campaign through the ‘Global Engagement Center.…’”

    Oh, from whom did they get that idea?

    • You almost did it..Couldn’t just post a link to the original story and give people relevant and topical information.
      Got to drive traffic to your site to hoover up IP addresses.
      Not today SPLC. Not today.

      • My point is (((WHO))) taught .gov the trick.

        You may be perfectly happy to stop at the symptom (the Pentagon), but I prefer to address the disease vector.

        Keep whining. …and don’t forget to spend time at . (laughing)

      • P.S. The site is in Iceland for a few reasons: free speech, internet privacy, Iceland’s asylum for the late Bobby Fischer (who repudiated his own tribe), and Iceland’s prosecutions of banksters.

        I use internet privacy and support internet privacy for others. I am not hoovering up anything…. but you still have a right to be paranoid. So, enjoy!

      • That’s not whining, that’s the sound of me getting autism from reading your posts.

  6. When there is not enough to steal to satisfy the seeming insatiable accumulation & greed of those who are skimming off whatever tangible monetary wealth is created by this debt laundering which has controlled the issue if fiat & worthless specie since Nixon ended gold backing, that is when it implodes. Because there is simply is at some point not enough creation of tangible wealth to keep afloat such a mountain of debt.
    Looks like for now there is a deliberate system of keeping the scam going to keep the skim coming. But for how long, or for what reasons is it kept propped up?
    Where and what is the cut off point.

    If I had to make an uneducated guess I’d say Donald Trump is trying to generate enough tangible wealth thru creation of mass increases of labor in manufacturing and construction, along with cutting off the skim thru systematic lop sided trade agreements, which is intended to bring that wealth back within our sovereign borders of the domestic economic loop. All of which might be the only remedy for whats been done, it may not be enough, but its something that puts that tangible wealth creation back directly into the dirt peoples hands. Lot to be said for it. And that it has a kind of motive power all its own once boosted is real hard to stop by special interests. The idea being get it going to that level, then it is self generating, and all the positive effects of that economic dynamo the dirt people possess.
    I think the idea too, is this will have an intended effect of snowballing having its own motive power of nebulous quality several moves out of the reach of the skim, making it harder to steal it, giving it a chance to root itself in organic motive power of people level velocity of money.

    There’s another facet here involving the potential for increasing tax revenues by reducing tax burden on the only true source of real tangible wealth, peoples labor, sweat of the brow. After all, its where all real wealth is created, everything above it is in one way or another a pyramid skim. Trumps intent is to flip the pyramid upside down, just as the ideas of the will and motive power of the people is intended to be with the upside down pyramid structure of legitimacy of power of the sovereign which starts with the people themselves.
    Which is kind of interesting, because of the idea that unfettered economic activity is one of the essential components of Liberty. Without unfettered economic activity, Liberty and self determination is very difficult to attain beyond the few areas of underground grass roots organic dirt people level always and impossible to stop. Do things which let that motive power run free, it can easily explode into intrinsic personal wealth & prosperity, we American’s are historically renown for.

    Trump has strived to eliminate a myriad of economic activity inhibitors, from the hideous weaponizing of the EPA, to eliminating of numerous small tyrannical administrative and regulatory diktat, all of which have compounded onto a systematic administrative tyranny the USC has enabled to grow into the leviathan it has been for far far too long.

    Trick is how to initiate these sources of dirt people level prosperity without, or before, the fiat system imploding? For or by all the obvious special interests and or the nefarious evil of power & money which currently controls the economy.
    Trick to is to convince people there’s is far more wealth creation than can be imagined by most thru unfettered economic activity that can ever be created thru the present system of fiat debt.
    A perfect example of this was Governor Palin’s actions to eliminate the monopoly of power held by the holing of exploratory & extraction permits for Alaskan oil/gas fields by the powerful. The results where there was more wealth for everyone than there ever could be by the capitol/crony incest of the political/corporate cronyism she eliminated.
    Of course that does nothing for the ageless list for more power over more power. But at some point this fucking bullshit has to be ended, Period. No matter what it takes. Because in the end it is still tyranny at its most foul and powerful.
    We have to break the chain again. And as it is always, the only ones with the power, the legitimacy to do so, always resides in the dirt people. There’s no one else no matter how much frosting up coats a turd with. its always gonna be a turd until otherwise we the dirt people bury it.
    It will happen no other way, except for such a catastrophe that we are all reduced to cave man status and theres nothing left but a wasteland.

  7. @ Sean…. Now please tell me you don’t believe the official narrative on 9/11. I agree with your statement but that part about the twin towers….I gotta call you out there brother.

  8. Two Jews are sitting at a campfire on the beach of a desert island, eating a dead clown, when one of them looks at the other and says, “Does this taste funny to you?” Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week.

  9. Hedge, my dear friend, I don’t want to get into any smoker about 9/11. What I was referring to there is that there are a number of interviews done with prominent moslems and imams in where it is related that part of 9/11 was revenge for collateral damage when we bombed various moslem interests in the ME and killed children and other non-combatants there. Official narrative? What’s that?

  10. Soon to be 8 billion people on earth. It’s a global problem.

    A ‘perfect’ usa taking care of its own would do little for this world problem.

    Although “leading by example” would’ve been nice and inspiring, that has sailed.

    • Soon to be 8 billion people on earth…..


      tfAt’s recommendation of 300,000,000 is somewhat shy of Bill Gates’
      75% of world pop?

      Y’know… viable, sustainable and diverse???

  11. “We Can’t Continue To Run The World”

    And they should stop trying.
    They can’t even run their own states and country.
    When they finally stop stealing everybody can go home and tend to their own affairs. But that won’t happen until the bottom falls completely out and the whole planet is smokin’.