America Needs A Civil War



“…Indeed, the country itself has gone mad. There are so many bad ideas, and such moral rot, that only war can rid us of the many pathologies that obviate culture and democracy alike…”

Woe unto those who get what they want.

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  1. There is no choice and no solution, other than war. Most readers here won’t survive it. So what. All must drive on to the exit gate of their lives. Either that, or bow down, your choice. Bowing down for now, means that you give the people who want to kill you, just a bit more organizational time to accomplish their objectives.

    • lastmanstanding


      Saw a father and his 3 polite, calm, disciplined, fit, home schooled boys at the range this afternoon…8-14. They were awesome to shoot with, they knew how to handle a firearm and were on target.

      Their future is at stake. Like my grandkids, who are roughly the same age, I want them to have one.

    • 1488 4 Evah

      When does this war start?

  2. Hadenoughalready

    “America Needs A Civil War”

    Sadly, I have no choice but to agree. We’ve tried protesting, we’ve tried politics, nothing is working.

    Meuller is running amok, searching for unicorns, and Sessions is sitting on his ass while o’shitbag’s minions run the deep state further toward the cliff.

    Few have been prosecuted, and only for menial crimes, while those who are guilty as hell remain free to continue their efforts to subvert our Constitution and destroy our once-great country.

    Yes, the economy may be rising but it seems to be commensurate with the insanity that permeates our society and our leadership.

    Racism and hate rule the day, gender-bending snowflakes run the asylum while we scratch our heads wondering which end is up and how it happened.

    Kids are being murdered due to the failure of those who’ve “sworn to protect us” all the while those very same morons insist we disarm and allow “them” to protect us. Seriously? WTF!

    Yes, sadly, war seems to be the only commonsense, end-all, remedy to what’s never going to be fixed, peacefully.

    • Agree 100% !
      Sad isn’t it.
      Never would i have thought 25yrs ago this is where we would be.

      • Northgunner


        Peaceful Methods Employed/Effectiveness:

        Soapbox: collectivists routinely dominate the medium/event and prevent non-collectivists from being heard or demonize/ostracize them. The recent ‘Town Hall’ was a textbook example of this..also look at how non-collectivists are treated on college campuses/events.

        Ballot Box: The outcome of voting/elections is ALWAYS in the hands of the parasite class (remember Stalin’s remark about voting) via outright voter fraud and election rigging via electronic/software enabling. In a political sense, ‘Lucy’ will always promise to hold the football steady for you…reality of that is completely different and not the outcome you are expecting. No different from throwing $$$ into a machine in any casino and believing that you’ll be rich….

        Jury Box: Game rigged from the git go by ‘Lucy’s’ black robbed brothers and sisters who enjoy abusing furniture by banging a wooden hammer on it. Situation is rigged in the parasite class’s favor via ‘Voire Dire’ (French for ‘jury tampering’) where the parasite class stacks the deck in their favor and rigs the court for their desired outcome. Actual occurrences of real ‘justice’ (like the Bundy’s being acquitted) are rare and should be thought of as the same as winning the lottery. Also, both judges and prosecuting attorneys are NOT held personally or immediately responsible for the lives and property that they wantonly destroy via their ‘legal’ con games.

        Separation/Secession: Individually possible via living in rural areas on a personal basis with other like minded individuals who understand and respect the ideas of sanctity of private property, privacy and rightful liberty. As for larger areas such as states…growing in strength and appeal even though secession was thought to be crushed by the parasite class militarily and buried at Appomatox (notice the antipathy regularly generated/energized by the parasite class against the Confederacy and it’s history and those who still hold true to it).

        Bullet Box: This option is what has the parasite class having absolute bedwetting nightmares as their members contemplate the dirt people rising up against them and their ancillary tentacles in media, ‘entertainment’ and ‘education/indoctrination’ and others in righteous self-defense (Bracken’s “What I Saw At The Coup”). The Whiskey Rebellion, Shay’s Rebellion, the South’s response of courage and tenacity during The War of Northern Aggression and The Battle of Athens, Tennessee are very uncomfortable historical reminders to the current overlord class..hence their desire in their attempts to defang and declaw us of the best tools created for protecting individual liberty; the military pattern self-loading rifle. Whether Liberty minded individuals will actually stand to and effectively deploy said arms against the parasite class and it’s enforcers if the parasite class attempts open tyranny is the “$64 question”.

        If such an attempt is made by the parasite class, the choice becomes brutally simple: Freedom or slavery?

        What say you?

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

        • Terry in Dayton,TN.

          The $64 question is not ‘If’ there’s an attempt at open tyranny but ‘When’. A reaction to such an event will be met with the appropriate response by sovereign patriots.

    • 1488 4 Evah


      Boomer spotted.

      Racism is natural and good.

      • Hadenoughalready

        Scripture suggests we keep to our own race; that we don’t intermarry (a major problem today). It does NOT suggest we demean one over another.

    • lastmanstanding

      I’m curious…are most of these murdered kids white? If I recall, most/all of the kids at these mass events are white…aren’t they?

      Maybe I don’t pay attention enough but if “a” (1) black kid is killed/murdered the issue is about the kid and who did it…not how it happened.

      Now apparently all the trained seals/chimps in south Chi town are pissed at the former hnic. Who could have predicted this.

      • Hadenoughalready

        I apologize for not noticing their “color” or race. I was taught that “color” was not an issue. That people are people and that “character”, attitude, and deeds mattered.
        I’ve had friends from all facets of life. We all treated each other equally. It goes against all that I am to see another as anything but another human being; “color” notwithstanding.
        I refuse, at my age, to begin using a filter at the behest of the evil left.
        I will, however, take note from now on; just for the record.

        • lastmanstanding

          It was a serious question…not a racial question.

          • Hadenoughalready

            I honestly don’t know. I didn’t look. And I wasn’t being sarcastic or demeaning, just stating my position.

  3. wendystringer48088

    Trump Wants Joe Manchin’s Gun Control, Rejects Steve Scalise’s National Reciprocity Push

  4. Be careful what you wish for. You may very well get it, good and hard.
    You won’t get what you like; and you won’t like what you get.

  5. People here at WRSA have been saying this for what, maybe 10 years now, at least? Over at Free Republic we’ve been discussing Civil War II for even longer. with a bit more circumspection to avoid the ever vigilant ModAdmin.

    I dunno, maybe it already would have happened if it was going to. The last acts of revolutionary violence from the right were 20 years ago, and widely condemned by everyone, including the right.

    It’s like “the coming economic crash” .. it’s always 5 years away. For sure no one can predict such a thing, as many have tried and all have failed. So too with Civil War II.

    Chittum’s book “Civil War II” is still one of the only, and therefore the best non-fiction treatments of the subject, Braken’s “Enemies” trilogy stands out in non-fiction, a category where there is a lot more competition, including the grandfather of the genre, Ross’s “Unintrended Consequences”, which also gets high marks.

    There is more than a small element of longing in all of these books (and the many others in the genre), but I’ve never seen anyone lay out quite so simply that thesis that “America Needs a Civil War”. Reading the article he doesn’t actually specify “Civil”, but it’s sort of implied as well as in the title (but then Editors write titles at least 1/2 the time). Because if mere foreign war could fix America we’d be fixed after 15 years in Afghanistan, 10 in Iraq, 5 in Syria, etc.

    I believe in the Long Slow Decline ala Rome, where the transition from Republic to Empire occurred in 44 BC, but the final fall only came in 474 (by most reckonings). So Rome enjoyed 500 years of people saying “This can’t last” and writing essays about the decadence and decrepitude of society, and they were all, no doubt, correct. The “stopped clock” took 1/2 a millenium to be right in that case.

    Even assuming that things run 10x faster now that could easily mean another 50 years before the big SHTF event everyone is hoping for. Even the young ones reading this will be old by then, most of us will be dead.

    Of old age.

    • You have to wonder if why so many want it is because of their age and they don’t want their kids and grandkids to have to deal with it…

    • Probably correct.

      Except when it suddenly isn’t.

      But the over-earnest longing for horrific conflict is always the mark of a sick mind, and the difference between ithem and the fuckheads who shoot up schools cannot be measured with existing instrumentation.

      It’s one thing to buy a fire extinguisher; it’s another thing altogether to start stacking bundles of kindling around your house and start pouring gasoline on the furniture and draperies.

      • I(t ian’t tht most of us “want” a ‘civil’ war, it’s that we see that the problems we face and the divide/disagreements concerning them so deep that it is inevitable.

        The debate is over the timeline. Time is running out and does not favor the side of Liberty.

        CA has been saying “worse, better,” for a while.

        It has come to the point that I believe that “sooner is better.” Or the long slow decline will; surely eradicate the knowledge of and will toward Liberty and erode the means to achieve it.

        Communism, like entropy, is inexorable, until the proponents and the dupes are killed.

        Got another plan?

  6. Northgunner

    Funny that trump mentions the Pulse Nightclub…there WAS an off-duty armed police officer on site inside the establishment. He wasn’t able to stop/kill the jihadi that did the attack there.

    As for ‘mental health’ people are not aware that the use of a mental health pronouncement was regularly used by the communists to first disarm and then destroy their enemies and dissidents.

    Straight out of socialism – “mental health screening” before buying guns

    Should the “Mentally Ill” have their guns confiscated – Patriot Nurse

    Related video by Patriot Nurse:
    The Beginning of Open War: Trump’s Tweet and CNN Town Hall

    I believe that trump IS being played by collectivists like finestein and schumer and others. Also, he is from new York and previously NEVER showed any affinity for guns or an individuals inherent inherent human right to them.

    Nothing good will come from ‘bipartisan shitweaseling’..ever!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  7. St.Maur1066

    Guns don’t kill people, big pharma kills people.

  8. St.Maur1066

  9. Most people that wish for war..Real war. The kind that is filled with every atrocity and depravity hell can create. Have not the slightest idea what war is. From the comments I have read. Most of you that call for “CWII” have no clue what kind of hell you want. Not the slightest Idea, what horrors civil war would unleash. You live in a fantasy, with you as both hero and survivor. The truth is that a civil war in the US would be the death of you, your children, your wife, your grand children. Or worse. Enslavement of any or all of them. Death camps and Ghettos, or simple murder at the edge of a pit. It would be the loss of all that you possess at the passing of the first military formation. Your side. There side. It won’t matter. They WILL steal it, or destroy it Because they must, lest the “other side” have it. All your carefully gathered “prepps” gone in a day. Stolen or burnt, and you and yours dead or on the run. It would be the loss of all the “rights” you say you love so much. It would be hell on earth. With no end in sight until one side devastated the other, with all the bitter hate and blood vengeance that would drag out for generations to follow. It would be the end of civilization and in a very real way TEOTWAYKI. IMO civil war is coming to our country. But I in no way wish for it. I simply believe that there is no longer any way out, that doesn’t pass through the fire. I believe that soon the fight will be forced on everyone. You think MS-13 is depraved? Just wait till you get your wish for war. You’ll want the gang bangers and thug cops back. In fact you will pray for things to go back to the way they are now. But that will never happen.

    • JohnnyParatrooper

      You do know that we have been in at least three wars for the last 15 years right?

      And that our police essentially patrol third world shit holes inside of our major cities?

      And it’s spreading to the country?

      As for the rest, they will do what everyone else has done.

      They will adapt and overcome, or they will not.

      At least we are armed and have a history of resistance.

      We will be fine. This is no different than what everyone else has gone through.

    • Terry in Dayton,TN.

      If my death is untimely and/or unnatural due to my patriotic stance on the health of my country, then by choice so be it… I am not alone when I say there are many others who stand with me in defense of our homeland and the continuation of our heritage. Yes, there is some fear with the coming war, but that fear will be from doing nothing. Servitude to anyone but to GOD Almighty is unacceptable. Patriots don’t murder school children to force a political issue… tyrant’s do.

    • This.
      A thousand times, this.

  10. May God bless each and every one of you and make you safe. May He bless our efforts to save this country from itself.

    A little prayer to start the day:
    God, give us grace to accept with serenity
    the things that cannot be changed,
    Courage to change the things
    which should be changed,
    and the Wisdom to distinguish
    the one from the other.

    Living one day at a time,
    Enjoying one moment at a time,
    Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace,
    Taking, as Jesus did,
    This sinful world as it is,
    Not as I would have it,
    Trusting that You will make all things right,
    If I surrender to Your will,
    So that I may be reasonably happy in this life,
    And supremely happy with You forever in the next.


  11. cuttahotha

    “Well, are you going to pull those pistols or whistle Dixie”

  12. You shouldn’t need or want a war, but it might happen anyway; and if it does happen you’ll regret it. Those few of you here who deployed will understand this.

    It would be preferable to have an amicable national divorce. The 50 states could be just that agian if the people residing in each one chose to rationally exercise power locally. You’re fooling yourselves if you believe weak moral calibers at home can be fixed by other calibers in the field.

  13. Instead of the usual drivel of who wants what, or who killed who, let us discuss a long term patient plan. The socialists have one. It is incremental. How come I don’t read about one other than plan “.308” is in force? Everyone has a score to settle, but you’re still going to have to get a long with whomever in the end.


    Two quotes from Chittum’s Magnum Opus: “War is sweet to those who have never experienced it.” – Pindar. “Those who do not go to war, roar like lions.” – Kurdish saying. The FEDOV’s cards are on the table. Get ready for some very unpleasant times.

  15. JohnnyParatrooper

    Americans have been spoiled and cuddled.

    Civil War would do us some good.

    We are getting getting our asses kicked in the courts and the schools.

    There is but one field we control.

  16. Stop worrying about this shit and be prepared, for whichever way it goes. Don’t worry about an evil war, either, they come, they go, that’s it.

  17. Quit reading article @ “americans have never been so free”……….Loves dem loose shackles.

  18. I have been noticing the aberrations among people near by
    totally loosing it. Seems as though the many years of
    being deep captured is working on their lack of consciousness.
    This dude is one of them:
    Barricaded Teacher Who Fired Gun Confessed to Woman’s Murder; School Officials, Police Knew He Was MENTALLY ILL

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  19. Marlo Stanfield

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