Info Bleg: Best Service/Price Ammo Sites/Stores

Need to update the similar links in the left margin.

Who has great prices, good service for which calibers?

Who sucks? Why?

What meatspace stores are hot? Who is not?

Include reloading supplies in your comments.

Thanks in advance.

76 responses to “Info Bleg: Best Service/Price Ammo Sites/Stores

  1. SG Ammo – no BS, immediate shipping, great customer service.

  2. Selway Armory has been good on price and selection for my online purchases, and they have two meatspace locations if you are in W. Montana, my local favorite meatspace is St. Joe Sport Stop – Gas, Guns, Bullets, Beer and smokes, etc. reminds me of Hiram’s in El Cajon where I grew up, ‘cept of course you could buy booze there too.

  3. So you want to put some 10mm thru thick “bullet proof” glass then this is what you want. They also have some “extreme defender” handgun ammo. Devastating. Ok they aren’t cheep but quality stuff. Up front about stock.

    And these guys too:

    And as many have mentioned.



    This is all music to my ears. It is the Clipper Ship Strategy written large. I wish I had the capital to purchase stock in these companies. And now, You Tube is censoring certain sites and people. The run up has begun in earnest. Get your intel sources working. Keep your ears to the ground in your A/O, It will be only a matter of time before internet ammo sales are banned and gun shows are verboten. Bleib ubrig.

  6. Take a look at this:

    Teacher at Parkland: Shooter in SWAT gear

    That plus this interview with school senior Alexa Meidnik as well as the drone video of the sheriff’s deputies helping unidentified armored individuals packing what looks like black tactical bags into the bed of a white truck….this is looking more and more like a false flag cover up!

    Video of Alexa’s Interview

    (Very surprised that screwyoutube hasn’t deleted this..yet..)

    Watch: Florida Student say she spoke to Nikolai Cruz During School Shooting

    “As I was going down the stairs I heard a couple of shots fired, everybody was freaking out saying that it was a gun,” recalled Miednik, a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

    “As we were walking, the whole class together, I actually was speaking to the suspect Nikolas Cruz,” explained Miednik.

    “And as I was speaking to him he seemed very – I don’t know what the word is – he was trouble in high school. So I actually joked to him about and said, ‘I’m surprised you weren’t the one who did it.’ And he just gave me a ‘huh?’,” Miednik said.

    “So, you were walking down the hall with him?” asked KHOU-TV reporter Matt Musil. “Weren’t you scared?”

    “In the moment I wasn’t,” replied Miednik, “because there was obviously…definitely another shooter involved.”

    “Oh, you think he was not the only one?” asked Musil.

    “No, definitely not,” replied Miednik.

    “Why do you say that?” the reporter asked.

    “Because when shots were fired, I saw him after the fact. The shots were coming from the other part of the building. So, there definitely had to be two shooters involved,” she went on to speculate.”

    Hope that the teacher and Alexa stay safe!!

    And yes we DON’T have enough ammo!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III