On Immigration

Awareness of its central position is intensifying.

Action remains slim.

Walls work everywhere.

Tempus fugit.

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  1. What’s that?
    The Millennial generation is clueless about a problem Boomers have been shrieking to the heavens about for 40 years?
    The one that’s replacing them as superfluous items by the day?

    I thought they were all “woke” and shit…

    • Maybe someone could give the other 79.4% in that age group a little nudge or something.

      Or maybe they should have cut out asking all those supergenius high school students, like the kids in Parkland.

      • Nevermind.
        It’s a bullshit poll:
        105 respondents.(!)
        So they found 20 people who said “Immigration”.

        The problem there is that any poll of less than 1000-1500 people is statistically irrelevant.

        I’m betting they had responses like “Finding out how we took out the WTC”, “tracking down the black helicopters”, “asking the space aliens to bring Elvis back”, “and “turning off the voices in my head” had to be weeded out, so as not to screw up the graph.

        Oh, and btw, the tally above comes to 104%.
        Must be that Common Core math Reuters is using.
        Bullshit poll, unless you’re running elections in North Korea, Moscow, or Chicongo.

  2. JohnnyParatrooper

    If you listen to the Stefan Molyneuax video on South Africa.

    The British brought in 2 million slaves and within 100 years they number 40 million and rising.

    What a fucking disaster.

    Shame on us.

    • There’s one factor that seems to be consistent both here with our ex-slave problem – and over across the ocean where Europe is being swamped by the slave generating regions. This is the same problem the British apparently had in South Africa.

      No feeding = no breeding.

      I think it was in one of Zman’s columns that I read that Western countries send something like $50 billion in food aid into Africa every year. Then there are NGOs piling on top of that.

      Liberals complain constantly about things like “industrial farming” and how it’s destroying the environment…… well what is the goddam environmental cost to Western countries to feeding all those starving Africans? Never mind that $50 billion freaking dollars

      It’s actually a very simple solution – stop freaking feeding them.

      Maybe that civil war or the economic collapse will solve this problem for us since we won’t be able to afford it any more. 20 or 30 years from now somebody will write another Freakonomics type book and point out how the Western collapse and the subsequent cutting off of food aid to Africa led directly to a depopulation of the entire continent.

  3. There, fixed it, one more fake narrative flushed down the meme crapper, (always flush twice)…

    All these things are easily solvable or redressed when the one thing is eliminated. Because the one thing uses the other things as instruments of waging proxy class & culture war.

    • You win the Internetz today!
      Well done!

    • lastmanstanding

      Within one month the whole country would change beyond belief.

      • Indeed!
        Look at whats happened with only the promise of a big beautiful wall built. The entire politics of agenda of race/culture warfare waged on us through immigration has been set back on its ass.

  4. Shinmen Takezo

    FYI–even in California this immigration issue polls at over 50% supporting tougher controls of all kinds and a wall. It used to poll at nearly 60% before the effects of the first amnesty took hold back in the mid-90’s.

    Immigration controls/the wall polls at way over 50% across the country FYI. It is the key issue why Trump got elected… the only reason why Trump got elected–and the main reason why cheese-dicks like Jeb Bush and Senator Sodomite (Graham) went down in embarrassing flames in the primaries.

    As long at Trump stay tough on immigration… merit based immigration, the wall, kicking out MS13 and other dregs–he will get re-elected hands down.

    People stopped believing their “diversity” and “Mexican family values” bullshit a long time ago.

  5. Uh oh, you mentioned Israel…

    …cue the “Evil Joooooooos!” crowd

  6. Construction should have been complete in 2002, southern border, on the wall. Why not? Jerkoff Bush.

  7. Too little, too late: ” In 2004, former President George W. Bush took 4.5 million votes, compared with just 2.8 million for Democratic nominee John Kerry. Twelve years later, President Trump beat Clinton by a margin of just 9 percentage points, 4.7 million to 3.9 million.” – http://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/375859-blue-wave-may-be-building-in-texas.
    republican advantage cut by 1/2 in 2016 and this is texas, imagine how many states are doing the same with less of an advantage. with this trend, put me down for trump as the last republican president.

  8. Centurion_Cornelius

    …been working for the past 2,200 years…

    • nope.

      The Mings built it to keep out the Manchus.

      who promptly went over, under, around, and through…

      and took over China. Same with

      Trump’s (fake) Wall.

    • Northgunner

      And it generates it’s own tourist draw and cash flow from its mere existence!!

      Wow…who’da thunk it?!?!…
      Gomer’s doubly impressed!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • Funny how that works.
      You know, you gutted an entire narrative. And used a symbol of another “Cultural Revolution” to do so.
      Alt-Agitprop is a powerful weapon. There is no defense against it either.
      Out Alynski the Alynski’s.

  9. ongoing infection from Teddy the Hut and his Immigration Act
    drunken shanty-Irish SJW prototype, spawn of the Camelot impersonators
    Honey Fitz warned Rose about Joe, to no avail

    but hey, we can feel good about THIS movie …


  10. 2.3% “don’t know”? Jeez that must be a interesting lifestyle.

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. UN Warns a Tidal Wave of Refugees is Coming

    • Northgunner

      #1 Evict parasite class/UN.
      #2 End ALL welfare – No “Gibbs”!! Announce loudly.
      #3 Dig pits with punji sticks.
      # 4 Engage pike wall, employ Vlad Tepish tactics.
      #5 Ignore screaming and hollering by bleeding heart collectivists – award them choice of free helicopter rides via Pinochet Tours or Cardiovascular Therapy by Aztec Priest/Medic as consolation prizes.

      Sit back enjoying a fine brew with a good smoke for a job well done…

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • Northgunner

        Oops…almost forgot this step:

        #1.5 Deport ALL illegals, moslems and other rapefugees!! Fast track asylum for Affrikanners and Boers if they so desire with resettlement being in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho primarily with other western states being alternate choices (caliphony is NOT a choice!).

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

  13. immigration effects those top four others, economics, education, terrorism and crime. build that wall.

  14. 2nd amendment is my number 1 concern. I can take care of the rest of my concerns with the 2nd

  15. Yep. And (((They))) must certainly be Aware that more of us are Noticing the Negative Impacts of ‘unlimited immigration’.

  16. in other words, 80% of younger White men

    STILL aren’t even aware that their entire race is being genocided

    by organized Jewry and its hirelings (polit class, invasive orcs).

    this despite the recent/current barrage of “G’bye, Whitey” statements from prominent Jews and Jewesses.

    And, needless to say, ZOG-ruled ‘Murka will never have the orc-stifling, paid for by ‘Murka, MILITARIZED wall that Israhell has.

    yes, it’s too bad we can’t bring Aesop’s Imperial Stormtroopers home from the M.E., where they currently do dirty work for Zion, and have them secure ‘Murka’s borders instead.

  17. It may sound off-topic, but is it?
    I think not.

    One of the biggest Democrat gun control Senators in California is heading to prison — for weapons trafficking.


  18. I understand that it is likely that we no longer have a lawful President, one who is sworn to uphold the rule of law, as little of that as has been dispensed by any of our elected “lawmakers” for the past 60 years or so.

    “We know our so-called elected officials in the House and Senate do not work for the best interests of their constituents they are supposed to represent and, in fact, they rule over them without any trace of representation when they want to force a government shutdown to protect some 8 million DACA illegals.
    In reality, we have a Civil War going on now, it is just that the violent combat of it has not started yet, but it assuredly will soon if our current situation with government officials does not change.”


  19. Marlo Stanfield

    Muslim Deputy Sheriff from Florida Helps Rescue Dog Stuck in Canal

    | | | | | |


    | | | | Muslim Deputy Sheriff from Florida Helps Rescue Dog Stuck in Canal The force was with her: It takes several deputies to rescue dog stuck in canal By Lisa J. Huriash (Sun Sentinel)… | |



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