Sailer: Are We Doomed?


Perhaps not.

Heckuva time to be alive and aware.

15 responses to “Sailer: Are We Doomed?

  1. from (((Pinker)))’s perspective,

    things are definitely getting better all the time:

    the Jew is in the saddle, and

    flogging the Whites toward extinction.

  2. All you younger fit vets and fire pissers need to be donating to Sperm Banks. $1200-$2000 per deposit at some places. Was in a Taqueria eating and Dr. Juan was on with a guest talking about it.
    Since you probably won’t want to actually fuck a SJW cunt, at least keep some Alpha Male traits in the Gene Pool. Sort of a Passive Aggressive way to go about it. The opposition goes straight to the non-consensual multicultural group insemination without the misdirection.
    We aren’t there yet.
    I don’t think we should ever go there either.

    Use the money to buy more preps.

    • JohnnyParatrooper

      Sorry, but the SJWs are having kids and raising them to be faggots and Neo-Janissary Corp.

      I will not abandon my genetics to be raised by some SJWs and fags.

      Terrible Idea.

    • JohnnyParatrooper

      This is nothing knew.

      The world abandoned the white christians in Africa 60 years ago.

      If you talk to the Boer on Twitter, they will tell you they are ready and willing.

      They know. They live it.

      God Speed to them.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “If you talk to the Boer on Twitter, they will tell you they are ready and willing. ”

        And if you talked to the Japanese on Tarawa, they were sure a million men couldn’t take the island in one hundred years. The Japs lasted a bit less than 4 days. The Boers might be able to double that if they get really, really, insanely lucky.

  3. JohnnyParatrooper

    We are fucked.


    The guys at 4chan/pol are correct.

    About everything.

    Reading the posts on /pol is like reading my biography.

    Everything they say is true.

    The blacks hate us.

    The muslims know that our people are altruistic retards who dont read.

    The Hispanics know we have been conquered.

    Our Politicians are Cucks, traitors, and Dhimmi’s

    The Catholics are evil

    The Christians wont preach the truth.

    My rights are not up for debate.

    Half my family doesn’t talk anymore.

    My cousins don’t want kids or to get married.

    My professors smile and praise all things “Not American” 5 times a day

    Rap and Pop is no longer counter culture.

    We have a lot of problems.

    “Hold Button for 10 seconds to reset”


      Johnny: Get out while you still can. If that is not an option, have a plan in place to resist and surround yourself with as many TRUSTWORTHY men and women who think like you do. Bleib ubrig.

  4. This guys worldview only goes down the street about half a block before reality jumps over the curb and crushes him and his kids . ” And the world shall wax worse and worse ” !

  5. Bopper, you haven’t figured out who Johnny paratrooper is, say hello to our old RockTard 22. The new and improved unit.

    For all the wrong in our world, their’s still an awful lot of good going on.

    Or I’m wrong ,,,,,, again.


  6. Grenadier1

    Its never as bad as we think, but its not as good as people want to think it is either.
    There are always options.
    We are not all going to make it through this thing, but we have to do it anyway because all we can have is the hope that it will turn out better than we currently are.
    We have to have pessimism and optimism.
    Our pessimism keeps us grounded, keeps us in the reality of it. It humbles us.
    Our optimism gives us hope, and hope drives our actions to DO, to make it happen.
    People say “hope is not a strategy”, well thats true, but hope is what keeps us in the game. Its not HOW we win the game, its what motivates us to execute the strategy that we have.
    If you dont have the fortitude to gut this out, then give your logistics to someone who does.
    Go back to your normie world and just taste the steak.

  7. A German in 1934-35 could make the same claim that is presented in this article. Things can get better and better even while the death camps are being built. VonBraun on one end, Mengele on the other.

    It is not an either – or proposition.

  8. “Heckuva time to be alive and aware.” oh no it’s not, the debts, world immigrations to the west and technological innovation almost ensure the will be a good to great period where the value of a person will be nothing and worldwide violence, slavery and war will be a constant.
    I remain jealous of those born in the 1940s who enjoyed all the success of the usa, a family life at the pinnacle and before political correctness. any senior that gets beat up by some street punk should just laugh at them knowing the future they got coming; that senior is going to be punching those punks in the balls for years.

  9. Doomed or not, keeping your head while all about you are losing theirs, bodes more for survival and continuity than doing the Chicken Dance.