TL Davis: Arm Teachers Or Disband Schools

His latest.

Access control.

Armed personnel.

TC3 training and IFAKs for all teachers, staff, and administrators.

There’s a reason why such simple measures aren’t being taken.

34 responses to “TL Davis: Arm Teachers Or Disband Schools

  1. They’ll continue to resist the “arming of teachers” … and they’ll resist any other proposed solutions that you might present.

    Because, they don’t want solutions … they want the guns. All of ’em.

    The schoolchildren are no more than collateral damage; a price worth paying on the march to Collectivist’ Utopia.

    Any means to an end.

    • But within that statement is the seed of how you fight them.

      A lot of “normies” aren’t necessarily very ideological. There’s an awful lot of people just trying to get thru their lives without falling down every rat hole that pops up in front of them. So when something like this happens – all they see is what the MSM puts in front of them. I’ve been watching network news since the Parkland shooting went down – and the theme is pretty much gun control , gun control , gun control. Hardly any time at all spent on or spent evaluating the fact that the cops didn’t go into the building.

      So you go talking to a normie – and you can sow the seeds of doubt by simply asking : ” so let’s say I give my guns and my ability to defend myself and my kids – the police have already PROVED that they will not protect you – so what does that leave?”.

      Even up here in the liberal utopia of MA – people question the narrative. There was a murder up here recently where a nut with a knife went into a town library (Winchester – an expensive upscale town) – and stabbed a 23 year old medical student to death. So the story hits the local liberal rag Boston Globe – and even they can’t help but print the comments from people who live in the murderer’s neighborhood saying ” this just proves you have to protect yourself”. Because …… apparently this nut had been threatening people around his neighborhood for a long time – and the police did nothing.

      I think part of the reason why we’ve seen such a ramp up of anti gun nonsense – is because the Parkland shooting (and this Winchester stabbing) – prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that one of the top of the list go-to arguments in the past for gun control – namely that the “police will protect you” – has just been proven to be a complete and utter lie.

      And people are questioning now – because it’s so goddam obvious.

      Lefties always double down – we just need to play them like a fiddle until they implode.


      Word. I believe Mr. Lenin(the Russian version, not “Honest Abe”) opined that you cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs. After my experience dealing with public school “educators” while working as a Peace Officer and then working as a sub in public school upon my retirement, most of them fall into the Useful Idiot category. We are indeed living in interesting times.

  2. Is 15,000 rounds of the most common calibers enough?

    • It’s a good start…;)

    • Decent start.

    • No!!!!

      Read the reply from the other post.

    • JohnnyParatrooper

      For one man. Yes.

      • lastmanstanding

        Copy your reply. Were about 6 hrs. apart. Got lots of chow, beverages and bangers to use big boom sticks. Free training! Nothing is free bro lol!

        “Lean Green Death Machine”…spouse rolls eyes. “Oh, another one of them”. Son and his friends (just a bit older than you) are of same mold. We have others “like you” and “scarier” here before lol…and survived.

        Viper, it fucking figures…probably red. I’ll make sure to have a camo tarp to throw over it. Is it a convertible? My pointer loves rag tops…she knows how the breeze works.

        We’ll light a candle bro. Any eta yet?

  3. Arm teacher or disband schools

    Like steak vs. lobster, chocolate vs. vanilla, or blondes vs. brunettes, the correct answer is “Both, please.”

    • Amen on that…

    • If we do the latter we don’t need to do the former. Not that doing both is incorrect, just superfluous.

    • Touché, sir! I sense a desire for N.O.T.A. on your ballot.

    • lastmanstanding

      Absolutely both.

      Ran into a younger fella at the range today…with his 3 boys. Boys probably 14. 11, 8. Well behaved, polite, very safe around their firearms and home schooled as well. Dad wasn’t even shooting. These young men made me proud.

      We talked quite a bit while the boys were hanging targets…out to 300 and making great shots, even the youngest. They even load their own ammo. Testing loads under the watchful eye of their father.

      Awesome brothers…fucking awesome. Others are out there. There is hope.

      “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

    • JohnnyParatrooper

      Semi-Auto vs. Auto

  4. So sick of seeing that beaner dyke with the Le 56% face.

  5. Arm teachers or ban schools…

    Once one looks into the “public school model” which the US adopted (Kindergarten is an English word, right?), then the correct answer is, “both, and yesterday.”
    But dare to suggest that “public schools” might be a problem and one gets blank looks.
    Having a school with more than 1000 kids is just stupid, but it does stimulate the local farm team for the colleges…and they are a farm team system for the professional Sportsball Complex after all.

    I still get blank looks when I ask what scholarly skills are taught by sports, though.

  6. Can I suggest another reason why they don’t want to arm teachers? Aside for their obvious bloodlust, of course.

    Who knows how many public school teachers could pass background checks? The people the sheeple hand their kids over to for 7+ hours a day are more suspect than the avg gun owner. A lot of these people are certified nuts and medicated. Many have criminal records.

    Look at how the teachers’ Unions have shaped the employment marketplace in public education. This isn’t new. But a statistic that x number of y teachers failed to get a CCW permit would bring this front and center.

    The only reason this continues is because the value of indoctrination outweighs the perceived harm. Oh, and because (Conservatives especially) are fucking stupid! If you hand your children over to our enemy every day you are fool.

  7. The “female” in the cartoon looks pretty dykey. Too bad she’s crying. Not my problem. You want to shave your head and look like a convict, be my guest, I’ll wager you have a very small circle of friends to begin with. Demand people give up their guns all you want. The cry of the coward is always the same. Gimme something you got, gimme everything you got, gimme, gimme, gimme. Trouble is, dyko, I ain’t giving you jack shit. Your move, tough guy.

  8. Just so…But eliminating public schools is clearly the best solution to a great many cancers in our society.

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. Advocating the complete & utter abolishment of ALL government run childhood indoctrination centers is IMO the only reasonable approach.
    While that worthy goal may not be accomplished, a re-focusing of arguments & switching to an offensive position rather than one of a losing defense can achieve much.

    Virtually ALL societal ills are introduced & reinforced through the childhood indoctrination centers.

    Imagine the publik skrewel harpies consumed with saving the institution rather than pushing their own agenda.

    If it saves only ONE child – it’s worth the effort!

  11. European American

    I say “Disband Schools”. Who says they even work? Really. All one needs is to be able to write and balance a check book. If one wants more for their child; homeschool or private school. Fuck Public Indoctrination Centers.

  12. What kind of people send their kids to gov’t run shooting galleries?
    Why, lazy people that like free daycare, that’s what kind.
    Overall, the gene pool is better for it.
    Same with abortion.

  13. frankglennjacobs

    NO! Don’t even talk about “arming teachers”.

    SIMPLE: Allow School Employees to carry their weapons at work.

    They won’t wait outside until some murderer runs out of ammunition, because they will be inside working with the children when it happens.

    They won’t stop and consider the ecological and political fallout, because when they see children falling and crying and bleeding, they will become angry and they will know they are next, and they will shoot back.

  14. So we now see what the Trumpster thinks of the CONstitution:

    So Dems can’t pass any gun control legislation under Hussein, so let’s elect yet another “Republicrap” who is happy to pass Dem Legislation waiting in the wings as proposed by Sen Manchin of WV.


    Grey Ghost

  15. Saw that. Even emailed the White House telling trump, you do this, you lose your base, your done, a one term pres.

    My real thought is this. He’s pushing both parties. Ain’t going to happen.trump understands exactly who seated him in the white house.

    He will neatly drop this turd in the senate and houses,pockets, let them wrestle over this. In the end nothing gets done.

    Think about it, Obama, couldn’t even get the plan thru, with a dem majority. This is DRT.

    3 d chess, with the others stumble all over themselves.


    • Hoping you’re right, but the alternative is to “commence firing on the firing line.”

      • Northgunner

        And once that genie is out of the bottle there’s no putting him back in until he’s well and truly done.

        Superteenage dykegirl and GQ soiboi and the rest of their gleeclub poseurs have no fucking clue as the flaming maelstrom that they’re playing with…they think 17 innocent dead and more wounded is horrific, they won’t function at all when the Fenris Wolf slips free to stalk the land…an ‘Age of Wolves and Shattered Shields’ indeed!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

  16. Maybe we should just quit throwing our kids into the arms of Molech.

  17. Our home school at one time had, in its house,
    an 007ffl 02 tax stamp school principal.

    In the school house basement was an M2-HB
    (fifty BMG) two M-60s, an AC556, two M-16s,
    an Uzui micro, a MAC10, and several others.

    There were no school shootings.

  18. Northgunner

    Another caption to the crying morons cartoon:
    “Invasion of the Tide Pod People – Their tears are poisonous!”

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III