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Of Course

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Important To-Dos As The Excitement Accelerates

As the political-social deterioration of the former United State of America (FUSA) continues to accelerate in both frequency and amplitude, here are three organizing suggestions for the weeks and months to come. Improvements and additions as always welcome in comments.

Thesis: As chaos expands in FUSA, events occurring scores/hundreds/thousands of miles away will continue to fade in importance, and things much closer to you will come to absorb most/all of your efforts. Sorting those around you is your primary task during this phase of The Great Excitement.

“Sorting” is just an abbreviation for segregating everyone you know, from closest loved one to new acquaintance, into one of four categories:

1) Ally,
2) Threat,
3) Wobbler – Ally, or
4) Wobbler – Threat.

Suggestions for sorting generic Normies, from your bedroom to the outer reaches of your neighborhood (~ 5 miles):

1) Have each read “Dial 911 and Die” and watch their processing of the ideas there. If the book is not available, brief each interviewee on the concept of “police have no legal duty to protect you”. Each loved one/friend/neighbor will have to overcome decades of programming regarding the myths of American policing. Their willingness to do so and their overall success will be a strong indicator of how each person should be classified.

2) Make sure each one knows how to safely handle and use the guns likely to be in their hands. Millions of guns were purchased over the past decade. If you think each went to someone who knows even the basic four rules of gun safety, you are kidding yourself. Gun safety and weapons familiarization training will provide the context for further discussions and will also reduce the chance of future tragedies. Conversely, Susie AntiGun may be open to a discussion of “gun safety” for her children, based on the NRA gun safety rules for kids, even if you don’t identify the source of those rules.

3) Based on your best available info, assign a value to everyone in your vicinity. It can be a color code (e.g., Red = Threat, Orange = potential threat/”Wobbler-Threat”, Yellow = potential Ally/”Wobbler – Ally”, Green = Ally) or whatever you need to get your sorting done accurately. But sort them you must, from the person next to you in bed in the morning to the old lady on the porch up by where your neighborhood road system connects with the highway. Your life and your safety depend on both your first sort and updates as more information is received.

Worse times are coming.


We’re screwed.

There’s gonna be a fight.

Let’s win.

And the biggest threats to you and your family are going to come from people within 5 miles of where you live today.

Tempus fugit.

Codrea: State of Disunion – Besieged on All Sides: Outline for My Portion of Tonight’s Webinar

Join David, Matt Bracken, and Stewart Rhodes tonight at 2100est via the Web.

Webinar access instructions

Free North Carolina: The subdued and weathered Confederate Flag done up right


For The Creatives In The Audience

Can’t stop the signal, Mal.

A Gallery

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Day By Day

From Chris Muir.

On Propaganda

A good mind-expander.

Assuming one has a mind.

Which can expand.

But….But….Condi Is A Republican Conservative Squee Girl!!!

Oh yeah, right – the Russians misquoted her.


Bigger cons than the Clintonian mob.

Derbyshire: Hysterics Under The Guidance Of Fanatics

Commentary on the accelerating demise of FUSA.

You do understand what it means when no one is changing their minds, except to harden their hearts…

On both sides?

Say It Ain’t So

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How It Works

From a commenter on this post:

Selco left out a lot.

Following the model:

Global Government sets agenda against a national government who isn’t playing ball.
Nation X starts experiencing economic and social crises from first stage of GG’s soft interventions.
Moderates/Old Order Rule of Law types lose internal influence over citizens.
Discontent starts rising within Nation X among all strata.
Extremist groups start to gain larger followings (including secretly among members of the elite and the current nation’s government).
Current national government overreacts with internal martial law (no doubt there is incompetence among the managers, but there are already internal factions within the government who know they will get personal gain from what is ahead).
Foreign Muslim advisors arrive to assist local Muslims (along with crates of AK47s and the mandatory wear of hijabs by local women).
Foreign fascist (just another name for a slightly different flavor of statist/commie/socialist/feudalist) advisors arrive to assist local fascists (both inside and outside of current national government with promises of money and future vacations to Europe. They don’t need any more guns, they already have them. But, more ammo to kill the locals is appreciated).
Global Government uses G7/UN Security Council/Davos apparatus to impose economic and arms sanctions against nationalist government (frozen bank accounts and no more trips to Europe for sanctioned individuals {the ones who wouldn’t play ball earlier}).
Upper class within Nation X fractures and pick sides.
It’s suddenly ok for the upper class to publicly talk about race and religion in ways that would’ve been unfashionable a week ago.
Moderates/Old Order Rule of Law types lose control (and leadership positions) within.
Civil War breaks out –the kind with real shooting and dead bodies attracting flies in the streets.
Some members of the fractured upper class publicly side with the Fascists.
Moderates of the upper class with money offshore quietly leave.
Foreign Muslim fighters pour in to assist local Muslims (selective media in their home countries of dead muslims in Nation X and calls for Jihad against “the Zionists”).
A few foreign fascist fighters arrive to assist local fascists (there was some recruitment in their home countries {illegal but their home governments turned a blind eye} for the fight against “the ZOG”, but few actually want to leave their chalets in the Alps during the best snow of the ski season to fight an actual war).
Financing of Muslim and fascist factions although illegal under international law is covertly allowed by the Global Government (with secret strings attached for the local leaders to get with the program that the prior reps of Nation X didn’t agree to).
Muslim and Fascist leaders find common ground on a big pile of money, tea boys, and promises of limited autonomy within the New World Order (they will both get their “homelands” carved out of the corpse of their old nation and officially recognized on the UN map. (There are also promises of trade deals with multinational corporations and jobs for their kids and grandkids).
More foreign Muslim freedom fighters continue to pour in (this helps drain the discontents from other places around the planet with high birth rates).
Moderates/Old Order Rule of Law types still in Nation X are hung from lampposts by both Muslims and fascists.
If local Muslims/fascists can’t achieve goals on own, outside military power intervenes with blessing of UN Security Council and UN General Assembly vote (bombs drop from high altitude; cruise missiles fly; C3 and heavy military hardware removed; muslim/fascist local leaders sit this part out on a prayer rug or drinking beer in their respective bunkers).
The old national government’s military is destroyed.
Muslim/fascist faction(s) publicly claim victory in their respective semi-autonomous zones and mythology grows around new local leaders (the local plebs have no idea just how much help their leaders received from outside).
Key (surviving) individuals from the old government are arrested by the Global Government for trial at the UN’s World Court. (Imprisonment is followed by death or obscurity).
A few muslims/fascists who publicly posted their war crimes also get a hearing in the World Court, but many are overlooked. (Short imprisonment is followed by a job in the new government of Post-Nation X or consulting for a multinational corporation in their semi autonomous zone).
Some moderates with money offshore who sat out the troubles return.
The local populace just wants to forget.
New local leaders start their vacations in Europe.
Global government pats itself on the back for a job well done and plans next regime change for another uppity nation.
New local leaders become old local leaders who either support the GG or become part of the next problem.
Cycle repeats as needed.

Forgot to add: Blame the ____ for all of it. Whichever boogeymen best fit the scenario and the local fairy tales. Default setting is Jews until there’s a software update pushed from outside. Today it’s the Russians, but most of those diamonds on the flowchart go back to the Jews. It’s just easier for the simple minds.

SLL: The Exponent Problem

Guess what?

The math doesn’t work.

We aren’t the windshield.

We are the bug.

The math is the windshield.


Don’t fly near the cars, little insect.

These California Agents Are Coming For Your Guns

And more after them.

You don’t have enough ammo.

Curiouser & Curiouser

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More from Vlad Tepes

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When I Want Accuracy & Expertise, I Look For The Nearest High-School Senior



Selco Interview: “Forget Your Movie Illusions About Being A Freedom Fighter”


See also “Does This Sound Familiar?”.

You truly don’t have enough armed, trained, resourced friends with hard hearts.

And you are running out of time.

Bosnia times Rwanda, to quote Matt Bracken.

Caveat Lector

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Just because you see it somewhere does not make it so.

Walls Work All Over the World

Read and pass along on your socials.

Minds aren’t changing any more in FUSA2018, but you might cause a few aneurysms to burst.

So there’s that.

TL Davis: Maybe Then?

Reaper Man

The bad news is that things have not yet deteriorated enough.

The good news is that they will.

Or is that the bad news?