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A reader sends:

I have little medical training as it is not my field, however I have probably seen more human anatomy than most doctors… not less than multiple thousands of bodies on the ground and parts of them hanging from bushes, on rocks and lodged in tree limbs. Images of 206 dead lining both sides of a makeshift airstrip in the middle of nowhere once… most killed in about 45 minutes by a tribe with weapons, against a tribe without.

I know there were that many because I walked the airstrip drinking a beer and smoking cigarettes counting them. So many bodies, some ripped to pieces by automatic weapons fire, that there was a separate pile for arms and legs not matched to the dead. The elderly… men, women, children… babies. Maddening.

Firearms and 2nd Amendment rights are a contentious and volatile issue in America… but unknown to most Americans it is a pressing issue in other countries. I have lived in and spent extended periods of time in many countries. Usually covertly in the back bush illegally in countries.

The firearm is an issue overseas, not because of the many weapons there and carnage from, but who does have them, and the general populace not having them. Denial of a basic human right… that of effective self-defense… usually against government.

“No one needs an ‘assault rifle’!” so the saying goes. “No one needs ‘large capacity ammunition magazines’!” is the mantra. “Evaluate owners, legislate, restrict… confiscate!” …is the rallying cry of ‘progressives.’ But, I have witnessed first-hand how the initial simple registration and required legal permissions gave birth to total confiscation and allowed another… in a never-ending line of corrupt, violent, brutal and repressive police states in the world… to come to fruition.

White and black living in terror daily of being arrested with impunity, jailed, starved, tortured to death and flat out killed. Children tortured and mutilated in front of their helpless parents by governments the outside world supports… in prisons built with foreign aid by countries that loathe most of the donors. If the souls of those people could speak.

When a veteran BBC cameraman, accustomed to the carnage of battle zones, vomits while filming the remains of a tortured political opponent found in a ditch, it gives you an idea of the degree of barbarism that exists there. It gives new meaning to the term “get medieval on them.”

The six-month-or-so-old baby roasted over a fire in the dark hours of the night by ‘freedom fighters’ from the same tribe they are ‘liberating.’ Done simply to terrorize and create blind obedience and have the world blame others. At first, we couldn’t understand what we were looking at… we thought it was a piece of meat until we saw the remnants of protruding bones of what remained of the appendages. No skull. We couldn’t tell the sex or whether the two-inch branch it was impaled on was forced through its anus or vagina.

This is the world I have lived in and most of those members of my Special Forces Chapter have experienced… this is the realism of the existence of the majority of people of the world.

“Can’t happen in America!?” “America has outgrown the need for firearms!?” “We have a democracy… why do you need guns, are you afraid of the police?” You would be hard pressed to find anyone in most other parts of the world that harbor those illusions. They have experienced ‘progressive.’ They have experienced ‘government.’

59 innocent souls gunned down in Las Vegas!? That happens weekly and monthly in most parts of the world and we only hear about it if the American military is involved or American citizens are threatened or killed. So much ceremony, reverence and observance of death here… but absent in most of the world. The bodies are pushed in a hole and covered… then life, or I should say, their miserable existence, continues. A good share in Africa are killed with pangas… semi-sharp machetes. Those doing the killing, usually the authorities, have plenty firearms and ammunition… but they prefer this method because it inflicts much more pain and fear…

What I know people become by their nature, how tyrants rule and what foolish, illusionary ideologies decree and eventually forcefully impose on citizens at the point of a gun, strengthens my resolve that ALL citizens must have the unfettered and unrestricted right, whether they want to possess or not… assault rifles, large capacity magazines, fully automatic weapons and whatever else is in the realm of firearms and protection. Gun laws and even confiscation will not stop it… not flooding Americans with SSRIs such as Prozac and such poisons may diminish it.

The totally subdued, abused and terrorized citizens, comprising most of the world’s people, quietly and desperately clamor for the right to defend themselves against this barbarism, violence and injustice… but they can’t ‘legally’ own firearms because they were disarmed “For the good of public safety…”

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  1. JohnnyParatrooper

    My unit (I was sleeping in my bunk for this one) discovered a “Rape Porn” jihad facility. No victims were found but they had 20 terabytes of in house produced rape porn. The victims were women from other tribes who had been kidnapped and tortured. The intel guys told us they had 5 years of rape porn.

    If you watched it end to end, during 8 hours shifts, it would take 5 years to view all the footage if one team had to process the footage.

    This intel led us to another site.

    At that site we found the meat processing facility.

    They would rape the captured women to death and then process them into “street meat” for sale to the rival Islamic tribes. Preventing the rivals from entering paradise, and because they had eaten human flesh, they were not processed demons who needed to me slaughtered.

    My unit worked a 5 square mile zone in northeast Baghdad outside Sadr City.

    5 Square Miles of Islam.

    These people are not human.

    Islam is Satan.

    • JohnnyParatrooper

      Sorry for the grammar.

      I proof read this and I completely missed the grammatical issues.

      • Re grammar issues on the above, if they exist: I don’t give a shit. That cult must be given constant and continual hard lessons on the error of their ways. Thanks.

        • JohnnyParatrooper

          “Hard lesson”

          I recommend Copper, Steel, Lead, and Tungsten….

          • You know if we actually could work together we might be able to use that old axiom of Kill the chicken and scare the monkeys…

            • No meaningful cooperation can be achieved over the net.

              Only the first steps towards same.

              Thanks for your ongoing efforts.

              • You mean for Freefor right because the Commies are able to do it quite well…Hmm maybe we could learn something about exterminating bugs and all that…
                It’s a slow process Brother but don’t want to see anyone suffer more than they can bear…

    • robroysimmons

      That bit of info is worth an essay all in itself.

      • JohnnyParatrooper

        And yet, the Rotherham Rapes and Sweden is ignored.

        My story would be too.

        And since I wasn’t there, I would be blown out of the water in minutes.

    • And the average rainbow ribbon wearing fool here won’t understand this until the jihadis they welcomed have dropped them from a building later.


        GS: Maybe that is what needs to happen. The Muzzies are already getting away with female genital mutilation in Somalisota. And, one of the “Broward Cowards” who hid behind his patrol car is a Muzzie hero who teaches other Muzzies handgun defense at the local mosgue. I still wonder if the s**t will hit the fan when little Fatima and Achmed, Jr. come home from fourth grade with their: “Heather Has Two Mommies” workbook. I wonder if the school board can fly?

        • JohnnyParatrooper

          Muslim young men go to school with our women to sell dope and fuck them.

          But if they cannot control themselves( Or they are too ugly for the Casanova act) they keep them in a Madrasa based program. To further indoctrinate them and keep an eye on them so they don’t blow cover.

          The muslims in this country are not the same as the ones in Europe. These ones are smarter, and a little more organized. Clearly knowing the Democrats with protect them.

          However, the Pakistanis in North Baltimore are just the same as the ones in London. I feel for Tommy Robinson. Those people play by their own rules.

      • JohnnyParatrooper

        All the gays I know, without exception are self destructive, drug addicts, mentally ill, communists, alcoholics, cannot maintain a healthy relationship, and are professional victims.

        They are also liars.

        Lessons are always learned the hard way. Even the easy ones.

        If they are not felled by their hand, they will inevitably require ours.

        Same goes for the smoking hot sorority girls.
        They are just as degenerate, and hopelessly altruistic.

    • Bonaventure

      ^—- This. This story, and that in the post, is what needs being drilled into people every day until they get it. The inhumanity of Godless humanity. There are COUNTLESS number of similar stories, going back centuries…. the Vendée, the Kulaks, the Killing Fields of the Khmer Rouge… only a few examples.

    • Why don’t you peddle that story?

      • JohnnyParatrooper

        I signed NDA’s. As did my whole unit. And, As I said, I was sleeping in my bunk. I was on a different shift. So technically, I didn’t see anything.

    • Mountain Cracker

      It is indeed, and only those who have been there like you have truly grasp how horrid these people are. Your burden is to now spread the word of what these people do to each other, and to us, given half a chance.

      • JohnnyParatrooper

        I try. But information interruption is extremely hard. There is a Mass Communications theory that states “He who gets the message out first, Wins”

        This is why they always jump on stories before they have all the information. They are trained, and know, that who ever speaks first, wins.

    • But the Pentagon Comptroller, one and the same rabbi who misplaced $2.5-8 TRILLION, said that “the yefat to’ar [Gentile female prisoners] can be subject to involuntary intercourse [rape]”

      Such holy humanitarians.

      • JohnnyParatrooper

        I was mocking Islam once, and this left wing Jewish Chick I work with quoted the Old Testament and said “Ha, Slavery was legal under christianity once too”

        To which I reply… ” You just quoted the Old Testament Dumbass, Christ wasn’t mentioned in the Bible until the New Testament”

        Jews are retarded assholes who say anything to win.

    • No mistake.
      We will be on a Mission, from God if it inspires you.
      To defend Civilization and Freedom if you are agnostic.
      To save your own ass if you are in a targeted out group.

      They thought they were too.
      Most people that are Demons think they are gods themselves.
      You can hear it in their voices.
      No humility or compassion.
      Domination and disdain for the weak is what you hear.
      The Delivery and context give it away.
      They seem to thrive on death and oppression.
      Death Eaters was a good term that Mrs. Rowling came up with.
      They feed on it.

  2. They will stop at nothing ? Incorrect . They will stop when we stop them . Right now the so called law enforcement waits outside behind their cars while the school gets shot up . Afterwards they turn the miscreant over to ” The Authorities ” for the common good of their brothers in the prosecutorial branch to play with . Next on the agenda they send the ” Authorities ” to take away the guns of a once freedom loving people ? I have a friend that lives a half mile back off the road . He is a grain farmer . His farm is about 1 mile across at the most narrow part . We practice from front to back at up to 1000 meters . And the ” Authorities ” will hide behind what ? I don’t think he will take kindly to dividing his farm up among the progressive horde .

  3. Thanks WRSA for sharing this.

    The same carnage seen in most parts of the world is headed our way – if we allow it.

    The guy swinging the dull machete in Africa is no different than our CNN or David Hogg. He’s just further ahead on the progressivism timeline.

    • I’ll just leave this here for you, Karl.

      From Gun Free Zone day before yesterday.

      Somebody’s wicked funny, and hell on wheels with Photoshop.
      The scariest part is how right they look in their uniforms.

  4. Glad this fellows missive got posted. It is a King James worthy parable.
    Goes to prove for the millionth time do not give up your guns no matter what.

    • >>>do not give up your guns no matter what.

      OTOH whoever would…should.

    • I agree with the sentiments in that graphic…but someone clearly missed a lot of their English classes. It would be far more effective if the author – who is clearly a right-thinking individual – would have had someone edit it first.

      • JohnnyParatrooper

        Good grief.
        I had to read that twice.
        I read like 40 articles a day and I swear I see things and fill in the blanks.


      • Thank you. I was thinking the same thing, but didn’t want to be unneccesary rude.

  5. Great piece…Before the President does anything, he should be required to RTWT and also this excellent post…

    • Northgunner

      Just finished reading it and agree wholeheartedly!!

      Talked with friends here in Western Arizona the other day and one if them said, “If we were near the high school or grade school and someone was in either trying to hurt the kids like in Florida, I know you’d rush in immediately to put a stop to always carry!!”

      Other people actually came up to me while I was grocery shopping to say that they appreciated my being armed and thanked me for it…thanked them and suggested they carry too.

      My guns, my life my property…not tolerating any threats to any of them!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  6. Good write up.

    To “That happens weekly and monthly in most parts of the world and we only hear about it if the American military is involved or American citizens are threatened or killed” I would add there are times when the American military and dead Americans are involved and you still don’t hear about it here.

    • JohnnyParatrooper


      A SEAL team in Sadr hit a house in 2009.

      6 SEALs were blitzed by a House Borne IED.

      They literally kicked down a door on a 2000 pound bomb.

      Wasn’t even in the news.

      They killed about 50 bad guys within the next week. And the guy that gave us the intel disappeared. We found him in a trash pile two days later covered in buzzards. He was 15 years old and had a record for good intel.

      I was gunning on an 1151 behind an M2 for three nights on those missions.

      We would hear a couple random transmissions on the Net, Then you would hear Silencers coughing.

      We left the bodies where they fell. Those SEALs never fired more than 10 rounds. Most of those guys only carried three or four mags on them.

      Fucking Airborne. After those missions, I never questioned the reputation of any SOF team ever. With the exception of GWOT as a whole being a god damn clusterfuck.

      • A pal worked Treasury for many years. Diplomatic security/secret service. He worked closely with Marine Corp Embassy Security Group. Most of his career was overseas. Afghanistan,Iraq,Libya,Turkey were some of the vacation getaways he enjoyed.
        Sniper teams deployed along transport routes. Decoys,body doubles, air cover,tunnels,drones,on time satellite imaging were all utilized. He said none of it was very effective against someone who had no fear of death and dying. Not fearing death makes you a very scary motherfucker. Be that guy.

  7. If we’re being played to the tune of “let’s ignore the obvious nutter, and encourage mass shootings at schools in order to get our anti-gun agenda passed”, then it is time, once again to get right with your gun orgs and on the phone to your reps, and emails and cards, and do the work. Perfuming the air with heated curses and pointing fingers in the air is doing nothing more than a 3 year old having a tantrum. I request your attention to the fact that when Obongo was in office, Congress and he did no harm to the 2nd Amendment, per the work of GOA and others. All that is required is for you to stretch forth your hand and give it a go.

  8. Ask the current crop of white South Africans how civilian disarmament is workin out for them. Not only are they well and truly fucked by SA law and the black racist government, being of the “wrong” pigmentation, they’re being virtually ignored by our media AND global governments. Truth is IF they could escape SA with their assets intact, they’d be tremendously valuable as immigrants to America compared to what we’re letting in nowadays. Bring the white SA’s here and send the Somalis our Lutheran morons are so enamored of to SA. win/win.

    • Problem is they are like the people who stayed in a neighborhood even though it was turning into a ghetto and then wants to sell when they get robbed or raped and can’t because nobody else is dumb enough to move in there…If they are really stupid then they stick around til they are dead which I’m guessing most SA will do…Thing is though it’s coming here also and by the comments here and elsewhere I’m taking an educated guess that it will happen here about the same way…Sad That…

      • I heard on Rush today the whites in South Africa own 72% of the viable farm land. With the niggers threatening to take it, maybe the whites should salt it and leave. They will never be monetized for their assets.

    • JohnnyParatrooper

      I was under the impression that the Boer are not disarmed.

      I think you might want to double check that. Maybe I need to.

    • I have attempted numerous avenues to engage SA farmers. No results. Any info would be appreciated.

  9. Michael J Clare

    Just…well said.

  10. Great piece!

    Most of us have heard the stories. They are not unique to a time and place, only to humanity. It immediately makes one question that certain world view. We have gone too far in insulating people from this and protecting their normalcy bias.

    I was advised by old timers to keep a couple of 5.56 rounds out of mags and on my person just in case and to get my head around the cost/benefit of making sure I was never POW. I never had to make that decision or do the hard things. This wasn’t told to scare me but because they legitimately cared after seeing the parts of the world unfit for Time magazine. But the stories I heard gave me this appreciation of other two legged creatures in a way that my young (naïve) mind had never processed.

    “Assault weapons” have maintained a balance. A hidden hand so to speak that tips the scales away from badness. The utility of this is widely unknown because the mere possession of these rifles has been a significant obstacle.

    We are letting bedwetters, politicians, and demanding women (who aren’t accountable until the badness starts) remove that obstacle at our risk.

    • JohnnyParatrooper

      I carried 4 hand grenades, and 800 rounds of Belted 5.56 at all times on my SAW rig.

      My SDM rig had 4 hand grenades, 300 rounds of ammo, a Beretta with 4 mags, and 12 HEDP rounds.

      Never get captured. It never, never ends well. Usually a couple of brothers die looking for you.

      The arabs only use sharp blades on Muslims. Infidels get their heads cut off with dull blades.

      Die with honor, and feast with warriors in Valhalla.

  11. I see you served in Africa. Wonderful land. I am told by Hollywood it is the home of civilization. As any UN representative could tell you. That wasn’t a baby. Africans call it “Bush Meat” (AKA anything slower than you– including bugs and humans) Nothing has changed in black Africa in 2 million years. Nothing ever will.

    • The Chinese will have their chance soon enough.
      No problem killing 60+ million of their own people.
      Killing Africans will be like eating dogs to them.
      No big deal.

      • JohnnyParatrooper

        When I read Rawles’ Books and pondered the Chinese Africa campaign, I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

        The fucking Chinese Government is staffed with people who literally dragged their parents into the street and beat them to death for their Dear Leader.

        31 years old and I just started learning about the Chinese Revolution two years ago.

        What a fucking disaster.

        And they have 50 million bachelors because of their one child policy.

        50 Million Soldiers… Think about that. I vote to keep the nukes. Hell Build more.

    • JohnnyParatrooper

      Never will.

      The rate of mental illness for blacks is staggering.

      1 in 300 whites suffers from some sort of severe mental illness, which can manifest itself in many ways because of a high IQ. Typically, if the individual is raised right and has support, that disability can lead to excellent skills and a lot of creativity. However, If they are raised wrong, and have no support, this usually manifests as severe psychotic behavior. Like suicide, rape, or mass murder, or severe and destructive narcissism.

      1 in 25 blacks suffers from a severe mental illness. The apathy of their peers leads to abandonment, and, combined with a low IQ, results in extremely violent criminal behavior. Also, their tribal nature tends to result in this behavior being “transmitted”. IE gang related activity, or believing you built the fucking pyramids. Even though there are no pyramids anywhere else in Africa and you can’t get your average of the street black guy to use a shovel without throwing a fucking fit.

      Source; I grew up in Baltimore, and this is what I have observed.

  12. “ALL citizens must have the unfettered and unrestricted right…”
    That includes those who have been convicted yet are no longer incarcerated.

  13. Powerful.

    I spent all last night sick in my gut over Trump’s 2A betrayal, but I do not know what I can possibly do in response. Clearly, as many have said over and over, Voting-is-not-the Answer.

    I guess I can pray that Push-comes-to-Shove before I get too feeble to even load mags or prep bandages…

    • JohnnyParatrooper

      Push will come.

      The hostility on campuses, combined with the fracture nature of our shifted demographics, will result in conflict.

      7 more years of Trump Derangement Syndrome will cause more people to snap.

      Especially since his economy is roaring and the World Workers Party cannot allow the success to manifest itself in the minds of the minority.

    • Get over it.
      It isn’t what you’ve been led to believe.

      But keep the mags loaded.
      Presidents are ever and always a temporary affliction.
      Whereas Trouble is a permanent feature of life.

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  15. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

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  17. That was a damn powerful thing to read. And the comments from Johnny p and mtnforge were every bit as stirring.
    Thanks, and I’m printing and displaying the black rifle snippet around.

  18. Sorry to you and JP to have to see that shit. No one should. But yes the idiots here in FUSA think the globe is a paradise of advanced peoples. Talk to anyone that has been or knows Africa and you learn the truth. I went to Mexico long ago and figured it out quickly. 72 hours without power is what the veteran cop told me is the magic crossover point where the neighborhoods go from controllable to spiralling. Shit goes downhill fast from there. That was ten years ago.

    • JohnnyParatrooper

      I did not see anything.

      I was briefed in an AAR.

      The 82nd, Green Berets, and Delta deserve the credit for that one.

      I was sleeping in my bunk during the raid.

    • Northgunner

      “.. But yes the idiots here in FUSA think the globe is a paradise of advanced peoples..”

      Yes they do especially when they’re led by the eyeballs and nose rings and earlabia to go see ” ‘De Blac Pamper” at the local theater..they must assuage their ‘white guilt’ by crooning and swaying hypnotically to the myth of an uber advanced throng of superspace kangz ‘n sheeit..those magic negros ‘were fly’ as well as could fly..doncha know…the bernie bots will tell you so!

      The only thing the theatrical claptrap got right was that one takes a wakanda wild side when one sets foot into the dark continent. The ‘Queens of Wakanda’ can be found congregating under the street lamps after O’dark thirty, shaking their vibranium enhanced ‘juicy fruit’ at potential victims (remember, most have aids) with the ardour of a lovestruck hippo (the resemblance doesn’t end there either…these ‘black bottomed girls’ are just as dangerous out of water too).

      And the colored girls go,
      Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
      Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
      Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
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      Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
      Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
      Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo

      Zombie Louis Reed was unavailable for comment…

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  19. ghostsniper

    “Firearms and 2nd Amendment…”

    2 things in 1 sentence and they don’t necessarily have anything to do with each other as far as I’m concerned.

    The 1st thing is something I own, and as I will own what I want, nobody gets to say anything about it.

    The 2nd thing is sometimes referred to as a “constitutional right” but it is no such thing.

    It is a “restriction” on the gov’t, and it is largely ignored.

    It has nothing to do with me for I am not the gov’t.

    The first error in all of this business is far too many people (most likely because of the communist public school system most of us have been forced to endure) have been programmed to believe the constitution some how gives people rights and this just ain’t so.

    Rights cannot be given, nor received, because you already have them and have had them since you were born.

    A gov’t can give you a “privilege” and it can also take it away, like a drivers license for example. Pay the gov’t some money and it will give you the privilege, piss the gov’t off and it will take that privilege away.

    Owning whatever you want is a right not a privilege.

    If the gov’t attempts to take your natural rights it is doing so as a criminal entity and you therefore have the natural right to defend yourself using whatever force you believe is necessary.

    The 2nd amendment specifically addresses arms by telling the gov’t that it is not allowed under any circumstance to violate your already existing natural right to bear whatever arms you want.

    Note: “…shall not be infringed”.

    When any person suggests that your natural right to possess whatever you want is subject to restriction it is no different than suggesting your life may be forfeited, in other words, a direct threat to your person. You have the right and the obligation to protect your person and natural rights in any manner you see fit.

    The alternative is to understand that you live in a criminal environment that will take your rights and your life at any given moment and there is nothing you can do about it.

    Therefore your only choice, other than stupidity, is to set yourself up with an extremely low profile and try your best to avoid the criminals and snitches that are everywhere. As I am not interested in suicidal tendencies by arguing with powerful entities that can kill me outright this is the path that I have chosen. No matter what illegal laws the gov’t passes I will still follow my natural rights til I die. That’s why I’m here.

  20. “Goes to prove for the millionth time do not give up your guns no matter what.”

    I would add to that: become skilled in the manufacturing, repair and maintenance of weaponry having multiple backups with spare parts stored in separate safe locations in case the pig-class gets hold of your primary guns.

    Ghost guns are your friends…prepare your teams now, time is running out until combat operations commence.

    • JohnnyParatrooper

      Them- You should have spare parts.

      Me- Buys 3 complete AR rifles and an AR pistol.

  21. I’ve not been a nurse in a combat environment, though I trained extensively for that role. Including live a animal lab at David Grant Hospital, Travis AFB some time ago. Sewing up a simulated high velocity round injury is not something that is fun.

    As an OR nurse I saw more blood and guts than most combat troops ever saw, but in different circumstances . I was both a civilian OR nurse AND a military OR nurse at the same time. I commanded a small surgical team.

    One of the weirdest things I experienced is scrubbing on a case in which one of my military units sergeants required bowel surgery. Seeing and handling someone’s bowels that you know is strange. I never spoke to him about that, it would have been inappropriate.

    • JohnnyParatrooper

      At Bragg, the 82nd Troopers do in house clinical rotations to observe trauma treatment.

      You stay on until you see the big 4.

      Bad Car Accident


      Stab Wound

      Poisoning(Drugs usually)

      Gun Shot Wounds are amazingly damaging. Especially if those fuckers go through a bone or two. Surprisingly, Your body can handle quite a few bullets before your body quits.

      Car accidents had to be the worst though. Simply because you cannot immediately see whats wrong.

      None of the stabbing wounds I saw were even bleeding when they arrived. Just a lot of fat and dried blood.

      Drug Overdoses( and long term alcohol dependency) should be standard viewing for all HS students.

      • In my 25 years running the Interstate highways, I have felt Helplessness twice.
        Both were fatal accidents that I was the first person to arrive.
        Saw them both happen.

        I need some more training.
        Saw a quick shootout at a Truck Stop on the South side of Montgomery Alabama one night too.
        Driver took one in the thigh.
        He mag dumped a 1911 at the shadows as they ran off.

        I would say that about 1/5 of the guys I work with secretly carry on the road at night if they stay here in the South where the cops won’t freak out as bad.

  22. St.Maur1066

    Gentlemen, your words here on this thread are given much thought, and are greatly appreciated. Let these words show to our country men, why our arms will NEVER be surrendered!

  23. “…can’t happen in America…”

    Already did. New Orleans area. After Katrina. Took the list of registered owners, went door-to-door, confiscated all guns at those addresses.

    Not all of those weapons have been returned to their “legal” owners.

    • Northgunner

      Yes it did happen there and then.

      The gungrabbers should have been sniped when they were going down the streets!

      That’s what it’s going to come down to…best wrap your heads about it.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  24. Yours mission, should you choose to accept it, is to print out this story 200 times on your cheap black and white laser printer, grab a role of masking tape and stick each printout to a mail box in the neighborhood of your choice. It WILL win more hearts and minds.
    Investment: 30 mins to print, 60 mins to carry out and stick to mail boxes (don’t put it in boxes, as its “against the law”).
    How was the Revolutionary War won? In the hearts and mind of the people. We did it once. We will do so again.

  25. Flayed and Splayed

    Shared onto, as well as Johnny Paratroopers initial comment. Very excited to be an avenue for advancement for our cause. Godspeed my brothers. Here is my/your thread.

  26. Marlo Stanfield

    Muslim Deputy Sheriff from Florida Helps Rescue Dog Stuck in Canal

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    | | | | Muslim Deputy Sheriff from Florida Helps Rescue Dog Stuck in Canal The force was with her: It takes several deputies to rescue dog stuck in canal By Lisa J. Huriash (Sun Sentinel)… | |



    From: Western Rifle Shooters Association To: Sent: Thursday, March 1, 2018 9:16 AM Subject: [New post] From Over The Transom #yiv5276191029 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv5276191029 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv5276191029 a.yiv5276191029primaryactionlink:link, #yiv5276191029 a.yiv5276191029primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv5276191029 a.yiv5276191029primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv5276191029 a.yiv5276191029primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv5276191029 | Concerned American posted: “A reader sends:I have little medical training as it is not my field, however I have probably seen more human anatomy than most doctors… not less than multiple thousands of bodies on the ground and parts of them hanging from bushes, on rocks and lo” | |