Z Blog: The Eternal Hive

Hence, “collectivists”.

With the media as amplifier and agitator.

29 responses to “Z Blog: The Eternal Hive

  1. It’s impossible to reason with the Hive-Mind or its “r selected” devotees. Try something else…

  2. Yes, it’s high time for women free zones. Also a strict capacity limit, no women above dress size 8 outside in public view. No unauthorized accessories such as ugly ink and metal piercings.

  3. She is every man’s dream girl!

  4. OK, same rights and treatment. I’ll strip you down, oil you up and insert my cartridge in your chamber. All good?

  5. robroysimmons

    Feminists should fight muslims, I’ll watch. In the mean time their scoldings of me are nothing political partisian propaganda.

  6. Perhaps mentioning to that fucking cunt that she already does, and politely explain to her that since Roe vs. Wade, she has even MORE “rights,” to kill than her much reviled firearms.

  7. You mean women should have a CHOICE to exercise their RIGHT to carry guns wherever they go to protect their own bodies against the robber, the rapist or the murderer?

  8. Gotta be 18 to own one?

  9. i have always held the highest level of contempt for the cucks who profess

    “happy wife happy life”

    your nuts, wallets, and freedom were taken from you when the first kid arrived and…

    your wife is a cheat.

    ask me how i know. 🙂

  10. She sure needs a background check and
    a 10 day waiting period…

  11. Let me get this straight. You want me to keep you hidden away locked up, And on the weekend take you out in the middle of nowhere and shoot you?

  12. Aesop said it better.

  13. I dream one day, that women who are under the age of oh, say, 55, will all NOT have heavy, flabby arms waving in the breeze, along with rolls of fat on their middle, and ankles…………… If lardo wants to be like a gun, will she mind if I trade her off for something newer and prettier?

  14. The issue is Soros . His assets must be targeted . Top down won’t work . Georgie Boy is very well guarded . Useful idiots flying after an enjoyable helicopter ride .

  15. A female newscaster is interviewing the leader of a Youth club:

    Interviewer: So, Mr. Jones, what are you going to do with these children on this adventure holiday?

    Mr Jones: We’re going to teach them climbing, canoeing, archery,
    shooting …

    Interviewer: Shooting! That’s a bit irresponsible isn’t it?

    Jones: I don’t see why, they’ll be properly supervised on the range.

    Interviewer: Don’t you admit that this is a terribly dangerous activity to be teaching children?

    Jones: I don’t see how, we will be teaching them proper range discipline before they even touch a firearm.

    Interviewer: But you’re equipping them to become violent killers.

    Jones: Well, you’re equipped to be a prostitute but you’re not one are you?

    Needless to say, the interview was terminated almost immediately.

  16. Why, what’s wrong boys? That’s a fine herd of heffers.

  17. Northern gunner

    Fuck those Femi Nazis. Cut the power and nat gas.

    • Dirk the Jerk

      It will come to that… and cut the food shipments, too.
      Let the cannibals eat each other. It’s what they were meant to do.

  18. I dream women will one day lose the right to vote and hold office.

  19. James W. King

    I wonder if this means that this brilliant liberal wants . . .

    – women to be banned from entering school and college campuses?

    – women to be banned from any establishment selling alcohol?

    – women to be banned from polling places on election days.

    – women to be banned from any official government group meetings?

    – all women to be banned from all airports?

    – you to have to pay a fee to the state before you can carry a woman on your person?

    – some women to be banned outright simply because they look too scary?

    – all women to be locked up at all times that they are not in use?

    Well damn . . .

    – Does she also think that men could have more than one?

    – That a man could put a silencer on those he wants to quiet down?

    Maybe this genius didn’t think this out very well, but then what liberal issues are . . .?

  20. The Usual Suspect

    Gee I hate to say it but the Muslims have it right concerning women.

  21. Alfred E. Neuman

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  22. Oregon Hobo

    You’re all wrong. She’s demanding outright state-by-state bans on the scary-looking ones, especially if they’re black, excessively accessorized, or of larger than desired capacity.


  23. Women only have these special privleges because men agree they do. The women are wrong to demand special treatment, yes, but the men are also wrong for giving it to them.

  24. Oregon Hobo

    Regarding the actual substance of Z-Man’s article, ie his assertion that these SJW operations are directed by some sort of superhuman hive-think, this is 100% superstitious rubbish serving no purpose than to misdirect and demoralize.

    Are we seriously to believe that leftism bestows telepathic powers upon its acolytes, rather than what we already know: that our enemies have at their disposal a network of heavily funded, highly disciplined, and widely coordinated organizations capable of rapidly mustering for street-level operations in order to exploit narrow windows of opportunity?

    Does this mean that rather than developing real-world capabilities to achieve parity and eventually superiority, we should instead direct our efforts to devising charms and incantations to ward off lefty witchcraft? Shall we trade potion recipes now?

    FFS, I do hope we can tell the difference between magical and merely well-regulated, else we are in for some dark days indeed.