Woe Unto Those Who Get What They Want

An Unpopular Approach to the Populism Problem

There will be much sorrow.

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  1. The article is not a crock of shit..it is a dump truck full of total bullshit People who have a national identity and pride in their heritage are supposed to feel bad. Fuck you! This idiot should be re-located into one of the many shithole musloid or african countries to live his remaining short life.

    • I can’t say it better than that. Thanks.

    • Its more than total bullshit, Commentary is a psyop operation. Its selling half truths and barely disguised agitprop narrative.
      Like “populism”, its civic nationalism they are using to muddy the waters of true Nationalism, civic nationalism doesn’t exist any more than wave immigration, because it never works, like mass invasion of illegal and otherwise immigrants make America better, no they don’t because there is no such thing, because they let in millions who will not assimilate. That os the whole point. To destroy American Nationalism is To destroy America.

      Example’s how they do this psyop:
      Legalize abortion, “freedom of choice” what it is is genocode by “choice”. What you get is entire generations of woman who are in effect murerers, no moral compass, =’s woman who are valuable to any ideology because they lost their morals by killing the miracle of life in their bellies. Throw in a couple false flag “terrorist” pro lifers crisis actors, the FBI finds & DOJ convicts them. See a pattern here?
      And of course, “Pro Life’rs” are evil white cis nazi’s who want to control the female race.
      See what they did there?

      Example #2: Global Warming, its usefulness is myriad, from the .Gov grant gravy train to brainwashing the entire world. You name the scam and fake narrative, no limits on conflating whatever is convenient at the moment.

      #3: Russian’s and Russian hackers did it. A great con suitable for distracting everyone from the actual grifters, undermine every constitutional process of rule of law, the perfect boogeyman for every occasion. You can investigate a ghost of Russian involvement literally till the sun runs out of fuel.

      3$: “Assault Rifles”, (by association every American who owns them), child killing instruments of white racism and Populism. You can do anything with the emotional juice you generate with false flag Ops and fake crisis actors. Skies the limit. This disguises the truths, the primary one being, they are called, (projection actually, i.e. the marxists 1st principles of cultural war is to project onto your enemy what you actually are guilty of being, and committing), they call our rifles, (our rifles, critical aspect here), “Assault Rifles, because they understand these rifles will be used by us to Assault them for what they have and are doing to us.
      Its effective strategy, in particular with a century and a half of marxist history revisionism, and fucking with our language also so we no longer have the communication assets of suitable words to describe these and other actions waged against us.

      Its all genocide.
      Genocide of unborn life
      Genocide of Truth
      Genocide of Primal Natural Right, and the efficient powerful means, and, the ideas and ideals, to defend oneself from the very thing which is waging Genocode to begin with.

      This is how fucked the Normies are.
      They don’t even see it.
      See it coming also.
      Its a perfect storm on their useless unawake arses.
      Talk about useful dupes.

      • (((Commentary))), that is,


        all “ex”-Trotskyite communist Jews who had a disagreement with their fellow Tikkun Olas about the Israhell Project.

        same as they ever were.

    • Predictably, knuckdm, you don’t want to connect the (((dots))).

      “Commentary is a monthly American magazine on religion, Judaism, and politics, as well as social and cultural issues. Founded by the American Jewish Committee in 1945, it was edited by Norman Podhoretz from 1960 to 1995.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commentary_(magazine)

      • Predictably you are a hebe-hating,one trick fucking pony. Ridden hard,put up wet and tired. Blah,blah,blah more of your jew bullshit. Who,in their right fucking mind spends that much time and energy on jew bashing? A mentally ill,obssesive compulsive,deranged, paranoid motherfucker.
        Let’s connect dots. Regale and enlighten me with your personal experiences: include names ,dates,places,specific acts perpetrated against you and your family by jews to defraud,defame,brutalize,extort,rape,manipulate and generally fuck with you . No esoteric,broad-based,dusty torah and biblical text.
        You crave credibility,yet you never tell of the personal ass-whippen the jew is putting on you. If you are getting your ass kicked by the jew and are a “victim” i am calling you a fucking pussy. Get off your ass and do something about the daily jew ass-fucking you are taking..Fucking wimp. Quit your bitching and stop your cowardly behavior. Real men confront their oppressor and kick their ass. Key words..real men.

  2. “President Donald Trump’s determination to ignite a futile and costly global trade war, it is mind-numbingly stupid.”
    A sentence that is mind numbingly stupid….America rose to be the world’s greatest economy under high tariff walls and a government financed exclusively by tariffs and excise taxes, with no income tax, and no significant foreign wars…Then the bankers started infiltrating the Government….

    Here’s a riddle. What do you call a country with no manufacturing base but mass immigration?
    Answer: A third world hellhole…

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. We are about to enter the intersection of martial and spiritual and are sufficiently distracted by dung like this. Remember, any damage to the tribe of Cain will be recompensed at a seventy and seven rate. Whereas, repentance will be rewarded at a seventy x seven rate. Clean your house! There are many more woes to come. If it is a civil war then look to the costs in the days of Gibeah (Judges 19-20) It were’nt cheap. All historical examples supplied by the loving God.

    • If you read your Bible instead of eating it, you would have noticed:

      (1) Genesis 12:3 is not a reference to the impostors described in Apocalypse 3:9. http://judaism.is/covenants.html

      (2) There is a new law.

      The Mosaic Law is a DEAD LETTER—replaced, annulled: “made void,” “blotted out,” “set aside,” “taken away”:

      Hebrews 7:18
      Hebrews 10:9
      Colossians 2:14
      Ephesians 2:15
      Jeremias 31:31-32
      Malachias 2:8-12
      Hebrews 8:5-13
      Mark 7:7-9

      (3) In the new law, the greatest commandments are:

      Master, which is the greatest commandment in the law? Jesus said to him: Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with thy whole mind. This is the greatest and the first commandment. And the second is like to this: Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments dependeth the whole law and the prophets.
      Matthew 22:36-40 http://www.drbo.org/x/d?b=drb&bk=47&ch=22&l=36-#x

  5. Northgunner

    I read as much of this whinning commutard soyboi’s pathetic mewling as I could stand. If he longs for ” ‘da peeples glorious kumbayahtopia and veggie bar” he’s welcome to get on the helicopter bound for Mogadishu and step out at altitude and take a wakanda wild side sans ‘chute..the shitholieans below will be ecstatic with the ‘bushmeat from heaven’.

    He and his ‘fellow travellers’ can FOAD!!

    Sat Cong!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  6. A rootless cosmopolitan argues for rootless cosmopolitanism in their house mag, Commentary.

    Christian Zionist commentator Bible-eater reminds us that their god requires us to follow the cosmopolitans prescription, or else.

    No thanks, on both counts.

  7. Doubletalk and horseshit, in equal measure.
    Boiled down, it amounts to “Socialism! More! Harder! Faster!”
    He doesn’t like Trump, but following that hogwash is how you get more Trump.

    His suggestion that such pushing get more vigorous, i.e. more muscular, is going to start making politics a zero-sum game in an absolute sense, when the soiboys start getting stacked like cordwood. Ask Antifa what coming in second place all the time feels like when whining becomes fists, becomes pitched street battles.

    The freshness date on that ended some months back, and doubling down promises to only increase the body count. And in future, it won’t be with cars.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Boiled down, it amounts to “Socialism! More! Harder! Faster!””

      Look, every smart person knows that the only solution to the problems created by socialism is more socialism. Drinking yourself sober, basically.

      • Which is fun to watch from a safe vantage point, provided you’re one of society’s designated drivers.
        Not so bitchin’ when you’re on the same roads they are.

  8. Centurion_Cornelius

    fist three words right outta the box:
    lecturer Yascha Mounk

    TOXIC POISONS–should have hazard warnings like VX

    (freaking word usage and choices straight outta Lenin’s playbook)

    “I got no time to waste on such idiocy,” as he gets back to sharpening his hatchet…

  9. ((sung to the tune of “Money For Nothing” by Dire Straits))
    I want A,
    I want A,
    I want A R Fifteen…

  10. When?

  11. Moving from the path leading to a progressive global state to populism is like getting your dick caught in a sausage grinder: it’s going to hurt going in or coming out. The thing is, we are already in the shit and it will get worse. Populism has many flaws but at least not everyone outside the elite will be a serf. Lots of hell before us whichever path evolves. Be prepared.

  12. There’s them and there’s us and about every two hundred years or so. Kind of like predicting earthquakes, it’s gonna happen .

  13. These soiboi, cucked, beta-males think that .gov pOrcs are going to Enforce their Fantasies… And Protect them. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
    It is looking more and More to Me that when the ‘Balloon goes Up’ it will quickly Devolve into Whites vs. Mudskins, and the Confused WINO (white in name only) will get Squashed first….


    (((Noah Rothman))). (((Yascha Mounk!?))). East Coast collectivist and progressive eggheads. Nothing to see here. More PT. More range time.