Sink The Damn Ships

Concise and precise.

You are going to need water-cooled machine guns.

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  1. JohnnyParatrooper

    TFW 1934 NFA

    • Northgunner

      Both are designed by the same genius, Sir Hiram Maxim, formerly of Dover – Foxcroft, Maine.

      The Vickers gun is nothing more than a “improved model” of the Maxim; feedblock re-designed and the bolt assembly flipped 180° and simplified to aid in rapid fieldstripping/ease of repair.

      Fantastic old warriors both and still quite useable and formidable in knowledgeable hands…

      Used to have an ’08 Maxim on the proper sled mount…it was the shit!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  2. ghostsniper

    Or 5 gallon buckets full of diesel and mothball crystals touched off with tracer rounds. Send em screamin’ and burnin’ 50 at a time.

    Remember, when you kill one they lose one, but when you severely injure one they lose 3.

    • Implying they’re human…


      GS: True. But, with those Muzzie savages, they would just abandon the wounded to Allah and scurry away as cockroaches.

      • JohnnyParatrooper

        The Arabs only attack women, or in massive numbers.

        Knowing their own leave them.

        Inshallah- In(Of) Allah’s Wills. Or “If Allah Wills it” speaking from future tense.

  3. Northgunner

    Absolutely agreed!

    Sink the damn ships (use armor piercing incindiary tracer rounds if at all possible)!!

    Man do I ever wish I had a fully outfitted and reconditioned U Boat and crew..those savages would be completely chum after being chewed by both the 20mm and deckgun not to mention the machineguns aboard her!! The ‘torps’ would be saved for sorros’s ngo ‘rescue ships’ and other threats.

    Boat in Mediterranean capsizes as rapefugee rats scurry to and fro.

    (The Italian captain should have left them there or fired into them!!)

    Up to 500 rapefugees drown in Mediterranean (Yaay!!!..keep it up shitholieans — keep drowning!!)

    Mediterranean sinking stops 200 more rapefugees from reaching Europe (Way to go guys — sharks are hungry and waiting!!)

    “Another one bites the dust, hey hey…another one bites the dust…and another one’s gone and another one’s gone…and another one bites the dust…


    Burst/hole the damn barrels on the border!!
    Border Wars – Helping Is Hurting

    Humane borders — Water Stations

    Give them No INCENTIVE/AID
    For they will show us NO QUARTER!!

    Time to go full Vlad Medieval on all their asses!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

    • Those water barrels might be seasoned with duck blood. The blood percolates at 70-80 degrees, for two days. Damn ducks must have committed suicide. Crazy motherfuckers.

  4. Shinmen Takezo

    My preference is the Vickers.
    Shoot the damn thing wearing a kaki pith helmet, singing “Men Of Harlech”

  5. Yes, sink the ships, but that’s starting at the bottom. It would be much more efficient to start at the top.

    Rothschilds and their puppet, Soros.

  6. Centurion_Cornelius

  7. The basic infantry squad in WW2 Germany was one big MG crew. One gunner. Two “A” gunners to carry spare parts and barrels, and nine guys hauling ammo. That’s WHY the rifle armed German grunt , only carried 60 rounds for his 98K Mauser. He was tasked with one or two boxes of MG ammo. + Grenades and mortar ammo and ONE days ration. All of this worked really well until resupply became difficult. But if you cannot get fresh ammo forward to your MG crew. Why then that super gun is a heavy and worthless burden. In WW2 it took FIVE 2 1/2 ton trucks to move the ammo food,’s and fuel to keep ONE infantry company in the field for ONE day. It is a great idea you have to sink the boats. But more than “what do I do that with” . You have to ask “how do I feed that idea” P.S. If you have 100.000 rounds(or more) of ammo and don’t have any way to move it. You might just as well turn it in to the feds. They’ll get it anyway .

    • LodeRunner

      Logistics, Logistics, Logistics.
      Ray understands, but do you? If not, better brush up on the Red Ball Express, and start considering how the need for reliable transport will affect both you and your enemies in any conflict lasting more than a week. (And is there any other kind?)

      Without understanding your own logistics needs, there is no survival.
      Without understanding the enemies logistics needs, there is no victory.

    • Brilliant analysis.
      This, of course, is why the NVA were defeated so handily in Vietnam, because of their over-reliance on trucks and highways to move their logistics around.

      It’s also why the British Army kicked Japan’s ass in the battle of Singapore, because Tojo couldn’t move troops in fast enough, lacking enough heavy transport.

      And of course, that also ignores the five millennia of recorded world history, during which infantry was kept in the field for months at a time, before trucks were even invented.
      I guess that never, ever happened, right?
      Meet Marius’ Mules:

      Oh, I know, you’ll object that that was 2000 years ago, and modern military campaigns would never work that way.

      Tell it to the Marines. In this case, the Royal ones.

      Of course, 30 years later, that sort of thing would never work now to conquer a country.


      That’s not being a know-it-all, it just not being as dumb as a bag of hammers, smart guy.

      Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, Baby Duck, it’s not that you’re deliberately stupid, it’s just that you’re so sure of things of which you’re completely magnificently ignorant, because you never heard of it.
      Crack a fucking history book or three (let’s get serious: you’d need to spend a year, non-stop, minimum, but stick with it, man, the rewards of actually knowing WTF you’re talking about are worth it, and with the internet, there’s not much you can’t find out, if you bother to try), and then prognosticate and pontificate.

      Instead of dazzling me with another witheringly weak playground comeback, go figure out where you went off into the shit, and re-work the problem.
      Ass-deep in mud is no time to try strutting.

  8. Mark Matis

    Actually, a good single shot center fire rifle with a decent scope is sufficient. Shoot the person nearest to the front of the boat as soon as they come in range. Then shoot whoever is steering the boat. Shoot the next person nearest to the front of the boat, then shoot whoever is steering it if it isn’t moving AWAY from you. If they go back home and tell their tribe what their reception was like, it is FAR better than merely killing them one boatload at a time. Tacticool is fun. Tacticool is important. But y’all REALLY need to start thinking strategically.

  9. it’s too late.

    just way too many niggers in Fusa to do anything but watch them take-over and populate what was once a white country. it was the lazy fucking southern hillbillies who brought them pavement apes here to work the cotton fields- because they wouldn’t… as a result the dumb white cunts fucked the negroes like the slut whores they were raised to be. glad i didn’t have any kids. no kids- no disappointments. i laugh at all the black-owned whore white wimyn mating with these scuzball apes.

    enjoy your black grand babies you dumb fuckers.

    ha ha ha .

    • Another math major.
      Black population percentage of the US in 1790: 19%
      Black population percentage of the US in 2018: 14.5%

      Geez, that took two mouseclicks.

      These is what happens when you eat the books instead of read the books.

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  11. libertyandlead2

    Not everyone will be hard enough to resist the feelz. Bracken’s Dog Island, I think it was called, illustrates this perfectly.

    Islam and more pointedly, middle east culture, is wholly incompatible with western civilization. Of course there are a few exceptions…. Are you willing to gamble on that 1% who can assimilate?

  12. Legal Alieno

    Ahhhhhh . . .the trusty old .303 British Vickers medium machine gun.
    Showing my age, but as a 17yr old conscript infantry soldier in the old SADF in 1967, I was assigned to the Vickers platoon at 2SAI in the Namib desert, before the formal outbreak of the Angola border war.
    Firing the Vickers was pure enjoyment.
    Carrying either the gun itself with a full water jacket, or the cast iron tripod, or multiple boxes loaded with 250rds .303 in old WWII canvas belts, as well as extra cans of water, were pure hell.
    Those were the days when boys became men.

  13. Murder? You have lost your moral compass.

    Here’s a better idea—Return them home… or re-direct them to Israel.

    Jewish Involvement in Shaping American Immigration Policy, 1881-1965: A Historical Review, by Kevin MacDonald California State University-Long Beach

    Jewish involvement – promotion of ‘hate speech’ laws, multiculturalism, mass immigration, denationalization, and subversions

  14. Meh.
    Brilliant history lesson, but 3-4 years too late for Eurostan, if not 30-40.
    Their merkeling continues apace, and no great signs of anything like resolve in the main.

    People here are already calling for bringing in the white, soon-to-be-slaughtered SAfricans, forgetting that they made their own bed too, and the next objects of their pity are liable to be the very Youre-A-Peons who cheered their usurpers on and welcomed them with open arms. Just the sort we need here. Not.

    Best tell one and sundry to try their own bootstraps, because any who didn’t make it here by now on their own hook won’t be coming to help you when your day comes.

    Say, I hear FL just went all Californicated with their new gun ban.
    So, how’s that purpling up going in your own states?
    Still planning on running to the next “safe” space, or getting ready qwitcherbitchin and nut up for what’s coming, everywhere, coast to coast?

    Everybody who thinks it can’t happen to them where they are right now is ignorant of history, and likely to eventually be standing on the banks of their own Danube, begging to be granted passage.

    History has its own tide.
    You either surf, or fight.

  15. Your Vox link led me to this”

    • Northgunner

      Thank you for sharing that Matt.

      It’s very telling that the “thought censors” at screwtube have tried to geld and silence the message of this video.

      The truth goes completely against the narrative that the parasite class desires to be held in everyone’s minds..that unfettered immigration is good and that there’s really no such thing as a ‘nation’ or ‘culture’ that people inherently are..i.e. to the globalist’s we’re all ‘mystery meat’ and not Americans, Germans, French, Hungarians, Polish, English and so on..that we’re not the culmination of history and culture, that we’re all interchangeable “Legos” that can be shuffled around without a care to suit the parasite class’s desires and goals..that history and culture don’t exist..that they don’t even matter.

      The only analogy that can and should be drawn is that of Orwell’s “1984”.

      The other thing to understand (and I know that you personally ‘get it’ already) is that for the moslem ummah, immigration IS war; the Hijra is specifically instructed by the false prophet ‘mo’ and that the ummah (moslem community) is to emigrate to non-moslem lands (Dar Al Harb) with the purpose of dominating them over time and then adding them to currently held moslem territories/lands.

      In both cases, immigration IS an act of war!!

      What we do about that is up to us!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  16. wendystringer48088

    Well, I don’t don’t think they are going to sink those ships or stop the influx of future Democrat voters dependent so I think it best to plan from that assumption.

    I have been seeing memes like this one being posted and reposted telling us what the other side thinks of us :

    Now “…You will not be forgiven.” may mean many things. It may mean we are never talking to you again. It may mean when we get enough votes next time to get into power we will use the power of the state to take everything you have, throw you in jail and starve you to death or put you up against the wall and shoot you.

    As to the current masthead question:
    “How will you use this weekend to improve your position(s)?”

    Use the time wisely to prepare for an uncertain future where it is quite likely a lot of people who now hate me and my like minded companions will seek to do their worst to “pay us back with interest” the moment they get into power.
    Now off to do stuff…

  17. dmv gringo

    Yawn……….you poser turds bore me.
    I’m not even able to laugh at your
    ChairBorne babbling anymore.
    You give pathetic jokes a bad name.

  18. freeillinois

    First you dont need a MG. They burn ammo faster than you can carry it. Unless you have a massive supply depot and division of men to supply you, say no to MG.
    This is why the Militia is supporting the idea of a 5-10 program. Private individuals building mini supply pods capable of outfitting 5 – 10 men. Most people can do this level of preparing, right now with out a lot of trouble. You dont need to buy the greatest or most expensive gear. Military surplus will be fine. Supply will become a major problem in the future whether its war or natural disaster. If you think the gun grabbing A$$ government is going to help you, then I pity you.

    My other comment is this the Visigoths had 200,000 men of arms and could not figure out how to defeat the Huns, yet they were able to defeat Rome?

    P.S. A little story; During the last administration I learned they were buying enormous amounts of long term food stuffs. This story came from one of the drivers delivering the food. I shared this with a elderly family member that thought the food was being bought for we the people. Rather than get angry at my uninformed family member, I politely said no. The US government rotates its food supply every so often and its not for we the people. We the people must find a way to take care of ourselves if we are to survive.

  19. Lt. Greyman, NVA

    Northwest Front!

    Ex Gladio Libertas

  20. White Americans are to be disarmed and replaced. By violence if necessary.

  21. Water cannon.

  22. Notarealperson

    First off I’d try to find who is financing this invasion and supplying the boats and put him and his associates on a one way trip to visit their ancestors.

    Repeat as needed.

    You don’t reason with a cancer, you excise it.

  23. And for the working man….. there will be flaming petroleum products.

  24. This only happens because ‘governments’ ALLOW it to… ‘governments’ that have been BOUGHT and are OWNED by bolshevik/zionist BANKERS.