Songs From Yugoslavia


Money quote:

“…I think a lot about this. I don’t want a civil war so I’ve tried to be patient with libs because our paths are not separate, we’re just having to wait out their hysteria. But neither reason nor compassion works. There is no communication. They want to go down, and take us with them…”


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  1. Grenadier1

    I used to listen to Laibach back in my younger days.

  2. What is the point of the video?

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. The Croats got all the coastline.

  5. Cliff notes from 2002: When someone on a jetliner tries to open the emergency exit in flight, it’s perfectly acceptable for bystanders to kill them while restraining such homicidal jackassery.

    The same is true for Leftards who’re willing to burn the country down, and you with it, in their ceaseless efforts to improve the nation.

    If they want to try free flight, helicopter rides kill two birds with one stone.

    • everlastingphelps

      The thing is, you actually can’t open a jetliner door at altitude. The way the door is beveled causes the high pressure inside to seal against the low pressure outside to where you have to be the Incredible Hulk to pop that cork.

      And I still support killing the asshole that tries, just because of the intent of what they tried.

    • wendystringer48088

  6. everlastingphelps

    It takes two to tango, but it only takes one to be beaten to death.

    Pick the tango.

  7. There is a solution to avoiding conflict – nothing complicated – form your own intentional community. You can make it part of your community standards that no liberals will be allowed, and if one does sneak in, you can drive them right out again.
    Intentional community is what that neo-Nazi dickhead in ND was putting together, and had he kept his mouth shut and quietly gone about his business, he might very well have achieved his personal Nazi nirvana….but no, he had to be the asshole that he was, spout off, and wind up getting busted for defending his property.
    Anyway, check out as a good place to learn about intentional communities…you can be a community of 2 if you want, probably one actually. Make your intent religious and you are home free – consider the 22 some odd Muslim intentional communities throughout the nation – Islamberg being the one most often cited. They recruit form prisons, primarily converting black inmates to Islam. Because the inmates have found God, they’re usually looked upon favorably by parole boards. Then they have a community that will house, feed, and clothe them, and give them meaningful work….again, this goes down very well at parole hearings.
    Wotan Nation is just the opposite in terms of intent and target demographic, but the basic idea is the same – claim a religious intent and you can let anyone in that you want, and keep out anyone you want.
    But, you know, that takes some effort and jeez, where can you find the time when you’re sooo goddamn busy cursing the darkness, metaphorically speaking.

  8. (((they))) are not “hysterical”, and the problem isn’t “liberals”.

    the Problem is Jews. And their murderous, collectivist, anti-White Tikkun Ola. If the problem was “liberals”…electing “conservatives” would have solved the problem, right? RIGHT??

    but it didn’t.

    • Name all the conservatives elected.
      I’ll make it easy; just name the ones serving now in the U.S. Senate.
      I’ll wait.

      If you can come up with even ten or a dozen give a holler.

      If that was too hard, name all the conservative presidents in the last 100 years. Careful, you might need both thumbs.

      The problem has always been liberals, which was true long before there was s single Joooooooooooooo! in office.
      You could look it up.

      • Your mental block leads you to say really stupid things.

        • “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.” –Mayer Amschel Bauer

        • Bank of the U.S.

        Can you connect the dots, Aesop?

  9. SemperFido

    We are Sarajevo. Waiting to happen.

  10. My unit was at Eagle Base, Tuzla, Bosnia during 1999, just about the time this film ( Savior ) came out. Like all Oliver Stone films it is a form of anti war propaganda but I feel it shows the horrors of civil war in a fairly accurate way. Anyway the settings and portrayals are good if somewhat Hollywood-ish.
    Check it out.

  11. JohnnyParatrooper


    For the Record.

    The South African plan is the same plan that is being used in Second American Civil War.
    Slavery, Blacks, Marxists, and “White Supremacy”( Their term for rule by American Christians)

    The Caliphate, namely the Turks, Iran, and North Africans are gonna tear up Europe in a Yugoslavian Style Civil war.

    Catholics, Christians, Muslims, and Neo-Socialists are quarterbacking that one.

    Their one common denominator is the Catholic Church, China’s interest in a fragmented Distraction in the Western World, the International Corporations, and these god damn Hollywood/DC/Boshelvic/Fags who hate everything.

    Plus Islam is taking advantage. As usual.

    It’s all about the future of the Silk Road (Turkey, Sunni’s, and Persians Crushing Syria to take control) and Banking.

    The fires are just for fun.

    • a follower

      The True Holy war is against Him and Him alone. The common denominator is hate, evil, etc.. Many are involved, all has been compromised. Individuals must stand, must hold to the Truth.
      We see many that come in His name and use His name. The Blasphemy is blinding & deafening, if your eyes and ears are tuned in.
      This article speaks volumes.


    White Slaves:

    As a commenter remarked at the below link to the article, “European Slaves in The Islamic Empire”:

    “Thank you for telling the truth. Add in the hundreds of millions enslaved and murdered by the Bolshevik jews that conquered Russia with Western finance and you will find that white Europeans have been the most abused peoples on the face of the earth….”.

    Remember that the jews assisted the muzzies during their invasion of Spain, and they have often worked together at other times for their mutual benefit.

    “European slaves were in special demand for serving as concubines, in the royal army and palaces, and in establishments of the rich in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Libya.”

  13. Northgunner

    Ah yes, slick willy’s excursion into ‘nation building’ at the expense to the Christian Serbs while he politically fellated the moslem croats..Winder if he’s still wiping his chin off after all this time…

    And his sascrotch vaginosaurus hagzilla still yaps about ‘dodging sniper’s bullets on the tarmac’ there (if only it had been true…would have loved for a female Serb sniper to connect with a Dragunov round through her ear canal…..would have saved everyone a mess of problems later on!!).

    Sat moslems!
    Sat commies!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Infidel Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  14. I served in Kosova/o 2009 and I met a number of “ethnic Albanian” and “ethnic” Croats. Most of the Croats were Catholic, many “Albanians” were muslim lite and there were also Albanian Roman Catholics. Mother Teresa attended the Church of the Black Madonna which is in “Albanian” territory as she was Macedonian.

    The JNA (Yugoslav National Army) was entirely ethnic Serbians. They did things to non-Serbs including genocide which is why NATO and the EU had to get involved.

    This muslim jihad non-sense is Clinton Admin. narrative and propaganda. All of the fighting (described to me by Albanian, Croats and Serbs) was inter-ethnic and trans-ethnic fighting. That and the JNA and Milosevic was a big meanie.

  15. The Walkin' Dude

    I WANT a civil war. In absolutely NO other way will this be corrected. Idiocracy comes to mind. Far too many useful idiots need culled, lest they be used against me and mine, or worse, overwhelm ANY intelligence left whatsoever in society. We cannot coexist. It’s akin to expecting nature not to be nature, “Cuz we’re ALL HYOOMIN dammit! Even duh savages! Even duh sneaky Jews! Even the mental cases who think they’re unisex dragons!” We tolerate, until we don’t. The music is winding down. The bloodshed is starting soon. I’m on the side of not being told what the fuck to do.