The Age Of Travesties

Madness begets more madness.

And then…

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  1. Every time I see Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner I go back to the Seinfeld episode titled ” Man Hands “. If only Jerry was still running what could he do with Miss Bruce ? Ha! Ha!

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. The Fibonacci spiral of madness, indeed. But this too shall end…

  4. SW Richmond

    I’m kind of upset that I wasted several precious minutes of my life reading that piece. The author obviously knows nothing of inter-war Germany, that Berlin was the sex tourism capital of the world during that period, so starved were Weimar Germans for anything that would produce hard currency.

    Yes you Christians would blaspheme for food or fuel if you or your children were starving or freezing to death. Don’t even pretend to tell me you wouldn’t.

    Second, the Boomers that are portrayed on TV commercials don’t resemble any of the Boomers that I know or am around. Someday your generation will stop whining about their parents. I will say again it’s not my fault your mom threw your dad away. Get over it.

    • I’m a “boomer” born in 1947 from parents that were both war heroes (my mother received the Bronze Star for heroism during the siege of Manila), my father received the Distinguished Flying Cross for his heroism flying a unarmed photo reconnaissance P-38 over Germany.

      I know about lots of things, and know that the attaching blame to we Boomers is bull shit.

      • It is rather amusing to think that a generation that wears their caps backwards, mutilates themselves, sleeps in mom’s basement, and eats Tide pods imagines that they are the generation that finally understands our situation.

  5. Life out of balance is what does this. Too much of this, equals too little of that. Addicted to pleasure, man sees no point in anything else. Horror films and racy movies from the 50’s and 60’s are laughable now, because it’s always got to be more, further and newer than the last one. People adore trash and bullshit now because all their heroes and high ideals have been systematically destroyed. Why destroy Confederate statues? Everything heroic must go! Why does everything heroic have to go? Because the new standards foisted on civilization by the leftists have no virtue or value. If there is anything of value or virtue to compare to what the leftists are troweling out, the leftist stuff will be exposed for the garbage it is.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “People adore trash and bullshit now because all their heroes and high ideals have been systematically destroyed.”

      They may consume it now for that reason, but many – perhaps even most – plainly do not adore it. People consume trash and bullshit for the same reason that eskimos eat blubber – it’s pretty much the only thing on the menu.

    • “Order out of chaos”… past that inflection point I think. We are all committed now.

      The movement of hedonism and human extinction has been stoking Hades fires for a long time. There will be no safe places before this is over.
      I look around my hardly accessible but by one goat path of kiss your ass turns and 12 inch pitch or steeper hollows WV mountain ridge little community, and think my friends and neighbors, even though we live physically isolated 3000 + feet above flat land down at the foot of the mountain, have no idea whats coming if the good Lord or by his providence doesn’t shed some savings grace on this country. I don’t have barely a clue how ugly & brutal this life well might be before its over. Good chance some of us won’t see the end before we die defending whats worth saving trying to survive to see and preserve some good to come out of it.

      I keep thinking, there is the probability of a failure cascade of these travesties. There are good things and good people who live and resist the chaos. More than we individually can accurately account for. Like all equations of human activity there are weak points, tipping points, where outside force can have great and unexpected effect. And the larger the “travesty” the harder it falls.
      It looks like to me the advent of the Nov-18 color revolution has had an enormous effect on order out of chaos, to the point it has created an existential upset of the order, setting it into chaos, so there is another level of chaos added, in which it was not part of the order and has put that order on the precipice of chaos on the brink of cascading failure, where the future is no longer set. The order is struggling on the political fields of cultural combat.
      Question is how does that upset the equation?

      Hard to say on my part really. I’m just going by my intuition and gut sense of things.

  6. Audio tape released that confirms that Scott Peterson waved off his fellow BSO members from entering the building.

  7. The people that were running the Weimar government were closely associated with (((those))) that were Bolsheviks.

    NSDAP rounded up (((those))) involved with these anti-Christian activities and put them to hard labor in work camps.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Of course, the NSDAP weren’t exactly fans of Christianity themselves, either.

  8. a Travesty of an Essay by the

    “(((Henry Grunwald))) Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Policy Center” who “was for years and essayist at (((Time Magazine)))”.

    it’s not the “Boomers”….who along the way somehow managed to win every battle they fought in Vietnam, and went on to 86 the Soviet Union and liberate hundreds of millions of people from Judeo-communism.


    the Jews. And

    their multi-generational, multi-ethnic, hirelings.

  9. Camacho2016

    Thought this said, “The Age Of Transvestites.”

    Been a long day. But reading the article, that’s not far off the mark.

  10. This is why it is important to belong to one of the many (((networks))) connected with the owners of (((MSM, Federal Reserve, and (((their))) enforcement arm, the IRS))). Money is there exactly when you need it most in order to promote their (((flags))).

    “Baltimore City Public Schools had trouble keeping its schools heated this past winter, but the school district can afford to send 60 busloads of schoolchildren to an anti-gun rally in Washington, D.C., later this March.
    As reported by the Baltimore Sun’s Kevin Rector, the city of Baltimore will also provide the children with T-shirts and food for free, despite lacking the finances to provide warmth for the schoolchildren…”.
    “Just spoke with a student who attends Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who told me that The Gifford Foundation is paying for nearly 200 students & staff members from Parkland to travel to DC for the #MarchForOurLives. The Gifford Foundation is paying ALL of the expenses.”

  11. Walter Mitty

    As a Boomer I swear I am so damned tired of being blamed and insulted as the cause this mess I could chew nails. I feel like taking what little wealth tools, supplies etc I have managed to accumulate and throwing it all in a lake rather than let you young ass holes use it to try to survive the shit storm that is coming.

  12. Name Doesn’t Matter

    When all the boomers, like me, are dead, and humanity continues to catapult aimlessly through the void, who will that generation blame but the one before it. They will have only themselves. All go to the grave alone. All bear their own folly and sins, ultimately alone. What an arrogant price or judgement PORN. Narcissistic PORN. I hope you had an orgasm while you wallowed in judgement like a scat freak. This is clearly from the hand of a person who has not lived long enough to recognize their own imperfections and sin. But like the rest of us, Lance Morris has an appointment with the Great Equalizer. And all the judgement and pompous condescending and condemning will be staring him straight in the face. You are no better than anyone else Morris. Death will take you with the same relish it does the rest of us. And the echoes of your indictment will fade to nothingness like the rest of you. Join the human race or do us the favor of leaving it.