Russian Propaganda

Read it anyway.

Tamp down the reflexive rejection for a few moments.

Ask yourself how the US would have reacted if its strategic opponent in the Cold War had invited Mexico and much of Central America into the Warsaw Pact, and had spent the past decade improving its military.

Especially after forming an economic alliance with Canada.

The American military-industrial complex does not have the interests of you and your family in mind.

The American military-industrial complex does not have the interests of you and your family in mind.

The American military-industrial complex does not have the interests of you and your family in mind.

How do you and yours benefit from the American government’s madness?

54 responses to “Russian Propaganda

  1. Putin wants peace, and the long game favors Russia with its immense resources and highly intelligent people. Trump also wants peace, and campaigned on that. Now to get rid of the Deep State parasites who profit immensely from war….

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    • Bonaventure

      MacArthur: A real hero when it came to domestic affairs.

      • Flatlander

        MacAuthur spoke of the rather overt Communist influence driving the Bonus Army fiasco in his book “Reminiscences”.


        Thank you, sir. This imperious egomaniac had American blood on his hands long before his screw-up in the Philippines. The treatment of the Bonus Army by “Dugout Doug” along with some of the other Army rising stars who engineered the War To Save Stalin, was treason. And, Truman should not only fired him, but had him court-martialed for his arrogant incompetence in Korea.

  3. He is right. I can absolutely see why Russia regards recent actions by the FUSA as a threat. Putin is acting for the good of his own country. I wish I could say the same for the gang of buffoons, poltroons, lechers, liars, knaves, shysters, thieves, and usurpers currently in power in FUSA.

  4. Oldtradesman

    True, this. Problem is, the ‘Murican “People” are not a people. They have become a squalid, multiracial cesspool. 61% of the population is white, according to the US Census. 40% of ‘Murican whites are race traitors. 60% of ‘Murican whites are ideologically precluded from taking their own side. We can’t agree that a kleptocracy even exists, much less identify its members. Our wordsmyths punch at abstractions; i.e., liberals, the left, progressives, etc. Why? Because identifying the villains as Jewish supremacists, Mestizos, Americanized-Africans, and white race traitors would be “statist,” “collectivist,” “anti-semitic,” and “raycist n sheeit.” We are hamstrung by pejoratives and the fear of losing jobs. We are motivated by the pursuit of $tatu$. We mix globalist business propaganda that masks itself as ideology, salad-like, with Alice Rosenbaum’s philosophy of narcissism. A pinch of G.K. Chesterston and the constitutionalism of Pat Buchanan’s long dead Republic is added to spice up the mix. But the fact is, ‘Murica is gone. The “Left” knows it. White conservantines and “civic” nationalists are days late and dollars short on getting the message. The latter yearn still for a return of Ronnie Raygun’s “Mornin’ in ‘Murica,” complete with hot coffee following a good night’s sleep, homespun bromides, and Sunday’s edition of the OC Register.

    We have six years remaining – at most. The “Left” await a return to the illusion of civil legitimacy. Their mercenaries will be unleashed with unlimited resources. Indeed, more ammunition is needed. Problem is, the few who stand will fall without comrades. Families, teamwork, collaboration, following orders: it’s all collectivism. Market efficiency is what matters. All socialism be bad ‘n sheeit.

    • Nobody wants to Win anymore do they…Sad That…


      “…and Sunday’s edition of the OC Register.” Thank you. That brings back a few good memories. My brother was in that area two weeks ago on family business. Traffic is horrific. But, the Lotus Eaters of Newport Beach and Toluca Lake are still motoring around in their Beamers and MBZ’s as though nothing is wrong. I’m glad I am not part of that culture anymore.

  5. “The statue of Liberty is kaput’. “That’s very disconcerting”. Capt. Miller, 2nd US Rangers, a few days after D-Day. Anybody notice the Russians also reflexively reject US? Actually, I don’t reject them, I like to hear what they have to say. As long as they don’t seed their speech with a bunch of lies.

  6. What are these amazing weapons he speaks of?

    • Infeasible systems that have been on napkins and crude sketches at the least since the 1950s, mostly. The main examp,e I believe is a nuclear powered cruise missile, rejected by multiple powers in the old days for multiple reasons. It’s mostly just scary stuff for dummy consumption. The big problem here is the Middle East is much more Russia’s back yard than America’s, and we’really reaching the end of the rope that’s letting us stretch a logistics chain so far.

  7. Bill Cthulhu

    I cannot disagree with the author. I was an OPFOR instructor for the Army for several years, and got considerable grief (from O-5 and O-6 types) for discussion of Soviet R&D levels and their considerable space capabilities.

    US recruitment of former Soviet satellites – essentially the old Warsaw Pact countries – does just about zero to heighten US and Western safety, bogs us down further with untenable treaty obligations (the Ukraine deal is the most ridiculous of the several we’ve signed onto), and infuriates a potential great ally. That potential ally is Russia.

    As advised after Christmas 1991, we need to offer an extended hand to the Russian people. What are our similarities? We are both heavily industrialized countries dependent on the flow of oil, we both have a future China problem (as now), we both have a huge Moslem problem (worse now), we are both space faring nations, and both need to exploit our extensive military R&D for the civilian sectors. I spoke at a post-church meeting one afternoon, “there must be a man or woman of wisdom somewhere that can make this happen.” A nobody like me can come up with this, why can’t a person of this level of knowledge and a bit of wisdom not appear in DC and cause this to start happening?

    I have learned slowly the wisdom of my Father, a WW2 veteran and professional in his work life: this does not fit the needed paradigm. Such a person may have been on the way to rising several times, but been professionally or life-wise snuffed out. Such ideas as above do not fit the needed paradigm.

    Lithuania, Ukraine and Poland as NATO members, right next door to Russia, fits their paradigm. NATO post 1991? Why?

    But clearly, we do not fit the needed paradigm.

    Prayer and preparation, Friends.

    –Bill Cthulhu

  8. Who knows? Russians have a habit of massively exaggerating their military assets. Remember the May Day parades with the endless rockets, which were not always real?

    It’s the Afghan’s who beat Russia and have survived our attempts at military conquest that impress me, as fighters. (I’m not a fan of their culture, but then I like beer and music, not goats and mullahs).

    The whole superpower thing seems played out. Who ever tries to disarm me is clearly a major threat and my enemy. They don’t mean me well, else why would they want me disarmed? So, the Russians are not a concern of mine, right now. There are a lot worse people who mean me harm a lot closer that I need to worry about, first.


      Word. I have more to fear from the spineless Dead Elephant Party members in Congress and the Statehouse in Boise than I do from the Russians.

  9. We watched as the deep state led by Obama and his minions attacked the Trump . This forced him to embrace the military industrial complex as his only defense . Now they own him . That is why the special forces dropped into Langley several weeks ago . A show of force to remind Mueller , Obama , and the others they have no way to oust Trump . We’re fucked . Going to tidy up my fallout shelter and double check my masks and potassium iodide supply . Order a few more bb’s too . Might get another Red Ryder or two.

  10. Northgunner

    Death to the global parasite class wherever they my be found!!

    And death to their enablers, supporters and enforcers!!
    Freedom or slavery?…your move!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  11. I remember Nikita Khruschev wailing on the UN desk. He never used his shoe. A made up crock of shit. The MIC must have a bogeyman to ram the theft of the US government down your fucking throat.The military is protecting the shit out of you.
    A new,top-notch,SF brigade called the “Panty Waists”,composed of transformers and dykes,armed with laser guided dildos,used tampons and KY Jelly projectiles will be the cutting edge of military power. The mere sight of these fearless warriors prancing across the battle zone in their Loeffler Randall, 6″ battle stilletos, will strike fear into the most formidable foes. The crinkled leather camouflage slip on’s will instill a sense of fashion pride alongside the Louis Vuitton rucks. Victorias Secret under- garments will insure no chafing or discomfort.
    The entire brigades readiness is currently under duress and question because all members are menstruating at the same time. CNN reporter,Don Lemon ,reported that his recent hysterectomy took care of those pesky women’s issues. A mass hysterectomy may be forthcoming. Stay tuned for further developments.

    • TheAlaskan

      All funny…except the part where ALL your enemy is menstruating at the same time. OMG!

      • “Smells like the shithouse door on a tuna boat!”
        It has been determined that mass lobotomies are less invasive…yet more effective. Hysterectomies out. Lobotomies for everyone. Prefrontal cortex.
        Worked well for the Kennedy clan.

  12. Classic propaganda with enough truthful nuggets in it to catch. That being said, NATO has encroached into areas that Russia ( commie or not) has viewed as historically in their sphere of interest and influence. The American MIC is all about their own interest not the tax payers who pay cash or lives to support it.

  13. White Americans are to be disarmed and replaced. By violence if necessary.

  14. Awesome. This is naming the Jew. You understand that fact, right?

  15. Propaganda does not always mean lies or even twisted truth. My dear old Nana always told us as children that “A truth told with bad intent is worse than any lie you can invent.” A lie is just that. It is untrue and can proven to be untrue. The truth is just that true and it can be used to manipulate people and events even better than lies.
    Pat Buchanan covered the current situation with Russia the other day. His conclusion was simple: “Get over it.”

  16. Horseshit and twaddle.
    We saw Russian power on display about a month ago.

    At last look, they’re short a battalion-sized mechanized combined arms team.
    One entire company of which was sifted, and carried out in pails.
    They didn’t even bother to aggregate the various parts they had, because there aren’t enough pieces big enough to match up.

    Putin hasn’t made a peep.

    Just like they didn’t either after we left a full third of their bestest buddy’s air farce in smoking scrap, less than a year before that.

    Wholly ignoring the question about the best use of American budget dollars for the moment, the entire screed is nothing but a schoolyard attempt at inducing unilateral disarmament.
    Russia has already won, so stop spending money on defense.
    Oh, gee, you sold me.
    I’m guessing that jet-fuel genius that posted this colostomy bag of half-digested shit took the Moscow Centre Propaganda Course by mail.

    We’ve seen what countries look like who listened to that siren song: the smart ones are scrambling to make up shortfalls the Russian Ukranian adventurism has revealed. The rest are too busy fighting off Muslim rapists in their capitols to notice.

    Russia is a regional power. Always was, always will be.
    Putin watched as the legs and arms of the collapsing Soviet Union were hacked away, and now he’s desperately trying to sew them back on.
    Won’t work. They don’t wanna play any more, and Russia can’t project power more than a few miles, most days. People forget that they’re a casualty of the exact same Diversity Flu that’s kicking the rest of the world’s ass. There’s a reason most of the breakaway regions of the former USSR had names that ended in -stan, FFS. Mohamed and the Orthodox Church, let alone the Glorious Experiment in Socialism, don’t find much on which they can see eye-to-eye. What a shocker, huh?

    The Russian state is a nuisance at best, and an adversary at worst, but for most of the nation most days, it isn’t worth getting up off the floor from their lifelong vodka-fuelled bender to bother. If you lived in sub-arctic climate eight months a year and got paid shit, you’d get stoned every day too.

    Putin wants a reborn Soviet Union. Which is in nobody’s interest, even that of Russia. They’re a third world country with a fourth world military, and some few pretty toys, virtually prototypes.

    Their glory days lie rusting in a dozen harbors and a hundred scrapyards, mainly a threat to the environment from hazmat.

    That’s where they should stay.

    And we’re still dicking around with open-sore wars that we should have ended a decade ago.

    Meanwhile, the Army can’t decide which bathrooms to use, the Navy can’t sail in a straight line without hitting another ship, and the Air Farce is spending the budgets of small countries on airplanes that don’t work, while the Navy wants to buy ships that can’t fight. We’ve got the smallest Navy, the most pathetic Army, and the most incompetent military leadership we’ve had since 1938. When we last decided to scrimp on a military, because it was a senseless luxury in tough economic times.

    So tell me…how did that work out for us that time?

    I’ll wait.

    Isolationism as a viable foreign policy died a quick but final death one December Sunday morning in Hawaii about 76 years ago.

    Don’t take my word for it though.
    Just ask President Ron Paul.

    • TheAlaskan

      I don’t care what people say Aesop, you’re the ballast in the keel of reason.

      “If you lived in sub-arctic climate eight months a year and got paid shit, you’d get stoned every day too.”

      Alaskan’s know that…

      Carry on Aesop, your leveling is appreciated.

    • Northgunner

      “Wholly ignoring the question about the best use of American budget dollars for the moment, the entire screed is nothing but a schoolyard attempt at inducing unilateral disarmament.”

      Best use of clearly stolen and coerced funds/property from it’s rightful owners for the continued existence of the parasite class for another day and then another, you mean.

      That’s why I posted that previously that ALL elements of the parasite class MUST be destroyed along with it’s enablers, supporters and enforcers. They won’t simply agree to let us secede from them and ‘live and let live’; they can’t as that signals to anyone paying attention that they’ve failed and that their ‘authority’ doesn’t have any legitimacy and never did.

      I don’t worry about Putin, he’s not my enemy. drumpf is a grandstanding buffoon and even though he recently outed himself as a parasite class graduate where guns are concerned (‘confiscate them first, then due process’) he’s in the cesspool of Mordor on the Potomac 2,500 miles away from me. Our most dire threats to life and Liberty WILL emerge from within our own ao’s, that’s where our work will be cut out for us in the upcoming spiciness.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • Isolationism as a viable foreign policy died a quick but final death one December Sunday morning in Hawaii about 76 years ago.

      Thanks to the American political command structure wanting it and allowing it to happen, because isolationism was getting too popular. If ther wasn’t a war enemy, how would politicans receive power and cronies receive tax payments? What kind of enemy-marker parenthesis should I put around FDR, who wasn’t Jewish?


        Word. Read the book DAY OF DECEIT. And yes, Frank the Cripple was not Jewish. But, he, Churchill, Truman, and others were all 33rd-degree Masons. Read BROTHERHOOD OF DARKNESS by Dr. Stanley Monteith. Follow that one up with HOPE OF THE WICKED, by Ted Flynn. The truth is out there.

  17. Grey Ghost

    I have advocated bringing home all the “troops” stationed overseas and close down all or 85+% of our foreign bases for well over a decade. If you believe in the ideas of self determination and sovereignty then you have to agree we need to get most if not all the .mil back to the U.S. and let other countries determine their future. I’m not averse to the idea of small JUSMAGs (Joint U.S. Military Assistance Group) in any country wanting our military advice. The idea of closing foreign bases is viewed as “isolationism” by the MIC, most of the Republicans, Democrats and probably most who post here. Nothing could be further from the truth. Isolationism would be if we had no embassy and/or trade relations with some country but to say one is isolationist because you no longer want to have your military as a force in some country is just plain ridiculous and incorrect from a logical point of view. Countries need to step up and provide for their own defense, and if they want our help, then they can ask when the time comes.

    As to Putin having some super non-stoppable weapons… call me a skeptic until I see them used or a reliable IC source holds a press conference to confirm them. It is CLEAR that the Russians have a cruise missile that is the equal of ours and they demonstrated such in Syria a couple of years ago.

    I also believe if you scale back the .mil then the social programs must be scaled back by equal amounts too. With any luck the .gov would actually be able to balance the budget and spend only what they take in. Yeah yeah I know… it’s all a pipe dream because the .mil budget is never less and the social program budget spending is almost as big as the .mil and it too is never less. None of these “govt sectors” will ever be reduced no matter how many times I call my “representative” or who I vote for, which is why I’m in full agreement with Bill Buppert… that the state is a cancer eating away the substance of its citizens and a Necromonger to all people.

    Grey Ghost

    • I wouldn’t bring all of them home everywhere, but Eurostan, at least the long-standing NATO contingent, can foot the bill for looking after itself.

      But we need a Marine division in Okinawa like we need bleeding ass sores.
      There probably isn’t a ground unit larger than an SFODA that should be deployed in Europe west of Poland.

      Air bases and port facilities are another thing entirely. Planes have to land and refuel, and non-nuclear ships (which is most of them) have to refuel and refit.

      Apart from whatever bribes and whatnot it takes to keep Egypt and Israel from tangling, and the Suez Canal open, I wouldn’t have anything larger than an embassy detail deployed anywhere in Africa between the Med and Capetown. Let them knock each other off all day long and twice on Sunday, just keep it local. (If we can repatriate some,. most, or all of our inner city Diversity back there anytime soon, it’s win-win: the IQ of both continents would increase measurably afterwards.)

      And I’d tell the ding-songs running the show in Iraq and A-stan they’ve got six months to get their shit in one bag. we’d like them to try liberalizing their countries a bit, but in any event, we’re gone in six months, and it’s their job to straighten out their own country within its borders.
      But if they go cross-border adventuring, spawn one terrorist group, overlook a single terrorist training camp, or annoy us in the slightest, we’ll be redecorating things from altitude, with JDAMs, until they stop fucking the pooch.
      Call it Pax IMX.

      The major exception to repatriating overseas troops is South Korea.
      Our troops are a courtesy tripwire, but it works to keep Dear Dipshit and the Nork hordes in line.

      It’s also the whole “Nature abhors a vacuum” thing.
      If we bail on South Korea, Japan gets lonely, and revisits that whole no-nukes policy. In about 20 minutes, they assemble their first weapon.
      Loathing the last round of Japanese militarism they experienced, about a day later, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, and possibly the Philippines and New Zealand decide they need a few nukes too, since America is leaving them all to be carved up by China and Japan.

      And suddenly it’s 1937 in the Pacific, except with 1960 Cold War rules in play, and tending towards a Sarajevo 1914 spark.

      If keeping a division on the Korean DMZ (where we have a 65 year old conditional truce, not a peace treaty) prevents that party from kicking off (and it does, for almost 75 years), it’s a bargain.

  18. “Ask yourself how the US would have reacted if its strategic opponent in the Cold War had invited Mexico and much of Central America into the Warsaw Pact, and had spent the past decade improving its military.

    Especially after forming an economic alliance with Canada.”

    While “tamping down” the source author’s personal politics, hell, I’ve been trying to get folks to seriously frame that question in their heads for quite awhile. (And conversed with some folks in Kiev who view what happened to them as a coup, nothing less; the Obozo State Dep’t are some folks they’d like to have a few minutes with in a room.)

  19. We already know how the US would have reacted. We had Cuba 90 miles away.

    How did they react?

    Well, some of them drew up Operation Northwoods.

    Then you have the Bay of Pigs fiasco.

    • Northgunner

      And out of that came the plan for a false flag op that would terrorize people with passenger planes being intentionally flown into buildings and into the pentashitpile.

      9/11 anyone?

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  20. Masthead, how will I use this weekend to improve my positions?

    Well, I have the shooting range in my yard at least functional for pistol shooting, and got a bit of that done yesterday. Will continue upgrading for rifle zeroing.

    Also picked about ten pounds of strawberries at a local farm and the wife got them canned into jelly. Good skill to have.

    Going to work this weekend, probably will be in the ER. Maybe some interesting cases will come in and I’ll learn something new.

    Next weekend I’ll be going with my part time employer to train on a military shooting range in Alabama.

  21. An American

    Well, that’s interesting. They can do a video game simulated attack on Florida for a speech, and fly a Tu-95 our way occasionally. They certainly got creamed in Syria recently. Good at deception and the mass charge, but nobody wants what they have except oil. Some US. States have better economies. Demographics are not on their side. At least this shill for the Russians admits he’s a shill.

  22. The F-86 was inferior to the MiG-17, the Sheridan and Chaffee tanks were inferior to the T-54, the B-58 was never produced. The B-52 is still superior and flying…American Infantry (Army and Marines) are inferior to NO ONE!

    Our anti-armour weapons have always failed against armour and our hegemonic ego has been our undoing against less industrial nations and people.

    Just like the good Germans of 1945, we find ourselves with little authority to control the misgivings of an elitist “ruling class.” We allowed this political system to get out of hand, instead of retaining a federated republic.

    We let “Them” rule over because of apathy or some form of psychological inferiority complex. Three Trillion dollars missing since 10 Sept. 2001 is still unaccounted for, D.o.D. money appropriated from the American taxpayers.

    How superior is the F-35? How will the Abrams stack against the newer Russian and PRC tanks? What about the ballistics of the Chinese rifles?

    It seems that we have had a number of defense projects that were scams, corporate profits and Congressional bribes. R.S. McNamara put a stop to a few of those and after JFK was assasinated he changed his tune.

    Hillary, Obama and their peers want a war with Russia and China! Like someone had written: Obama reduced the effectiveness of our military while the “enemy” were improving theirs. The corporate principates and oligarchy will never allow a public view of them losing to their enemies.

    We made the world safe for United Fruit and Dole, while pretending it was for “democracy.” Let’s include domestic big oil and the agriculture commodities, too.

  23. Word. He Describes it More Concisely than I have been able to Express to people I talk to Directly. I have been an Aircraft Mechanic, working on the “Big Birds” for 39 Years. I can Watch the (few) Videos of the Newest Russian ‘stuff’, and their shit Works. Hypersonic Nuclear-Powered Cruise Missiles and Maneuvering Ballistic Warheads are not ‘magic’ nor hard to Build; 50 Years ago, when My Father was an Officer in the Air Force, a Lot of ‘Exotic’ Weapons like this were Designed and even Tested. None of this Stuff was Built, because starting with “Vietnam” (the War to secure the Southeast Asian Drug Trade) the Entire U.S. Military Apparatus was Shifted into a Roman-Empire style Invasion, Occupation, and Resource Extraction
    “System”. In Tandem with this, the “Military-Industrial Complex”, through “Financialization” by (((Banksters))) was turned into a Single-Organism Conglomerate that Ate Up and Destroyed all the smaller Aerospace Firms that did the stuff like Putting the Footprints on the Moon at a Tiny Fraction of the Cost of the Junk being ‘bought’ by the Military today.

    Russia has re-Established “Mutual Assured Destruction” while the U.S. ‘leaders’, zionist neocon warmongers have $pent Trillion$ of (borrowed from the future generations) $hekel$ on Attacking Nations the zionists want to control or Destroy. No Nation that the U.S. has Attacked in the last 50 Years was Ever a Threat to the United States. After the (White, Orthodox Christian) Russians removed the bolshevik (((parasite class))) like a Tick on a Dog, Russia is Recovering from nearly a Century of Outside Control. Russians are “Upping their Game” of actual Defensive Weapons, Systems that will Insure the Destruction of the United States, if “We the People” do not Reject, Repudiate, and Remove the zionist, dual-citizen Traitors that now Run our Government.

    Everyone should Read and Spread the Linked Article, and Ask themselves if the Past Fifteen Years of Wars, MILLIONS of people Murdered, Trillions of Dollars Wasted “Fighting Terrorism” against “Terrorist Groups” that are Financed and Controlled by out-of-control ‘Agencies’ of the government has been ‘Worth It’.

  24. Truth is a bitch, truth is a hard pill to swallow. Most of it is dead on, some isn’t, but that’s okay. Propaganda it’s what they all do. Fuck them. It’s all about tribe now. Kith and kin…

  25. Alfred E. Neuman

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  26. “Putin: Maybe ‘Jews’ but not Kremlin meddled in US election”

    Rhetorical question – Now, why would Putin say this? Maybe it’s because the jews of the jewish state do meddle internationally with all the different countries, in their elections and otherwise, and the jews do it primarily by using the US to do their dirty work for them – with the expenditure of the blood and money of the American people.

    “”Maybe,” Putin said, “they are not even Russians but Ukrainians, Tatars or Jews, but with Russian citizenship, which should also be checked; maybe they have dual citizenship or a green card; maybe the US paid them for this.”

    • and the jews do it primarily by using the US to do their dirty work for them – with the expenditure of the blood and money of the American people.

      So how often are you down at your local recruitment office informing those who go to enlist?

  27. Known this since jr. high. I’m of an age where as a kid, my neighborhood was infested with WW2, Korea and Vietnam vets and the prevailing wisdom was “Do NOT join the military, regardless of branch. Your government does NOT give fuck about you.” Never has, never will. Killing and dying for your beliefs is one thing, killing and dying for people who hold you in contempt is unthinkably stupid.

    • Yea well a lot of people didn’t get the memo…The brainwashing has been going on so long that you will never wake enough people out of their stupor…Sad That…

  28. Aaron Saenz

    Western Rifle Shooters Association:

    Keep in mind that when NATO invited ex-USSR states to join, they jumped at the chance because they know that Russia intends on keeping them enslaved in its new autocratic empire. After all, Putin said before and said again just last week that the biggest geo-political disaster of the 20th Century was the dissolution of the Soviet Union.


    In Russia, gun ownership is more restricted that in many countries but especially more than in America.

    As for your link to “Read it anyway”, that goes to Russell Bentley’s blog – and Bentley is an avowed Communist Party supporter of Putin’s Russia. Does this blog support Communists and Communist domination?

    Just a small poin – your map of Russia at least doesn’t include Ukraine’s Crimea and the illegal annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea by Russia was rejected by 100 countries.

    • Does the US Deep State have the interests of you and your family in mind?

      • Northgunner

        Hell no they don’t!!
        We’re just groceries on a store shelf to them.

        They can all FOAD!!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

      • a follower

        “Does the US Deep State have the interests of you and your family in mind?”
        No, of course no.
        Yet, even when Putin has spoken out “against the NWO” do we believe him?
        Conclusions on the enemy:
        1.They are ‘all’ players and bad actors upon the world stage.
        2.They are consumed by their own self interest.
        3. More $$$ is almost always at the heart of their solutions.
        Government waste is never truly addressed or changed.
        4.If our military is weak, it is by design.
        5. We are not going to fix the world.

      • No

      • Does anyone but you and your family have that? Trust and the Care factor have been eroding away and when it hits a low enough point then war, famine, and pestilence will come and make today feel like dream…

  29. It’s the Levant stupid. Its been fought over for 5000 years. With the current level of war technology, it will end destroyed instead of one power or another gaining control of it. Control the Levant you control the geographical & political center of the middle east. Its why ISIS tried to control it.

    To the Russians its access thru the Bosphorus Straights they are concerned with. Notice they have limited their actions to denying control of Syria, leaving it Assad’s hands. And thats another thing, Syria being a secular State. The last one standing. Remember when the commies took over congress in 2006, the first thing they did was visit Assad. The second was their “Arab Spring”, in of course, the secular mideast states.

    The Russians have no intentions at this stage anyways, of world dominion, like the neo-cons. They aren’t straddled with an industrial military complex or its war profiteering political class. If they have those similar Russian style intentions we would have seen it already.

    For the most part far as I can tell they are sitting behind their sovereign borders watching the western hemisphere self destruct. They are amassing enough gold and other physical forms of intrinsic wealth to survive what ever happens economically.

    The smart money is to divest from pax americana. Its like a worn out globalist’s whore with a face like Nancy Pelosi with no teeth and a sawed off shotgun with one shell left.

    Trump is right on America First. He see’s it clear as a bell. We been needing that concept put into play for too long. It’s the most critical part of draining the swamp. Pull back from the neocon trans-globalist military expeditionary agenda and the swamp will be 1/2 empty. Actually kill two birds with one stone, it stops the use of our blood & treasure in the form of the .mil as a one world order mercenary army of rapine & pillage.

  30. a follower

  31. Yes, its propaganda, but its for our benefit. The NWO scares Russia as much as us. The missiles may or may not be real, but only the deep state wins in a world of chaos. The chaos will be ending, or rapidly decreasing except for the problem of political Islam. The deep state is world wide and has no borders, the same as political Islam. Its propaganda against the corrupt deep state that stole our country and others, and meant to wake up the masses, that political Islam and the NWO is the real enemy.