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Take the “rule of 100” announced here.

Apply it to both academia and the QUANGOs.



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  1. robroysimmons

    Quangos are the price we pay for Aesop’s America as global cop with shiny badges viewpoint. Now I understand Aesop will come back with some magic thinking that we consteeetushonal conservatives can chant magic words and take us back to 1945. Color me skeptical.

  2. SW Richmond

    “I’m with her”

  3. a follower

    In our youth we believed in the illusion of freedom, the illusion they have created.
    Is Congress About to Start a Civil War in America?

  4. Remember boys and girls. Aesop is an idiot or a paid federal troll. LOGISTICS IS THE ONLY WAY TO WIN. If you cannot move what you need , where you need it, WHEN you need it YOU LOSE. The “VC” were all but wiped out during the US “TET68” counterattack, because they had no way to move supply forward and replace casualty’s. The Army of North Vietnam (NVA) had a series of gravel 2 lane roads that ran from the ports in north Vietnam and China all the way to Saigon .(The Ho Chi Mihn trail) They had convoys of Russian trucks that were miles long. They ran all night –EVERY night. The NVA also had tanks, AAA , modern equipment and shoes , night vision gear and MANPAD SAM’s. (they shot down more than TWENTY THOUSAND US aircraft. Most from 68-75 using “Strella'” MANPADS and radar tracking mobile ZSU AAA ) The large scale irregular war with improvised weapons ended in the south in the late 1950’s and early 60’s . What is called ,”The US Advisor period” The rest is a myth created by the pentagon to try and justify stupid. From 1965 on the NVA had AKM’s SKS’s, modern uniforms , field gear and pretty good all around logistics as well as the content of much that the US had been bringing into Vietnam since 1950. THATS WHY they won. I won’t even address someone stupid enough to compare modern logistic needs to “Marius’s Mules” in the 1st century BC. Aesop full of shit. , P.S. Most of the M1 rifles , carbines and equipment, used by the NVA in the early US war were rifles, and equipment we supplied to the French in the late 40’s and early 50’s. They were left them in Hanoi when it fell in the 50’s. They also had shitloads of Japanese equipment and weapons/ammo left in the north by the US and French. 90% of the myth of the Vietnam war was communist propaganda spread by US news.

      • “In total, the United States military lost in Vietnam almost 10,000 aircraft, helicopters and 578 UAVs (554 over Vietnam and 24 over China).”

        • Northgunner

          They should have sent back the scrapped jet fighter for cash and kept john ‘songbird’ mc’tumor.

          The Vietnam War was nothing more than an proxy war by us on the behalf of the French to try to recapture their lost colony there…killing commies was an extra.

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!

      • wendystringer48088
      • Bear in mind, in VN, if an aircraft was totaled, it was considered shot down, but with helicopters, the mechanics would resurrect the hulks over and over and get them airworthy again and again, so some a/c were shot down three, four, five times before they were considered too trashed to patch back together anymore.

    • I didn’t say “VC”, genius, and one doesn’t need to be any sort of federal troll to recognize you for a butthurt lackwit with delusions of competence.

      How many tons of bombs did we drop on the Ho Chi Minh Trails, and how many actual destroyed truck chassis did we find?
      (Hint for the historically ignorant – yes, that’d be you Ray – Google the legendary “Great Laotian Truck Eater”. Get back to us.)
      So tell me, what flag flies over Vietnam today?
      And what good are logistics in the hands of sheep?

      We left literal metric fucktons of logistics in South Vietnam when we left.
      And again, forty years later, in Iraq.
      How’d that work out, either place? For them for us.
      Take your time. Marshal your best A-list comeback.

      The NVA had hordes of logistics dropped off in North Vietnam, yes.
      But they won because they were willing to push howitzers by hand up impossibly steep jungle trails, and smuggle rice and AK ammunition south by the tied-off sockful on bicycles in jungle streams to get what was needed, where it was needed.

      I notice too, you were completely dumbfounded by the examples of both the Falklands War, and Afghanistan 2002. Let me know when you get that far, and you can catch up the rest of your missing arguments.

      Really, when the mud is up to your chin, you probably want to stop flapping your gums and start re-thinking your problem.

      Logistics are one component of what it takes to fight.
      They aren’t the primary one.
      Contemplate all possible meanings of the phrase “putting the cart before the horse”.

      Ponder too Napoleon’s maxim (doubtless news to you, but still…)
      The moral is to the physical as three to one.
      Nappy won a battle or two; maybe you’ve heard of it.

      Now interpret that statement, and your recockulous argument on the primacy of logistics, in light of the fact that Britain ran the greatest, most world-spanning mercantile economy on the planet, and they got their asses handed to them by raggedy-ass starving motherfuckers who were willing to row across a near-frozen river, at night, on Christmas Eve, to ass-rape them with bayonet steel.

      “There is more to actual military strategy, Beavis, than is dreamt of in your philosophy.” – Shakespeare , Hamlet Act I, Sc. 5

      Now go get some TP for your bunghole, and use it to beat out the flames of your own ass, on fire.

    • wendystringer48088

      Respectfully, I don’t see what happened over there at that time applies to what may happen over here at the present or a future time.
      I get that without re-supply a fighting force is limited to what it has on hand at the start of hostilities, as once it uses up its stores of ammo, food, etc. their ability to effectively resist is gone.
      However, there is more than one way to fight, depending on what your goals are. I am sure there are some bright minds that are working on tactics and solutions that will be useful given the real world situation and existing limitations should the situation arise.

    • Ray, with the respect your flaming posts deserve, you are out of your
      considerable depth jousting with Aesop.

      On style points alone, he’s taking your lunch money, never mind facts and logic.

      Logistics imbalance didn’t lose the VN war for the US… Walter Kronkite, Jane Fonda, the Pentagon “body counters,” academic commies, student dupes and think tank Whiz Kids like McNamara did.


        Spot on. When the multi-part PBS special on the VN War aired in the late 1970’s, the Communist military personnel who were interviewed made a point of saying how their tenacity was predicated on the lack of support by the MSM, treasonous useful idiots like Jane Fonda and John Kerry, craven politicians like Senators Frank Church and Ted Kennedy, and a host of other toadies and remoras. They claimed, in their own words, they won the war on the streets of America.
        I still remember coming home on leave in 1970 and walking through the airport at LAX. I was spat at and cursed. This whole fawning, simpering, cloying, “thank you for your service” meme of present day just continues to rip the scab off. I hope my time will come soon to: “…set things right.”

  5. St.Maur1066

    No one was shot at Parkland High School…………
    Sound “crazy”? In an insane world, the sane, seem insane.

  6. FYI “The Vietnam war” AKA the Communist “revolution” was waged from the mid 1930’s until the mid 1980’s. At one time or other it involved the following nations who ether engaged in direct action or sent troops who did. France. Imperial Japan. The United States. South Korea. North Korea. China. Laos . Cambodia.( Burma. India UN) Great Britton. Australia. Russia (advisors) Canada (UN). The “Vietnam war” also spanned all of what the French called “Indo China” with over 70% of the “air war” (bombing) being done over Lao’s and Cambodia in a futile effort to cut the logistic road net to the active war zone. The Southeast Asian war (a more correct name for it) Started as Ho Chi Mhin’s “peoples revolution” in the 1930’s it didn’t end until it burned itself out in the mid 1980’s with the fall of Pol Pot and the flight of the “boat people”. The last US dead from it were US Marines who were killed in Cambodia in 1976. Most of Aesop’s “history” is communist propaganda, myth and bullshit.

    • So tell me, what flag flies over Vietnam today? And every day since April 1975?
      (Major cluebat for ya:

      This is the once-City Hall in the city formerly known as Saigon. The city has a new name now. You could look it up.)
      And what good are logistics in the hands of sheep?

      But keep swinging 40 years after the bell, and keep digging in the pile; with all the horseshit in your argument, there has to be a pony under there somewhere. Keep shoveling.

      Pretty much everyone can get that but you.

      I could keep this up all day, but I have scruples about beating retarded kids with a baseball bat.
      After two or three good whacks, my heart’s just not in it any more.
      Ray, you magnificent bastard: I read your book!

      Maybe get a new schtick, Baby Duck.

    • I warned you, Ray.

      Shoulda refrained from proving it by another lame attempt.

      Wise is the man who, having nothing to say, keeps his mouth shut to avoid proving it.

  7. america is the most rotten, corrupt, and illegitimate country on earth, and i for one, will smile the day it is attacked and destroyed. it’s pee pull must die in agony and it must be wiped from the pages of written history.



    • Northern gunner

      You first

      • get on your knees and pray to your fucked up loser god


        • I’ll just ask you, rhetorically (because I know your answer will just consist of drooling venom and scraped knuckles),

          Why should anyone give an infant shit about the opinions of a psychopath who jizzes for the death of… each and every one of us?

          • after decades of false beliefs and useless hope and prayer, i’ve realized religion is the cause of the worlds ills.

            you’ll all have to go because of it.

            a better world will emerge after the complete purge of the fake god worshiping zealots.

            when has your phony baloney god ever come thru?

            everything good in my life is due to MY efforts, not some bullshit weakling deity. you’re all brainwashed just as much as the muhammad freaks.

            i suppose your god created ebola, polio, and small pox, because he loves you so much?

  8. St.Maur1066


  9. I work in the belly of the Academic Beast. You can save a boat load of jet fuel by going a different route against the universities. Depending on the State, at best 50% of tuition covers the operating costs of these institutions. The balance is covered by State taxation.

    Eliminate State support and most of the academic BS stops. Essentially they will go the way of Mizzo and Evergreen, a slow fade to oblivion if they don’t wise up. (Both of these institutions are down 25% in enrollment and still ongoing. Whole depts are being gutted as a consequence.) But if you want something more kinetic wrangle, cajole right wing speakers on campus. The Leftists will trip over themselves, and consequently enrollment, to figuratively burn the place down.

    Provosts, Chancellors and Deans are very adept at saving their own skins. They will, faced with economic Armageddon, eliminate non performing depts. Most of those depts have ‘Studies’ at the end of their title. Yes it would be a slow roll, but hey it took us from the 1960’s to now to get to this state of affairs. Cut the funds and it will be corrected in half the time. Just realize you will have to give up Starbucks as where else will all the Leftist university profs work at?

    Not as much fun as the choppers circling, but a heck of a lot cheaper.

    • libertyandlead2

      Wouldn’t the tide of leftism begin to turn fairly quickly if the money went away from the hotbeds we call universities? Are not college “professors” the main prognosticators of collectivism in the west?

      Instead of hanging politicians from lamp posts (which would do zero ultimately because more are being made every day) perhaps digging out the root of the weed, the academics “teaching” at colleges, is the smarter and logistically easier play. They after all are just out there walking around like cattle are they not.

      • “Instead of hanging politicians from lamp posts (which would do zero…”

        Kill the chickens, scare the monkeys.

        “…because more are being made every day…”

        See above. As well, ever hear of a little concept called “Justice?”

        And don’t be such a spoil sport.

    • wendystringer48088

      HaHa. So nice I FIFY so it would display by itself (need the graphic file extension on the end) 🙂

  10. Say hey, Ray. I was on and traveled up and down the Ho Chi Minh trail, dozens of times, killing everyone who did not look like our side whenever the opportunity presented itself. NO GRAVEL ROADS. I was as far north as the Laotian border, and as far south as it extended, and No Gravel Roads. In Cambodia, in 1970, at their depots and bunkers, we would often find gravel thrown down just out side, to allow for trucks offloading. The VC got their ass handed to them in Tet ’68 all right, but it was due to a lack of warm bodies that they lost, not logistics. They had logistics out of their ass. So, about the Ho Chi Minh trail. If you weren’t there, then STFU. Courteously.

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. St.Maur1066

    As these developments unfold, Broward Circuit Judge Jeffrey Levenson is set to review security camera footage from outside the school during the shooting before deciding whether it should be released to the public. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, along with the Miami Herald, CNN, and other media outlets have sued to force the sheriff’s office and high school to release the video, which reportedly does not show anyone being shot.