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  1. Brilliant! I love to hear someone use logic and reason. This leftist interviewing Peterson continually tries to put words in his mouth and accuse him of saying/believing things that he clearly does not. He doesn’t lose patience with her, but over and over justifies his arguments to no avail, as leftists do no use logic and reason. The left believe their ideology without facts to back it up, and when presented with facts, they refuse to accept that their ideology is wrong. Michael Savage said it best, “liberalism is a mental disorder.”

    • Liberal progression/predictable behavior. Interview style.
      1) Volume.
      2) “Ask” a question, (make a statement) “Isn’t it true that you”…
      3) Interrupt.
      4) Answer your own question.
      4) Emotion surfaces..
      5) Make it personal.
      6) Attack the messenger.
      7) Run out of time.

  2. Man without restraints is just an animal in search of his next meal. Nietzsche couldn’t accept the admonishment of a G*d, and so, like the millennials today, did away with Him. Declaring G*d to be dead must be quite amusing to G*d. Looked at in it’s historical context, the restraints of Christianity are necessary because man is forever trying and failing to keep from becoming a savage. The restraints don’t fail, man does. Every once in a while there is a kind of a reset, and afterwards, a return to discipline. Millions of dead add up to what man really wants to do, After the ball is over, the reaction sets in, and men are somewhat peaceful for a while. That it is to do all over again speaks volumes. Man by man’s efforts will NEVER perfect himself, no matter how many laws are passed, how much blood gets spilled. Guys like Nietzsche are temper-tantrum kids who don’t like rules, and play by their own. That only works for a while.

  3. Us dirt people are no small number, though between the fake media and their fake narratives, yes as Petersen says, there are no moral bearings left on the nationalism/nation state/republic scale of things, but on the provincial dirt people scale, and that includes millions trapped behind enemy lines in commie/ruling class land too, there is an abundance of moral bearing on the personal/family/tribe/community level.
    Evidence you might ask? Or alternative to the Normie, pooh pooh resistance is futile, sky is falling chicken little, troll and agent provocateur plurality that whines and bitches otherwise?

    It is exactly the moral bearing of manifest tolerance and legitimate cold anger held in reserve of the association of dirt people and Deplorable’s, who are the glue that holds what is left of legacy and tradition/culture of at least American Western thought, faith, civilization together.

    Just because we are disenfranchised through the 5th column’s attempts to build and activate radicalism where according to their narrative and double speak, we no longer exist, doesn’t mean we in actuality we do not exist.
    We all know who and what we are of this demographic. And while we may not be a plurality in awareness we are that vast plurality, we are a plurality that in no uncertain terms billions upon billions, decades into centuries has been wasted to get rid of us once and for all.
    We are in no uncertain terms people of a Legion.
    They wouldn’t be trying to back door exterminate us while being circumspect about one critical fact, if it where not the truth of us. We are a real fucking pain in the ass in that respect, stubborn as hell, very difficult to liquidate, we keep our own council, and there are far too many of us not afraid, for totalitarian agenda to work as it has in other cultures and times, of course our primal exercise of our natural right to bear arms, in the numbers known makes us a whole other thing than the globalists and their raw naked power is otherwise effective in repressing.
    I can just see the cries of defeatism in regards that score. Which in its own way validates the existence of millions who regardless of all attempts to pogrom and genocide us dirt people, that lends credence to the official hive mind think we are an almost extinct culture & race.
    The fact they desperately act to disarm us and give us the neo-bolshevik Kulak treatment speaks volumes on how non existent…We are not.

    Believe what you want.
    Their are a shitload of us who scare the ruling class enough they devote inordinate effort and energy to get rid of us.
    If we where not such an existential threat to them and their power, shit would be a whole other kettle of fish.
    There’s a dirt people zeitgeist underway.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. freeillinois

    Our culture is being changed on purpose to bring down the Values, traditions and faith that founded our nation; but we are not alone on the world. Other nations of Europe are facing the same thing.
    Tommy Robinson has been trying to wake the British people up to the threats they face. Below is a video of him and woman being beaten and kicked in the Streets of London by Antifa.
    Please understand what happened to Tommy is the same thing that will happen to us if we do not take a stand.

  6. Secular morality has been done. It fails. And when it fails the results are spectacular because there is no stopgap on badness. Need I point out the body counts of the 20th century? The “shirts” are blank slates ready to be programmed by statist masters.

    Godlessness invariably leads to authoritarianism to fill a vacuum of authority. Sure, you have good natured, self-restrained individuals but they seldom manage to keep control because their VERY NATURE IS PASSIVE. Eventually someone will arrive to test (and change) secular morality in the absence of those willing to stand and fight for objective morality. If there is no God, why not? What are the consequences? Might makes right. So some inconvenient people need to die, big deal. The utopia will be worth it! Us dirt people don’t have meaningful lives anyway and our kids are cancers who will only grow into barriers for progress.

    Self-restraint is the bedrock of freedom and it is rooted in Christianity. Where would the West be without it? This is why our enemy so intent on removing Christianity from the town square and why they started attacking decades ago.

    This is also where we have failed. Example, look at school shootings…

    RKBA -> Godless little bastard -> murder of kids -> millions of usefuls crying out for gun control.

    RKBA isn’t the problem. 2A, not a problem. Black rifles, not a problem. And then those who promote RKBA are put in the position to justify gun ownership because the acceptance of Godless little bastards is a forgone conclusion.

    It’s an impossible position. Be 100% in support of RKBA but know that in this environment we will eventually lose as the cost of freedom in a secular society becomes too high for the slim majority to bear.

    I never agreed to live in a society where someone thought it was okay to murder kids. Did you? NO! We never agreed to tolerate this (and so much more) in exchange for our rights.

    The Godless little bastards eat our food, drink our water, breath our air, and sleep in our beds. For life. Precisely because secular moralists forbid us from doing the necessary thing to prevent more evil; pulling Godless little bastard out of his rack first thing and increasing his Pb intake until dead.

    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” ~John Adams

    Now I’m not saying everyone has to be a Christian. Just like I’m not saying everyone has to be a gun owner. But if we can’t agree on objective morality we are lost. Whatever is built on the ashes needs to address this as a prerequisite question/answer or it is doomed to fail again.

    • Wonderful, accurate comment. Without objective morality with consequences, and wide common agreement on the same…

      …anything goes.

      That treatise on pervasive travesty recently linked detailed the assault on morality, sensibility and personal responsibility and intentional nature of it, to destroy the will to resist tyranny.

      As the old country song states, “You’ve got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.”

      As brilliant as Peterson is, as much as I admire his efforts and motivation as best I understand them, he cannot replace “God” by re-purposing
      The Bible.

      Secular anything is doomed to fail… the works of flawed humanity are…

      • a follower

        anything goes is what many consider freedom.
        Yet it is they who are the true slaves.

      • well then.

        if killing every fucking self-righteous child molesting, drunken, drug addled, fake christian is what it’s going to take to shut you retarded fucks up for good, then so be it. do you asswipes think your cheesy religion and so-called worthless fucking god is what kept civilization together?

        take a real good hard look around you.

        IT / YOU


        get ready to meet your imaginary maker.

        bah hahahahahahahahahahaha

        • I’ve responded to you in the past with solid examples, you didn’t like them.

          I’ve been tempted to reason with you but as evidence proves, you would not hear nor understand.

          I’m afraid pitying you would turn to contempt

          Ridicule would serve no purpose

          So I’m left only one recourse, as directed by the God I know, I shall pray for you.


          • ghostsniper

            My imaginary superhero can whip your imaginary superhero’s ass.
            If you try to force your delusions on anyone else there deserve to shoot your stupid ass in the face. Live and let live and mind your own fucking business.

            • You know what eat, your own fucking words.

              You don’t believe in God, good for you. I have never told anyone they need to believe as I do.

              Now if my expressing I’m going to pray for someone is that big of a fucking threat to your little ego then I have a little suggestion for you – go fuck yourself, with a rusty crowbar

              fucking punk, live and let live as long as it agrees with your worldview, you’re as big a hypocrite as about a third of the people that post here.

              So again, asshole, eat your own fucking words – live and let live and mind your own fucking business, you fucking piece of dog shit.

              Yeah, my God tells me I’m letting him down again but sometimes the human side takes over, especially when the hypocrisy of twits like you runs all over your ass and then makes a mess on the floor.

              The stupid runs strong in you.

              Also, you sure as hell better hope that you are right about this and I’m wrong, the consequences if it’s the other way are, shall we say, significant.


        • Bring it yourself, you pathetic mental micro cephalic and moral quadriplegic, septic cesspit of hatred and envy……………….

          If there were to be any improvement of the human condition by other than
          Divine Intervention, it would begin with your suicide… and I wouldn’t rule out an Act of God in your case since you blaspheme and curse Believers as a reflex.

          God is no respecter of persons.

          God is not mocked.

          Hell’s Gate yawns for you…..

          • you sound just like a muzzie.

            fuck your dumb ass god. you out-dated superstitious retard.

            • Yet you are the one calling for 300 million deaths of those the muzzies would call infidels and also wish dead.

              OBTW, the muzzies will call you an infidel too……


          My friend, even an agnostic like you can understand the two tenets of Natural Law: DO ALL YOU HAVE AGREED TO DO. DO NOT ENCROACH ON THE PERSON OR PROPERTY OF ANOTHER. It is the old Golden Rule idea, which transcends organized religious belief. We are in the mess we are in because millions of Amerikan Sheeple are so consumed with and fixated upon their own self-gratification, they will go to any lengths to keep their lifestyles intact.
          Those two tenets predispose a logical moral compass and a need for personal responsibility and self-control. You, I, and others have prattled on incessantly about the social, cultural, intellectual, moral, and physical breakdown of society and culture in the USA. As horrific as you advocate it, a culling of millions is probably in order.
          Keep in mind, however, that those of us who are believers will continue, to the best of our abilities to live the life which the Good Book tells us to live. I would rather recite the Nicene Creed and the Lord’s Prayer daily and find out there is nothing beyond my death, than direct scorn and ridicule towards those who DO believe and find out, the second after I draw my last breath that they were right and I was wrong.
          My previous observation in a reply to you still stands. Even though you have been blessed with wealth and the security of being withdrawn from any “wretched hive of scum and villainy”, you may need help when the chastisement hits. A Bible-believing Christian may be the only person to extend his or her hand. And, if you ever relocate to Rawles Land, my tribe and I will extend our hands to you. It’s what we do. Bleib ubrig.

          • DtW

            i know you’re one of the good ones, so is Pete. but, the americants are the most vile and corrupt of any people i have ever come into contact with. keep in mind, the rest of the world HATES the murkins guts. there will be NO outside help for the americants from any country because of it. i’ve given up on them for very good reasons. the Mexicans will cut your throats and so will the Canadians when given the chance. murka is through. it will be burnt to ashes- the disease must be eradicated. leave while you still can.

        • Sadly, you epitomize exactly (IMO) the loss of morality and conscious direction ‘western’ civilization needs to maintain itself – good to know there are those like you out there – keep up the good work – we (or at least I) need to be reminded that on the local level who the true enemy is ….
          Point of fact, on the big (world and national) level there is no doubt in my mind but sometimes we never really see it on an interpersonal level. Bravo sir! you win the prize for the day …….

        • When I think of a truely religious zealot, I think of you. The only problem is the kingdom of your god is limited to your bathroom mirror. Go ahead, take the road to Damascus, see what happens.

        • Cop bodycount still a solid zero, Tfaggot?…. I’m wonderin when, exactly you’ll stop bein a blowhard coward and ACT on your convictions. LoL Just kidding, chickenshit. I KNOW the answer is never. Thanks for the laughs, tfaggot. You never fail to amuse.

          • go to werk- LOSER

            pay your pathetic bills on your cheap fucking house and worthless fucking shit. what a scumbag.

        • a follower

          we were warned the world would fail. This is what you and many others seem to not understand.


        True that. It all goes back to the doctrine of Original Sin. Human beings are corrupt and vice-ridden. A moral and religious people we may been at one time. That ship has sailed. Amerika is the Mystery Babylon John the Revelator referred to in the Apocalypse.

      • Thank you.

        I should have added that I too respect Peterson for trying. He’s the kind of person you go have beers with, discuss these matters, and still remain friends in spite of disagreement.

  7. This proves a point I’ve been making for a long time. WRSA is part of the liberty fight. Gab.ai is a part of it as well. On WRSA, we seem to like Peterson. On Gab.ai, they hate him because he doesn’t hate the Jews. WRSA posts his book. Gab.ai users see him as a part of the problem.

    Our side will never form into a cohesive team. Ever.

    • >>>Our side will never form into a cohesive team. Ever.

      Little wonder, since sides aren’t what form into cohesive teams. It’d be closer to say a side IS a cohesive team. Maybe after 90 years of WRSA, it’ll be clear how cohesive teams come to be and of what they’re comprised. I wouldn’t bet on it though, since everyone loves to be stuck on that damn Axiom—“It ain’t me.”

      Rulers, cops, Joooos, commies, atheists, muzzies…the only thing anyone knows for sure is, “It ain’t me.”

      • ” I wouldn’t bet on it though, since everyone loves to be stuck on that damn Axiom—“It ain’t me.””

        The irony of that coming from The Beatified YOU is priceless.

        • I think the “all about me” are just as much of the problem if not more…Hope your well Brother…

    • religion is what keeps people divided. doesn’t mean that billions don’t have to die- they do.

      it’s as plain as day.

      embrace it. 🙂

    • Daniel K Day

      > Our side will never form into a cohesive team.
      Our greatest fear. My optimistic view is, we’ll be cohesive *enough* to work together. I don’t read Gab but I can guess the tone from what I read here and elsewhere. The loudmouths are a minority. The rest, in my optimistic view, know that “The Perfect is the enemy of Good Enough”, we’ll *have* to tolerate and work together.

    • People don’t dislike him because he “doesn’t hate Jews”, they dislike him because he is a moral coward, telling everyone how to live, but unwilling to answer a sincere question, clearly out of weakness and fear for his high position.

      It’s easy to beat up on insipid TV hostesses with a rudimentary knowledge of 3rd wave feminism.

      Answering this sincere Jewish man along him a tough question, well hear for yourself:

    • It has never been a team sport.You are an army of one. Have the potential baddest motherfucker on the planet, in your own mind. Otherwise, you get your ass handed to you.

  8. “Libertarian” is a personal foreign policy that doesn’t force others to live their lives according to your preferences. Only libertarians are safe neighbors. It is the criminals’ problem to restrain themselves from being criminal, not mine. Maybe Peterson can help some of them behave better, but it’s still their problem.

  9. Dr Peterson neglects the most important aspect of any war or battle . Without confronting and defeating the enemy in the spiritual/supernatural realm you have lost the common physical realm .Our founders were deeply spiritual men and went deep in the spirit . Sort of like tilting at windmills without the spiritual .

  10. The first principle of mental health is knowing who has the problem, you or me. Libertarians don’t have the problem, government supporters have the problem. If 50%+1 of you have the problem, it doesn’t make you right and the libertarians wrong. Tuberculosis and syphilis are two bacterial illnesses that were once very common; religion and statism are mental illnesses that are currently very common.

  11. Mental illness is contagious and transmissible through culture. Mental illness is a computer virus for human brains.

  12. Stupid’s definitely gonna hurt. We could avoid it but human nature being what it is…

    • Yea that old human nature will deceive and destroy you every time if it’s not kept in control…Right now we are seeing it in full swing…

  13. The bitch in the video is so heavily brainwashed, she can’t comprehend the points he’s making. She can’t even hear them. I have no doubt that she is totally lacking understanding. She’s not really opposed to what he’s saying at all, because to be opposed to it, you first have to understand it. She can’t even understand it.