Cankles Redux


And hope that she runs in 2020.

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  1. HRC running? It would be the biggest political gimme in history.

    • Mark Matis

      Well, yes. And no. The Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill went passive in 2016 because, like the Media and the Democrats, they thought there was no way that Trump could win. And with him losing as they expected, they would discredit populists for years. Now that they see the error of their ways, in 2020 they will instead actively work against him. As they have done in Congress for the past year.

      • “As they have done in Congress for the past year.” Yes and very ineffectively I might add. Koch are capitalists not purists. I suspect they might stay muted so long as their gravy train continues.

    • Hahaha, she’s running alright, almost right down on her rump!

    • European American

      That hideously vile, corrupt, satanic queen bitch is going down before 2020. Down to Quantanamo, mark my words.

  2. one of Hiligula’s outed e-mails, to (((Lynn Rothschild)))

    “how can I do penance?”

    tell’s you who rules. I don’t think the Tikkun Olas will running Hiligula again, though. She really is used goods. More like the half-nigger (Kamala Harris) or the full-boon (M. Obama).

    on a related issue, National Geo mag just unleashed a full issue of genocidal, anti-White propaganda…coinciding with the arrival of a Jewess as editor. Just another

    (((cohencidence))). Click on Occidental Dissent link, @ left.

  3. Other than third-party nobodies who just can’t help running perpetually, I don’t recall either branch of the uniparty running someone a third time who’d had their ass so decisively handed to them twice already.

    Shrillary’s freshness date was over in 1993, and she isn’t getting any better in the next two years.
    That’s assuming she doesn’t stroke out before a campaign even gets off the ground. The last one nearly killed her. More’s the pity that it wasn’t quite enough to get the job done.
    But at least with Wilson, there’s precedent for a post-stroke Democrat to be president while their spouse runs the country behind the scenes.

    But if both trump and the economy are as healthy in two years as they are now, look for the (D)s to run some sacrificial lamb from so far to the left that even they know they haven’t got a snowball’s chance in hell, just to push the political Overton window way over to the Left.

    Then, in 2024, with Trump out of the way, the go for someone a red hair less communist, with the media painting it as shift to the middle, so they look a whisker more moderate to the low-information plantation voters.

    That gives them six years to fan out and scour the country for some pliable talentless hack Diversity Bean. Hispanic, woman, globull warmist, maybe all of the above.
    A Pomegranate: brown and green on the outside, and red on the inside.

  4. She reverts to class warfare, at the drop of a twinkie. She says she won America’s GDP, two thirds of it, as if that is accomplished without people involved. All the states Trump won don’t count because of her demented accounting practices. She won Illinois, which is bankrupt, and lost Texas, which is actually run a lot better, although it does have a lot of debt, but also has a robust economy. What Skankles fails to acknowledge is the Electoral College. She lost that. That’s how elections are done here. Don’t like it? Get it changed, except you have to do that between elections, not at the time you figure out you’re losing. 306 to your 242

    • The only thing that really saves Texas is the fact that the legislature only meets every other year. A surprisingly effective deterrent. Now if we could get Congress to meet every 5 years we would have something.

      • Cancel their office staffs, salaries, offices.
        make it a volunteer position, and require them to pay for everything themselves, including travel to and from.
        The legislative session would be an annual five day event like the SHOT Show. And odds-on, be held in Vegas as well.

  5. Fuck you Skankles. Still making like 492 excuses for why you lost? 2/3rds of the GDP? I’d laugh if my throat was not so full of vomit listening to you.

    Now fuck off and die harpy.

  6. “…Whatever your problem is, I’m going to solve it.”

    I take it she was speaking of herself on that bit. Fucking arrogant to think she can accomplish it.

    Then again, maybe she can. If she’d just fucking die.

  7. SW Richmond

    If her two thirds is correct it wouldn’t surprise me. With all manufacturing offshored, the remaining “economic activity” is highly leveraged finance, supporting urban service businesses, insurance, MIC, and more than 250,000 government employees with salaries so high they are not publicly revealed.

    No wonder the urban types are so positive and hopeful.

  8. That pic reminds that the bitches you hated in school are running things now.

  9. Women should not be allowed to vote let alone be president or judge.

  10. St.Maur1066

    Black people Hillary?……..Like the black people in Haiti?

  11. William Munny

    Can’t understand normal thinking…

  12. The video of her falling down the stairs – twice – in India is classic. To think this could have been our President, if not for DJT.


    Unrepentant, unforgiving, totally in denial, and a criminal psychopath on top of it all. What’s not to like?

  14. I raise hogs. Last three that went to the meat locker were”Ham,Bacon and Eggs” Wild pigs are one mean motherfucker. My catahoula’s had custom chain mail for wild hog hunting.
    Then there is the Bushpig. Hillary Rodham Clinton. The only thing comparable, that just won’t go away ,are the STD’s the military had to offer.
    Gonorrhea, syphilis, Black Mugumba, herpes,crabs and genital warts. Throwing your underwear away didn’t help. Green pus filled skivies. Warts that looked like dried dates. Hanging from a bar,medic ramming your dick with a skewer.
    The Bushpig slipped and fell on stairs today and skated on through. Like a green, pus filled genital wart…she won’t disappear. Earl of Taint had a nice picture of her. It shows green pus running out her nose.
    My fucking heros. The Earl and Sabo. I want these guys in charge.

  15. Eldarus McFlatulence

    She’s already brain dead. She’s too old or she would be a poster child for organ donation

    • European American

      The Satanic Pedophile Queen Bitch ritualistically dines on the organs of poster children…conspiracy FACT.

  16. I don’t think she’ll be alive three years from now, her health state is not good.

    I’m hoping for a Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren ticket. Or a Bernie Sanders and some other Jew ticket.

    • second that, both her and Pelosi have noticeable health problems which is unfortunate because trump is looking more like he’ll be reelected every week amd I would love to see them have to watch that.

    • European American

      Kamala Harris is being groomed for that audition.

      • “Kamala Harris is being groomed…….”

        Why’d ye have to go and say that? Eeeeesh!!

      • May God have mercy on us.

      • Kamala Harris == Obama with a skirt.

        • Harris is their 2024 Trump replacement, after his likely re-election in 2020, barring a stroke for himself or the economy.
          If 2016 was do-over today, Trump takes 40 states, outright.

          But with six years to prepare, Harris brings black identity politics, globull warmist bullshit, frothing anti-gun policies, hopey-changey incompetence, youth, and “Because Womyn!” to the table, all at one time.

          She’s an MSNBC wet dream.

          Pair her up with Rahm Emmanuel as a running mate, and you sew up CA, IL, NY, and probably FL, on Day One of the 2024 campaign season.
          That’s a guaranteed 133 electoral votes out of 270 (nearly half) before the race opens.

          And if not Emmanuel, someone similar from Florida.

          Harris needs to have some crippling baggage attached to her tail, and you’ve got six years to do it.

          Furthermore, I consider that Carthage must be destroyed.

        • Coulda fooled me. I thought it was Obama with a dick.

    • i’m hoping murka is a smoldering pile of ashes by then…

      • Consistency is the hobgoblin of tiny minds.

        • you just watch.

          murka WILL be destroyed by fire.

          and i will have a smile from ear to ear knowing you went buh bye with it.

          and “consistency” is what it takes to win- something you will never know.

          now go to werk- LOSER.

          • Right.
            And it will magically pass you by, because Reasons.

            But I’m betting you’re going to be the same target in real life among people who don’t know you very well that you are hereabouts, among the people whom you think are almost worthy of your special attention.

            Consistency is consistency; consistency fapping off to your own sadistic fantasies is merely the sign of deep psychosis, rampant sociopathy, and lifelong self-hatred, turned outwards. Something that is the sine qua non of your entire pathetic existence.

            Go back to your Vaseline-fuelled fap-dreams in your Fartress of Solitude, you crippled misanthropic poser.
            Grown ups are talking here.

  17. then go away asshole.

    a fucking nurse.

    hardly a “manly” job.

    time to wipe mr johnsons ass nurse aesop.


  18. Voting? Politics? who’s running? LOL

  19. everlastingphelps

    Unbelievable what a bullet we dodged.

  20. Michael Dean Miller







  21. That photo is one of her best ones at that age. She was one of the ugliest bitches that I’ve ever seen, with hippie type frizzy-hair, Bozo glasses, and a “personality” to match to match her repulsive demeanor. She’s a natural-born communist by looks, demeanor and her associates. She admired Eleanor Roosevelt who may have been the only woman born who was both uglier than her, and who may have been Shillery’s equal at being an “activist” doctrinaire in pushing their shared communist-advancing beliefs.

    The photo looks like it could have been from the era where she was fired from the Watergate committee for her lying and dishonesty. The search engines now have all the leftist debunkers trying to hide that and say that it is wrong, but the censors now actively create those lying “debunkers”. I can’t view this video on my machine, but it is supposed to tell about that, and I hope that it does tell that story correctly.