MDT: UW Gear Review

Read, then consider your own gear.

Close the gaps.

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  1. “but please allow between 3 and 5 months’ lead time for your order to be made.”


    no thanks. when i want something- I WANT IT RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

    • Bonaventure

      So says the narcissist.

    • Probably hard to get anything delivered in the asshole of Canuckistan.

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            • Once again ASSumptions will lead to more of the same overreaching disappointment you’ve obviously experienced throughout your lifetime. But hey, you’ve got your money to keep you warm……right? It’s not the job one holds, it’s how they perform it (ethically, morally, also in this case Constitutionally). It’s obvious you would suck at all these things, fortunately for those I deal with, I don’t because it matters.

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        • Johnny Paratrooper

          The cops in London allowed Tommy Robinson to be attacked by ten Antifa Thugs. They laughed and smiled about it.

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  2. Yep everyone needs more shiny, unused gear.

    • kay_de_leon

      It all starts shiny and unused.

    • If your gear is shiny and unused, that’s your fault. Wanna see one with the piss beat out of it?

      But what would I know. Not like I have any experience or anything.

    • Jesse James

      This is stuff for the under 70, right of the bell curve crowd. Why are you here offering an opinion on something clearly not designed for you? I’m actually curious, what ran through your head when you decided to be the Arbiter of What Everyone Needs? You know John? You know any of us? What qualifications make you the final word in What Everyone Needs? Or maybe you’re just a dude on the internet spouting off at the mouth behind the relative safety of a keyboard. Criticism is easy, you put your stuff out there now.

      See, what I think everyone needs is to buy once, cry once and then go beat the shit out of their gear rather than shit on people actually out doing something. That’s what I think everyone needs. You people sit and bitch about your freebies and gibs and run every damn decent person off, nothing is cheap enough or right or done the way you would do it, bitching at and with each other like internet Stepford Wives and then you have the gall to wonder about the lack of ‘community.’ YMMV oh Arbiter of All, for I have not mastered the art of bitching about that which I did not pay for, that which I know not about, and that which pertains not to me.

    • Especially if you plan on providing for others that will need it as well……

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Hey. Unused gear is the best gear.

      A 25-meter Perfect Zero is the real Test.

    • Thanks for being a douche and pluggin a company that has obviously (from your links) already been shown here multiple times because why…..your fave? The post was to show what quality gear John (an American small business owner) at UWG makes, not GD or anybody else. You wanna do another review of GD, or a side by side comparison by all means, write one. But don’t be typical of the juvenile commentariat here and take John’s brief limelight.

      • wendystringer48088

        Like I said, I think it is nice to have options. But in retrospect it was probably an inappropriate time and place for me to mention that.

        I am sorry, I did not mean to insult you or John or UWGear.
        I am sure the UWGear stuff is very good and well worth the money and the wait.

        I just posted my comment and those links on the spur of the moment for those who might be like myself – sit around and wait forever to make a decision and then suddenly jump up and want what they want and want it now.

        Maybe CA can delete my post if it is out of line or takes away from the subject matter of this discussion thread.

        Your UW Gear Review post:
        Mason Dixon Tactical
        UW Gear And Some Of What They Offer

        UW Gear:

        • a tranny cuck. who would have thunk it? fuck that overpriced crap made by an americant shyster.

          • wendystringer48088

            Tranny yes. Cuck no. I’m just more polite and more agreeable than you. It’s the Estrogen…
            As to UW Gear, according to MDT it’s an American trying to make a living selling a quality product. Like yourself I found the 3 – 4 month wait time a bit hard to take.
            I on the spur of the moment (and maybe a little bit bragging) gave my opinion and GD as an alternative and apparently stepped on some toes and quickly moved to smooth things over.
            Some people are into building bridges rather than bulding walls.
            (Although we definitely should build the wall on the Southern border…).

            • and leave it to the asshole MDT to toss in his ill-gotten 2 cents. no doubt his whole family lives off the tax payers dime.

              tax termites- it’s all they know.

      • Wow. What a fucking dick. How about fuck John’s gear. I wouldn’t buy anything from him after your response to the lady. Maybe Tfat is right about you after all.

        • wendystringer48088

          To be honest I’m transgender and a former Marine, so the normal rules don’t apply to me… 🙂

        • My response to the “lady”? Maybe you.should get a clue.

        • BTW, tFat’s opinion is based on his hatred for his betters who have shown him to be a cryin’ bitch. If you thing his obviously jaded opinion is valid, you probably have to push your objectivity aside every time you take a shit, because it’s residing in the same space.

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              • what’s it like to be a lifelong scumbag?

                please tell the world how you make your payments.

                i just pay cash. like a BOSS.

  3. Gotta love the FAL, the rifle that should have been selected over the M14. The M14/M1A were antiques before the first one was made.

  4. Rocky Mtn Yankee

    I bought a triple mag mole pouch from them last year. I am extremely happy with the high quality and I like that the pouches open silently and without any snaps or Velcro. That being said, the lead time is a bitch. It took three and a half months to get my order shipped (and I didn’t get a full chest rig, just a mag pouch). But if you’re willing to wait, by all means buy their gear. Once you finally get it you won’t regret it.

  5. ghostsniper

    Way too expensive.

  6. Camo Battlegear is Tacticool and O.K. for Play… but think this through- for a “Lone Wolf Operator” in a semi/sub-urban Zone, does it Make Sense to run around looking like a Soldier? Is there enough ‘Woodland’ to Blend In with? Will the ‘normies’ (and bolsheviks and their useful idiots) Not Immediately ‘Call 911’ about the ‘Man with a Gun’?
    Will another ‘Patriot’ mistake You for a .Mil or .gov Thug, and Light You Up?
    IMO, Think about Tactical Concealment in the ‘Burbs, in Terms of a Scout/Sniper role as an Alternate Scenario for the Time Before it devolves into Open Street Warfare, particularly as an LWO.
    Not Knocking on those who offer Advice on how to be an 11b, just Sayin’.

    • You could move farther away.

      Nobody stopping you.


    • wendystringer48088

      “…but think this through- for a “Lone Wolf Operator” in a semi/sub-urban Zone, does it Make Sense to run around looking like a Soldier?”

      Well, everyone says it will mostly be pistols in an urban environment for pretty much the reasons you stated.

      I figure keep the rifle and related items in a “Go To War” bag at home or in the trunk of the vehicle in between trips to the range or whatever. If Red Dawn never happens and you never have to take it out and gear so much the better.
      If you do have to grab your and get serious then by that time the legal consequences should be the last thing on your mind.

    • wendystringer48088

      Just a couple real world examples where the gear could come in handy and blend in perfectly with the situation:


      • I got a chance to play roof top korean once, it’s not as much fun when the sun goes down. 3 of us in a dark parking lot on the edge of shitsville. None of the shit that happened that night ever made the news. None of it. The hood went hot in less than 6 hours, lights went out at 2pm and by that night home invasions, rapes, stabbings, shootings etc were in full swing. Again not a peep in the papers. Nada. We could hear shots from where we were. If you live in a city, it’s time to move.

  7. Thumbs up on uw gear. He could put the buckels on the split closer to the pouch edge or even slightly behind to cinch up the gap. Flat pocket behind the mags are also handy.

    Can’t believe the tension tabs are not more popular for all sorts of application.
    Velcro fn sucks and is only handy in few applications.

    The mvt rig is nice and the mag pouches are great. However the thing is like a bra and a pain to get on and off as it wraps around to the back. Modification is required.

  8. hey guys if the supplier mentioned is unable to deliver gear then find what you want or need from someone else. Most small companies can not supply large amounts of gear, Dont get upset with them They are doing the best they can.
    We need gear now! We need to make the greatest effort possible now! Anti and islam is joining forces in the UK. Antifa is behind 2 bombings in Austin Texas and is not being reported.
    The left are getting more and more violent. We need to be more and more vocal or this is going to go bad.
    When police can stand out side a school and let children be murdered and then claim we need gun more control. Its clear the system is completely broken.

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