Review: NC Scout/Brushbeater RTO Course

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6 responses to “Review: NC Scout/Brushbeater RTO Course

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    • i actually agree with you- for once.

      aesop is a dirtball fucking scumbag.

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  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Grey Ghost

    Any chance the course covers the basics for a TECHNICIAN Ham license? A one/two hour block of “technician license info” might be a good way to get more people interested/involved in Amateur radio. Sounds like some great field experience in the course. Practical experience always beats book learning, though you need both, which is why I like to experiment with wire antennas.

    Grey Ghost

  4. a dude, dressed up like a dude, playing another dude...

    CA…the above post from Ray has nothing to do w the RTO class and is a disservice to what you are trying to achieve.
    IMO, there needs to be minimum level of decorum and this post does not meet it.
    I would suggest that you move and/or delete it.
    I enjoy WRSA for the wide variety of subjects and posts, but to be honest, this is over the top, given the subject heading.
    This is your sandbox, marble ring, and i believe it is time to for you to enforce some rules of behavior.
    I’m pretty sure there is a delete option.
    i’m pretty confident that you track metrics, and will, if not already seen, a trend in the opposite direction of readership due to inappropriate posts like the above.
    As an attendee of this class, the above post, and ensuing comment, does nothing to promote said training…
    What is your goal with regards to this site…rhetorical question and no answer expected…