Running The Numbers

Read Schlichter’s latest.

Now read this riff developing those themes.

UPDATE 1408E 12MAR2018: A quieter riff that is just as important.

BTW, those local bi-partisan accountability files for the politicians and bureaucrats in your AO?

It’s not a joke.

It’s as serious as bone cancer.

Or a 60 grain VMax at 3000fps entering L1 and dumping most of its KE before its remaining fragments exit above the belt buckle.

I’d ask the medical pros here to give a technically-accurate-but-layman’s-language description of what that fine public servant will go through, assuming a second round doesn’t empty his brain pan.

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  1. Wow! Gotta investigate this Kurt guy…

  2. “BACKGROUND: Thomas Steyer grew up in a Jewish family New York City. He attended Philips Exeter and the Yale before receiving his MBA from Stanford. He began his career on Wall St. at Morgan Stanley. In 1986, he became a partner a Hellman & Friedman…”.
    “California Billionaire is Hidden Hand Behind Florida Protests”

    “One of those who continues to fund what can only be described as sedition and a de facto domestic color revolution is Hillary Clinton supporter and impeachment obsessed billionaire Tom Steyer.”

    • Facts! Far more effective than blanks! solid.

      Predictably (!!!) the shabbos goyim don’t want to acknowledge the answer to their “who” and “how” perseveration. Asked and answered.

      Read: A Catholic Action Plan:
      or on the original site:

      The “who” and “how” will vary according to the laws and procedures of the relevant jurisdictions. The synagogue of Satan’s defenders don;t want to acknowledge how criminals are identified, apprehended, indicted, prosecuted, judged, and, if guilty, punished in the jurisdictions where they live.

      Malevolent and dyslexic, they struggle to drown out “fair and open trials.” Projection. It was (((their))) kangaroo-court show trials at Nuremberg that “flushed rule of law, due process.” Perhaps the synagogue of Satan’s accomplices fear reaping what they have sown.

      As for education, I regularly count well over 2 dozen educators here. No shortage. More every day.

      Who is human? Who is not?

      • Grenadier1

        You and Haxo posting under multiple screen names in hardly 2 dozen “educators”.
        Again you post your “underpants gnome” action plan.

        1. Blame Jews
        3. Prosecute bad people

        That’s not a plan.
        Slight of hand and vague statements is not going to disguise what step 2 involves.
        Spit it out.
        Its okay if you dont, we already know what the actual plan is.

        1. Blame jews based off the words of a small crazy jewish sect
        2. Round up all jews and anyone who opposes these actions. Conduct show trials and prosecute successful jews and so called collaborators. Take all of their assets, property and businesses, distribute to your Catholic buddies. Execute all the “guilty”.
        3. Deport all the jews and collaborators that were not successful enough to be useful to you.

        Step 4 is always a little different depending on who carried out the first 3. Its usually some form of claiming that you have solved the nations problems while suppressing the fact that only a small number of supporters actually benefited from the first 3 steps and the rest of the people are still subjected to the same rule of the white dudes that caused the problems in the first place.

        Same blueprint that we have seen time after time.
        Its called greed and envy Al and its evil.

      • All Knowing Al Licorce. Explain how the jews are breaking all these laws and they are not all arrested,indicted,prosecuted and sentenced. According to your fucked up jew-hating world,they should be eliminated and possessions forfeited. Is that your law,catholic law,sharia law,common law,international law,maritime law, or something you came up with playing with yourself in moms basement. A catholic action plan would involve a lot of altar boys getting ass-fucked. You are proud to be one of them. Fuck you pedophile enabler and defender. Aligning me with Satan is a compliment coming from a vile cesspool of putrid hate and filth like yourself.
        You think Jesus loves you. He told me he thinks your an asshole.

  3. Centurion_Cornelius

    60 gr V Max direct and proximate consequences:

    …the Visiting Team has lit the fuse….it’s their choice—letting it detonate or extinguishing the fire and rage. Know consequences, my Pretties. We normies do.

    Your move, Marxist MFs!

  4. What’s the use in being armed when the arms merely collect dust?


    No white doctors. Ever notice that?

    Few white cops.

    4 billion Africans and a beautiful Estonian woman just married Robert Griffin. Another long line of perfect genes ended.

    Whites taught we can’t be a nation. We are all alone and will be picked off one by one.

    • Correction. White men can have a job if they toe the line and work in favor of the lie that diversity is our strength. Only way a white man has a job is through self humiliation.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Bending the knee and baring the neck will often open many doors. You may not want what’s on the other side, but the doors will open.

    • Create your own job! There is a skills gap in the trades that is 2.5m openings strong. A skillful plumber or HVAC tech can be making high end 5 figures in 3 years.

      • Oh Mr Dog that be to hard I might have to put some effort in and I can’t be doing that…I want to sit in my mom’s basement eating Cheetos and blame the Jews for all what ails me…

  5. L1 hit by 3,000fps projectile? The fine public servant drops immediately, probably faster than a second round could be fired by the shooter. Fine public servant loses control of bladder and bowel, seeing as L1 injuries can cause bladder and intestinal dysfunction. Basically, fine public servant dies in their own excrement, slowly.

    Side note. If you have rear plates, don’t take them out. Even if they don’t go low enough to cover L1.

    • I’m no expert on human physiology, however, I think this shot also takes out the liver/spleen, leading to very sudden exsanguination?

    • There is fair probability of fragments (whether of bone or projectile) lacerating the aorta, IVC, and renal vasculature.

    • The aorta travels in front and slightly to the left of the spine. It forks below L1, usually L3-4. It’s a good bet that bone or bullet fragments lacerate it. The deserving chap probably exsanguinates in seconds.
      I’m not a surgeon, nor do I play one one TV, however I am confident in saying that if virtually any rifle round expends 50+% of its KE in the abdominal or Thoracic cavity of a human, and said human is anywhere other than the front steps of a Level I trauma center, he will die 90+% of the time.

      • I recognize you.You stayed in that Holiday Inn last week.

      • He wouldn’t need a level I center. Level II is fine for that, I’ve seen it myself, and I work at one. The human body is curiously tough AND fragile at the same time. We’ve gotten abdominal aortic aneurysms via ambulance and saved them, and some we didn’t. Lots of gun shot wounds of the spine at all sort of levels and from all sort of weapons, some go one way and some go another. Don’t know why some turn out one way and the others don’t. But yeah, aortic damage could lead to a lifespan of less than a minute, or even several minutes, strangely enough.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “If you have rear plates, don’t take them out.”

      Hindsight being 20/20, I concur.
      – Zombie Casey Joyce

  6. Detroit III

    Good read, but Kurt ignores President Clinton inviting millions of UN “peace keepers” being invited into our nation.

  7. “The Schlichter family learned that lesson a century and half ago, the last time the Democrats decided to try to impose their hatred of basic human rights on the rest of the country, when an army of Democrats burned our family hometown.”

    Fuck Schlichter.

  8. thesouthwasrght

    Do I ever tire of the comparison between the Democrats of the Old South and those of today. Kurt, you ignorant Yankee fuck, Abe, the sot Grant, and the psychopath Sherman would and are firmly on the Marxist/statist side. Fedgov fuckery is what led to the south desiring it’s own path separate and free of northern pilfering.

    And by 1864 the south had suffered mightily at the hands of the union army. So the burning of your shithook enclave was too small and way late imo. The Yankee had long determined total war was necessary to retain the loot of the south, too bad our leadership didn’t recognize that until it was too late.

    So here’s a quaint fuck you to kurt.

    • Agree completely. That does not negate, and you should not ignore, the rest of his analysis which is as correct as any future vision can be.

      • This.

        I chafed and bristled as well at his “army of Democrats” remark. I find his position odd, yet completely understandable: for generations (actually, since before the founding of the Republic), Yankees have looked down their overly-long noses, sniffed their disdain and mocked those of us in the South. Mostly because of a position of ignorance and relying on the worst, most base stereotypes.

        I also could have played the ad hominem tu quoque argument fallacy and cited Sherman burning Colombia, SC to the ground – orders which came from Lincoln’s Chief of Staff and that made it official Union Policy. (Then Sherman lying about it until publicly called out.) And folks forget – when Sherman left the ashes of Colombia, SC, his baggage train included almost 250 wagon-loads of looted treasures…

        However, as ignorant as he is on history, the grudge he still holds affecting his judgement and the stereotypes he stubbornly believes, his analysis of what would happen today if things went Off Menu is not wrong…

    • More serious is his including non-Whites among the allegedly patriotic women. No Blacks though, which is interesting.

  9. we don’t have any politician or cop problems here on the island.

    there is an unspoken rule here- no politics or religion can be brought up in public conversation. it’s not healthy for those who do. keep your thoughts about that shit to yourself and you’ll get along just fine. there are no cops here- NONE. we have farms, cattle ranches, and plenty of woods and water… want to actually live without societies bullshit? move onto an island.

    fuck murka to death. BURN MOTHER FUCKER BURN

  10. Sad that the left do not realize that they are eating their own
    through their false pride and ego dumbing them down:

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

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  12. Well, I despise them even more than they despise us, and I am probably better armed and a better shot that the SJW snowflakes. Fuck them.


    The photographs of the charming young women with firearms, vis-à-vis the others covered with burquas are cute. The effect is totally lost unless those can be turned into highway billboards just like the anti-NRA billboards which popped up after the Cowards from Broward False Flag. Perhaps the street artist SABO, who seems to be one step ahead of the SJW’s, can engineer something in a timely manner to negate the “walkout” on 03/14.

  14. Much depends on angle of trajectory, but assuming largely flat:
    1) On entry, it may perforate the diaphragm, making breathing difficult. The diaphragm could spasm, and you’d basically suffocate while hiccupping to death. Eyes wide open, and unable to speak a word or utter a scream.
    2) The liver is indeed next in line, and vascular organs bleed profusely, with little hope even with surgery.
    3) Before you hit L1, the aorta is in front of the spine, and runs vertically on the midline. Gash that nicely, and time of death will be in about ten pumps of the heart. After that, your heart is running on fumes, it fibrillates, and you’ll fade to black inside of a minute.
    3a)A little off, and you stand a good chance of an esophageal rupture, and once you go horizontal, stomach acid pours onto and throughout the wound, following gravity. Big ouch there.
    4) When you hit L1, you’ll be paralyzed below the rib cage. So as already mentioned, you’re going down like a sack of wet cement, and if you lose bladder and sphincter control, as you bleed out, you’ll be immobile, and sitting in an external puddle of your own soil, as your abdominal cavity rapidly fills with your entire blood supply.
    5) No air, no blood circulation, smelling your own offal, and either face up or face down, with a few seconds to realize this is how it ends for you.
    6) For bonus points, good odds bullet and or spinal bone fragments are blasted into one or both kidneys, sitting on either side of the impact point with the spine.

    Stop teasing us.

    • Note: That’s assuming entry front to back.

      Back to front, there probably won’t be any fragments exiting above the belt buckle, but all the above are still good poosibilities.

  15. kay_de_leon

    For me, the biggest take away in this is that gay men are nuts.

  16. libertyandlead2
  17. “BTW, those bi-partisan accountability files for the politicians and bureaucrats in your AO?”

    A mere observation. Those politicians of any note (eg. CongressCritter), when the curtain goes up, will not be in ‘your’ AO. They will either be within the confines of DC or being wisked away by teams out of the AO. The critical intelligence is not where they are, but where they are going.

  18. Too bad Town Hall won’t let me read there, without a ton of interference. It’s okay because they have mostly dealt in neo-con slop for a long time. And the Democrats have not been Democrats for over 50 years now. Socialists, but not Democrats. I’m not making predictions on who would come out on top of another civil war here, because nobody can, accurately. I think that pending an ending, we must prepare for the worst from the socialists. Oh, shock kills even from slight wounds, sometimes. I remember the Medics in VN putting in an IV while the other Medics worked on the wounds. And remember, people who have been to combat areas, including soldiers, are not in the best of physical shape when hit by anything. Any good general will concentrate on defeating his enemies, without having to fight them.

  19. So what’s a good source for getting together with other like minded persons in TX?

    I am LEO in TX in a large 1 million plus city, 2 trips to that sandy place across the pond, work in the hood, I can’t stand the politics, and very few people actually need LE assistance, they’re just ignorant.

    Been an AMRRON operator for over 2 years and the second the fuse is lit, I’m addios, the hood will eat it’s own before it moves to the burbs.

    So what’s a good option for cops that want no part of the nonsense, oath keepers, any other source?

    Reach me on gab for legitimate options @smedley_butler

    • all cops and their families must suffer then die.

      fuck you pig. and fuck your whore wife till she dies.

      • LOL, keyboard warrior!! that’s all you’ve got?

        • fucking copsucker.

          don’t you have a badge to polish with your tongue?

          you’ll have plenty of company in the pits when the day arrives.

          • Tfa-t is the most religious guy here. He sounds to me like a polytheist. He is constantly worshiping the gods of hate and death. Tell me, how often do you pray to the god of death for the deaths of everyone you hate? Do you get together with others who worship the same gods? You sure do a lot of preaching of hate and death here. Are you sure you are not a high priest in your religion? You are doing everything in your power to preach your gospel. You sound just as passionate about your gods as any other religious person.

        • Ignore tfat, he is a pension drawing role player who takes his impotent frustrations out on the world.

          • really?

            i want the entire shit show to end today. i laugh at you peons all day long. i will celebrate the day everyone in Fusa loses their entitlements, jobs, and soon afterwards lose their homes and everything they hold dear. what’s it like to have property that’s not yours? i wouldn’t know. i have 2 homes and several beachfront properties, boats, cars, ATVs, snowmobiles, a large RV, gold, silver, cases full of $$$, diamonds and jewels of every assortment you name it- all paid-for the day i purchased them, and bitches- young and old, married and single hanging off my dick… financial collapse and total disaster can’t happen soon enough. the FEMA Camps are waiting for you scumbag broke fuck debtors. they’ll work you until you drop dead and the fucked-up cop scum will be your guards then, just as they are now. fucking loser murkins.

            pension? it doesn’t even fill the tanks on one of my boats.

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            • Now he is preaching the gospel of the god of self. This guy really does worship multiple gods. The gods of hate, death and self. How did you become so religious? You sure do love to preach your gospel!! Tell me how has your gods made the world a better place for all?

              • Bonaventure

                The tfat is a classical narcissist with a dab of megalomania thrown in. Most definitely a sociopath, and with his constant rantings and ravings of death upon just about everyone–except him, most likely a psychopath.

            • You sound like a little yappy bitch dog, you know the little fuckers that spin around, yapping, barking until you kick the fucker or ignore it and then it goes back to its corner and licks its ass as if you’ve achieved something today. That’s you. You’re a yappy little dog, nothing less.

            • You can’t take it with you when you die. Like it or not, you will., and no amount of “wealth” will prevent it.

              That’s what Faith is for… not to receive the ephemeral “treasure” of the world from God, but for Eternal Security. We don’t worship God because we think He will make us rich: We pray to thank Him for the Greatest Gift of All, Salvation from the sin, evil and the bondages of the world and the flesh, (which you have so ‘richly’ illustrated, gloating like a fiend all the while) unto Life Eternal.

              You are the very personification of one oppressed by the malign spirits of hatred, greed, envy, lust and fear. Yes, even fear, for you fear death and the end of your supposed superiority, by mere ‘wealth,’ over all those you despise… the rest of us. That’s why you revel in acquiring empty things which will soon enough turn to dust (or belong to someone else) just as you will.Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:

              “Easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle,” Christ said, “than for a rich man to enter Heaven.”

              19 “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:”

              20 “But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:”

              Matthew 6:19-20 King James Version

              In the Name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I rebuke the malign spirits which oppress you and use you to sow the seeds of the envy and hatred of Man of their father satan, to seek the destruction of your soul and the souls of all who are blinded by worship of self and the sins of the flesh. May the Holy Spirit speak to your heart, lead you toward the Light and help you break the chains which bind you to sin and death.

            • “….it doesn’t even fill the tanks on one of my boats.”

              Wyatt: “What makes a man like tFat? Why does he do the things he does?”

              Doc: “A man like tFat has a great big hole right through the middle of him. He can never acquire enough, or hate enough, or fuck enough or brag enough to ever fill it.”

              Wyatt: “What does he want?”

              Doc: “Revenge….”

              Wyatt: “For what?”

              Doc: “Being born.”

              (Apologies and thanks, to the writers of ‘Tombstone.’)

      • Great outreach.

        It’d probably help your message if you weren’t always typing it one-handed.
        And the keyboard would be so sticky.

        • fuck you scumbag. go suck a cops dick.

          they ARE the enemy.

          but, you couldn’t find your asshole with both hands and a mirror.

          • Preaching the hate gospel. Wow!! How has your god of hate made the world a better place?

            • Johnny Paratrooper

              Tommy Robinson was attacked by cops, muslims, and communists recently.

              What planet do you live on?

          • If you’re going to steal my lines verbatim to try and improve your witty comebacks, at least give proper attribution credit.

            But mine isn’t the asshole here that’s the problem.

            If you’re going to start yakking about “the enemy”, you’d probably sound a bit (not really more than that, but it’s a start) less retarded if you didn’t kneejerk post about how your enemy is “300M American dead” five times every day, like a monkey with Tourette’s.

            That pretty well self-identifies you as “the enemy”.
            The only reason no one cares and you’ve become nothing but background noise is because you’ve pretty well left no doubt that receiving ritual abuse while choking your nub is what gets you off every day, and coming here is cheaper way to get that for you than paying the hourly rent for a Craigslist dominatrix.

            So, was that good for you?

          • Of course, you know exactly where your asshole is… it’s where you breathe methane.

    • wendystringer48088

      I would suggest reaching out to your like minded friends you know from your military and police work.
      Also people you meet in doing things related to personal responsibility and interest in self protection like training in martial arts (if you do any of that sort of stuff).
      Rather than trying to meet up with a group. Too many posers, informants, con men, scam artists, and other types of people best avoided out there.
      And, as tfA-t was so kind to point out, there are also quite a number of cop-hating assholes out there.
      Best to get to know people in person and have an opportunity to feel them out before putting yourself out there.
      All the best to you and God Bless you.

      • hey fuck you tranny freak.

        you’ll be in front of the line at the pits.

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        • Man, this religious zealot is on a roll. He is preaching for all he is worth!! You sound a lot like your muslim cousins and the hate that they preach.

        • wendystringer48088

          I love you too tfA-t 🙂

    • Well… will need to refresh us with combat
      engineer skills, with engineer daddy running down
      the strip. If you need a gopher, I will come along 🙂

    • During the call for traffic at the end of the regional and national AmRRON nets, have you reached out to any of your Region 5 confreres?

  20. @randyb450

    I wouldn’t fool with the expense and potential unreliability of soft points. 55 grain ball works just fine. Holds up to rough handling better as well.

  21. As soon as Schlichter used the false connection of mid-19th century Democrats with today’s Democrats, his essay became worthless.

    In the 19th century, the Republicans were the follow on socialist party in the US, Lincoln was a fan of Clay’s “American System” which was proto-fascist. The best known example was the US government’s subsidized Transcontinental Railroad. Pure socialism.

    • Second parag. absolutely correct, Pat. No doubt.

      First parag, final four words, as wrong as could possibly be.

      Get past your prejudices. One wrong doesn’t negate an essay full of insight, insight which we’re all going to need.

      We have the numbers. The only way we lose is if we surrender.

    • The public and private spheres cannot be kept separate in the modern industrial state. The question is which will dominate. You favor the private thus you are inadvertently opting for Corporate Plutocracy. Late stage Capitalism will not support the early American system of the Founders as written. But Fascism or an American National Socialism would honor their spirit, if not all of their ideas.

      • “But Fascism or an American National Socialism would honor their spirit, if not all of their ideas.”

        What a fantastic confabulation of utter bull shit.

        Socialism honors nothing but the ignorance of the sheep and the greed of their rulers. In NO WAY does that begin to approach the spirit of the Founding or its Authors.

  22. The massive, bloated behemoth on the Potomac is a direct result of your precious Union victory, Kurt. It was the marching of the legions across the Rubicon, the moment America took on its imperial identity. It was the first domino to fall, followed by war with Spain, the Philippines, World War 1, World War 2, and every other entangling shithole since. The entire world hates America because of that bullshit, Kurt.

    “the last time the Democrats decided to try to impose their hatred of basic human rights on the rest of the country”

    The South didn’t try to impose jack shit on “the rest of the country”, Kurt. In fact the entire raison d’etre of the Confederacy was the idea that “the rest of the country” should pursue its own path while Dixie pursued hers.

    Kurt’s DR3-on-steroids is an apt example of why conservatards keep stepping on their own dicks. The Alt-Right represents the future. In contrast Kurt’s Boomer conservatism is headed for the nursing home — complete with indifferent care by those alien brown people the Boomers flooded the country with.

    • What foolish things some of you say. All Civil War beefs Have no bearing on the quality of the kernels dissertation. His analysis is in many peoples opinion: spot on. So many of you commenters are embarrassingly anti-somatic and plain out stupid.

      • TheAlaskan

        And some have embarrassingly “special ” spelling and grammar skills…

      • No, because it we don’t get it right, the Cuckservative dance will continue, with leaders being outed as “racists” with amazing rapidity. We’ll get nowhere until we gain clarity about who is an America and what is acceptable.

        White American dreams matter. Other dreams don’t.

      • Is an anti-somatic a person for or against sleep?

    • You are making the same kind of conflationary argument of which you, rightly, accuse Kurt.

      If CW II kicked off tomorrow, you’ll be needing all those “nursing home bound” (but not quite YET!) boomers and others older and wiser than your blame filled self, and every other dicksteppin’ ol fart you can find.

      Way to go, genius… all alone I hope.

    • Quite so. If one has to use the Civil War as a metaphor, at least choose the right side.

  23. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  24. Alfred E. Neuman

    A Modest Proposal For Activism and Unity
    by Billy Roper

    There are differences within the right over optics, and religious faith, and organizational loyalties. Some of us fuss among ourselves about which economic and political systems we prefer, or where we think the successor White ethnostates will be, and how we will get them.

    Fortunately, the radical left has handed us a golden opportunity for activism and unity which transcends many of those differences.

    On March 24th, anti-gun hoplophobes will be holding protests against the second amendment across the country. At over 580 different locations, they will be working to disarm us in anticipation of the coming civil war which will free us from their totalitarian multiracialism.

    Whether you are a Civic Nationalist, Southern Nationalist, White Nationalist, Alt Right, National Socialist, National Bolshevik, or other featherless biped to the right of Che Guevara, this is something we can all take part in. No matter what organization you support, I recommend that you go to the anti-second amendment organizing website HERE. Click on “March With Us” and “Sibling Marches” to locate the nearest protest to you on the map. Get your fellow area activists together. Just show up, stand up, and speak up.

    We don’t need a permit to show up and exercise our first amendment rights to defend our second amendment rights. Gadsden flags and signs supporting the second amendment would be great optics: or use whichever flag you and your organization prefer, the point is to show up. By each of us doing our own simultaneous counter-protests in our own ways, we can reboot the idea of activism and unity within the movement. Traditionalist Worker Party, League of the South, Patriot Front, ShieldWall Network, American Vanguard, TDS Book Clubs, all should be able to take part. Instead of trying to tell each other how to dress and what flag to fly, do you and let the others do them, but let’s do it all on the same day in many different places at once: March 24th. Multiple Bill of Rights rallies, nationwide. Who’s with us?

  25. And re: Schlichter’s post:

    Covered it three weeks ago, and was posted here by the forum host .

    If anything, Schlichter is soft-soaping the likely outcome.

    CW II – if anything like ever happens – is short, incredibly bloody, and demographically shifts the country afterwards about 80 years to the right.

    3 to 1 odds the Democrat Party is declared a terrorist organization afterwards, and the GOP is the most left-leaning party in American politics for a century, if it even survives that long.

    There also won’t be any Appomattox forgive-and-forget “these are our brothers” nonsense.

    Heads will be mounted on pike poles afterwards, and then they’ll go after the families.
    The skulls will be stacked up like Cambodia circa 1976.
    Think of the outcome for Carthage after the Third Punic War.
    Or Marcellus Wallace’s plans after escaping from the pawn shop in Pulp Fiction.
    Except nationwide.

    Because the losers in existential struggles usually end up resembling Dresden circa 1945.

    “Furthermore, Carthage must be destroyed.”

  26. Americans are Dreamers too. Too? Fuck that. Our Dreams matter. Theirs don’t.

  27. (((Doc B)))

    Aesop has it about right as usual.

    If the shot is good, expect death in a few minutes tops. Most likely covered inside and out with the unfortunate targets own bowels. Likely unable to breathe.

    Only thing left to do is go through their kit and distribute their ammo.

  28. Mr. Schlichter should search for information on the 48’ers.
    German immigrants and their connection to Karl Marx and the revolution of 1848 in Germany.
    The Democrats then and now are two different animals.