Russia! Russia! Russia!

Putin Speech March 1, 2018 transcript of video above

Saker: More On New Russian Weapons Systems

Fortunately, nothing can defeat the American empire.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. After reading that speech, I think I’ll move to Russia!

    Until he got to the nuclear arms race v.2 (heh!) I could wish that “our” president had given such a speech outlining the needs and hopes for the country. He covered just about any and everything a nation should be doing for itself in every respect.

    Now, now… you anti everythingies can unwad yer knickers. You have a point about “statism” etc. but it’s the way of things for about the last ten millennia, since agriculture. With seven billion people on the planet and inertia (not to mention entropy) being as it is, that’s not likely to change much. Pretty hard to “voluntarily” enlist/organize folks on the scale need to effect the kinds of changes to a nation Putin was calling for.

    Back on what I suspect is the intended topic, he is bluffing/posturing on the .mil/strategic front for pretty obvious reasons, and justifiably so. But, if the zany commies of the old paranoid SovU could manage to avoid a suicidal war with the west, I’m fairly certain that an astute and calculating Putin will do so as well.

    Trump, whatever you think of him, is likewise pragmatic and calculating, a maker of deals, not war. War may be the health of the state but suicide is bad for business.

  3. I’ve watched many of Mr. Putin’s speeches before. Watched the whole thing this time. I think he is the only leader that actually cares about his countrymen. (with the possible exception of Trump, jury is still out on that ) I think he is genuine and the real deal. Hope he and Trump get together and smother all these evil MF’s running the show today. Just hoping here not counting on it. Fire away.

  4. wendystringer48088

    I would guess the Russians (or Chinese or another nation stae with enough resources) would only need to land enough nukes (or use other means) to cause the electrical power grid (and food and fuel distribution systems) to break down in order to cause the country to collapse in on itself and result in Matt Bracken’s predicted BosniaxRwanda scenario.
    We would still have our military up and running and they would be able to deliver any series of awesome retaliation strikes, but after that the ability to project sustained combat operations outside the U.S. borders would evaporate and the U.S. as a serious nation on the world stage would be done for for quite some time if not forever should the country break apart along ethnic / cultural dividing lines…

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “We would still have our military up and running and they would be able to deliver any series of awesome retaliation strikes, ”

      Hence, Mutual Assured Destruction still exists – they send us back to the Stone Age, we bring them along for company and to round out the numbers at the “We Rediscovered Fire!” picnic.

  5. wealthy farmer

    Paging MAX BOOT.
    Way to go ASSHOLE!
    You really are so fucking brilliant.
    Does the CFR have its own special luxe bunker under NYC?
    Is Vicky Neuland in the house? Still using that unsecured cell phone I see….

  6. Does Putin pound on the table with his shoe in this video? Cause I’ve already seen big talk and shoe pounding from Russian leaders before….

  7. no worries.

    the poop lice will protect your rights.

    just ask the in house lifer nazi jack boot- MDT