80% Glock Build

Via Brownells.

Anyone do this?

Lessons learned?

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  1. Shinmen Takezo

    Forgive me for asking…. doesn’t a Glock have metal slide molded into the frame? So this 80% Glock only has polymer slides? This works? Huh?!

  2. The Glock Store offers a method using diamond files (and/or a Dremel tool).

    • Gotta give Lenny credit for suggesting a work-around to bypass California’s upcoming “Ghost Gun” serial number application process:

      • Plan K. Ton

        Interesting! Note as well that there is no font size specified, or character set A unique sernum might also be a unique generated crypto hash. Just putting that out there.
        The California law illustrates the problems inherent to knee jerk legislation by clowns who have no idea what they are doing.

        • Do any Californians know if the serial number requirement exempts historical pieces?—not that the control-freak California commissars care.

  3. An 80% Glock is fine if you like the Glock pistol. I’m considering acquiring several 80% M1911 frames which I prefer.

  4. the price works out to be about the same or a little more than the usual going price, but will probably end up being worth it in the long run

  5. Unknownsailor

    The polymer 80 frames have a front and rear slide rail insert that is metal. You can use steel slides with them.

  6. I did a compact version (PF940CV1) using only hand files and drill — you don’t need a mill or drill press, just patience and lotsa sanding. Mine shoots just as well if not better than my Glocks.

  7. The plastic holds the metal parts in alignment with the slide/barrel. W/O those metal parts, in proper position, the shooter may well eat the gunz slide, ala M-9

  8. There’s a front and rear rail insert and they’re both made out of metal.

  9. I haven’t done the Glock or 1911 80% builds yet. Only an AR lower. Now that all long guns get registered in California I wanted a couple more that weren’t on the books. Now everything built from an 80% has to have serial numbers and be registered. Time to throw them in the ocean.

  10. The metal guide rails are included and installing them is a part of the build.

  11. Hardened steel insert for the rails. Works well. Use Swenson slide and barrel, or cost is 150% of factory. Have bought slides off flea bay that work too. Wish millions would do this.

  12. Luther Stubbs

    No. Every polymer pistol I’ve ever owned has polymer rails

  13. Brian Sands

    There are metal rails that are pinned into the polymer frame. The rail area is much more substantial than my stock g2 g17. The g17 with the new frame shoots smooth as warm butter. The g19 had issues as i did not clear enough material from the center channel and the guide rod /spring were binding, once corrected everything was good. The biggest benefit for me is correcting the erogonomics of the stock glock.

    I ran roughly 500 rounds between the two over our last couple of monthly get togethers. Very happy with the change and have retired my m&p 9 as a result.

    Another couple of resources:


  14. The slide I bought is metal. And expensive. And then I sent it out to get milled. So, more expensive than buying whole, but that isn’t the point.

    It fell into a a lake awhile back. Forget where.


      Warpig: True that. “Oh, I’m sorry, Officer Friendly, I do not own any semi-automatic pistols. My state allows private party transfers. I sold them all some time ago. All I have is my legal .38 six-shooter.”
      Keep in mind my friends once you have your “ghost gun(s)”, they are just that. Until Amerika turns into Selco Land, they must be kept buried. Their location must be KNOWN ONLY TO YOU, and maybe ONE trusted friend/family member. They are not the firearm you keep in the nightstand for things which go bump in the night.
      The first thing the Orcs will do if, God forbid, you have to light up some mook who is trying to kill you and yours, is to take your firearm as “evidence”. If it has no serial#, you are cold meat to the locals and F-Troop. Your daily carry should be whatever is lawful in your A/O. Practice with it. Depend on it. Keep up on your Intell and STFU. As things continue to get more sporty, the Leviathan’s reactions will continue to ramp up. The latest is the BLM vandalism of the FOP lodge in Asheville, NC. The Deep State will not stop until its minions are guests of honor at necktie parties or Romanian Politician marksmanship exhibitions.

  15. Both of the 2nd versions (19 & 17) work well. Very easy to get right. Follow the directions. I’ve found they won’t fit standard Glock 19 or 17 holsters. 500 rds + out of each so far and no issues.

  16. Brian Sands

    Bladetech sells a g19 polymer 80 holster for 35ish.

    The bladetech holster for my stock g17 with light works fine for the g17 polymer80 lower, and the raven concealment holster works fine as well for both the stock frame and polymer80 frame.

    Polymer 80 sells a nice slide for around 250 with rmr cut and front slide serations. You can be in one for roughly the same cost as a stock gun, or go nuts… done both and they work fine.

  17. A cash bought 8th hand gunshow factory Glock is less traceable and will hold its value better. If you think somehow you are making a ghost gun like this your an idiot.

    Three words for you…Thomas Crane Wales.

  18. libertyandlead2

    It sounds as from above comments that some have no clue about Glocks in general. All have steel slides and steel slide rails in the frame.

    Poly80 is very easy. A drill with a burr or even just a few files will get it done.

    I know a guy who has shot IDPA with one and has many thousands through it. Stock slide and all other parts in a poly80 frame.

  19. While those are neat ideas, the concept of “mail ordering an item using one’s credit card to get shipped to their own doorstep” sort of defeats the purpose.

    While I’ve seen the “80% AR Lower” at FunShows, I’ve not ever seen the Block versions.

    Yet, at least.
    The idea still intrigues.

    If I had more cash laying about I’d buy a dozen of those and just sell them at FunShows for what I had in them.
    Would it turn me into a “lightning rod”?
    Probably no more than the “gosh I can’t recall” how many 4473’s I filled out in 22 years.
    It’s a thought.

    • Certainly a credit card purchase leaves a paperwork trail and, for the single stack G43 clone, the current cost of parts will exceed retail price of an OEM G43.

      I look at such 80% builds as “proof of concept.”

  20. Grenadier1

    How timely, I just took a Glock armorer course.

  21. Deplorable B Woodman

    A friend started looking into 1911 80% lowers, and saw that there are several different companies that offer lowers and jigs.
    Are there any that are better or worse than others? Any to definitely stay away from?
    Just asking for a friend, ya know.

  22. Red in OleVirginny

    Just as easy to buy a used Glock from your friend with no paper trail. But I do like these – not criticizing.

  23. Yes. The system is good to go. Great way to learn the glock. Everybody should do one. This should have been the “gen 5” glock. Note you will have to fit the frame and tune the rails, but is very doable.

    Be cautious of aftermarket slides. The brownells slide had too much space between the base and the extracter claw where the round was loose and had erratic ejection. It is also blocky. Try others.

  24. CA, et al.,

    Thanks for all of the information and AAR on this thread. Incredibly useful and assuring.

  25. Here’s a tip for everyone. Do you know a State Trooper or other officer of the law. armorer etc, who destroy’s confiscated weapons? Most require only the “registered” part be destroyed beyond use, though some don’t. If not, you hit the jackpot, the balance of parts, are not required to be destroyed, is a shitload of parts on a rifle or pistol. Literally pickup truck loads in some states or cities.
    Don’t ask how I know this. But if you have this resource, you can build 80% weapons for basically the cost of the 80 percent receiver.
    Check out how much a Glock slide goes for, and you will understand what an excellent resource this is.

  26. Somewhat OT (or OC). Anybody seen or tried this?


  27. Alfred E. Neuman

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  28. Suggestion from the Late, Great weaponsman.com:
    Pour-your own 100% AR lower.
    The benefit here is that you can make an essentially unlimited number of copies once you have the base mold. http://weaponsman.com/?p=29222 (For personal use only, of course.) Or make a few that you need and sell the mold to a buddy – share the love.

  29. Are 80% Ruger Blackhawk Build Kits available yet?