Before You Can Run, You Must First Be Able To Walk

ZH: Hillary Has No Health Problems And Was Simply Helping Two Wogs Down The Stairs

38 responses to “Before You Can Run, You Must First Be Able To Walk

  1. The Walkin' Dude

    I dubbed the Benny Hill theme over this vid…

    [video src="" /]

  2. The old racist hag fired her ever present black medical aid and replaced him with an older white guy.

    • Mark Matis

      You think she was going to trust her health to an AA special? He was only there for show during the campaign, and for his brawn to support her bloated mass when she collapsed. Her medications were provided by a WHITE doctor.

  3. Miles Long

    I ain’t drunk… I’m jus’ drinkin’.

  4. A lot of people want her dead, and I empathize. But I’m enjoying the slow deterioration. So emblematic of the Democrat Party’s current condition.

    Their only hope to regain power is for a GOPe candidate in 2024.

    • They retain all power right now.

      Are you free to be “racist” at work using your real identity? Or even anonymously on Twitter?

      Of course not.

      Racism is realism, and Africans in our country are a problem, obviously.

    • dmv gringo

      I am willing to settle for equal
      justice under the law, but we know
      law and order only applies to the
      deplorable dirt people.

    • The videos of her movement disorder are not only suggestive of dystonia, but are equally consistent with demonic possession.

      There is perhaps a small part of Hillary that rejects the evil she has wrought and so she does not display the perfect aplomb of those who, in their 100% free will submission to Satan, display what is termed by exorcists “perfect possession.”

      Pray for her repentance, her reparation, and for her eternal soul… and prosecute her.

      • Her hero was Saul Alinsky, she actualy wrote him a fawning fan letter when she was in college, and who did Alinsky dedicate his Rules For Radicals book to? Lucifer

      • dmv gringo

        I am so sick of the ridiculous metaphysical nonsense.
        She is treasonous criminal and
        communist shitbag.
        At a minimum, she should immediately
        be arrested, stood up against a brick wall, and put down by an enthusiastic
        firing squad.
        “Lock her up, lock her up!”
        You Simps are pathetic.

    • by 2024 another dozen states will have shifted to White minority. The Republiscams are finished.

      and good riddance.

      as to Mrs. Clintron, the lack of ordinary human empathy shown by the WRS keyboard commandos is deeply disturbing. It’s India. She probably slipped on a patch of human excrement.

      • She is a patch of human excrement.
        I’m pretty sure there are professional courtesy rules about that.

        And whatever excuses she makes, amazingly, no one else on those steps was having any trouble navigating the descent.

        She’d probably do better if she wasn’t drinking her lunch and dinner most days.

      • Any one with any sense would step AROUND such pile of feces…..

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Looks like Parkinsons’. Although insufficient blood supply to the legs could also be it. Dementia shows up like this too, and it’s victims lose focus on what they’re doing, and fall.

    • Compare how the (((media))) treated President Ford compared to Loser Hillary.

      Ford was never forgiven (not part of the media’s religion, ask Mel GIbson) for pardoning NIxon who was also never forgiven for saying true things like Mel. As punishment Ford, arguably the most athletic US President ever, was portrayed as a clumsy oaf.

      Because of her toadying subservience (“Let me know what penance I owe you” to Lynn Rothschild for a missed meeting), Hillary, unlike Ford, is shielded from any portrayal of clumsiness, illness, and criminality.

  7. Haven’t thrown a Molotov since the early eighties. I have every confidence I can throw one now. You have to have a predictable target, close proximity, and some one to cover you while you hurl one. Don’t use thickened fuel on armor targets, it has a great tendency to slide right off. Don’t make more than a few at a time, unless you got lots of troops to use them. Don’t forget at least an inch of motor oil on top the gas in the bottle. Smokers need not apply.

  8. I’m hoping she runs again in 2020. Imagine this clip playing on endless loop on Trump’s website.

  9. Maybe “Bill” beat her again when the cigar Fell-In and couldn’t be found!

  10. Will somebody (more talented than me) make a mash-up of Stumblin’ Hillary with the Tequila song in the background please?

  11. I’ve known several functioning alcoholics. They can navigate stairs.

    This is neurological. Kuru? (half joking)

    That rear foot isn’t moving. Her brain is telling it to move but it’s not. Far more than a drunken stumble going on here.

    We dodged more than a bullet. Her residency would have been all show while a Valarie Jarrett ran the country with a complicit MSM giving her complete immunity.

  12. Masthead: Freshman year in high school. I still remember how though. We used to lob them into a parking lot from up on a hill above, great fun.

  13. How funny is it to consider Shrillary getting soused on a bottle of ripple. Probably even her favorite.

  14. Northern gunner

    Ole cankles cannot escape the ghosts of 9/11 and Benghazi while he cameras are running.

    That one single moment was a major tunring point in the 2016 election.


    Uh, guys. Do not gloat. Remember Frank the Cripple and the damage that rat bastard and his minions and useful idiots did to our republic. that Masonic, diabolical rat bastard campaigned from a wheel chair. Clintonia is just an extension of Camelot.
    The Sheeple still revel in any political hack who will give them their freebies and abortions. This modern-day incarnate of Maleficent would campaign if she was in an iron lung. And, she just might still win. Remember H.L. Menken: “…no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.”

    • He only pulled that off because for 40 years, the media colluded in covering up how crippled he was.

      The days when that was possible went away a long time ago, and forever.

  16. Die, cunt.

  17. Johnny Paratrooper

    I bought 500 Rounds of M80 Ball and 1,000 Rounds of M855 today.

    Prices are low.

    Good time to buy.

    • i know the owner of ammuntiondepot down in Boca., i can get you free shipping and a discount, along with some sweet swag… you have my email.

  18. Randolph Scott

    It’s a shame they caught that demonic bitch. Just think of good it would have looked if they did not catch her and she bashed her head on those rock stairs and then she tumbled down 20 or 30 feet. The only think better would be if she sounded like Homer Simpson every time she hit and bounced.

  19. wealthy farmer

    Like Justice, the wheels of senility and dementia grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine.
    My money’s on Parkinson’s. Second choice is dementia.
    And speaking of demon-infested globalist geriatrics, McCain’s been very quiet lately. Guess those hail Mary aborted fetal stem cells didn’t work after all…

  20. Shrillary has issued a press release: