Equal Time

The end of doom?

Via Maggie’s.

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  1. RINO_Hunter

    Exponential population growth based on unsustainable exponential global debt growth? What could go wrong!?

  2. Bullshit. Nice words to hear, but he doesn’t take into account all of the social and demographic pressures that are hanging over us like the sword of Damocles.

  3. Course there is the other side of the coin. The world could end up going the Muslim route and stay fixated in the 9th century …

  4. Unlimited Africans – what could go wrong?

  5. fuck that cesspool called murka and it’s filthy peepul.
    it’s just fine if you’re one of the bottom feeders, if you don’t have anything nice and of value, you fit right in. that’s why the folks who could afford to leave- did.

    the poor are a disease and must be eradicated so as the decent humans can enjoy what they have earned without having to stand guard against the lowlifes and scumbag parasitic cops.

    I can’t wait for summer to be able to travel beautiful, clean, and crime free Canada…

    • pontiouspilot

      I suppose if you go out to the Yukon, you may be safe there Pierre. But then there is always the bear and wolves to contend with… out there or in your cities.

  6. I got robbed. Lake Gatineau. Ottawa.1972.

    • fuck ottawa.

      in the entire vastness of the Great White North you went to a city?

      nothing remotely resembling one of those is within hundreds of miles of me.

  7. The U.S. had 120 million people when I was 12. Planet Earth had just over a billion, now it’s @ 7 billion and rising, because third wonders keep overpopulating knowing that Western technology will feed them. Perpetual global welfare.

    During the Depression J.I. Rodale advocated personal organic gardens and Roosevelt was going to imprison Rodale. He persuaded Congress to override Roosevelt and we had “victory gardens.” Rodale founded Rodale Institute and Organic Gardening Magazine.

    Robert Rodale, his son, an accomplished Olympian, wrote the book, “Save Three Lives.” It’ a survivalist piece for communities. J.I.’s grand daughter is a social justice advocate and the magazine has become a flop after Mike McGrath left.
    Our agriculture is not so efficient in the long term (millennium) because soil is a living thing and chemicals are not.

    (I’m having cyber gremlin issues right now, signing off.)

  8. And somebody stole my license plates in White Rock, too.