Guess Everyone Has Their Kinks

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They really shouldn’t asked at this shop:

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  1. “Trump White House Declares Support for Gun Confiscation Orders”

    “The Trump White House released policy papers Monday declaring full support for California-style firearm confiscation orders.”

    Breitbart News has a copy of the release and it urges states to adopt Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs). Such orders allow firearms to be confiscated with a judge’s approval.

    The White House suggests that ERPOs “allow law enforcement, with approval from a court, to remove firearms from individuals who are a demonstrated threat to themselves or others and temporarily to prevent individuals from purchasing new firearms.” They stressed that the orders “should be carefully tailored to ensure the due process rights of law-abiding citizens are protected.”

    • Paging Claire. Paging Ms. Claire. It’s never to late?

      • just leave that shit hole country while you still can.

        let the mason dicksucker tacticool pig force enjoy beating and raping the public while you watch from a distance.

        it’s the smart thing to do.

        • Chuckwalla

          Where to go tfA-t? You mention an island. Is this island in the Continental USSA? The other island economies I am familiar with are not gun friendly? Serious question for you.

          • fuck Fusa. Go North.

            this place is seriously armed to the teeth. these people love guns, freedom, and HATE badges of every stripe. there is no school, so liberals are as rare as an honest cop- which there are NONE here. mostly retirees and folks like myself who want nothing to do with grubbermint and it’s commie minions. the highest authority here smokes weed and drinks at the only bar on the island- which i might purchase for the low price of 185k.

            don’t believe the dumb’d down murkins. they still think murka is #1 and nobody else can have firearms but them- riiiiiiight. do yourself some good and leave before the Great Whore burns to the ground.

  2. This will be the last time Al Licorce lets you take his picture at the beach.

    • Just this very morning dedicated to you knuckdm, grenadier, lineman, oughtsix, and the rest of the usual suspects:

      habitual lies

      Whenever the rabbis get called out, trapped by the incontrovertible evidence of the genocidal Master Race fundamentals of Judaism, they insist that their “Kill even the best of Gentiles” precept is just an discarded, forgotten vestige from ancient days when the poor downtrodden Jews were just “reacting” to antisemitic persecution “inspired by the Gospels.”

      Whenever the rabbis get called out, trapped by the incontrovertible evidence that the genocidal Master Race fundamentals of Judaism are contemporary, neither vestigial, forgotten, nor discarded, they insist that it is only a “small sect” of powerless Jews who practice those precepts.

      Whenever the rabbis get called out, trapped by the incontrovertible evidence that the genocidal Master Race fundamentals of contemporary Judaism are wide-spread, global, disseminated, for example, by Chabad, the largest and best-funded of orthodox Jews, published and practiced daily by financially and militarily powerful Jews and their followers in a nuclear-armed nation, they insist that it is merely “defensive.”

      Whenever the rabbis get called out, trapped by the incontrovertible evidence that the genocidal Master Race fundamentals of contemporary Judaism are not defensive, but offensive, committed daily by armed soldiers and “settlers” spewing bullets, biological and chemical weapons (white phosphorus, herbicides, and sewage) against helpless unarmed women and children throwing rocks against tanks, they hysterically insist that their accusers are “blankety-blank haters, Nazis, anti-Semites, and losers envious of the great wisdom, universal humanitarianism, and material wealth of Jews.”

      habitual liars

      You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth; because truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof.
      John 8:44

      • ha ha

        ‘the devil’

        child raping cops, thieving politicians, and the orange gun grabbing drumpf have that job covered.

        damn the murkins are dumb.

  3. Special Delivery for Grenadier

    “Whether you’re a bookkeeper, a supplier, a driver, a cook, whatever you are, if what you’re doing helps the machinery of death of a regime to keep rolling, you should be called to account. No one should ever be allowed to say ‘I was just a small cog in the machine,’ she said.”

    (((They))) ran a 93 y/o accountant to ground. Apparently he was personally responsible for confiscating luggage at Auschwitz, but “Oskar Gröning [was] charged with complicity in the murder of 300,000 Holocaust victims.”

    Oskar died after sentencing.

    For the moment putting aside the 6-3=6 Jewish math, (((they)))/(((you))) have no problem apprehending, prosecuting, and punishing such an accomplice, but, in stereotypical one-standard-for-the-Jews-but-a-different-standard-for-the-goyim, you are hysterical that a goy proposes punishing all perpetrators and accomplices of crimes against humanity.

    Why shouldn’t gulag accountants and Federal Reserve accountants not be punished for their crimes?

    Hypocrites! Exactly as Jesus Christ said.
    Matthew 6:2, 5; 15:7; 22:18; 23:13, 14, 15, 23, 25, 27, 28, 29; Mark 7:6; Luke 13:15

    • Sorry. Double negative.

      Why shouldn’t gulag accountants and Federal Reserve accountants be punished for their crimes?

      accomplice |əˈkämpləs|
      a person who helps another commit a crime.

    • So you hoping for the same success rate or something a little severe…

      From the article you are using to make your claims…

      Only 43 of the 6,500 SS members who worked in the concentration camps have ever faced prosecution. Of those only 25 went to prison and the rest were acquitted…

      • Sorry “more severe”

        • Solid effort, but no score in trying to divert from Judaism’s one-standard-for-Jews-and-a-different-standard-for-goyim.

          ALL perpetrators and accomplices should be punished; NO exceptions for Jews.

        • crap in any case. The number of Allgemeine-SS (camps) who went to trial postwar is in the thousands: at various Nuremberg sub-trials, the Maidanek Trial, the Einsatzgruppe Trial, the Belsen Trial, the Buchenwald Trial, the 1964 Auschwitz Trial, etc. etc. In the immediate postwar, hundreds of SS were executed….by the Poles, by the Russians, by the Allied occupiers of Germany. Later trials resulted in wrist-slap prison sentences. The deal was this:

          Germany got jurisdiction over its Jew-killers

          Israhell got billions of marks in “holocaust reparations”

      • Is English your native language?

        What part of “punish all perpetrators of and accomplices to crimes against humanity” don’t you understand?

        What part of “punish the guilty; leave the innocent alone” don’t you understand?

        Apparently you and your faction are so accustomed to habitually lying that you cannot comprehend people who say what they mean and mean what they say.

        John 8:44

    • Grenadier1

      You have demonstrated an ability to leap to conclusions that is olympic tier.
      You make A LOT of assumptions. You keep demonstrating it post after post and link after link. This is no different.
      In this case you are adding a level of projection like icing on the cake.
      You are the one that has been suggesting that we sweep up all the members of a group and assess them as guilty.

      I dont support that. I dont support that in the case of the Nazis either.
      I have told you more than once that I strive for consistency. I am angered by hypocrisy. I do not approve of the tactic where low level rear echelon members of an organization face the brunt of the punishment for the criminal activity of the higher level members of the organization.

      The whole gist of my problem that I have with you and your type is that you cant divorce yourself from the internal narrative that you have. You cant bring yourself to question what you have built up as a theory.
      Thats bias, no matter how you cut it. I dont have a set internal narrative about this topic. I dont set out to find evidence that supports an agenda and ignore evidence that does not support it. I look at this with a fresh set of eyes and I question what has long been established. I question that whether its the established “official” story or whether its the established “conspiracy” story. Thats the only way you can cut through the disinformation. Just because I do that does not mean I am James Bondawitz, crypto-cyber Jew agent!
      I made the point earlier today about credibility. When you will believe anything that someone throws out there about your pet theory it discredits you. When you post links to your site here and when you CONSTANTLY harp on it, you discredit this site and those who post and read here.

      Why dont you have comments at your own site?
      Why do you not have open conversation at your own house where you make the rules?
      Why are you taking advantage of our hosts generosity?

      I dont have any issue with someone asking legitimate questions about the history or the events. I dont approve of the criminalization of asking questions, like they have in Europe.
      That being said I dont approve of your evangelizing for the Church of the naughty Jew either.

      • “You are the one that has been suggesting that we sweep up all the members of a group and assess them as guilty.”

        Plain and simply… a LIE, nobody here, not me, not anyone else, said what you put in quotes, not even close.

        The concepts of fair and open trials and punish-the-guilty-leave-the-innocent-alone must really frighten you.

  4. wendystringer48088

    When someone mentions war and fire and nudes I think of this:

    Lasers may ease pain for ‘napalm girl’ in AP photo
    43 years after errant strike during Vietnam War, treatments offer her hope for healing

  5. Sal the Agorist is a wicked funny man, and the world is a better place for his efforts.

  6. The Usual Suspect

    Tfat- you need to stay away from the potato’s and gravy.

    • i avoid all carb intake. i’m eating a bowl of fresh raspberries right now, after a grilled Angus NY Strip and green beans for supper.

      the walking guts known as murkins loves them some crap food though..
      i never could understand why anyone would allow themselves to become fat fucking slobs.

  7. Chuckwalla

    My brain just rebooted itself after seeing these pics.