Socratic Method, Or Simply Madness?

Questions for both the pro and con sides regarding QAnon.

See also the cuck POV.

Read and think.

And keep thinking about all info you consume.

50 responses to “Socratic Method, Or Simply Madness?

  1. If 1/2 of what Q and the chans is true and actionable we are in for a hell of a ride.The main thing from my point of view is if it merely makes normies question”official”narrative BS more we are kicking the msm in the teeth more often.

    • By definition anyone on “the chans” isn’t a normie, they are anons …
      Has it spread out much beyond that? It’s infected the rest of the conspiracy minded groups out there, from David Ickes alien-Lizard Queen of England to tha anti-vaccine crowd.

      It’s provides the grand unification of conspiracy theories.

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    It’s worth a try. A gallon of sweat is worth a pint of blood. Yet, I’ll keep stackin’

  3. St.Maur1066

    This I know. Those old men and women in DC with hair plugs, false teeth and three face lifts don’t run the Nation. THESE people run the Nation!
    And when a Nation of idiots can’t figure out what I did at 16 years of age, we are truly Fucked!

  4. I have been watching this Qanon story since October 2017.
    Could truly be “The Great Awakening” I pray it’s true.

    • stuff and nonsense. Trump is a lifelong (((NY))) liberal demoncrat and (((Wall Street))) Zionist stooge.

      he has done none of those things.

      he will do none of those things.

      score one for the cucks.

      “Q” is some old guy whose bedpan is daily emptied by Aesop. Whose vast predictions, like Q’s, are always wrong

  5. Trumplestiltskin is an actor, like Ronny ray gun. They play the role that tptb think will get the dirt people to do what they want. It’s all theater meant to keep people divided. Like sports ball, choose a side, cheer and boo. Roman Empire 2. I’ve been hearing that the revolution is just around the corner for 55 years. Wake me when it finally gets here.

    • Chuckwalla

      The revolution did happen via International Communism. Time for the pendulum to swing the other way.

    • I too am a cynic. Hope I’m wrong though. This country needs a revolution, no matter what the risks of that are.

      “There never was a good war or a bad revolution.”
      — Edward Abbey

    • You’re right. Nothing will happen. All doomer porn.

  6. wendystringer48088

    Disappointed events predicted to happen on 3/11, 3/12 didn’t.

    Qanon could be true. Could also be a game being played by someone or a group to string us all along. Who knows. I don’t.
    Even if Qanon is true I figure it is still things all happening far above my pay grade (so to speak).
    Main task and mission for those of us who are “dirt people” remains the same in my humble opinion – contine to prepare best we can if and when the house of cards collapses.

    • kay_de_leon

      311 is what you dial for info or something.

      If shit was supposed to go down like that, why put it on blast to gen pop?

    • St.Maur1066

      True, Qanon reminds me of a sock puppet show. People know its fake but just cant stop watching.

  7. Mike Bishop

    Dubious at best.

    Argumentum ad verecundiam as the IO du jour.

    >be “Insider”
    >weave elaborate tale, fanciful enough to make Tom Clancy mad from beyond the grave
    >D-don’t worry guys, we g-got this
    >go back to sleep, folks, the white hats are in control
    >all your patriotic wishes will be granted

    Like a pied piper, motherfuckers have been gobbling up the bullshit since OCT 17.

    TL;DR: Q is a LARPer at best, or a coordinated campaign of disruption at worst.

    Let’s quit waiting for someone to save us, and start saving ourselves.

    • Let’s quit waiting for someone to save us, and start saving ourselves.

      You mean actually doing something productive instead of complaining and blaming… We can’t be doing that Mike that’s sounds to much like work…Sad That…

      • Mike Bishop

        Work is hard. Delegate your fate to others; expect the results that go along with that decision.

      • Doing something productive! If we could figure out what we need to get up and DO, then things could get done. Our people need instructions and guidance. Go to this location, being this gear, complete this task. Etc. A stupid CIA manual to the Nicaraguan people comes to mind. The manual was a bit retarded but the idea is there… Different target though.

  8. Well, was Podesta arrested?

    Is there a war?

    What’s today’s date?

  9. “The sudden airing of the repulsive, vile, unthinkable, treasonous, and corrupt truths about the powerful few who run this country might be too much for many to accept. They would default to the programming that they grew up with. They would deny. They would become angry and lash out at the messenger. They could not comprehend and accept the truth if given all at once.”

    It’s why so many on our side continue to suck up to the Oligarchs. We will gladly fight for them and wear their chains, as long as we can be convinced that our slavery was achieved via capitalist free-market means.

    • “We will gladly fight for them and wear their chains, as long as we can be convinced that our slavery was achieved via capitalist free-market means.”

      Not total bullsquirt, but way simpler and more stupid than that.

  10. “What if the “answers” and the understanding of the dynamics of such treasonous and evil actions came NOT from the MSM, NOT from the White House, NOT from “talking heads”, but from message boards like 4chan, 8chan…”

    Dial it up to 11chan.

  11. SW Richmond

    Q is most definitely an op. What the purpose of the op is remains to be seen. Clearly it is propaganda. If the propaganda turns out to be of a preparatory nature to mitigate shock as the author proposes that is one thing. If instead the purpose of the propaganda is to cool our ardor for Real Change by making us believe in the system changing itself well that is something else again isn’t it?

    I reserve judgement.

    Clearly there is a great consolidation of power taking place behind the scenes. Clearly the only way to root out a significant portion of the high-level deep state is first to engage in a great consolidation of power, as the Deep state has had decades to insinuate itself.

    It remains to be seen how this consolidated power will be used. Since it is in the hands of a power-seeker it probably will not turn out well. But the American people know that this is the only way left to us short of a very very cataclysmically destructive Civil War.

    I blame the Democrat-communists for everything that happens after this because they left us no choice. Neither side was ever meant to have this much power. The chances of it turning out well are slim. The people are only safe from their own government when that government has very little domestic authority. Political power is never relinquished voluntarily. We are creating a monster to kill a monster. One of the monsters is going to win.

    • kay_de_leon

      Basically how I see it, as well.

      Not sure what it is, but so far it doesn’t change my life for better or worse.

    • Fine analysis, SW Richmond. Concur completely.

      “One of the monsters is going to win.”

      Be that monster… do not let “them” determine the outcome

      One or two monsters must be slain either way.

      But that’s the work of heroes, requiring self sacrifice, devotion, honor, courage, skill, commitment, training, co-operation!

      Y’know… all those attributes so disparaged, even vilified, by the narcossistic (missp. intentional) INDIVIDUALISTS! and for which freefor is so often cited as lacking.

      YOU are NOT the BOSS of MEEEEE!!!!

      Maybe not, but somebody will be.

      Join or Die.

  12. Well, so much for reading whatever was on the Burning Platform…too many long running scripts to actually get the page to stand still enough to read the article. Not sure if the problem is on my end or theirs….

    Either way, the Qanon phenomena could likely be seen in a couple ways. Whether it’s a misdirect or valid will likely never be completely solved, and maybe that’s not the end result/intent. Instead, over the last several months, many situations have come to light, one of which is the exposure to evils that exist. Pedophilia, child abductions, satanic, cannibalism and the dark world surrounding these has been a red pill for many, yet not enough to affect those still asleep to said evils within government and the elite. It also throws a kink into the media narratives that once was a dominating force through false news and narratives.

    Trump, love him or loathe him, could very well be deeply linked with the Q “team” (it is believed there is more than just one person) and is likely using this as an avenue to communicate in a broader range to the masses. Make no mistake, the Qanon revelation is alive, well and confounding the MSM’s and those involved in the push towards communism in America.

    Much of the intent is to expose the deep state. None of this can be achieved in a short period of time. Some of this might never be truly exposed. That realm is bigger than any of us can imagine. But the revelations, crumbs, etc being discussed on the chans are being watched by those who are being targeted. That, I believe to be true.

    Take from it what you will…one thing is for certain; what is going on amongst the comms from Q and the resulting actions that are resulting from the many “anons” who are digging based on these Q drops, are making a major difference in redirecting the narrative away from the 5th column’s attempts to mislead the public. This is expanding into the social media realms and the actions to combat the results is driving the controllers of the social media’s crazy. The accusations of “Russian bots” affecting Twitter (for example) is a joke…it’s the anon community who are bombarding these mediums, something the left refuses to admit. But they know where it’s coming from. And to admit it, would legitimize Q and their followers while bringing down the entire mainstream media’s.

    IMHO, Q is legit…and there will come a time in the near future we will see the results of this phenomena.

    • “Q” is one of those “there were no planes on 9/11” hasbara guys. Your “near future” will be an ever-receding horizon.

      complete scammer. And Trump and the Clintons are peas in the same pod. Trump accompanied the Clintons on at least 4 of their sojourns on (((Eisner)))’s Pedo Island. That (among other good reasons) is why he has not, cannot, will not move against them. If the Clintons go down, Trump goes with them.

    • wendystringer48088

      “Well, so much for reading whatever was on the Burning Platform…too many long running scripts to actually get the page to stand still enough to read the article. Not sure if the problem is on my end or theirs….”

      Same here. I had to cut and paste the text to read it without my browser locking up as I scrolled down…

      The Burning Platform

      Bear with me, and let’s together consider a scenario: Imagine one day you wake up, turn on the TV, and there is complete pandemonium. The news has just broken that the Trump administration has set up military tribunals; arrested hundreds of members of both political parties; arrested thousands of others outside government; renditioned George Soros; captured Edward Snowden; and seized Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barry Obama, and John McCain and charged them with treason. Additionally, imagine many of those arrested are charged with child trafficking for sex or organ harvesting, for drug trafficking, and for undermining the sovereignty of the United States. How would the populace react? How would the liberals react? How would the MSM characterize it? Imagine the totality of it.

      I think there would be complete chaos. Society would be at the point of coming to a complete standstill, or a revolution, or a societal breakdown.

      Most likely, the MSM would be in a full informational warfare stance. They would be characterizing these sweeping actions as dictatorial. They would say that President Trump had arrested the opposition, had lost his mind, was acting extra-Constitutionally, and had directed Sessions to fabricate evidence.

      The Democrat Party, certainly, would be saying that Trump had become mentally unstable, that the “resistance” movement must rise up, that people must demand that their Congressmen must remove Trump from the Presidency, and they would basically call for riots.

      If anyone arrested was a Republican, like John McCain or Lindsey Graham, the Republicans as well might call for Trump to be removed. The cancer of corruption, treason, selling out America and the Deep State collusion might have spread throughout the Congress.

      Trump would have no base – except the majority of the citizens of the US. But those would be hearing the constant lies, propaganda, and disinformation coming from the MSM – perhaps even Fox news. There would be competing voices on the internet, on the radio, on the TV, from the government. How would the average normie know what to believe?

      Most sheeple Americans would be confused and distressed. Informed Patriots would be celebrating. Hard Leftist Progs would be preparing to stir up the dregs of society to riot. The MSM would be attempt to focus as much HATE as possible at white conservatives and Trump supporters. The country would fracture. Riots and violence would ensue.

      BUT, what if some person or group had chosen a new and untried path? What if, to prepare the sheeple for the shock, some person or group decided to move via the internet to spread the information to the citizens in a way that went around the MSM, went around the official channels, even around the White House?

      What if someone or some group decided not to give the information to the public, but to throw bait out to the anti-social, skeptical, independent thinking denizens of the cloistered boards of discredited, offensive, and ignored websites? What if they knew that this was the primordial energy to harness to reveal Truth? What if this board held the eternal curiosity of man to rip the lid off of Pandora’s box?

      What if this person or group KNEW that the media would spin the truth into lies, and that any information from the White House would be seen as biased and dubious. What if they foresaw the riots and decided to use the internet to disseminate the information early to prepare the public for the shock?

      What if, like a “virally-spread” video, people began to mention to each other about the phenomenon of this intel being left on these discredited boards? What if teenagers and internet savvy adults began to carry this information to their friends and family?

      What if all this “intel” began to coalesce at some point into appearing Truthful, even though the puzzles had to be solved by anonymous citizens? What if the “answers” were not given, like pap to infants, but instead had to be researched, decoded, speculated, and found by those interested in solving them?

      What if the “answers” and the understanding of the dynamics of such treasonous and evil actions came NOT from the MSM, NOT from the White House, NOT from “talking heads”, but from message boards like 4chan, 8chan, Voat, Gab, and elsewhere. What if the message began to spread even to websites that were oriented around economics? What if the message spread beyond those sites to the general citizenry?

      It would seem to me that the SHOCK of the arrests, the misinformation of the MSM, and the inflammatory calls of the Progs would be mitigated and neutralized, because many would be aware ahead of time.

      Many would be prepared for the shock, because they would have heard the information from their teenage sons and daughters, from their co-workers, from respected voices on the sites they frequent, and from other websites.

      The NOVELTY of it would be attractive. The FAMILIARITY of those telling them would make it trustworthy. The REPETITION of the message from various sources would make it hard to ignore. The ORIGIN of the message would be alluring.

      Even those who might disagree with the information or dispute the arrests of those involved might tone down their reactions if their minds were primed to consider the possibilities of treason, child trafficking, or sedition.

      The point of this is that the Cognitive Dissonance would be immense in the public. The sudden airing of the repulsive, vile, unthinkable, treasonous, and corrupt truths about the powerful few who run this country might be too much for many to accept. They would default to the programming that they grew up with. They would deny. They would become angry and lash out at the messenger. They could not comprehend and accept the truth if given all at once.

      This Socratic and puzzling method of asking questions and tantalizing the fringe autists with intelligence (and truths) only known by the select few could indeed be a method that is genius. It is using the nature of the internet to find almost any information, coupled with the ability of a cohort of driven deviants to communicate instantly across the globe, coupled with the unheard-of releasing of classified intelligence to the public.

      Have these three items ever existed together at any point in human history? Has this synchronicity ever been attempted? Have humans ever had this chance? I think not. This is the brilliance of the attempt.

      It may be a way to preclude the violence, riots, and bloodshed that might occur after such a shock. It might be the stroke of genius that could only come from the Goodness of God.

      IF this is true, and IF this comes to fruition, this may be one of the greatest times to be alive in human history. This might be a revolution that does not involve physical warfare, but INFORMATION WARFARE, such as the kind that got Donald Trump elected. This might be one for the history books.

      IF this is true, then our civilization might have actually averted a totalitarian surveillance warfare State where we would have reverted to feudal status – stripped of our rights, stripped of our wealth, and thrown into permanent darkness for the unforeseeable future.

      THIS is why I attend to the phenomenon of Q. The audacity and genius of the method is breathtaking. The possibilities are immense. The futures that have been wagered here are daunting. The outcomes are staggering. And the peril of losing is fearsome.

      We MUST open the minds of our brethren, our family, and other in any way we can. We MUST help free them from the prison of the propaganda their minds were infused with as they grew. We MUST at least consider the POSSIBILITY that Q is real and truthful, that Q is Military Intelligence.

      The only other alternative is high velocity lead.

      Like it or not, as people who can think for themselves, we are the Vanguard, and we must prayerfully come together as our intuition and judgement guide us.

      Deus vult.

      Your choice, fam. One way or another, believe or not, the ride is about to start.

      The Burning Platform Proudly powered by WordPress

  13. Virgil Caine

    There is no help coming. You are on your own behind enemy lines. I promise you Q is a fraud. Accept the fact now; you and you alone are responsible for you, your family, your tribe.

    • St.Maur1066

      Agree, good advice…. Trump’s been in office for over a year. Hillary is not in jail yet and still falling down stairs. Trump tell politicians and Diane Feinstein at the meeting to group Diane’s laws into theirs. Trump says “you guys are afraid of the NRA, you cant be afraid of them, I’m not”.
      Trump and Q are fake!
      I voted for Trump as a bridge going forward. 1.) To prevent Hillary from getting into the White House .2) To buy time for possibly two years and wait for more people to get red pilled. .3) For more people to learn the importance of 2nd Amendment and get into our Gun culture to secure our freedom.
      That plan has succeeded. Trump has reached his usefulness at this point since he is a flip flopping Dem/Rep Billionaire.
      Now it seems we are set for the final act. “WE” are definitely stronger to deal with whats coming. In the coming months the weak and blowhards will get weeded out. I look forward to whats coming. …God Bless the Republic!

  14. Q anon has as much credibility as benjamin fulfurd

    a complete fake much like this god fuck in the sky.

    the sheeple are so fucking stupid they don’t deserve to live.

    quit hoping and praying for someone to save you.

    it ain’t happening.

  15. Check Q, load a mag, check Q, buy ammo, check Q, check zero’s, check Q, pray its real. Prepared either way.

  16. Remember when they were going to arrest Hillary, Molesta and everyone because the NYPD had “weiner’s laptop”. It’s all bullshit.

  17. By the way while we’re jacking off to deep state intrigue the pogues are having kids walk out of skewl today to protest ‘gun violence’ . Cuck nation is here!

  18. Been following Q for the last five months.

    The problem I have with “him” (probably them) is that IF any of what he says is true there is no reason to slow play it. Sorry, the whole “masses couldn’t handle it” takes a second seat to risking it with people who have nothing to lose. 70% couldn’t handle the Revolution, 30% did it anyway.

    Slow players end up like Seth Rich. Murder seems trivial after reading Q, and I mean that. If Q is true then ending the whole administration violent coup style wouldn’t be unexpected.

    And I’m supposed to believe Trump & Co are sitting on a massive pedogate while he lets the media report about Stormy Daniels?

    Other than that skepticism, Q connects a lot of what has been going on. Not just DeepState in general but the individual actors. Eric Schmidt, Zero, Hillary, etc…

    Since the MSM is compromised it makes sense to me that the admin would find other, less official channels to disseminate info. This is why Trump used Twitter. The risk is we all stand around with our hands in our pockets waiting for justice as Q tells us to be patient.

  19. What if wishes really were horses?

    Spit it out, marshal the facts, and get the hell out of the way.

    The X-Files “the Truth is out there” bullshit is boob bait for the bubbas.

    • Mike Bishop


      You came to mind, as I commented above. 10/10, I guarantee that you personally could write a more plausible work of Trump Fanfiction than what has been provided by whoever person/agency/group, “Q” is.

  20. Time to play the new board game, Pepe’s MAGA-OPOLY…

    • wendystringer48088

      Very cute but I think “BEAD CRUMS” should be “BREAD CRUMBS”
      I made a meme using your theme and a River Song Dr Who pic…


  21. Bonaventure

    BP has become nearly unbearable to read. Too many pop-up images. Too much scrolling. Too much click-bait.

  22. Whether Q is a persona is immaterial. Working the puzzle is the aim. If it motivates a % of the population to get up off the couch and DO something we gain.

  23. What ever happened to Winning Hearts & Minds?

    So what if Q turns out to be a nothing burger. It doesn’t matter. For freeFor to win, it only takes the appearance of winning, not holding moral or political ground to be pounded to gravel under the steamroller of media/political diversity & convergence.

    Q like Pope is a priceless propaganda weapon, even if its nothing behind the curtain.

    The character of the commenter’s here on WRSA has definitely taken the turn for cheese eating surrender monkeys.
    Its pitiful.
    If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear many are trolls and agent provocateurs posing as FreeFor.

    If your all not, your barn blind to such an extent of your whining and moaning, you all don’t recognize your negativity and resistance is futile mind set is like betraying everyone who believes in winning, which is of inestimable value & assistance to those trying to destroy our Republic.

    For all the negative remarks posted, just adding positive or creative remarks would consume so much less energy, you could make constructive remarks for a year and not even break a sweat instead of crowding each other out trying to see who can rush fastest to be the winner of the most destructive derogatory nay saying quote of the thread.

    Thing here, It doesn’t bother me. The Fat Lady isn’t even in the building yet. No matter what, FreeFor Wins.
    It is the freshly awoken and newly Red Pilled I’m thinking of here. Because if I was a Normie trying to understand and come to terms with this Marxian/deep state cold war, and I came to WRSA for enlightenment, exposed to such negativity, I’d run my ass off finding another venue with constructive and positive discourse.

    You all, and you know who I’m referring to, bring resistance is futile and losing hearts and minds to an art form.
    Some of you even feed off each other like the tactics of tag team disrupters of constructive dialog working to divide people and sow discontent.

    In some ways it stinks of characteristics of SJW’s who have converged a comment thread.

    You all should be ashamed of yourselves, and buck it up by acting like Men of The West who never give up, never surrender, never bend a knee or give comfort & aid to tyrants, and have indomitable Faith we Win in the end.
    Because the reality is, if your not part of the illusion of power of the ruling class, your not contributing to their Matrix.

    I can’t believe I’m even saying this shit on here.
    Its really repulsive watching this bickering and nasty discourse certain ones on here spread like a virus.

    The day we have solidarity incognito between us, is the day nobody or nothing can fuck with us and our freedom in meat space.
    The whole construct of their Matrix pivots on conning or coercing everyone into thinking and talking resistance is futile. Even the smallest doubt or insecurity that personal, and our collective Liberty is unobtainable, is a force multiplier unequaled by any agitprop or propaganda. Its worth 10 fake narratives, 5 false flag ops, and a week of 5th column fake media complex lies.

    Lets cut this fucking crap and be the commenters who are the go to thread in the Liberty movement for helping millions looking foe answers.
    Pete has devoted immeasurable sweat and personal resources to positive ends.
    Lets be Men who make all that effort worth it in no uncertain terms.


    Lets Fucking Win!

  24. Twitter is the key
    The Map is Not the Territory.

  25. There is another, much more plausible theory I’ve heard. At some point, presumably pretty soon, the DoJ Inspector General will issue his findings.

    The IG, Michael E. Horowitz, began investigating the HIllary Email investigation, and leaks from the DoJ to the press, in Jan 2017. The IG is not a lone individual, his organization is very large, at least 100 people on the public org charts, which do not usually include individual contributors, only managers and office heads.

    This IG inspects wrong doing in the DoJ (most departments in FedGov have an IG function). Because people from the DoJ rotate in and out of this function in their department, it’s probably fair to say it’s a lot more adept at doing investigations and criminal referrals than the IG at the Ag Dept. or others.

    Already Horowitz has released some of the most damning evidence of the plot to bring down Trump. The emails between Bruce Ohr and his mistress were released (no leaked) by the AG’s office. Recently, as he’s winding up his 14 month, 100 person investigation of wrong-doing, he’s turned over 1.2 million pages of information to the Senate committe running the “Russia” investigation.

    Typically the IG issues a formal report and makes recommendations to the Attorney General. Recommendations are fact-findings on accused or suspected wrong doing. Frequent suggested actions would be demotion, firing, or prosecution of people found to have violated DoJ rules. (Just today the IG issued 4 reports, for instance – the synopsis of one of these reads:

    During a recent investigation, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG)
    determined that the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) training on
    whistleblower protections does not provide sufficient guidance to FBI supervisors and managers concerning identifying and responding to potential whistleblowing activity under 5 U.S.C. § 2303 (FBI Whistleblower Statute) and 28 C.F.R. Part 27 (FBI Whistleblower Regulations).”

    It seems entirely likely that perhaps dozens of people will be outed as a result of his report on the Hillary email and leaking investigation. (He’s already showed his hand with the Ohr-Page text message releases.) In every case where he makes a referral to Jeff Sessions then Sessions can simply accept the recommendation, and appoint a prosecutor.

    It will be much harder for the MSM and Dems to malign this procedure. It’s normal, they would be criticising the IG, who was himself appointed by Obama. They would be criticising Jeff Sessions for simply doing what his IG recommended. There is not a good place for them to stand to freak out about this: of course, that won’t stop them, but it’s not anything like waking up and finding out the 100 top Democrats are being held at GItmo.

    It’s not nearly as exciting as the Q bullshit, but it’s a lot more likely to happen, and will still have wide-ranging and significant effects on people’s perception of the Deep State.

    Already, today, Gateway pundit is reporting that the IG recommended Deputy Dir. McCade be FIRED, a few days before his scheduled retirement. If that happens you’ll know the IG wasn’t messing around, and there are likely more arrests to come out of his report.

  26. “Q” was an occasional Character in one of the ‘Star Trek’ series. His role was to Torment Captain Piccard, a.k.a being the Bullshitter…
    This ‘Q Anon’ crap is classic Misdirection, “I’m an Insider, I Know things You Don’t”. All this stuff is ‘Hopey-Changey’ for the Deplorables, Keep them in Stasis Hoping for Change that isn’t coming. Thus keeping said Deplorables from picking up their AR’s and Making Change Happen.

  27. DEVELOPING: Andrew McCabe faces possible firing after IG internal review recommends termination.

    (Imagine a lot more of these. This one is forced out of order because his retirement is scheduled for Sunday.)

  28. Amusingly, the New York Times is 12 hours behind Gateway Pundit in reporting this, but they finally did! (I bet they were hoping it would just go away.)

  29. Alfred E. Neuman

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  30. St.Maur1066