Peak Resting Bitch Face

Missive from the Chateau.

This is the way the West ends…

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  1. I ask myself, what can I do to save western civilization? What can one man do alone? A lone wolf mentality is just a suicide mission. And here’s my answer.

    All right boys, I’ll do it, I’ll fuck that blank faced shrew and put a freedom loving mostly white American baby in her and save this damn country. I’ll take so much Infowars Alpha Male Vitality she’ll have triplets and I’ll slip an AR pistol under the pillow and fondle it while I’m doin her so all 3 will be born with delta force quality mustaches.

    Remember me in song boys, when the West has won the peace, remember my valor and sacrifice.


    I would have to agree. This is the way the West is ending, as we speak. Films such as Gattica, Hunger Games, and I, Robot have set the stage. A rich and powerful creep named Elon Musk is using his billions for AI and all kinds of social engineering. It is no coincidence in the film: CHILDREN OF MEN, the pregnant female was a negro woman. Black and Latina women have been conditioned for centuries to accept the process of bearing natural children. These crazy white cat ladies are repugnant to the human race.

    • except musks billions are really the taxpayers billions that were stolen from them with the threat of force by the corrupt scum they’ve brainwashed to believe is a representative government.

      musk is “one” of them and he’s laughing at you.

  3. wendystringer48088

    Got to 38 (and the 45) and never met a guy worth settling down with?
    Must have pretty high standards. Or more likely, impossible to please.
    I would guess that any guy intelligent and sucessful enough to appeal to her would be hearing loud warning bells going off after getting to know her that she would be the type to get pregnant and have a child and then sue him for divorce and child support and keep the house.
    The guy would likely be just a sperm donor and a paycheck to her.
    You can look at her and see how mecenary she is.
    I am glad some poor guy was spared the misery.
    Well, I guess her, and these other women, can always adopt. 🙂
    This is got to be one of the ultimate examples of those “First World Problems” memes:

    • Jimmy the Saint

      She’s a princess and a goddess – everyone has always told her so. The only mate she might – might – deign to accept would have to have the wealth of Bill Gates, the social status of the Pope, and the looks of Brad Pitt back when that meant something; and even then, if, and only if, he worshiped her as she’d always been taught she deserved.

    • wendystringer48088

      Selecvtive quote from Jimmy the Saint:
      “She’s a princess and a goddess … if, he worshiped her as she’d always been taught she deserved.”
      Yep. Quoting from the referenced Washington Post article:
      “Adams was not pregnant, and her chances of carrying her genetic child had just dropped to near zero. She remembers screaming like “a wild animal,” throwing books, papers, her laptop — and collapsing to the ground.”
      Just realized she may be the type to really act out badly when she doesn’t get her way.

      I’d say someone dodged a bullet…

  4. Brown eye.

  5. Men like me (professional bachelors) have known for a long time .. the face can tell you so much.

    And that the wall respects no woman .. “younger, tighter, hotter” is right.

  6. all that bitch needs is some tfA-t in her…

    she’ll have a smile all day long afterwards.


    • wendystringer48088 | March 14, 2018 at 19:53 |

      “Our creator gave us our senses and the ability to think and be able to perceive danger for a reason.”

      your “creator” is cosmic dust, water, and electricity. you’ll never up your game until you get that thru your heads…

      “‘I believe the universe is governed by the laws of science.”

      but hey, the peanut gallery here knows more than this stupid theoretical physicist, cosmologist…

      • Bonaventure

        Go ahead… keep on believing in your “science.”

        • ha ha ha

          you peasants will believe in anything that answers your pathetic place in life.

          try getting a real one(life) instead of hiding behind some god to explain your failures.

      • Well! I’m so glad such a reasoned voice as Hawking (since he’s stardust, his education, knowledge and worth have no value) has spoken!

        Here’s a more accurate viewpoint. I’m sure it will be ridiculed by you, but, I hope my fellow Christians will, no doubt, enjoy the show.

      • wendystringer48088

        Thanks for your input on my response to the Catholic Pope Francis video.
        I see your (and Stephen Hawking’s) points. I also have a good friend who is an atheist and says all the religions need to be done away with for humankind to advance.
        I just happen to believe differently, that there has to be a much higher intelligence and higher power that created all this. It’s just a matter of faith. I guess that some people just have it and some people just don’t.
        I do see where religion and religious beliefs can be used to control the masses and to try to convice them to accept slavery and poverty.
        “Love your neighbor” becomes let masses of uncivilized people from third world countries flood into the country. “Thou shall not kill” becomes give up your guns and don’t defend yourself against bad people who are trying to rape or kill you. Etc.
        Plus the arguments we see here on even established religious beliefs such as Catholic vs Protestant.
        For myself the challenge is to balance faith and belief in a higher power that created the universe with observing how the world actually works(the laws of science and math and physics and biology the animal kingdom) to divine (pun intended) the designer’s intent and where a belief and/or course of action is not practical.
        Predators eat prey. Animals have natural weapons to catch food and defend themselves with. Parents protect and defend their young. Not all peoples and cultures are the same. Etc.
        All the best to you on your island home. Hope you stay safe if and when things do happen.

        • the people on this island have no fear of social unrest. that’s a murkin problem. we’re here to get away from you feral crazies.

          you’re the one who needs luck… have fun battling your nextdoor neighbors, i don’t have any. i can shoot a rifle in any direction and not worry about endangering anything – ANYTHING.

        • Northgunner

          Actually Wendy it’s “thou shall not murder”.

          Big difference between killing and murder; sad to say that with the enemies that we face we will have to do both in the upcoming spiciness.

          I don’t wish either and would be quite happy to be left alone; realities a bitch though…

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

  7. fuck her and her ilk. my grandmother passed away last night. she was 103. and 3 days before my birthday. i remember watching the news with her, back during the crash of 2008, and she let out a sigh and said she was hoping not to see this AGAIN. at the time, i thought it was pretty profound. i can’t believe all the stuff she saw in her life. my grandpa died 32 yrs ago, the day after thanksgiving.
    we better kick this in the ass soon, if we are to put a dent in this BS so our kids won’t get one way trips to fema camps. i’m 53, and ain’t getting any younger or more fit.
    i was out working up loads for my grandpa’s pre 64 model 70 .270 win, this morning when my mom called to tell me about my grandmother. so far, only one of my kids thinks its better to drive a rifle, than ride a boxcar. she’s a hell of a shot. when i got my Garand 2 yrs ago, she asked to shoot it. her 3rd shot standing, hit a 8″ steel gong at 165 yds. she did it 3 more times before she learned that great sound of the en bloc getting kicked out.
    Requiem Aeternam Dona eis Domine. Godspeed Grandma Nonnie.

  8. Sounds to me like the smart bitch is really a dumb bitch. The are a lot of women in the alt-right looking for a decent man that doesn’t play with video games or his dick all day. The problem is finding them. They are afraid to let themselves be known for fear of some dumb-ass antifa loser knock them in the head.

    Mean while the Illinois Senate passed a flurry of gun control bills today.
    Hell we cant get people to make a damn phone call. If people are to damn lazy to pick up a phone you can bet your ass they’re not going to do any thing else. In Illinois an amendment was added to a gun control bill that will allow cities to BAN ANY LONG GUN. If this passes any bets you can kiss your shotgun good by?

    • Hey, I made a lot of phone calls when i lived in IL, and I even have a little clout….In a one part system, phone calls don’t change anything.

    • What if people did call, write and e-mail and were ignored?
      Just like California, politicians are guaranteed to keep occupying an office contrary to the constituency.

    • When you’re at war begging the enemy to let you keep your weapons is the pretty pathetic…I’m actually happy they are doing that because maybe just maybe it will cause the lukewarm conservatives to either fight or quit feeding the beast by moving out of there…

    • the united states of american’ts while you still can.

      it cannot and will not be saved.

      i have understood this for several years now. all you have to do is drive around the country and observe the scum that infests every population center. i guess first, you have to have the freedom and $ to that. most do not.

      sad state of affairs you suffer in the Fusa.

  9. Every woman on earth can justify anything she does. No matter how many lies. No matter how deluded, how depraved ,how stupid, or how wrong it is. She justify’s it with just two words. I. WANT. After those two words she can do anything and live with it. AND @ George b. If you are not willing to go kill to keep your weapons. Then you may just as well turn them in. Fight or quit. But the time for bitching is over.

  10. Deplorable B Woodman

    Educated beyond her intelligence.
    ‘Nuff said.

  11. At “Peak resting bitch face” she looks like she smells shit. Makes me glad I got the wife I have had for the last 49 years. Too bad she’s going to have a kid at all. She’s as fukked up as a soup sandwich, and thus likely to make her non genetically-related kid as weird as she is.

  12. The Basic Bitch.

  13. NewVegasBadger

    Read the Missive from the Chateau. She maybe well educated, intelligent, successful, but she lacks wisdom, along with common sense and logic therefore she is a bimbo and a “Can’t Understand Normal Thinking”. Her SMV is zero. No guy who quality/decent husband and father material is going to get involved with a woman who is narcissist as her. All the good men are already taken. She has ONLY herself to blame as she rejected any guy that would have made a good husband, with her out of touch with reality expectations and sense of entitlement. She is going to grow more angry and bitter (along with being bat shit crazy) as she ages badly, never taking responsibility for her choices. She believed the feminist lie that she could have it all. No dear, you can not. You have to make compromises and that if you want one thing, you have to give up something else in exchange.
    Now she wants to bring a child into the world WITHOUT the benefit of a father for that child. In my never to be humble opinion, any woman brings a child into the world out of wedlock is guilty of child abuse. Most of our current social ills are due to children growing up without a involved father in their lives. Our mass shooters have this in common an absent father. Same goes for our prison population. They grew up without a father.
    Just one look at that her picture, tells me all I need to know; stay away from her. All outcomes from getting involved with her are NOT going to end well. Nope, not even as a one night stand. Don’t stick in the crazy.

  14. Northgunner

    “..Men don’t fuck frozen eggs or hidden wombs. Men fuck women. A woman’s face and body is what motivates men to fucking or to a bid at fucking. This is why I’ve argued sexbots will be the game-changer, rather than those other reproductive technologies coming down the pike. The sexbot correctly manipulates men by simulating the experience of sex with a younger, hotter, tighter woman.

    Our Peak RBF has forgotten the common sense that “younger, hotter, tighter” doesn’t mean “younger, hotter, tighter eggs”. A sexy egg in a decrepit body is still an egg no man would bother fertilizing..”

    It’s because of the above that psycho bitch shrews like her are more and more being left along the curb for those choosing to “artificial Waifu”. The full-body sex bots are much close to becoming reality than what most folks think.
    Even the non-A.I. choices are preferable to dealing with the cascading tsunami emotional roller-coaster that is day to day living with such psycho bitches.

    If one can find a quality mate that’s young and healthy enough to bring good children into the world that’s fantastic and should be strived for.

    If that’s not possible (nor is it desired by everyone), the below may be the best choice…only limited by one’s imagination and what one can afford.

    RealDoll’s first sex robot took me to the uncanny valley | Computer Love

    Invasion of the Sex Robots!

    SexBot Buyer’s Guide

    (An honest and intelligent discussion of the subject by an owner)

    Ask yourself this, if given the choice, would you want to spend time alone with this:

    Or would you prefer this?…

    What might happen when the reality of humans interacting with human-like robots becomes commonplace?

    This classic Sci-fi movie explores one possibility.

    The Creation of the Humanoids (1962 Full Movie)

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

    • Of course door number two, but can we afford a sexbot doll and all that ammo, provisions and training? This is a scary situation. What next, robot shooter dolls for consumer market?

  15. I’ve a little Dad-saying I’ve used with all my children, grand children, and great grand children. Half the people in this world don’t know what they want, and the other half don’t know what they want to do with what they’ve got. Some, like this over educated twit, are victims of both. She’s going to make a terrible mother, and her child will turn out worse.

    • Overtaken By Events, Sean.
      Read the OP story: all her frozen eggs died.
      She’ll never give birth to any child as genetic offspring.
      She’s been evicted from the Darwinian lottery forever.

      No loss.


    I am looking at the degeneration and disintegration of human culture. I cannot debate the situation, because feminism and the rise of these crazy cat ladies have contributed to the sex doll industry. I can only lament what will end up as a culture and society where the interaction between the sexes is minimal. Men will go home to their dolls and women will go home to their prosthetic sex toys. Sharia Law and the Caliphate will fill the void. As Lineman would say, Sad That.

  17. Just as well she’s not reproducing.