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  1. Not only is the White House not a gun free zone, in addition to the various handguns and submachine guns, it has ground to air defense weapons.

    • Exactly what a bunch of Suicidal Idiots problem is they want my death first and that is going to be a problem for them…


        Word. We had our Children’s Crusade up here in Rawles Land( or I should call it Kalifornia North). The entire front section of the Daily Fish Wrap was devoted to the “children” venting their spleens about AR-15’s(hey, that rhymes!). There was one small article about of group of counter-protesting patriots who assembled at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds, with AR’s in tow, to explain the purpose of the Second Amendment and extend the big middle digit to all of the clueless Special Snowflakes. Stay frosty, my friends, I fear the sand has run out of the hourglass. Bleib ubrig.

    • ^^^^
      What he said.

  2. Retards from a gun free school zone don’t know
    it’s a gun free school zone?
    2 countries needed, fast.

  3. SW Richmond

    Does the snowflake imagine the White House is a gun-free zone? Oh my God how fucking stupid is that?

    But she gets 10 points from the Communist judge for virtue signaling.

    • Plan K. Ton

      “Virtue signalling” is free points for now… right up until that time that it is no longer without some form of cost to the practitioners. The interesting thing to see is how long it will take a corrective signal to travel through the virtue signal reception area. That, and maybe there is some other form of virtue signal, sort of like matter/anti-matter, laws of thermodynamics and Newton’s 3rd Law (every action has an equal and opposite action)

  4. Well intentioned?? I think not…

  5. I take offense at the title of the post.

    By what measure are they even ” well intentioned “.

    As Pat Hines pointed out: the White House is chock-full-O’ Guns. Agents with pistols. Air defense – I’m sure there are Marines in there somewhere with serious combat gear.

    The exact opposite of what these nitwit kids and all their adult supporters seem to want since every time the whole “arm the teachers” thing gets brought up – they all get apoplectic.

    The White House is DEFENDED.

    Which is something these idiots seem completely against for their schools.

  6. the young useful idiots may or may not be “well-intentioned”

    the Judeo-communist teachers unionists and faggot educrats who brainwash them daily are not well-intentioned.

    they intend to kill us.

  7. Randolph Scott

    I can solve the problems for 12,000 of them with a 308 pill.

  8. TheAlaskan

    The end game of a public education…

  9. How come children are only important after they are born?

  10. Au contraire, my mindless little parrots, your place IS a “Gun Free Zone” (aka Victim Collection Point) which is why this evil befell your fellow students.

    A chicken shit LEO didn’t help matters any, either.

  11. St.Maur1066

    THIS IS A MUST READ BOOK. It will explain everything going on today.

    • Grenadier1

      Dont need a book to tell us that, in all honesty.
      TL:DR version

      CIA cant get enough money from the tax slaves to fund its “operations” so it participates, facilitates, organizes and leads, international criminal enterprises. More specifically arms trades and cocaine / heroin smuggling.

      For further reference see
      Barry Seel
      Mena, Arkansas
      Boys on the tracks

  12. Well anytime their ready to go to the wall I’m ready to oblige and get re done .I could use a couple more truckloads of guns

  13. Future cat ladies and soy boys. Tide Pod Constitutional Scholars one and all.

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. NewVegasBadger

    These WIYIs need to be reminded that there is group of men (and women) called the Secret Service, who all carry guns on them, for the purpose of protecting the President. So if any thing they ought to be asking that they be protected the same way the President is. They obviously do not know their history. They ought to be reminded that what they are asking for has already been tried, during a period of 20th Century history known as Prohibition. The Constitution as amended to ban alcohol. But I can already hear the response
    of “but this time it will be different”. Yeah right

  16. The “girl” looks like a genderconfused LaRaza activist that was accidentally sent to the wrong demonstration by a crisis actor agency.

  17. Deadeye Dic

    Holy shit! These youngsters are dumber than a box of rocks. When the party starts they will be the first to go. I see many clueless Utes in that picture.

  18. fuck that kid

  19. We home schooled…
    In a house full of guns….
    You all should try it.