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  3. wealthy farmer

    Interesting review of how a mormon clan in northern mexico controls its AO:

  4. Ordered, thanks Max.

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  5. Night breaker

    Ordered thanks Max!

  6. I have a copy of FM-7-8 and my old Ranger Handbook. thanks. In fact I think I still have my full set of infantry FM’s. Want to see if you still “got it”. Find a nice spot where its not illegal and dig your self a foxhole. With revetment and overhead cover by the end of your stay. With just the E-tools you carry. Set sector stakes. Bonus points if you correctly place your FPF. If there is more than one of you, run commo wire. set simulated booby traps and mines. Now run a patrol. and make a sector map. Note dwellings, barns, sheds, trails, roads. Basically anything that can effect you. At the end of your training session, recover everything you put out and destroy any evidence you were ever there to the best of your ability. Do it all in three days. You’d be amazed how many guys can’t .

    • Ray, you’re so outdated, that 80’s tactical ranger handbook is blasé, get with the times dude. Just deploy your MVT tactical poncho and “poof”, no more recon or revetment, no worry about your AO; you are INVISIBLE!

    • excellent post again Ray