WaPo: FBI’s Andrew McCabe is fired a little more than 24 hours before he could retire



  1. Hadenoughalready

    Good! About time someone paid for their arrogance. Now to throw the SOB in cuffs and haul his pathetic ass into court, try him for everything they can find and dump his sorry ass in Gitmo.

  2. Long time reader. First post. Hoping a lot more than this comes soon but this is great. When we see him, comey, and many others I’ll have more hope. In the mean time stack the ammo high and deep and train hard. This country’s demise is more likely than not unless God grants us a reprieve.

  3. hocuspocus13


  4. Nice of them to string him along until juuuuuuust short of retirement safety.

  5. Shinmen Takezo

    This news brightens my weekend.

    Just the thought a another wonk/zipper-headed/government-employee/dead-weigh-type losing all their government pensions makes me weep for joy…. especially this mother-fucking-hunk-O-shite losing his hard won pension from all those years of sitting on his bony ass.

    Thank you Jesus, thank you!!!

    Now hopefully he will be indicted on multiple felony charges and spend a couple of years behind bars in a Fed penitentiary… after spending all of his savings and mortgaging his house to the hilt to pay for legal his legal bills.


  6. The first domino.

    Long popcorn.


  7. wealthy farmer

    Little G-man cocksucker got hoist on his own petard.
    How many lives has this prick ruined via process charges, e.g. making false or misleading statements? And if the interviewee didn’t make such statements, well he’d just go ahead and make them for them (perjure the Form 302.)


    I will call bulls**t on this for now. He will (((sue))) and get his freebies back. I hope I am mistaken, but I do not see justice being done against ANY of these Deep State operatives unless it is at the end of a rope.

    • You are correct sir. B player modified limited hangout. Straight fron the playbook. Long on optics short on substance.

    • DTW, his pension was never at risk. Note the language in substance, ” borders criminal activity” not stating his actions are ” clearly criminal”

      A meaningless victory, he wins, no jail time, and a pension for doing the country wrong.

      Until people in DC are jailed, ain’t nothing changed. Nothing going to change.

      It’s just how it works.


  9. Perjury is good for 5 years per count according to 18 USC 1621.

    Which leverage might prove quite the inducement to loosen Mssr. McCabe’s lips on, oh,…everything he knows!

  10. He should hang himself.

  11. Trump should just have the top 500 or so of Feebs rounded up and sent to Gitmo until their stories check out. They are all guilty of being obama’s thugs, so off with them. Let them rot.

  12. Jimmy the Saint

    Now rehire him at half pay, then fire him again. Repeat process until he accepts the white kimono and wakizashi and gets started on his poem.

    • That would require Honor on his part. Those people have no honor, nor loyalty to the People and the

    • Hell, no!
      As Lincoln noted, the worst use of a soldier is to shoot him.
      This is the FIBies former Dep. Director.
      He has enough shit in his files and memory to put a few hundred people away forever.

      First you waterboard all the locations of all the skeletons out of him.
      Dangling the original five year stretch in the pen over his head when he gets forgetful.

      By the end, you’ve got enough dirt on him, Comey, and everyone up to the Magic Negro POTUS to put them all in prison for centuries.

      Then you videotape ever bit of it.

      After that, if he elects to do five quiet years in Club Fed, and then write a book, that’s his business.

      50/50 he buys the wakizashi himself, or gets Arkancided and falls into a pond while juggling cinder blocks and chain, or something equally improbable, but at that point, totally inconsequential to draining the swamp and burning the monsters out.

  13. Oldtradesman

    He’ll have to spend a little money and suffer a few sleepless nights, but McCabe will get his retirement. Bet on it.

  14. This Marxist pajama boy stooge should be in a prison cell with Tyrone screaming for the rapes to stop.

  15. As I understand the federal employment rules, if he’d fully vested, his retired pay would begin immediately. Since he did not fully vest, his retired pay won’t begin until he reaches 60 years old. It may be somewhat reduced, but not by much.

    • I just looked him up, he’ll be 50 on 18 March, 2018. If he’s not convicted of a crime, he’ll have to get a job in the private sector for those 10 years before his retired pay kicks in.

      • True, but.
        One federal perjury indictment, and the whole pension goes away.
        He’ll be working on assembling wall lockers for 38 cents an hour for five the next five years after that, but at 62, he can still get Social Security.

        This is a John Dean moment.

        He can tell all, and write a book someday.
        Or he can go hard, watch the charges rack up, get raped by Bubba nightly until he dies, and wait for the day somebody with a shiv comes to Arkancide him.

        And if the FIBies think they can reform their reputation by maxxing him out, that investigation is a no-brainer.

        The rank and file will throw a crooked former deputy director under a bus in a heartbeat.

        The joker in the deck is whether AG Sessions remains as somnolent and dickless as he’s been for the last year, or suddenly remembers his job description.

        McCabe, used properly, is the can opener that can get you the entire can of worms.
        Including Trump until 2025, and bigger red-state majorities in every election from now until then.

        “Obamagate” is right.

    • Pat, age requirement is 55. All federal law enforcement are out at 55.

      Not to say he can’t work their, he just can’t work as a enforcement puke anymore.


      • It would seem he was looking for early retirement, then. He’s 50 yo tomorrow.

      • Recargador

        Mandatory retirement for Federal LEO is 57. The person has to out the last day of the month of his 57th birthday. This covered CSRS and FERS.
        The extension from 55 to 57 occured around 1986.

  16. CWII is just getting underway. You ain’t seen nothing yet. BLOAT!

  17. SW Richmond

    So as evidence of just how ridiculously gold-plated is the federal pension system, the entire public imagines the worst thing you can do to this man is take away his pension.

    No mention of the Greybar Hotel, which is the Fate that would have weight any of us dirt people who commits the most minor offense. Juggling a presidential election? Yawn, no big deal they all do it they all know it and that’s why they don’t want to send them to jail for it.

  18. Maybe tfaggot can put this scumbag on his “to do” list. 🙂