My Suggestion Is “Collaborators”

GoV: It’s Not Totalitarian — But What Is It?

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  1. LodeRunner

    It’s a pre-extinction burst of folly. Nature has demonstrated such before.
    The questions is – is this the extinction of the current Western Society, or of the men who created it? And while the former is inevitable (and to some extent desirable, given its current state), the latter is equally possible and far more profound to contemplate.

    “Lament not evil in it’s passing.”

  2. When Societies develop a high standard of living they become immoral and decadent. A form of social apathy overtakes the people. They either don’t want to get involved or simply don’t care. Fear is a major contributing factor. to this malaise. People like Tommy Robinson are attempting to make a difference but he needs to be joined and supported by other if he is to be effective.
    We see the same thing here in the USA. Gun owners are the largest demographic group in the country but we don’t act like it. When someone like myself makes an appeal for phone calls most agree but some think its a show weakness or a waste of time.

    Working for a peaceful out come and getting involved is NOT a form of weakness and is not disgusting.

    I know some people have the view that we should resist like 1775 but that didn’t happen in various states of our union when a lot of Bull $hit laws were passed. Yes there is defiance but the way I see it if we all do a little right now, right where were at, the combined actions may just make a difference.
    My opinion; if we are not willing to pickup a phone why do we think people will take other forms of action later.

    Churchill used to say its better to fight now when you have a chance to win than to be forced to fight later when you have NO chance at all.

    If we can break this apathy we can force change. I know running for office sounds like BS. But how many of you are retired and have the means to run for office. Hell any public office will do if your in a position to make change or have an influence.

    MAYBE Tommy Robinson should run for Parliament or mayor. Becoming a voice for people to rally around.

    Sounds silly? Then explain Trump

    If it doesn’t work, well, then the people are informed and will be easier to take the next step.

    Just my thoughts I am sure some will disagree. I admit its a very complex and emotional issue.

    • Chuckwalla

      Agree on Tommy Robinson for Parlimemt. The UK is fucked. Gov is totalitarian all the way. Some more than others. Gov is actively being used to destroy Western Civilization and this appears overt and obvious. They fuel it by fleecing the tax payers/slaves at best and fund the rest with drugs and child trafficking.

  3. The Walkin' Dude

    I hope they DO burn, if they are going to try and drag us into a fight with Volodya. Fuck their suicidial ideation. Proof or STFU. Seems like a simple request.

  4. Great article. I watched theTommy Robinson interview by Miss Pettibone and his treatment seemed in everyway old school totalitarian. Picked up by police for thought-crime. Harassed endlessly by authorities on made-up chrges. Illegitimate imprisonment where the guards had him beat down by zeks badly enough to lose a bunch of teeth.

    How is that different from what Solshenitzen described in the Gulag Archipelago?

    Perhaps the only meaningful difference is scope. The USSR arrested hundreds of thousands, England has so far put far fewer through the ringer.

  5. St.Maur1066

  6. By Gar, I’ve got a word for the speech suppression in the UK: “STFU–SERFS!”

    HRH sez: Forget that balderdash about me old cuz, Jack at Runnymede a few years back giving you dirt people rights.

    PROGRESS is really REGRESS. We GLOBALISTS are now in charge! Don’t like it? Don’t piss me off–me and my L85 and rifle stand will show you. Btw, the bloke holding the brolly over me here was just given a royal medal for his butt-kissing, I MEAN ROYAL SERVICE!

    much bettern me old Lee-Enfield back in the day:




      “The U.K. has a long-standing relationship with Saudi Arabia, their royal families appearing to share a mutual respect. Following his lunch with the queen, the crown prince dined with Prince Charles and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, in the evening.
      They also have a long-standing trade relationship — not just of arms, the most well-known U.K. export to Saudi…”

      • Northgunner

        Makes me wonder how involved the saudis and the uk royal-boils are involved with pizzagate via the klintonkrimeklub and others (rothschild’s etc).

        One dirty hand ‘does a reach-a-round’ for the other….

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

  7. St.Maur1066

  8. That sign gives
    Me an idea.

  9. Grundyism, referring to Mark Twain’s quote:

    “We are discreet sheep; we wait to see how the drove is going, and then go with the drove. We have two opinions: one private, which we are afraid to express; and another one – the one we use – which we force ourselves to wear to please Mrs. Grundy, until habit makes us comfortable in it, and the custom of defending it presently makes us love it, adore it, and forget how pitifully we came by it.”

  10. Blazer brass 9mm is cheap but man is it dirty!!!

  11. GoV asks, so here is my humble offering — Oceananic.

    * New.
    * Organic in the manner of word usage.
    * A tip to ‘1984’.

  12. Totalitarian, as a moniker, still works. People keep looking for new words but perhaps should rather play the tape to the end. Do you think there’s never a point where they wouldn’t pull a gun on someone who said “No” to them enough times?

  13. Northgunner

    Old Brit war vets should be asking themselves, “WhyTF did we even bother with fighting in WWII?” (Same with elderly Germans given their moslem problem).

    The moslem question will have to be dealt with sooner or later..along with those who enable and support them…that includes parasites like May.

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  14. Northgunner

    Totalitarian is what it is; absolutely no sane reason for someone trying to verbally ‘spray febreeze’ on it to make it smell any different!

    Orwell and others like Enoch Powell warned folks,..they didn’t listen, hence contemporary UK/Europe and America too.

    ‘Voting’ isn’t going to change jack shit; it just reiterates to the parasite class that they’re our masters and we accept being their helots.

    Free your minds! Then live freedom!
    And if some ‘official buttboil’ doesn’t like it tell them to FOAD!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III