Buppert: The Education Complex and Imperial Conditioning

Young Red cadres.

And enstupified slaves.

Read about the Red Guards youth movement.


Peking Review, No. 36 (9/2/1966), p. 17

Red Guards Destroy the Old and Establish the New

Since August 20, the young Red Guards of Peking, detachments of students, have taken to the streets. With the revolutionary rebel spirit of the proletariat, they have launched a furious offensive to sweep away reactionary, decadent bourgeois and feudal influences, and all old ideas, culture, customs and habits. This mounting revolutionary storm is sweeping the cities of the entire nation. “Let Mao Tse-tung’s thought occupy all positions; use it to transform the mental outlook of the whole of society; sweep away all ghosts and monsters; brush aside all stumbling-blocks and resolutely carry the great proletarian cultural revolution through to the end!” This is the militant aim of the young revolutionary fighters. Their revolutionary actions have everywhere received the enthusiastic support of the revolutionary masses.

In Peking. During the past week and more Red Guards have scored victory after victory as they pressed home their attack against the decadent customs and habits of the exploiting classes. Beating drums and singing revolutionary songs detachments of Red Guards are out in the streets doing propaganda work, holding aloft big portraits of Chairman Mao, extracts from Chairman Mao’s works, and great banners with the words: We are the critics of the old world; we are the builders of the new world. They have held street meetings, put up big-character posters and distributed leaflets in their attack against all the old ideas and habits of the exploiting classes. As a result of the proposals of the Red Guards and with the support of the revolutionary masses, shop signs which spread odious feudal and bourgeois ideas have been removed, and the names of many streets, lanes, parks, buildings and schools tainted with feudalism, capitalism or revisionism or which had no revolutionary significance have been replaced by revolutionary names. The service trades have thrown out obsolete rules and regulations.

Support for the revolutionary actions of the Red Guards has been expressed in countless big-character posters which the masses of revolutionary workers and staff have put up in the newly renamed major thoroughfares of the capital. They have also expressed their support with street demonstrations…

Guess who plays the obsolete social obstructors who must be crushed by any means necessary in the current franchise reboot?

And guess where?

15 responses to “Buppert: The Education Complex and Imperial Conditioning

  1. Reading Gatto’s “Underground History of American Education” is life-changing.

    “Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.”
    — Oscar Wilde

    • As if the 20th century’s most infamous predatory pedophile has anything uniquely of value to offer?

    • Got it, read it, don’t agree with about 1/2 of it.

      Everything we know, or do, was taught, or modeled by our elders, or K-8 teachers. I’m no fan of formal education, past the 8th grade.

      When education became ” centralized at the state level, VS, local level things changed, for the worst.

      For what it’s worth, our college is a very Conservitive college, “OIT”. Many instructors, are on the ” gotta go” list.


  2. BTW there is a difference. In America, the intended victims will all be armed.

  3. Great contribution, both from Bill and pointing to Gatto’s required reading. Life changing, indeed.

  4. Until y’all stop bitching, and start killing the new red guards . This shit will only get worse. Burn the communist’s. Not the constitution. Rope works too.

    • Notarealperson

      If every gun owner in this country pulled their kids out of public school. The schools would curl up and die within a month or two as they find all their funds cut off and have to lay off staff.

      End of problem. No violence needed. Just some unity in the face of tyranny.

      Problem is, you can’t get white Americans to work together.

  5. So very true CA, thanks.

  6. Watch this Jordan Peterson video of a talk at Queen’s University :

    He makes multiple EXCELLENT points during this talk – and during part of it the Red Guards are literally beating on the windows outside the hall as if to really stress the points he’s making inside.

  7. Do you know how many Reds are living within 1 kilometer of your residence? What about their identities? You do realize that they either will deal with you come bleeding time, or vice versa?

    Yea I do there is none at 1 mile and none at 5 miles…If you have any that close you’re in the wrong area and need to get out post haste unless of course you want to live in a FOB without the logistics and resupply…Selco did it not by choice.and he wouldn’t recommend again which is why he has a place in the country…

    I asked Bill over at his place if he had started a school to start teaching the youngsters how to think…I am guessing he hasn’t but that’s par for the course these days complain and blame and that’s it…Sad That…

  8. It’s about time. What Palestine needs, desperately, is a new Crusade that re-Christianizes the whole of the land area. Moving the illegal Jew immigrants and their progeny back to where they came from.

    AIPAC is suddenly getting a lot of bad press, in Jewish papers and ‘Washington Post’


    In reference to the cartoon above, depicting the Chola dyke and her weenie-armed soy boy, they made the news again, obliquely. It seems a Maine state rep candidate running unopposed has been forced to drop out of the race because he called bulls**t on these two fraudulent crisis actors after the Broward County False Flag. The Dead Elephants ganged-up on him after the Jackass Party started screaming bloody murder.
    We have come a long way since the late 1960’s-early 1970’s. Those of us in uniform then were routinely and publicly harassed, called all sorts of names, spit at, and even physically assaulted. Not to mention, we were pegged as trained killers and homicidal maniacs. No one beefed the dirt bags involved.They cleaned themselves up, went to law school, and joined Bill and Hillary in the White House. My, how times have changed.
    In my opinion, the eventual blowback from the abrogation of the First Amendment will have deleterious consequences for these Marxist-SJW useful idiots. Mike V advocated it with the “broken windows” meme. The continued assault and abrogation of the Second Amendment will lead to CWII. Harden your hearts. Review your plans. Keep watching and listening.

  10. Having taught at the secondary school and college levels, I can re-affirm what Buppert says here. Let me give you an example: I currently live in a vill where the “school system” is on par with God. Every school levy passes; teachers enjoy one of the highest (if not the highest) income in the state. 99.9% of all HS grads here are college bound. Our realty taxes here are stratospheric.

    So, a few years ago, our community emergency sirens went off and NOAA radios screamed: “Tornado–Dead Ahead!” A twister was headed right for us. Outside on the street was the neighbor’s teenage girl and her brand new car. I got hold of her and warned her of the impending cyclone, about two miles away in an adjacent vill called “Richfield.”

    This cute little thang looked at me as if I were a Martian and asked: “WHERE the hell is “Richfield?” I said two miles west and the funnel clouds were visible. Educated in “the best” of high schools, she didn’t have a clue about her locale or surrounding towns, YET she had been sent to Pago-Pago in Samoa on “environmental studies” to study the white-naped flying foxes by our local high school and could tell me the intimate geography of Samoa.


      CC: See the same thing here in Rawles Land all the time. Welcome to the future.