Mueller’s Investigation Flouts Justice Department Standards

There will be a ugly, ugly fight for control of the USG.

Especially with the war drums a-pounding.

Got everything you need?

Tempus fugit.

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  2. TheAlaskan

    No ugly link CA.

  3. Someone point to me any Russian aggression. Did Russia fly jets into NY buildings? Did they gun down 50 gays in a Florida club? Was it a Russian who drove the truck in Nice that killed 80? Was it a Russian who splattered little Etta all over the streets of Stockholm? Was it Ruskies who mass murdered my brothers workmates in San Berdoo? Was it the Russians who raped all those girls in Sweden and Cologne and in England? How bout the Madrid train bombings? Who blew up those kids at the Manchester concert? Or Paris concert where 80 were killed and dismembered? Fort Hood? Or the other 30,000 plus deadly worldwide terrorists attacks since 9-11? Someone point me in the right direction. I’m so misinformed.

  4. Link broken.

    Also, sent u comms ca.

  5. Shinmen Takezo

    fix the first linky please

  6. libertyandlead2

    Pete, this republic is lost. The FUSA is dead. A corpse. It isn’t coming back.

    What we need to be discussing is what replaces it.

    Now that, is a conversation worth having.

    • I agree with the conclusion. Happy to publish here anything you write in your shop.

    • “What we need to be discussing is what replaces it.”

      I’m guessin’ you’re not an oncologist.

      • libertyandlead2

        I’m a nobody.

        Cancer so prevalent cannot be removed and the patient survive.

        Some parts of the former living however can go on in another form.

  7. gmail blocked the National Review link in my email.

    On Mon, Mar 19, 2018 at 9:48 AM, Western Rifle Shooters Association wrote:

    > Concerned American posted: ” There will be a ugly, ugly fight for control > of the USG. Especially with the war drums a-pounding. Got everything you > need? Tempus fugit.” >

  8. Northgunner

    “And in a flash of sun and fury, the place of the evil ones was destroyed in a heartbeat, never to rise again.

    Great Grandpa, the bones of the buildings glow at night and the soil there is poison to the touch, it’s forbidden to ever visit there; what was their great wrong?

    My dear ones, their wrong was that they dared to believe that they owned all other people and could do with them whatever they wished. That they openly traded truth for lies and slavery for freedom and life and peace for the abyss that swallowed them in the Firestorm.

    What were they called again, Great Grandpa?

    They were called politicians and they worshipped a false god called ‘government’

    That’s enough history for now my dear ones, go play outside..and you older ones take your guns and look after the young ones.”

    Rhododendron Honey Leslie Fish FIrestorm

    (A song that the survivors may very well sing; granted that the antagonists would most likely be successfully ambushed BEFORE they every made it to the town)

    Rhododendron Honey Lyrics

    What do we do for our freedom, oh, what do we do for our corn?
    Poor Big Boss Jones an’ ‘is bully boys came here last Sunday morn.
    He marched right into the village square an’ grabbed everybody in sight
    An’ made a big speech about how he’d come to set this country right.
    He said that he’d come to save us all from livin’ in anarchy.
    He’d give us a government an’ laws again, the way it used to be.
    He swore he’d make this country great like it was before the war,
    And all that he wanted was half our crops like taxes was before.
    When he was finished, he took his boys and went to the meetin’ hall
    An’ chased out everybody left in sight and moved in one and all.
    So we strolled over to the teacher’s house and held town meetin’ there
    To talk ’bout what we were gonna do, just how and when and where.
    Early next mornin’ the old folks come, all smilin’ to beat the band.
    They told Boss Jones they were glad he’s here, ‘n they’re proud to shake his hand.
    They fawned on him an’ his bully boys an’ flattered ’em left an’ right
    An’ promised a big feast in their honor in the meetin’ hall that night.
    That evenin’ everyone in town showed up, all bringin’ the food an’ beer.
    Boss Jones, he sat at the head of the table, and all his boys sat near.
    Oh, they ate ‘n drank ‘n bragged no end ’bout what they were gonna do
    While they scarfed up rhododendron honey and amonida stew.
    Now, we’d been careful o’ what we ate, so we didn’t take no harm,
    But the Boss an’ ‘is bully boys all keeled over while the coffee still was warm.
    We dragged ’em down to the old mine shaft that was dug before the war
    An’ dropped ’em down there with all the others who’d tried that trick before.
    Yes, we remember the world that was and the way that it used to be,
    And we’d just rather be left alone; we’re used to bein’ free.
    Don’t want no more of laws or bosses, don’t want no government here.
    I hope they don’t come again too soon … they’ve tried three times this year.

    Only the insane and the critically stupid persist in taunting either wolverines or honey badgers; their ‘reward’ is of their own making..the parasite class is definitely both.

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

    • You do understand the irony of your story right? I think you do but some might not so I will explain it to them… You’re an Anarchist correct…To build such a device that you speak of would require collectivism, taxation, and the means to protect yourself while your building such a device…Aka Government…That’s the irony…

      • Northgunner

        Hi Lineman,

        Nice try, but no. The illogic of statism/collectivism fails again and here’s why:

        The Whole Problem (and Soultion) In Two Minutes – Larken Rose

        Who’d Build the Roads? – Larken Rose

        The Mind Control That Makes One Accept (the Myth of) ‘Government’ – Larken Rose

        ‘Government’ Is An Illusion – Larken Rose

        Message To the Voting Cattle – Larken Rose

        I know that the temptation for some folks is to blow off the effort to watch multiple videos (because its easy to be mentally lazy) but at least make the effort with the first one if nothing else.

        ‘government/authority’ doesn’t exist any more than Santa Claus or unicorns that fart tasty sun washed skittles. It’s the myth and lie that the parasite class uses to mentally bedazzle and frighten people at the same time into accepting self-imposed slavery (just like islam). ‘gov’ doesn’t own anything, ‘gov’ doesn’t build anything, only people do.

        ‘gov’ is just another imaginary false god that people choose to worship.

        By the way, did I tell you I have a friend by the name of Jigs Casey?….

        Steven Wright – Jigs Casey

        Hoped that you enjoyed the very short story nonetheless.

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

    • “An’ made a big speech about how he’d come to set this country right.
      He said that he’d come to save us all from livin’ in anarchy.
      He’d give us a government an’ laws again, the way it used to be.”

      sounds like what every parasite cop believes in his own pea-sized brain…

      fucking asswipes think they are doing everyone a favor by enforcing the gubmints dictat and “holding the line” while they feed off the broke taxpayers stolen loot. maggot ass fuckstains are the worst evil there is. bulldoze all the cops and their families into a big pit- don’t forget their fucking dogs either. then go after their masters.

      fuck the piglice.

      • T-FAT, make way, dead man walking.


        Tfat was a lovely tribe supporting man, at the time of his scalping.

        , the tribe wishes to thank T-Fat for playing, ” let’s make a deal” you dumb ass white guy!


        • i bet you’re getting nervous. aren’t ya?

          i would be if i were a cop…

          your shelf life is getting real close to expiration date.

      • Northgunner

        Yes that’s exactly how they think..if such can be called ‘thinking’.

        It’s why they and their superiors are as dangerous as rabid dogs running loose on the streets.

        Same solution applies…

        To kill A Mockingbird – Attics Shoots A Mad Dog

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

    • I had a dream similar to your picture. I dreamed I was at Arlington Cemetery (where many of my friends are buried) and suddenly there was the bright flash of a nuke going off.

  9. Not there will be, there is currently.

    Headline SB “Bloods n Crips” go to war over pirate’s booty, US sheeple mesmerized by level of infighting among political class.” I used the word “infighting” deliberately. You can do the math on why. Full Banana Republic.

    See Rule Number One on how to deal with this unfortunate set of circumstances.

  10. Title is Wrong- Mueller’s ‘investigation’ is following approved procedures of the “Just Us” department; Delay, Cover Up, Obfuscate and Protect the Criminal/Political Class from ‘prosecution’. NO Swamp Creature is EVER going to see the Inside of a Prison. NEVER.

    But they Might see the Inside of a Wood Chipper…

    • Grenadier1

      You are right, they probably will not see the inside of a prison. That however does not mean they will escape justice….
      In the coming frackus they will no doubt wish they were in a cell.

  11. “Media critters think they are untouchable. LOL.”

    Reality is they are the canary in the coal mine. When Rule 303 pops up they will be first recipients, soft targets looking for a ‘story’. It will be like honey to a bear. The first one to go down will be covered by 8 others within short order all soft targets lacking a clue to what is going on.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Media critters think they are untouchable.”

      I respectfully disagree.
      – Zombie Jake Lingle

  12. “One for me, and one for thee’all.” It’s a big club, and we’re not in it.

    • And no one wants to form their own club to counter it so bitching and moaning will continue until the boxcars, ovens, or the lowly ditch…Sad That…

  13. wendystringer48088

    correct link:

    (incorrect link had and extra ” h t t p : / / w w w . ” in front of it – without the spaces)

  14. It only needs a colon after “https”

  15. wendystringer48088

    Reading both articles, I had a thought that I would like to share to anyone in Moscow who may be listening…
    I think it would solve both of our problems (Russian nationalists and American patriots who just want to be left the hell alone and not be forced into being slaves of the globalist new world order) if some people over here in the U.S. were to drop dead from that novichok stuff you apparently have.
    Just saying… 🙂

  16. The money – follow the money. Since no one (to my knowledge) is talking about it, it’s all about the money (which equals power/control). Not about the Jews, not about which nation is in charge, not about all the other chaff that’s in the ‘news’ but it’s about the money: period. To prove a point, why is no one talking about China for instance? A major trading partner (and supplier) to the US of A? China who has proven to have infiltrated our systems for years and beneath the veil of their political face a sworn enemy of the US. Why Russia? Why now? Connect the dots – even the ones hidden …..

  17. The mueller dog and pony show will go on until Novemeber. DEMs got nothing else.

    I was pleased to see the dumb Niglette from California, Klamieti Harris is spooling up,to run. She’s gonna be a lot.tougher then Ophira.

    Personally the mueller circus needs to be shut down. Any idea of the costs of these fucking retards are costing, us the tax cattle!


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