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Britain has fallen.

The FUSA is in the sights of the Tyrants.

Live video (if YouTube keeps it up):

UPDATE 1330E 18MAR2018: The speech:

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  1. libertyandlead2

    Thank you Matt! I have all of your other books.

  2. Grey Ghost

    so much for the benevolent King/Queen theory of .govt.

    Grey Ghost

  3. “The FUSA is in the sights of the Tyrants.”

    No lie. What I’m going to relate isn’t real dramatic, but is very creepy. In our relatively small city, a guy is running for Mayor. His platform has been reducing spending, actively budgeting, stopping multi-family housing and generally focusing on efficiently running the Town and reducing its tax rate.

    I saw an article in the local gossip sheet about him taking a couple of weeks off, yada yada… then get an email from the guy saying that he found a note on his car telling him it’d be in his and his families “best interests” if he withdrew from the Mayoral race.

    WTH? Is this the District of Criminals? No this is small city North Texas… So, you can see that “they” are everywhere. Be they true believers of simply psis ants that don’t want their town destroying agendas destroyed so the dollars keep rolling in.

    Jeff B.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “So, you can see that “they” are everywhere. ”

      As someone (Walter Williams, maybe) once said – the big problem with communists isn’t that they are communists. It’s that they insist that you join in their reindeer games, too.

  4. Spellinmg… Piss Ants…

  5. I found this soothing to watch and contemplate the future.
    Some people in Sweden still fancy the old ways.
    He didn’t have to use the power tools.
    I think you guys will like the finished product.
    Use it for cutting wood if you wish.

    If you want something similar but still hand made, Gränsfors Bruk is the name to look up.

    Highland Hardware here in ATL has them in stock.
    Good hunting to all.

    • Grenadier1

      Highland hardware is awesome. I have a Wetterlings hatchet they are made by Gransfors actually got it from Smoky mountain knife works.

      • Highland is like a nice gun store to me.
        Lots of items there that are Kryptonite to my wallet.
        It was a regular delivery on my route when I was assigned to a downtown lift gate.

        Currently cc in a nonpermissive environment right now.
        Got to practice while it is still a misdemeanor.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Unfortunately, it’s Sweden. The Islamist who eventually beheads him with it will certainly appreciate the fine craftsmanship.

  6. That Islam is a totalitarian system that is inimical to any other form of sociopolitical organization cannot be denied. The question is: What is the appropriate course of action? Moreover, if all you do is complain, without developing a workable solution, what, exactly, is your objective? Or do you even have one? If your objective is to reassert Western ideals and morality, fine, excellent in fact. Pray tell, what’s your plan to achieve that? If you haven’t got one, get one, because without one, you will lose. And the other side definitely does have one, and it has been achieving great success in dragging the level of human condition and discourse down to that of not only simian, but even reptilian levels.

    • The answer is self-evident.

    • The Common Purpose progrom in England is similar
      to the SES progrom here.

    • Ralph,

      Too many in the West are asleep to the problem. Those who aren’t hitting the snooze button are still debating a course of action for the most part. Meanwhile it doesn’t take much to mobilize all generations of muslims to hit the streets.

      Europe itself isn’t completely blind to the problem, but for the most part their news is heavily censured by their leaders.

      This problem can even be right in Merkel’s face:

      The US also diverts attention from the problem whenever it can. For example, while all the debate in FL was centered on gun control, this received little attention:

      Meanwhile, the US fusion centers are concerned about Americans trying to file FOIA requests on their local Muslims:

      “If they come to your door, do not talk to them. If they call you on the phone, do not talk to them.”

      This response is fine in the FUSA for now –until they up the game like they did to Robinson in the FUK.

      • Thank you for all your effort here, it is sincerely appreciated. About the only dissent I can offer is that those in the West who are still asleep are, in fact, comatose. For those of us who are not, it’s beyond time to state clearly the objective and come to a consensus on what the plan needs to be.
        We all should be doing what we can, and also balance that with living our lives. Personally, I’m off the keyboard now to enjoy some Puccini. Thank you again for your reply, it is genuinely appreciated, it lends value to this venue.

      • Northgunner

        The moslems and their enablers and supporters need to be immediately gassed!

        The cockroach gathering of them shown in occupied Constantinople could have been effectively dealt with via Sarin or similar agent.

        No quarter
        No mercy
        War to the hilt!

        Sat islam and it’s moslems and their enablers and supporters!

        Yours in Daily Armed Infidel Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

        • You are going to have to kill a lot of enablers and protectors before you even get to Islam…By that time you will have run out of ammo or been killed…We have to come together or we will be overrun by collectivist…

    • All the violent moose-limbs are violent because of the Jooos. Murdering fucktards they are. I am sure we will soon have some Mesopotamian or Babylonian text from Al Licorce to prove it. No one personally, as a moose-limb, should take responsibility for their own actions. That would be mature,grown up behavior. Can’t have that. Jew.Jew.Jew! Right Al. You fucking retard.

      • You’re right: they are wildly in favor of the takedown of Europe, Western Civilization and the White Race. A few minutes of googling would convince any sane person of that much if you would or could but do it.

        • Thanks to the Aryan Arab alliance, Europe got rid of most of its Jews in the 1940s and has since opened up its doors to Arab Muslims. To complete the land bridge to the middle east the EU then orchestrated (with the help of arabists in the US State Dept and the UN) the destruction of Yugoslavia and removed the Serbs from standing in the way of the Muslims.

          Any problems in Europe are completely the responsibility of their inbred royal families who still hold majority shares in their bank, pharmaceutical, and other key industries. Europe’s self destruction over the last 100+ years has been by its own hands.

  7. Mark Matis

    Nothing that a stack of dead pig corpses wouldn’t quickly fix. And even faster if the stack were of pigs’ spouses corpses.

  8. Coldsteel1983, try this on for size. Via

  9. robroysimmons

    Discourse has collapsed because we refuse to ask questions. The Right does the usual outrage and essays shtick that is easy to box in with isms, ists and phobias hysterics

  10. TY Matt,greatly appreciated!

  11. get rid of the scum rotten parasite power tripping corrupt pig cops and you get your country back.

    not 1 second sooner.

  12. European American

  13. Northgunner

    This via (H/T):

    Fallout from Tommy’s Speech at Speaker’s Corner today

    “An excellent example of the fine debate style you can expect from muslims when you question their sense of right to rule over you.”

    Violence erupts at Tommy Robinson speech in Central London

    UK: Scuffles break out as Tommy Robinson speaks in London’s Hyde Park

    The moslems should have been whipped out of there by folks welding sjamboks to say the least (water balloons filled with lard/bacon grease would also have been an excellent send off).

    Sat islam!!
    Sat moslems and their enablers and supporters!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Infidel Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

    • And who lets them do that? Their enablers and protectors…Do you really think we would have a problem getting rid of that scum…No we wouldn’t the problem is we would be long dead from fighting our own kind and in the process losing so much of our kind that they would be able to overwhelm us…Thats what I have a hard time wrapping my brain around is are cops that suicidal or that stupid to protect the ones who will kill and rape their families as soon as their numbers are great enough…Is there none of them left that have any honor…Sad That…