New Woodpile’s Here!

Those folks above don’t have it, but you do.


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  1. To the masthead Q: “Well son, let’s start by saying that many peoples’ ricebowls were in play at that time.”

  2. Or another take, to the pic: what don’t those pic’ed have that we do? The intrawebs and smart phones and probably decent HF radio comms. Plus vehicles with better longevity than what was coming out of Detroit back then.

    On the other hand, what they likely had, was a better sense of order and tribe to help them out.

    It’s arguable which position is thebetter one these days.

  3. Dr. Jordon Peterson on White Privilege:

  4. a follower

    Daddy, why did the Americans in WW2 help that bad man who was killing his own people and other people in fighting that bad man who was killing his own people and other people?
    So which lie or truth are we promoting?
    i heard the Catholics were also involved? i mean some of them.
    Oh wait was not ww2 a false flag?
    Daddy, why is the world so confusing?

  5. Bonaventure

    “Daddy, why is the world so confusing?”

    Because misguided ‘followers’ such as yourself rarely make a lick of sense.


    Enjoyed reading the section about “the homeless”. I watched a You Tube video the other day which profiled all of the camps along the Santa Ana river in Orange County. It is a lot worse in LA County. Then there was the outbreak of Hepatitis-A in San Diego County, due to all of “the homeless” crapping in the streets.
    The constant barrage of lies from the MSM cannot and will not eliminate the reality of the disintegration of every Blue Hive in Amerika. And, when “the progressives” such as the Marxist bitch from Seattle talk about huge tax increases to “help” these drug-addled masses of human debris, that is a death knell for business throughout King County. Business, wealth producers, and wage-earners will relocate.
    Just look at what has happened to the Communist septic tank of San Francisco. Tourists are given maps so they will avoid streets redolent of human excrement! Billion-dollar boondoggles such as Jerry the Jesuit Pedophile’s “light rail system” have bankrupted the Kalifornia Soviet Republic. And, true to the mental disorder of the leftist legislators, they enact a law making it a misdemeanor to use an “improper gender pronoun”.
    These traitors, sexual deviates, Marxist SJW’s, and corrupt political hacks know their paradigm has failed and their politics are disintegrating. This is why there is a full-court press for citizen disarmament(another shooting today at a “Public School” in MD). Fight back when you can. Educate your tribe so they can educate others. Stay vigilant. Bleib ubrig.

  7. good write-up on urban pathologies. Otherwise,

    the red-thread of “Jew” runs through it all and, once again, our Christian-Zionist Hill-willy overlooks same. Just one example:

    “David Viner”, mentioned as a c. 2000 “global warming” scammer.

    a generation or 3 ago, that would have been

    “Weiner”. Now phoneticized to fool the innocent goyim. Like our Christian Zionist Hill-willy.

    • These folks refuse to call out the Jew:

      Matt Bracken
      David Codrea
      Herschel Smith

      That’s despite the truth that the facts are readily available to them via a web search.