SLL: Trump’s New World Order

Robert’s latest.

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  1. Robert is getting behind the times. Greasy Italian Catholics are no longer the bad guys. The latest mafia boogeymen according to the Mcmafia TV series are Russian Jews and Russian Orthodox. Common denominators: the Russians.

    To the other commenter who wrote the Bible and koran tell the same stories in different languages:

    The koran repeatedly states to the effect that “never has God begotten a son.” Try 23:91; 37:151; 43:82; 72:3 for starters.

    They do not tell the same stories, they are not the same books in different languages.

    I have heard directly from some moderate Muslims that although they consider Christians and Jews ‘people of the book’ they also say they are all corrupt and Islam and koran is the only true way.

    The hope of moderate Muslims is that Christians and Jews eventually convert to Islam. The extreme Muslims just want their heads.

  2. if the fed actually does 3 or more rate raises, a recession is coming and trump will be neutered.

    • “if the fed actually does 3 or more rate raises, a recession is coming”

      … allowing the rich to get richer. Isn’t that a good thing?

  3. Northgunner

    This is how you know that the parasite class is thoroughly evil:

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  4. Generation Z bomber.

    His browser history and Cell phone and going into a business got him nabbed.
    Lesson learned.

    Next will be proposed legislation against smokeless powder and reloading…

    • wendystringer48088

      I’m guessing it was TATP They say he got at least some of the bomb making stuff from Home Depot.

    • wendystringer48088

      Sadly, Mark Anthony Conditt threw away his life for nothing.
      He obviously was somewhat intelligent and could make things that worked.
      Too bad no one could tell him that it would be better for him to hang around and hold off for a while longer and wait until the shit really hit the fan before going off half-cocked.
      He would have been able to get a bit older and grow a bit more mature while he was able to train and prepare for the day when his abilities would be really needed.
      But now he is gone…

    • Northgunner

      The events in Austin smell more like another false flag op run to me…way too convienent that the ‘alleged bomber’ blew himself up…unable to be questioned like ‘Lee Harvey Paddock’/Las Vegas.

      ‘Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy! Northgunner III

  5. I’m not sure I see the method in the Trump madness that Robert does, it’s a nice idea. Trump does seem just temperamentally not really into wars and military stuff, viewing commerce as the real conflict of our times.

    That alone is a big improvement. Obongo was constantly teaming up with the military and balck-ops guys and stirring the pot, somewhere. Drone assassinations, “boots on the ground”, “missions”, the escalation in Afghanistan, the bombing support for the Libya coup, support for Arab spring operations.

    Trump is instituting tariffs, it’s a welcome change, even if it’s not going to change much in the end.

  6. Trumps, ” New world order” ?

    What’s new about political agenda’s, World Order? This is and has been the way of the world.

    None of this shit changes ANYTHING in my World. None of us, historically has made an impact singularly, as a group yes.

    MAGA! I’m in, I support America First, always have.

    You war monger’s betting on Russia, and China, are simply fucking wrong.

    I’ll take America any day.

    Their’s far more good going on here in the US, then bad.


    • Murika, fuck yeah!

      The truth is there is no “America”, there never was. It’s merely a proposition nation. The United States of America is a government, nothing more. The Constitution is a dead letter, Lincoln killed it over 150 years ago.

      We of the south are a nation, we are the definition of nation. We say to hell with the proposition that is Murika.

    • I appreciate your grounded and down to earth comments. No rainting about conspiracy theories, no scapegoating, no doom-and-gloom mongering

      I’m surprised you visit here. You don’t fit in!

  7. Robert Gore is a NEO-CON propagandist. Donald Trump is the biggest NEO-CON ever to hold office. Trump is not the white mans friend. @ Hypo: As I say all the time and get flamed for it. If you carry a cell phone you are already dead. Banning gunpowder may have been the whole point.

    • Good holy blistering FUCK, Ray, now you’re just straight mainlining cocaine and heroin speedballs, and your mouth is just blurting shit out like a popcorn popper of stupidity with every whackdoodle basement conspiracy-gasm you’ve been dragging around in your empty head, hoping something somewhere will stick.

      Albuquerque! Snorkel! See, I can do it too!” – Riley Poole

    • (((neo-con))) denotes “ex”-Trotskyite communist Jews: the ethnic mob that, from the 1970’s thru the 1990’s migrated from Partisan Review to Commentary and then, with Buckley’s sell-out, to National Review and control of the Republican Party apparatus. “Cuck” is a polite way of saying shabbatz goy w/o referencing the Jewish problem.

      Trumpenthal, like the rest of the bi-partisan, White ‘Murkan political class, is a cuck. Having (so far) defied the Zionists on Syria, we’ll see just how much of a Cuck Trumpenthal is if/when he attacks Iran instead. At which point all of Gore’s predictions come to nothing.

  8. @ Grenadier

    And you fail in exculpating the Jews’ 1933 declaration of war against Germany.

    Yes, economic crimes against humanity deserve appropriate punishment.

    The 1933 declaration of “holy war” by “the aristocrats of the world” threatened to “destroy [Germany’s] export trade” with the stated intent of breaking the will and policies of the German people. Are you such a fool as to pretend that starvation economics do not lead to violence, even war? Are you ignorant of the starvation and violence that the boycott against Venezuela has wrought? Are you ignorant of how the World Bank and IMF have used Jewish financial hegemony to crush nations and overthrow regimes? Are you in deep denial of the straits into which Jewish banisters (and their Treat of Versailles) put Weimar Germany? Only an ignoranus [sic] evades Mayer Bauer’s boast of controlling nations.

    Your pretense that Jewish starvation economics is merely “personal decision to NOT purchase goods from someone” is laughable… and typical of your tribal tripe.

    • Auto-correct, GRRRR!: banksters

    • The most powerful bank in the world is in Basel, Switzerland.

      No Jews on the board. Mostly Swiss, Dutch, Swedes, Germans, French, and a few Anglos. In recent years they’ve admitted a Chinese, a Japanese, an Indian and even a Mexican (of Spanish descent).

      No Jews or Russians have ever been a chairman. The current chairman is German. And Germans carry the most powerful passports in the world.

    • You broke with tradition and blamed everything in the world,with documentation,on the joooos. So unlike you.
      Two ways this pans out.
      1) We find out you are a closet jew stirring shit to see who you can unmask.
      2) We find out you are a paid instigator,dirty,commie motherfucker sowing discord among the righteous man. Discredit the WRSA website and convince any one not familiar with this site that all contributors are Hitlerjugend wannabes. No one designated sane and normal has the amount of time ,energy and resources to devote to jew-bashing like you,Herr Al. No other site on the web will publish your vile hate,drivel and propaganda. To spend the amount of time and energy necessary to produce your shit piles of hebe hate is not normal behavior. To produce these volumes of shit convinces me you are not afraid of retribution. You are a manufactured,embedded plant. You can tell us the truth. You work for Soros. Conniving little cunt. I smell a fucking rat.

    • @ allegory
      I don’t really disagree w/ you about the jews but, hey you need to drill down a lot deeper and figure out who Cain’s daddy was.Then look up the cChritian identity movement that was quashed by scholars for hire about a hundred years ago, aka replacement theology. Replacement , I’ll say our whole heritage and interpretation of scripture hangs in the balance.
      The only parable Christ explained, Matt 13 the Tares.

  9. Money quote from RLG’s piece:

    Close study of The Godfather yields far better insight into the mind and methods of Donald Trump than the invariably wrong blather of the media and most of the commentariat. A cottage industry of pundits hyperventilates daily about his tweets and public pronouncements, 90 percent of which is fluff and misdirection. It’s a much smaller group who focus on what Trump actually does.

    Watch. Their . Hands. – Survival 101, for cops and pundits alike

  10. Appears that Al has a dislike of Jewish people, whilst ignoring all the other venal hypocrites that are just as much – or more – a hindrance to regular living.

    Might want to revisit history, Al, some people have it in their nature to seek power, religion or demographics are a seconday consideration for these mentally weak control hungry grubworms.

  11. So Venezuela is really the “banksters” fault? A boycott is the root of the problem?

    That’s ridiculous, maybe you really haven’t been keeping up on the news from Venezuela?

    * Chavez first tried to gain power in a coup.
    * That failed, he was arrested, jailed, but eventually released.
    * He then won election by running on hard left socialist / communist rhetoric (1998)
    * He said he was going to complete the Bolivarian Revolution, and set about doing it.
    * Chávez replaced the existing Congress by creating a new National Assembly, which he controlled
    * He used his new National Assembly to rewrite the constitution to perpetuate himself in power
    * Changed from 1 five-year term to unlimited six-year terms.
    * After which he served as President for 14 years, until he died.
    * The National Assembly also reshapped the Supreme Court, removing anyone standing in the way of Chavez, and replacing them with supporters
    * He nationalized thousands of companies. Everything from oil company suppliers to supermarkets.
    * He broadcast himself on television for hours at a time, frequently.
    * The richest person in Venezuela, now, is Chavez’s daughter, who is worth about $1 billion dollars.

    Venezuela is fucked because they went for the Socialist Dream, and elected someone so stupid that he really believed in it. (We are a lot better off, our leading socialists, like Bernie Sanders, no longer actually believe in that, it’s just bullshit he throws around to attract Low Information Voters.)

    He then tried to follow the old-school Communist play book, used by Lenin, Mao, Castro and Pol Pot. This is a sure fire recipe for disaster. Those countries listed above all ended with mass starvation (Cuba just became incredibly poor). Now it’s happening in Venezuela The core old-school principle is to actually act upon the #1 Axiom of Socialism “the means of production is owned by the people”.

    What “nationalization” means is that the Government decides one day that “We (in the name of the People!) are going to seize (almost always with no compensation, or completely inadequate compensation) something private, and make it “the peoples”, which, as happened in Venezuela really just usually means the generals get the nicest houses, and the most connected to the regime become fabulously wealthy via theft-by-appropriation.

    The free market is a resilient mechanism, but not invincible. When Government seizes an enterprise they often lack any ability to run it, and it fails. This causes failures up and down the line. First Chavez seized food warehoues. Imports stopped (why would a company send food to a place that isn’t going to pay them for it). Then he seized Supermarkets, then he seized farms. Eventually he (the Chavezista government) owened the entire chain of food production and distribution, but they had destroyed it.

    Here is a partial list of what Chavez did in the oil segment:

    * In 2007, Chavez’s government took a majority stake in four oil projects in the vast Orinoco heavy crude belt worth an estimated $30 billion in total.

    Exxon Mobil Corp and ConocoPhillips quit the country as a result and filed arbitration claims. Late last year, an arbitration panel ordered Venezuela to pay Exxon $908 million, though a larger case is still ongoing.

    France’s Total SA and Norway’s StatoilHydro ASA received about $1 billion in compensation after reducing their holdings. Britain’s BP Plc and America’s Chevron Corp remained as minority partners.

    * In 2008, Chavez’s administration implemented a windfall tax of 50 percent for prices over $70 per barrel, and 60 percent on oil over $100. Oil reached $147 that year, but soon slumped.

    * In 2009, Chavez seized a major gas injection project belonging to Williams Cos Inc and a range of assets from local service companies. This year, the energy minister said the government would pay $420 million to Williams and one of its U.S. partners, Exterran Holdings, for the takeover.

    * In June 2010, the government seized 11 oil rigs from Oklahoma-based Helmerich & Payne Inc.

    Now, who do you think has a better handle on producing oil: ,the executives, engineers and production workers of Total, Exxon, Conoco-Phillips and StatoilHydro ASA — OR “the Bolivarian Revolutionary Committee to Produce The People’s Energy”?

    It’s not a trick question.

    Neither is this one. Are you mentally ill? For God;s sake man: pull your head out of your endless conspiracy theories enough to at least understand history. There is a consensus reality, and you should at least understand it before promulgating your wild-ass nonsense.

    Are you schizophrenic? Serious question? You may need to look into taking some serotonin reuptake inhibitors, so that everything stops connecting to everything in your diseased little brain.

    Please fuck off and stop posting here. It’s distracting. Sane adults are trying to figure out ways to save our Republic, and your ridiculous Chick Webb level conspiracy theories are neither useful nor appreciated.

  12. LodeRunner

    R.G. is being a bit optimistic in his assessment of the Trump’s adroitness. SOME of what he suggests is likely correct. MOST of it might be.
    But all of it? Nope. No one bats a thousand in the big leagues.

    At this point, I will agree that one side has been taken in hand by the other – either Trump has dirt on a number of leaders of the (D)emocratic machine in DC and is working them over… or they’ve restored their control and Trump is taking orders like a good little pResident.
    Only time will tell.

    When I see bureaucrats,political operatives, media figures, and globalist money-men lined up for the gallows by the thousands, I’ll plan an appropriate celebration. But, I’m not holding my breath in anticipation, because every political faction considers such a revolution to be a last resort – you don’t smash the tables and kill the other players unless you’ve got nothing left to loose.

    Meanwhile, I’m not slacking off on my preparations – for as R.G. nails it, ‘Emperor Debt’ is the irresistible force on the chessboard, and his endgame is all to plain.

  13. same old 17th degree underwater mah-jong….

    I’ll give Trumpenthal credit for firing what’sizname the other day:

    1 pint of the DC swamp drained, 9 trillion gallons to go.

  14. It’s the Joos !!!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! It is man and his unrepentant heart . Regardless of faith or lack thereof . It’s Bush , Clinton , W , Barry girl . It’s you and me if we follow not The Way ! Americas only hope is another great Cane Ridge Revival or some serious awakening . Trump has to have the mil or the deep state would have him in control . With Mad Dog ready to call out the helicopter brigade on Langley he has an ace in the hole . Mad Dog didn’t get that name for his polish and swagger . The sob is mad . I know a guy that served under him . He started shaking when I asked him what Mattis was like . Went totally silent on me and that service was 15 years ago .

  15. “Abortionist Who Said She Cuts Unborn Babies’ Cords So They Can’t Scream Deletes Her Post”

    “On Thursday, Torres deleted her original post as a result of the backlash.

    “Yes, I deleted the post,” Torres wrote. “My friend asked me to. See, the thing is, she is trying to open dialogue between ‘pro-life’ and ‘pro-choice’ here in Australia, for the greater good of reproductive health. Folks allowed the post to inhibit progress, so, it’s off my feed.”

    Interestingly, Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion chain in America, liked several of Torres’s posts defending her initial tweet.

    Torres did not apologize or backtrack on what she said. Instead, her apparent motivation for deleting the tweet was the bad press.” [Continues]

  16. Our persons
    Our people
    Our property

    Leave them alone or we will kill you.

    If you assume people are not property, you get Buppertist Anarchists. If you assume people are property, which is called slavery, you get one of the others. Without definitions and examples the phrasing is ambigious, and it produces misunderstandings.