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  1. 173d Viet Vet

    I have seen many articles claiming Hogg is a survivor of the Douglas HS shooting.

    He is not a survivor any more than a resident one block away from the school is a survivor of the shooting.

    As I understand it, Cruz went into the “Freshman Building” and opened up and started shooting students, all Freshmen.

    David Hogg is a Senior(?????) and was in a completely different building. He was not even close to being shot at so he is not really a survivor of the shooting.

    Don’t know if anyone else thinks this is an issue, but I would like to see some pushback against this agent provocateur…

    Article I saw yesterday indicated David Hogg may have graduated last year from HS in California and this, may not even be a student at Douglas HS.

    Have not confirmed that. Wonder what Hannity and any other Liberty media types are doing on this issue…. we need pushback and attack Hogg for lying so as to dilute his following.

  2. a follower

    Freedom does not come from men. We would all do well to see, understand and believe this.
    So why be afraid?

  3. Why do I’ve the nagging feeling that Vanderboegh’s “Window War” needs to open up another campaign…?

  4. I rant. Factions are nothing more than reactions.
    “O”h L”O””O”k, “O”K? Just another brick in the WALL that ain’t there! One World Government, by winkin, blinkin and nod are not from here. Vote for trillions of dollars of debt, you bet? But of course, plunder and pillage, rape and burn and the victors get spoiled with the spoils of war, it a crazy little thing called funding, but not the wall. Still it is all about the kids, they are the future, if they ever get a chance to grow up they will be the new fed guard, perhaps red. It is however UN fortunate they are UN experienced and UN educated.
    Recently the time was 5:56, Hmmmmmmm? I feel 2:23 will be minute to remember, or perhaps it will just past on to 2:24 UN eventfully turns to .308, or 7:62 X 51 if you prefer? Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack go under limbo stick. But of course, Hey Mr. tally ban tally me bananas, daily light come and me wan go home, day ‘O”. Amaze on, booming distribution system. “O””O””O”ps, not UPS. Federal I believe X, I could be wong, perhaps like the sons of the Pioneers, Biden and Kerry kids little China doll, has well pitching from left base is none other than the has been, Mitch. Now, let US move on to more on to politics in general and Generals in politics in particular, shall we? So my question is who is this general in charge that should be fired for the war on drugs that has failed miserably and still going with no end in sight after trillions of dollars and 50 years? It would seem the entire MIC can’t stop it, perhaps they are the cause of it, it being profitable. Just remember the UN official moto of the CIA is CYA in the washing ton machine clean their dirty laundry, need I say money? Drugs are a weapon of war, just thought you should know that, ya know?
    A popular tune a while back was “Gypsies Tramps and Thieve” by Cher, need I say half breed? No reference to Lizzy there, but if the mock “O” sin fits, please wear it. That may help explain the curious state of our undivided attention to everything that does not really matter much, with no exclusion to their collusion with halfwits. What we as a nation should be concerned with is as follows:
    The political paycheck and pension protection program it’s propaganda perpetrated by politician’s psychotic actions, hence behavior by psychopaths, post theft of the “Theft “O” Mock racy”, add another to Socrates list Plato. Most notably how to vote so they can tax and spend (vote, tax, spend is what them do, that needs to be discontinued, ya know?) to the continue the collusion and our disillusion in failure of leadership in our Titanic ship of fools, government gone stupid and I here, there ain’t no cure for the summer time blues. The ass backward of it is, public servants tell US what to do when we should be telling our public servants if they would like to remain employed, what to do!
    Amendment III
    No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.
    A3 amended to 2018, No social Justus warrior (illegal-DACA, refugee, asylum, political activist and so on pre-soldier invaders, “sec. 8 housing, building owners (rent seekers) get government money (Your Money) for housing poor people which include the invasion forces”) in time of peace (when all their enemy is dead) be quartered in any public housing, with the consent of housing authority (government), nor in time of war (like now with the federal government refugees), but in a manor prescribed by (their) law, (like sanctuary cities and states be place where ever them damn well please, without the consent of the governed in the dark of night). A3 Brutus.
    The social just is soldier / warrior demands equality, but what is equality??? Equal rights and government should give it to them, right now. Yet all them do to get equality is protest, yell and scream and jump up and down and I’ll hold my breath till they turn blue, just like any other spoiled rotten little brat. My suggestion, by all means turn blue and die!
    SONNET 17
    Who will believe my verse in time to come,
    If it were fill’d with your most high deserts?
    Though yet Heaven knows it is but as a tomb
    Which hides your life and shows not half your parts.
    If I could write the beauty of your eyes,
    And in fresh numbers number all your graces,
    The age to come would say, ‘This poet lies,
    Such heavenly touches ne’er touch’d earthly faces.’
    So should my papers yellow’d with their age,
    Be scorn’d like old men of less truth than tongue,
    And your true rights be term’d a poet’s rage
    And stretched metre of an antique song:
    But were some child of yours alive that time,
    You should live twice,– in it and in my rhyme. Billy S.
    My God! The business is government.
    The search is over, and it is found from the beginning to now none seem to know, the garden is why you live, need I say Eden? Not just another rock in the universe a unique planet with an atmosphere of mostly nitrogen. It would seem, a simple formula to just add some oxygen and there you have it, life. Interestingly, no man has created life or oxygen (look it up, it’s on the periodic table, “O”!). They say it was evolution. I beg to differ. There are just too many processes encompassing all of what we know to be science. Our creator seemed to know all those sciences before there was the first man including how to think and of cores dreams God invented too, need I say created the human biological computer, you brain! Think about it?
    Weather, you like it or not, God created the heavens and the earth, need I say atmosphere (air), separated the waters from the (water) and then said let there be light (energy) which is also the light to see in your minds eye, I see said the blind man. But then the Fall which man separated the sciences from God, by creating religion. Interestingly, if it were not for the sciences created by God, there would be no religion. It is well past time the we recognize the sciences are also the creation, by God. I know that is a pretty big pill to swallow, but I wonder how anyone could overlook the science that goes on in everyone’s head, the biological computer, you brain, think about it.
    WE as in mankind and you girls too were given a garden, I will call it Eden, like a garden. Of all the planets that we know of we know no other that would support life. In other words, mankind and yes, you girls too were given a garden where things grow naturally and oceans full of fish and forests full of wildlife and metals and chemicals we have not discovered yet and secrets uncovered we are explorers and adventurers, people none the less. . . An atmosphere that is self-cleaning with the seasons, rain and snow, trees that filter the water we need with and all the plants it’s a filter and the all-important temperature variation and phase transition of water by temperature, but not too much, pressure, or perhaps gravity. The earth was made for life, like you and I dare you to find another planet anywhere where you could live and breathe the air and drink the water, where food grows all by itself and you only have to do is follow a few simple rules and of course find the thing yet to be found. WE should praise God for the periodic tables.
    The energy of fire and of the sun the most obvious, yet broken down to the atomic structure where all the work is done and of all things are made we may find we did not know what we did not know, ya know? The sciences we call them, that most believe disagrees with the religion, or the conscience and of course the conscious thought, and even unconscious life does happen. The sciences proves the religion, which is exactly opposite of what you were told. Science is Gods secrets. For us to discover. Isn’t that fun?
    Such energy to power the human body, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, don’t ya think? I suppose not. Yet, everything is dependent on a lot of the known physics for explanation. Air to breathe, water to do just about everything and energy we have not discovered yet, hint here, it is elemental need I say atomic? It is not that simple that it is not that simple, but has been done before. The chemistry the biological and the electrical and the magnetic, with gravity proves it, sort of what we understand. A simple realization, everything is regulated (pressure, temperature, and forces we call nature, more scientifically, need I say religiously, than you may know, or before we knew how to measure it. The simple example is water. And oh, by the way, earth is the only planet we know where there is liquid water. Not only that, but we have four phases of water and many isotopes of its constituents, oxygen and hydrogen. Water is the water of life and of course death. It can kill you too, if you don’t have it, or it is poisoned, if you happened to notice. Still, water, depending upon the temperature changes dramatically to what we know today and phase transition. Mostly from thermodynamics, or temperature differences and deviations. Below 32 F water freezes (ice), above that it is a liquid (liquid) and above, 212 F becomes a gas, (or vapor) is you prefer. And at some point, it becomes plasma too, hot or cold.
    Plane and solid geometry nor do much of the mathematics begin to describe the shape of things to come. Critical ionization velocity (theory) is beyond the comprehension of most, mostly because nobody told them about it. Super Cavitation and hypersonic projectile even fewer. The science for all of what I have just mentioned came from somewhere. Oh yea, we discovered it, yea right? It had already been done, ya know? Fibonacci numbers just appear out of nowhere and don’t fit our base ten metric insane-asylum of even the binary (art official intelligence, A-I ?), or do they numerically speaking of course support our banal beliefs? The old math, 2 + 1 =3, or of course 2+2 can equal 5 in fictional reserve banking, given the right circumstances. Father, mother, child, things like that, perhaps a golden ratio? But they don’t teach that anymore, do they? And certainly, it has no place in mans religion, or does it?
    Exponential cost raising faster than a left coast bullet train, or as I like to call it hypersonic brain drain. But at least it provides a bridge to nowhere where homeless people can live under the
    Super-calif-ornication-rag-momma-il-stick it to ya- is-tic-expiali-docious, it is right next o Acidosis’s tummy problems. Err to say, Antidisestablishmentarianism, need I say super-cavitation, or perhaps hypersonic projectiles, nix the nukes, it has to do with the velocity hypersonically of the projectile of mover and shakers, winkin, blinkin and nod, financers.
    Traveling in a bubble, so to say is and or are of fluid mechanics. Problem with old ships propellers WWII, at the wrong speed they would be very inefficient and costly repair and metal failure, if the condition of cavitation was experiences for any amount of time. Cause of the problem was the propeller was not pushing the boat. Instead the prop was grinding water, ripping the little water molecules apart, expanding them and, and turning them into a gas bubbles convention and when they collapsed (pressure differential) they made little booms, sonically, I suppose, was the cause of cumulatively bigger and bigger booms form a bunch of disoriented water molecules being pulled and pushed into all sort of dislocation and taking some metal with it, cavitation, a supersonic idea searching for a solution in the time space continuum of super cavitation and Hypertime travel is a bubble. It seems to be a matter of shape of the projectile that uses the hypersonic speed to accelerate, while decreasing resistance and noise, in other words very fast, 5 time the speed of sound and better.
    So, there you have the sound barrier broken multiple times hypersonically. Don’t suppose the speed of light could be next? A fun factiod, you can split water into hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis, but if you put them back together they go boom! Now figure out a way to use the boom or even better the atomic bond that keep atoms and molecules together… space travel in a bubble. However the earth is flat.
    This should have been a clue that cavitation in any fluid and perhaps gas, like our atmosphere, could can be useful, hence bubble travel, hypersonically in the future. Or in other words, fast, faster than a speeding bullet train from LA to Frisco. The solution, make the cavitation happen behind the prop and in front of it, so to speak, it was that simple, or perhaps not. Well maybe it was not that simple, but for every problem there is a soul-ution, ya know? This caused the idea that a hypersonic projectile of certain mass and speed could be a weapon of mass destruction as pointed out by our buddy Vlad in recent video confirming his lifetime appointment to Boris and Natacha’s dreams of the motherland, but not until they get Squirrel! Moooooose!
    And now for some bacon. Pig parts, as it were. It is not nuclear, so what is it? Legally I suspect there is term used as in the example of the nuclear test ban treaty, hypersonic test ban treaty, perhaps? That ain’t going to happen. It is not a nuke, got it? Otherwise it is AOW, or any other weapon, it is not an explosive, but the effect is, like an asteroid hitting center city, it would screw up your entire day, it you lived tell about it. It is the stuff that craters are made of, ya know? I suppose not.
    And for even more craziness, war creates peace. Define peace has you like it. But it would seem so, when all your enemies are dead, peace happens, at least for some. The dirty little secret is, peace is in our future, for those that survive it. You should know the designated survivors are those that sucked the wealth out of nation. Hint here, listen to giant sucking sound coming from the state and federal crap it all’s. There you will find peace.
    The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy’s not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable. Sun Tzu
    Read more at:

    • Pathfinder

      Nice ciphertext. I see someone was paying attention in DGC class.

      Actually, it looks like a code, not a cipher. Nice job. 😉

      The grey Leviathan moves swiftly.

  5. Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rule – Don’t Romanticize Socialism – June 10, 2016 (HBO)

    “Last week, I talked about how socialism was something America needs more of, to curtail capitalism. Because the profit motive creates horrible incentives, like keeping people sick, putting too many of them in jail, always being at war, and treating a woman touching Donald Trump’s hair as ‘breaking news’. But let’s not romanticize socialism the way conservatives romanticize capitalism. These are economic systems, not your first kiss. If you say the word ‘socialism’ to people under 40, their reaction is night-and-day from that of Baby Boomers, for whom socialism has always been seen as communism’s gay cousin. But for Millennials, the word ‘socialism’ doesn’t conure up images of Stalin and Castro. It conjures up images of naked Danish people on a month-long paid vacation. Millennials don’t remember a threatening Soviet Union, or any Soviet Union. The only time they’ve had to crouch under a desk was to go down on their teacher. So, the new generation is ready for socialism. The problem is they may be ready for too much socialism.”

    • Bill Maher knows all about “going down,” and, apparently, nothing about the bleak and murderous history of “socialism.” Or he just doesn’t care… he is a braying jackass for the left, an intellectual dwarf without scruple for truth having an insatiable appetite for self promotion and the destruction of those he envies and hates.

      He’s on The List of Enemies of Liberty in the Wholly Owned Propaganda Wing of the CPUSA…..

  6. CA Warrior

    My question is: who organized and promoted this open display of obvious stupidity and shame? Where did the money come from? These “students” did not pay their own way there. I heard an NFL team flew some on their jet. What about all the others? What about hotels food ground transportation?

    Look deeper into the soul of evil. The battle has crested the horizon and we are much much closer to direct contact with the enemy.

  7. Daniel K Day

    So many of these graphics come out with elementary or STUPID grammatical mistakes and misspellings (“You won’t be needed this silly rag”? Really? Was that sentence so hard to get right?) I suspect many of them are faked by trolls with the intention of making us look like ignorant rubes.

  8. The usual story of jewish media MONOPOLY using the voices of leftists to influence the greater numbers of people in the public at large – while the voices of the [silenced] majority are left out and ignored – and are NOT GIVEN A PLATFORM.

    “…[A] student at a nearby school who reveals insider information about the nature of the Hogg-Gonzalez led protest.

    I’m a senior HS student from Broward county, Florida.

    This is long, but I think it’s important because people like me won’t be heard.

    I do not go to Marjory Stoneman Douglas, but I go to a school just a few miles away.

    There are us who do not believe what all of those in DC believe. WE are kept quiet for the most part. WE are not given time to speak our mind like the others. During the walkout on the 14th, about 20 of us in my school stayed in the school. We just went just outside the cafeteria where there’s vending machines, places to sit.. more or less just a common area. We were told that we MUST get out. They asked if we “disrespect the killed kids from MSD” and when we said that was a bullshit thing to say and we told them we just didn’t agree with this “anti-gun outrage parade” (that’s actually what my US gov teacher called it lol). They said some other stuff and then the resource officer and a sheriff deputy confronted us and basically scolded us for not participating.

    Eventually, we went outside and just stood by the school and didn’t take part in their walkout.

    Last Tuesday, 6 of us who didn’t participate went to the office and asked about scheduling a different walkout. I wasn’t in the office, but I know what was said. They asked if a pro-2A march would be allowed. They knew it would never happen, but they wanted to hear them say it. The principle and the administrator said absolutely not. Pro-life walkout? Y’know… to protect the children. Nope, they denied that too. What about a anti-bullying march? Nope! Not even that. What gives?

    Yes, we are being silenced. Only a few have been able to get their voices heard, such as Kyle Kashuv from MSD and a few others.

    But other students in this county… this state… this country… we don’t have the voice. We don’t have the megaphone CNN and others give the other people.” [Continues with more at the link].

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. This shit is the End Result of the judeo-communist/bolshevik Takeover of Every part of the ‘government’ Education System. JUST LIKE IN EVERY COMMUNIST REVOLUTION/COUP We shall have to DESTROY the Education ‘establishment’ and its Leaders. Forever.
    Remember, (((they))) were the ‘lobbyists’ for ‘universal’ or Mandatory STATE-RUN ‘education.