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  1. Foot in the Forest

    For any that may not have seen this. Distributed Defense. Ghost Gunner The machine sure does turn out a wonderful Christmas gift for all my friends.

  2. NITZAKHON ProIsrael

    My opposition to gun control:

    A Very Personal Opposition to Gun Control

    • Even the nigger president didn’t have the balls to take on the NRA over bump stocks, if he even knew about them.

      • Barackus’ administration dropped the restrictions on them. IMHO, he did this anticipating that, sooner or later, something would happen where they could snap that back and take more.

        • The Kenyan Bathhouse Boy was a creation of your tribe.

          Single-Loyalty Senator Chuck Schumer Addresses Single-Loyalty Constituents at FL Synagogue
          This is from the 2008 presidential campaign. Mr. Schumer explains: “You know who got him [Obama] started in politics? … it was the two leading Jewish families of Chicago.

          Obama’s ‘pick’ for Commerce Secretary, Penny Pritzker, pioneer of mortgage-backed securities racket who picked Obama for political stardom

          Penny Pritzker’s support for Israel played crucial role in Obama’s rise

          Obama’s Choice for Commerce Secretary Chose Obama for Political Career
          In the Pritzker family we see the intersection of predatory banking, the lawyer’s racket, Kabbalah, Holocaustolatry, militarism and Counterfeit Israel.

          More on the Pritzker Mobster; Self-Chosen ‘Nominee’ for Commerce Secretary

          The Pritzkers created the investment grade for the entire subprime mortgage industry. Once that collapsed, the worldwide economy collapsed. And this is the person they want to put as Secretary of Commerce…

          It was a very sophisticated con game. They were the best in the business at hurting the poor people – they did a superb job. Look at what they’ve done to the middle class, to everyone’s retirement, every pension fund that lost money in ’08, ’09 and 2010. The Pritzkers destroyed the American economy, which destroyed the world economy. It’s time for the Senate to ask Penny, when she goes before them, to explain. Let the staffers do their research, talk to me, you, others who have done the research. Look at the documentation. Make Penny answer the questions …

          She needs to answer to her role in the mortgage meltdown which basically destroyed our whole economy. They need to be prepared to ask her the right questions. If they don’t, she’ll just walk right through it and get free pass like she’s always gotten. The burden is on the public.


          The Privilege of the Pritzkers
          by Dennis Bernstein

          “President Barrack Obama has nominated his long time friend and top fundraiser, Chicago-based Multibillionaire, Penny Pritzker, to be the next Secretary of Commerce. According to the Chicago Tribune, ‘Pritzker’s nomination could prove controversial. She is on the board of Hyatt Hotels Corp., which was founded by her family and has had rocky relations with labor unions, and… She could also face scrutiny over the collapse of Superior Bank, which was co-owned by her family. The bank, based in Hinsdale, Ill., was involved in subprime mortgage lending, and its failure in 2001 stirred charges of fraud and mismanagement.'”


  3. Time to dig up the greatest generation and hang them all for treason. On their watch they allowed the NFA, gold confiscation, GCA of 1968 and the 60’s sexual revelation that led to today’s epidemic of single mothers pumping out soy boy Tide Pod bed wetting pussies.

    • Yes, god d**n them, when they were approximately 10-12 years old, they stood by and did nothing to stop the NFA.
      Those fuckers!
      And then gold confiscation right afterwards!
      And that generation not even allowed to vote, some of them not until they were fighting in North Africa, Sicily, or the South Pacific.
      Or inconveniently dead fighting in that teeny little world war.
      Bunch of lazy shits, you betcha.

      And then, in their 40s and 50s, when their kids started the sexual revolution, led by the generation of professors who had missed WWII and Korea because they were too old or too young, and grew up wanting to emulate the Soviet Union and undermine America, while those aging Greatest Generation parents stood idly by and did nothing (which was why America was so quiet and peaceful in the 1960s).

      So…you’re really a special kind of stupid, and the past kicks your ass because for you, reality is a totally different country than what actually happened in the fantasies in your head.

      Well played, Internet Fucktard of brobdingnagian proportions.

      Maybe, just once, since it’s such a foreign place for you, you could, y’know, crack a friggin’ book or two before your spout off your obvious ignorance about anything from more than five minutes after you woke up this morning.

      Just a gentle suggestion.

      I don’t usually see someone shoot themselves in the foot so spectacularly, but to have someone do that while their foot is in their own mouth really takes the rhetorical cake. And reloading, and continuing the exercise after the first two barrels were expended?

      If there is a planet run by the tribe of people who populate the people from the movie Jackass, the god in their temple is you. Or ought to be.

      Walk tall, man.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        I just listened to another tirade yesterday from another 40something who had to vent his hatred of boomers (of which I still belong to, somehow) and they really are clueless that this originates from the youngsters who’ve been mooching their entire lives from the same folks they love to hate so much.
        Clearly a case of killing off your survival host I’d say, with no sign of replenishment in the near future. But hey, when you’re so exceptional, no worries, right?

        • Another devastating riposte/evisceration from Aesop, and worthy attaboy from Semper FI.

          Laurels and kudos to you both.


        Thanks, Aesop. As a Boomer, I did all of the right things, or so I thought. You know, schooling through college, military service, a full-time job, and even marriage(eventually). The trouble is, while I and countless others were doing the “right thing”, the other side(the demonic side) was scheming and scamming their way to wealth, power, and control. And two of the biggest scheming, demonic criminals are still walking around breathing free air.
        The Clintons, unfortunately will die peacefully of old age. They will smile with the satisfaction of knowing how they, the Bush Crime Family, their puppet Barry, and legions of minions, remoras, lick-spittle toadies, and other psychopaths totally transformed the desires and motivations of millions of Gen-Xers, Gen-Ys, and Millennials to focus and act to turn this once-great Republic into a Godless, Marxist Hell. The long march first envisioned by the Illuminati and their many descendants and followers is just about through. Bleib ubrig.

  4. This “Childrens” against all guns for citizens is growing nationally with lots of Progressive funding, and organizing.
    Almost eerily similar to the little red book mobs in China under Mao.

    • Northgunner

      Yes very similar.

      Shes definitely gone from the t-shirt brigade to the ‘peeples commutariat’ uniform…just missing the Che beret..but not for long.
      Probably practicing yelling, “Viva la revolucion para mi comrades y LA Raza!” off camera.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  5. I am so special. Why? Because I say so. Allow me a few minutes to tell you how wonderful I am. Although I graduated four years ago, I still believe I am a high school student. You will believe it also when Mommy,Daddy and George Soros tell you I am.
    I am Hobbs. Hear me roar. Thie pissant Hobbs will soon outlive his relevance and be sacrificed on the altar of libtardism. 24-7 protection is not in his future. Placed into an adult world of real consequence and ramifications, he will become a stuffed trophy on a libtard wall.
    “Welcome to the party,Pal!” You useful idiot.

    • Do you have a link to any evidence that Hogg is a 21 year old person? If so, please present it, I’ll spread it around.

      • Grenadier1

        There is a picture floating around of him in a graduation cap and gown.
        From 2014
        It looks authentic, of course it could very well be a photoshop but I have to say it is the best I may have ever seen and not the typical BS internet photoshop job.

  6. freeillinois

    50 years ago people like David Hogg waved the little Red Book of Chairman Mao in our faces and claimed it was better to be Red than Dead. These Bolsheviks claimed that the USSR was too powerful and we were better off to surrender our Freedoms than resist.

    During that period the NRA Capitulated, compromised and helped pass the 1968 GCA and the Illinois FOID.

    Today all we see is a continuation of the same leftist propaganda. Turn in your guns and surrender. Guns are too dangerous and the views idea’s and Opinions of the left is more important than our Freedoms.

    All I can say is we are not alone in our thinking…

  7. Fox New is reporting “MOST AMERICANS WANT GUN CONTROL”. The same headline they ran just before WACO. Do you get it yet? The Statist’s are driving. No one cares what we think. No one in government cares how we vote. No One Cares who we boycott. They are coming for the guns. They will take them if they can. They will kill you and all you love whether you fight or not. They will see you dead. If you fight or if you don’t doesn’t matter. No one will try to save you. You dared to stand up. Now you WILL die for it. In a hail of bullets or a slave labor death camp. It only remains to see how high a price you sell your life for.—IMO We will see another Ruby Ridge/Waco attack SOON. As I have said in this forum for years. The Federals want a civil war.

    • I read a piece that alluded to a 2014 graduation. I will see if I can dig it up. I had just turned 17 when I graduated, 20-21 makes sense. School yearbooks?

  8. freeillinois

    This video explains the real problem we face. Ignorant Americans. They want to ban guns that do not exist

    • That’s old news. The Gun Confiscation Lobby wanted to ban “invisible guns” that wouldn’t show up on X-ray of luggage, guns which didn’t exist, but are prohibited by law.

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  10. Students don’t realize they would be the 1st killed by a Socialist/Commie takeover. Fascists (antifa)will take over. There again they are students not being taught any history.

  11. Hammer's Thor

    Seen this? Buncombe County, NC (Asheville). Demoncrat running for sheriff advocating KILLING AMERICAN CITIZENS who do not surrender their weapons.

  12. Humberto Fontova, now there’s a name I haven’t seen in a while.

    Exposing the Real Che Guevara: And the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him

  13. I’m floored by the negative comments made against a patriot like Matt Bracken. What damn difference does it make what a true ‘Communist’ Cuban flag should look like? Just having a Cuban flag on her jacket tells me enough. KMA to you Bracken haters. When you’ve walked a mile in his boots, then you can speak…

    • Matt Bracken is an overall good man, but with flaws. Like several other “good men” that oppose the Gun Confiscation Lobby (GCL), he refuses to call out the Jew as the major proponent of the operation and funding of the GCL. In fact, Jews are the backbone of the GCL, with shit-headed non-Jews backing them up.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Just having a Cuban flag on her jacket tells me enough. ”

      Given the nature of the Cuban population in Florida, there is a *very* big difference between having a Cuban flag and a Communist Cuban flag. It’s not unlike parading around with an NLF flag in Little Saigon – you may run into to odd disparaging comment or hammer.

  14. That hollyweird Actor, Hogg, has repeatedly been photographed giving the ‘Hitler Salute’ gesture. Seems that (((they))) are having trouble sticig to the Script. If there even is one…

    • Deadeye Dic

      I caught that salute also. Seems that may be part of the plan, and their “true colors” coming out. I suspect the Lil Hogg envisions himself in that same light like Hilter.

    • This after his “Nazi armbands for Gun Control” fiasco.

      They can’t help stepping on their dicks with cleats on.

  15. Jeffery in Alabama

    In the words of deputy Barney Fyffe, “nip it in the bud”!

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  17. ha ha

    even the dupes who own guns are the enemy of freedom.

    burn the Fusa to the ground and salt the earth… and make sure every fucking murkin child is thrown into the pits as well

    just to be sure. 🙂

    • Maybe we should all do the Ghost Dance. Sad that there was no Ghost Dance, that was propaganda for a conquered people; just like Christianity.

  18. POd American

    “even the dupes who own guns are the enemy of freedom.”

    Dupes, fudds, and cat ladies…there aren’t enough burlap sacks and big rocks.