Buppert: No. Their Cold Dead Hands.

Those who truly want a war eventually find one.

They have no idea what they are unleashing.

They think it will only be “experienced” over TV and media.


Money quote:

…The gun grabbing Charlton Heston famously aped the words, “from my cold dead hands” and he got it wrong as he did so many other things. The object of conflict is to make the ratios count beyond your body you’re puppeteering in this life. Once the first life is taken in defense of kith and kin, all the rest are free…

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Jeffery in Alabama

    Make good notes. Once it starts, everyone will be on the side “vi libertas”. It will be very much like the tea party movement some years back when the tea party founders allowed all those liberal-asshole-commie-politicos to jump on board the “me too” ship.

  3. “Those who truly want a war eventually find one.”

    how else do you rid the Fusan land of millions of fat stupid useless lowlife’s?

    with some luck, at least 300 million scummy murkins take the long dirt nap..

    faster! faster! faster!

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Hey tfA-t, I really hope you’re not here looking for more pen pals. 🙂

      • tFa-t must get lonely on his fantasy island.

      • ha ha

        i pretty much have written off everybody.

        fucking morons and broke fuckers.

        a good way to find who is for real is

        1. ask them for a loan.

        2. ask if they support the poLICE.

        3. ask them if they’ll strike that awful u.s. flag flying in their front yard.

        i guarantee you’ll find you have less friends than you thought…

        • Stay in the fucking rear where you belong pogue. Real men and women will get it done better and faster without you in the way. Gold bricking a fucking ingrown toenail, just like before.

          Time for your one hundred perfect dick squeezes… take it easy and don’t spill your bedpan.

  4. I say this is all just a tragedy, to be performed in an open-numbered series of acts and scenes. A tragedy for the Other People and those who who abide with them, and for those who send them.

    Those other folks don’t seem to grasp well, the idea of how their redneck dirt people foes morph through time from being semi-obedient tax slaves with a bad attitude and some skills, into their golden years of non-slavery, with same skills, and much, much, more time on their hands. And a much worse attitude regarding the psychopathic wanna-be “rulers”.

    Life is all about learning. Some do better at it than others. I don’t think that it is in a politician’s nature to learn much from history. And the current crop of coppers are probably not real familiar with the outcomes of the Neuremburg type of defense.

  5. The Walkin' Dude

    That’s always been my mantra. I will certainly die, but they better draw straws for first in the stack, cuz he ain’t going home, and if I get more, well that’s a bonus.

  6. a follower

    So all these gun grab initiatives have the opposite effect. So in Truth do they not seek a bloodbath?
    So who are they?

    • I always thought it was very odd that so many of the Muh-Holocast Tribe were bigtime gun-grabbers, muh holocast and all, in part because Aaron Zelman (sp?) and his JFPO.org was so savvy on the importance of gun ownership…but a couple of days ago I followed a link to here (http://judaism.is/disarming-goyim.html) and read a short compilation of major US gun-control/anti-2A legislation and the “conspiracy” lost its negative connotation.

      It really IS The Tribe spearheading this at least, despite the fact JFPO would pin the 1968 Firearms’ Act on the non-Tribe-member Sen. Thomas Dodd. (NOTE: The article does admit, well down this page (http://jpfo.org/filegen-a-m/GCA_68.htm), that no one REALLY knows when, where, or how Dodd got his copy of the NAZI gun laws…hmmm).

      The “Why” of The Tribe being behind this relentless push for disarmament of the US (i.e. mostly non-Tribe) population is easy-peasy: THEY will then have “all” the guns. THEY will prod whoever they want into the cattlecars. THEY will have all the goodies left in the empty homes and apartments and in those piles of personal goods left outside the “cattlecars.” THEY will create the piles of emaciated bodies or mass graves full of ’em. Or so they believe. Religiously.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        The white northern European Jews have now taken over, and want to get rid of their ‘darker’ sub tribes.(get rid of the plank holders and you can rewrite the rules!) Seems they’re doing to others what they so vocally despise. However, thru Hollywood they still love to play the victim.
        Pretty disgusting.

      • While it is true that a lot of (nominal) Jews are for gun control/confiscation, it is certainly not all of them. Note that I say “nominal” because they are Jews by dint of their DNA, not because they are practicing Jews of the Orthodox variety. Frankly, most of them have replaced worship of God (if they even admit that He exists) with Leftism (of one variety or another).

        I know plenty of Jews who are as pro-gun (for everyone, NOT just Jews) as anyone on this board, and they back it up by having the hardware and training.

        As for Thomas Dodd and where he got the language for the 1968 GCA, keep in mind that he was part of the US team of prosecutors for the Nuremberg war crimes trials. He had ample opportunity to view all kinds of documents from the German archives as part of his duties.

        By the way, along with all of the Jews who are for gun control, there are not a few non-Jews:

        Basically the entire Kennedy clan (unless they are Irish Jews);
        the Clintons;
        Barack Obama;
        Eric Holder;
        (thankfully) ex-Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens;
        NY Governor Cuomo;
        John Kerry;
        IL Senator Richard (DICK) Durbin;
        Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA);
        Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC);
        Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY);
        Sarah Brady;
        Alec Baldwin;
        Jody Foster;
        Candice Bergen;
        George Clooney;
        Ellen Degeneres;
        Phil Donahue;
        Jane Fonda;
        Richard Gere;
        Bryant Gumbel;
        Anderson Cooper;

        That HOGG ASSWIPE in Florida, along with his shaved-head, ugly female protege (whose name I thankfully don’t remember);

        and the list goes on.

        Bottom line: gun control ain’t just for Jews, it is for Leftists and wannabee tyrants of all religions or none. It has nothing to do with DNA or religion, it has to do with the drive for power over others…either that, or (for the useful idiots that Lenin spoke of) a terminal case of stoooopid.

  7. a follower

    A bloodbath:
    Those who desire it, those who want it, those who seek it, may be on the wrong side.
    That said, some of us are seeing that this may (will) come to pass, and we understand the why of it. We are not to enjoy nor dance on the graves of the lost.

  8. Zerogov.com appears to be down right now…

  9. Follower, just think of it as a job. A dirty, stinking, idiot-ass job. It will require a lot of brain power, and a lot of thinking ahead, but done well, and correctly, it will yield good results. Leftists don’t really think ahead, but they do think of seemingly endless murder. If they knew how to govern, they would. But the thing they think most of is their lust for power, and how good it makes them feel. Since right and wrong don’t figure to a leftist, liquidating them and their supporters will have to be done dispassionately. After all, that is exactly what they intend for us.

  10. NewVegasBadger

    Viewing matters from the short term perspective seems to a common trait, along with the inability to consider the possible unintended consequences of a given course of action. We, the citizens of the FUSA have been conditioned to expect immediate results to problems and situations that require a much longer period of time to see the results. There is also the misguided belief that complex social problems can be legislated out of existence. The gun confiscators (formally unknown as gun grabbers) are under the delusion that many gun owners will comply with their demand to surrender their firearms merely they said so. Or said enforcement can be mandated without adverse consequences. Seems the lessons of Prohibition will have to be relearned all over again. And no, special snowflakes it will NOT be different this time, because you wish for it to be so.

  11. The Usual Suspect

    I beg to differ, it will be different this this time.
    Nobody got shot for refusing to surrender their gin
    during prohibition.
    We have a very thin level of civilization at this time,
    being the perpetual whipping boy for the left the last
    half century.
    We were all taught about the shot heard round the world
    during our first revolutionary war.
    One shot now and it will all be on like donkey kong.