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Having Already Become A Synonym For “Almost Unbelievably Corrupt”, He Persisted

Every time I think that I am cynical enough, Comey opens his yap and leaves me aghast once again.

(H/t to Bracken for this who’s who; click on image to enlarge)

There is only one solution for every one of these traitors:

Indict, try, convict, disbar, forfeit their assets, and Supermax the bastards.

Unless alternative sentencing is available.

Toronto Vehicle Attack: In Re #AlekMinassian

Read the whole thread.

Cui bono?

Alternatively phrased, who would benefit by discrediting the autists at the ‘chans?

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UPDATE 2005EDT 24APR2018: Is a crackdown on 4chan beginning?


Brushbeater on the Armenian Genocide




Fortunately, I am assured by the Under-Deputy Secretary for The Essentially Kind Nature Of Man Greenwood that no one named Smith, Brown, or Jones could ever be subject to this kind of systemic horror, even when faced with a well-funded alliance of equally-murderous Islam and Communism.

(What’s with the Lee Greenwood bashing?)

The New American Joads

Or, “Why Traditional Americans Are Already Displaced Persons”.

Bad moon rising.

Red/Green Alliance: Your Neighbors And Family Members Are Part Of The Problem, And You’d Better Deal With That Fact

Via Gab; money quote:

The near enemy of our civilization is us.

When you carefully look at how we are losing the civilizational war, it is always by the hands of virtuous people. It is good decent Kafirs (non-Muslims) who advance the Sharia.

The Pagan Cross & Codes Of Honor

Look to the past for paths through the future.

Do you think “modern Americans” have the wherewithal to survive what is coming?

Tempus fugit.

Word Of The Day: “Cull”

Heartiste explains.

Z Blog: The Worst People

Turds in a bowl, each vying for supremacy.

Heckuva system, Brownie.

Border Patrol Arithmetic

Autodelegitimization intensifies:

Border Patrol Exaggerates Attacks By Counting Each Projectile As A Separate ‘Assault’

Nice to have political and LE insititutions wearing the same skin suits:

To The Agents Of Tyranny In Your Local Area

A reminder, with further explication by Schlichter.

Bracken Sends

Via Twitter.


Thread on the FBI, Waco, and an utterly-corrupt FedGov institution that needs to be razed like Mt. Carmel two days after the assault.

New Woodpile’s Here!

Finish your soup, then go read the latest from Ol’ Remus.

Be A Good ComRed

And mock the filthy Reds until their heads explode.

Get yours today.


Via Twitter.

Either the Red/Green alliance is crushed, or Western Civ will be.

Have you checked the scoreboard lately?

Act accordingly.

Maine Dems Kill Bill That Would Have Banned Female Genital Mutilation

Can you understand now why the term “FUSA” (former USA) is used here at WRSA?

Get the names of all legislators who supported this madness.

Publish them everywhere.

TACB: DoubleBadthink

You can’t say such things.

What will the GoodThinkers say?

Bracken: Free Kindle Download Monday & Tuesday

Amazon link

Z Blog: Letter To The Alt-Right


…The alt-right had momentum when one wing stuck to making sensible arguments about the demographic reality of our age and what it means for the future. Meanwhile, the other wing took these ideas and used them in the meme war and comment sections of web sites. The reason the people in charge are dumping comment sections and purging social media of anyone with a whiff of heresy is they fear this more than anything. The alt-right needs to get back to what works…


The Greatest Genocide

“Islam” means peace.