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Do Not Anger The Funny-Hat Guards, Their AK, And Their Grenade

Especially on May Day.

Keep the guards happy and your fellow ComReds as well.

Ordering instructions here.

New Woodpile’s Here!


The Land Of Lies

Not just the Euros.

But the colonies as well.

The Elites are destroying it all.

TACB: Stockholm Syndrome, Revisited

Coddling Islam, on migration, FGM, or anything else, gets more of the badness.

Who knew?

ERMAGARD! It’s A…A…It’s An ARSENAL, Mabel!

Via Twitter.

Do you understand yet?

Aesop On Training – Initial

A series.

This group of links will get you started.

Updates as published.

Needful Things

Ground Rules

Course Syllabus

Basic References

There is no political solution to a morally and fiscally bankrupt former nation bound together only by proximity and the remnants of Western Civilization.

A survivor of the Yugoslavian Excitement taught that in his area, they went from prosperous Second World to bestial savagery, augmented by no clean water, food, or money, in one month.

One month.

Tempus fugit.

Brushbeater: The Brevity Matrix

How to get more comms security by much less yapping.

Read both the material and the commentary.

Dispatches From The AmRen Meeting This Weekend

Three from Audacious Epigone:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Three From Z Man:

Entry I

Entry II

Protest Cults

The times, they are a-changing…

Meme Magic Explained

Re a convo today in meatspace, with backup via Twitter.

The enemy cannot bear to be mocked.

Thus, give the spearhead and shaft.

Fred: A Most Sordid Service

Speaking the unspeakable about those who make politicians dangerous.

No wonder these two US military academy grads thought it necessary a few years back to school civilians on US military reality:

When To Shoot The Colonels

Reprise On WTSTC

“WTSTC”: A West Pointer’s ad seriatim commentary upon Baugh’s essay

GoV: Can Islamization Be Rolled Back Without Eroding Civil Liberties?

Your long read for Sunday morning; take the time to read all of the material at the link.

Stark choices:


Or face the fact that liberal Western polities are the vector allowing unarmed savages to conquer and destroy what took thousands of years to build.

LeMay knew the answer.

Will the West admit its hubris in time?

And what will it mean for you and your family if Western leaders fail to do so?

Four Zero Zero

Be this guy.

Kidd Rock Together At Last

Kidd Rock Update


How Many Do You Really Have?

Lawless reminds everyone of the importance of periodic roll call.

Who do you really have?

And what are they really willing to do?

Both in preparation for the storm and mid-hurricane as well.

Reality wins.


Make sure you always know what is real and what is not.

K Blog: You Didn’t Conserve One Damned Thing

A good writer returns.

Conservatism, with its effete bow ties and arrogantly-arched eyebrows, has utterly failed.

Restoration is the new game.

Along with scourging of the Betrayers.

Day By Day

From Chris Muir.

144:1 Sends

New pieces above and below.

More swag here.

Quote Of The Week

“…We are coming out of the era of democratic man, and entering into the era of realistic man, or those who recognize an order larger than the individual. This rejects the ideas of The Renaissance™ and The Enlightenment,™ which hold that ‘man is the measure of all things.’

Instead we suggest a new order: reality is the measure of all things…” (emphasis added-WRSA)

– “Why Faith In The Enlightenment Is Evaporating

Bracken Sends

Via Twitter.

Codrea: How Will “Mass Migrant Crossing” Not Be An Unprovoked Foreign Attack?

The Bad People are counting on American lack of resolve.

Pretty smart bet.

Barnhardt: Stockholm Syndrome And Jonestown Rolled Into One

Miss B on the Brits, NHS, Alfie Evans, and the post-Christianity culture of death engulfing Western Civ.

Backgrounder on Alfie

Darkness intensifies.

Be the light.